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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pocket-Tactics: Goblins of the Night Realm (Second Edition)

by dutchmogul Mar 6, 2013
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This is a really fun set. Thanks Dutchmogul for all your hard work on these sets. My son has gotten obsessed. If you are willing to make any more, we'll print and play them all! Right now, while he's waiting for me to print minis, he's working on designing his own faction (not sure if it will pan out but he's loving it).

In the PDF the goblin door and goblin queens descriptions are the same. What is the goblin queens actual description?

I'm confused about the goblin door. Does only the goblin player roll for the door effects? Are all the effects relative to the door? When it says a goblin on the map moves, that's basically a free move for a goblin unit because of the door?

Yeah, that's right. Like it says, if the door is on the map, you roll at the beginning of your turn. If an event occurs, its resolved before before your turn is taken. Basically, anything that happens from the Goblin Door chart is bonus goblin-ey goodness ;-)

"you" being the goblin player, not all players, right?

Right, because anything that states "you" refers to the controller of the unit in question and their abilities.

You need to give a few sets full colour paint jobs to make the features really stand out, show people what they could look like compared to warhammer and the like. When you only have one colour, the features are hard to make out through pictures.

I suppose I could, though I don't know that it would be so impressive. These guys are less than half the size of a Warhammer model, so I wouldn't want to draw a comparison to detail ;-)

Making them bigger would result in better details as seen on some big units, bit i doubt the details would pop out much more if you paint them multicoloured... and thats a lot of work!
One reason why i print these sets is because it is relatively easy to print, paint and play... I personally don't want to spend 5-8 Hours paining just one set ;)

Yeah, I'm with you on that. As much as I like 28mm scale models, these have been great for us, both for quick PT matches or as miniature representation playing RPGs. Playing in this scale make for way bigger dungeon maps and the like.

Great work! These games pieces are very creative! How do you get the paint to have that light and dark look? I really like how you finish your work.

Hey, thank you very much! Its actually not so hard. I use a technique called dry brushing. This works best with water-based acrylic paint, so the standard model paints you'll find in hobby shops. First off, you paint the darker color (in this case, a dark green). Get a pretty good coat. Then, take the lighter color (I chose a sort of sickly green) and run the brush against a piece of paper or something until there's barely any paint left (or as much as you're comfortable with). Then just whisk the brush across the surface of the model and the lighter paint will pick up the highlights. As you get more comfortable with the motion, you'll be able to get away with more paint being on the brush. .Also should add that printing the pieces in black ABS or PLA is the best way to start (though it'll work with any color).