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Classic Rocket

by Botmaster Dec 5, 2014
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Thank you for sharing this design, we are printing it here on an Ender2 and donating them in our Daughter's STEAM Packs to the Local Children's Hospital Wards.

Quick easy print for the kids after nipping the tip.

Can you actually stick a motor in this thing and let er rip or is it just decoration?

Good print at 60% (87 mm tall), hollow, no raft, PLA.

thanks for the file, came out like this,, any ideas,,,? it stepped off center about 1/3 going up and then perfect , appreciate any feedback

When I print this, the top centimetre or so of the rocket is missing. I think it might be something Cura is doing, I am going to look at the g-code when I get back to my proper computer...

Hello, I have the same issue with Cura 3.5.1 (Mac). I printed twice and the top of the rocket is plastic strings!!! :(

I can not help with that problem as I know the model is watertight and prints correctly. I do not know the program that you are using but with Simplify3D there is a setting where you can finish printing at a predetermined height, maybe you have something like that activated in your software.

I checked the gcode, it is definitely a problem with the software. Seeing as this is pretty much the definitive test print for vase mode, I'm surprised there haven't been more people finding this problem. I'll go bug the Cura guys now...

It turns out I am just an idiot. Somehow I had the print as Mold setting on, which was not at all what I intended

Great to hear. Make sure you store your filament in ziplock bags with some desiccant satchels to help keep it dry.


Love the rocket :)

How can I overcome the artifacts shown in my pictures?

its only at the very top and "motor" part.

Because you have the same artifacts at the top and bottom it cant be temp or speed related as the 2 areas print at different speeds. It really looks like you have moisture in your filament and these are steam bubbles. Try a different filament and see if it still happens.


Changed filament and the artifacts are gone, You were right :)

Thanks, I will try that and report back.

Nice quick printed, simple but really cool, awesome as a gift or show "muggles" how to print (60% size 30min to print)

worked great! it looks good as well as being a good test for your printer.

This is fun to experiment with, vase mode, infills, perimeters, etc. But now the little kids got it, how can I make the node less pointy?

I never thought of it being used as a toy, it;s original purpose was to tune your printer speed and temp.
While I could draw up a model with a rounder nose cone it would not print well in vase mode. You would have to print it solid with say 20% infill. I am happy to do that if you would use it.Let me know (may take me a couple of weeks).

I printed with 0% infill and 3 outer shells as mu son wanted it as a toy. It came out great. Thanks!

Thank you for the input, I hope that he has fun with it. Just a word of caution, this was never designed to be a toy, it has a very pointed top I would strongly recommend you file this round.

I did one better and used simply3d to stop printing so the top surface is flat. I have also printed a huge one (225mm high) doing the same. They are great and he played the whole evening with them. Great design!

Great Thank you would hate to see a child hurt. Very elegant solution.

Comments deleted.

I made this with T-Glass, Extruder 235c - Bed 65c - 25% infil with honeycomb.

Great model. Great test for printer.

I have never printed it in solid form, good to hear that it went well for you.

This is the first thing I have printed from Thingiverse. It printed well, except that it is very stubby. Not at all like the nice slender V2 look that I see here. I'm new to 3D printing. Did I do something wrong?

I doubt it. This was inspired by the V2 shape this is not a scale model of the V2. I was also trying to keep the print time to about 45 minutes, that's why it is shorter.

Very similar to http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:458903 but I like the tail section even better on yours!

Single-Perimeter Rocket for Seamless Spiral Printing
by mech-G

Thank you.
I know that model and I had problems printing it as there was a fault in the drawing and that stopped vase mode working with S3D. I acknowledge mechg's rocket was the inspiration in making my model.

I am in Australia so I am not sure if this will help you but
Green https://www.bilby3d.com.au/DispProd.asp?ProdID=PLA175Green1
Red was purchased from a chinese ebay seller it is a translucent Red a few of them carry it I can not find it in my purchase history. I have bought from SainSmart PLA and iLuck both are good

Hope this helps

I like the dark metallic green and also the red. Are those Dremel Filaments?