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Holiday Christmas Deer

by yeg3d Dec 1, 2014
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I am trying to print on an Ender 3, anyone have advice on how to set up? When I open the file in CURA it's large and outside the build plane. I tried to scale and move but can't seem to place it properly for the software to slice. Thanks for your help!

Awesome design. Really like them.

Too much craft herpes in those pictures though.

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That is my most favourite print EVER!!! Thank You!!

could you alter the horns into a unicorn?

i printed it at 0.15. came out nice. did anyone have an issue with antlers not being smooth?

Lovely ornament! Printed in white PLA; going to spray gold, then add some gold glitter spray and a Lindt chocolate bell on the weekend.
Printed perfectly, no issues with the leg. Added some support for under the belly - turned out great. Will post an update when all is painted and finished :)


Holiday Christmas Deer
by HowardB

Love these and Misses wanted a few for the Christmas table
but had the dreaded problem with the back left leg (the moving bed is to violent for the leg and it rocks when it gets to the top even tried slowing it down)
so added two snap off braces on the leg which solved the problem, also added support for the belly only but not sure if this support is needed
used all suggested settings, used ABS with no fan, in a cabinet the anteaters are a little furry but that adds to it
I only have an Aldi Cocoon Touch so happy with the end result

fixed the problem with a sheet of PEI and just put a small brim cause i get scared but removed all the supports using ABS...using Simplify3D gave Cura the flick, prints are near perfect

ikr Simplify really does kick Cura out of the ball park. It's really so much better.

Love the model, I printed 2 for myself in 2016.
I was on Kickstarter and saw something that looked familiar (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1383547695/winter-deer?ref=discovery&term=winter%20deer). I know your license doesn't prohibit this type of thing but he should at least honor the attribution license. Good news is that there isn't much of a market for unfinished PLA Christmas deers 30 days after Christmas but it might still be worth reporting him to kickstarter.

This is a brilliant model. I printed some for ourselves, family and friends. Very admired by all.

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Going to give this a try at 200 mm tall on my Neva. Sliced with Simplify3D. Turning fan to 100% when I get to the antlers. Any other advice for a newbie. This will be my largest print yet.

Beautiful model and this is my first print with the CR-10s. I do have questions on some flaws with my print and wondering if anyone has suggestions on what I may have done wrong. The underbelly got a little frayed and one of the legs appears to be a little off. Also a line seems to go up the neck. Appreciate any assistance! Thanks Adam

Pics and Simplify3D Profile Attached.

Hey, just a question. I noticed one of the files is shown with the deer laying down. Do I have to print it that way? I've tried printing it twice standing up with supports and it turns into spaghetti. I need a good support for my camera so not sure where it goes wrong.

Nevermind. Got it. Changed Cura to the recommended settings and finally put in my x axis tensioner. Worked like a charm

Printed fine at 150mm tall with no supports just a brim around the legs. Just got to find some glitter spray.

Can you insert a version with the back support for the left back?
thank you

Wow, I love the design, and I must print it.
Thanks for such an excellent design.

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Thank you so much for this beautiful deer. It prints very well on a MakerGear M2, with 0.2mm Z lift ("Retraction Vertical Lift) to avoid the hot end hitting the print during moves. I've printed this at 100mm and 180mm tall, with some supports for the antlers and the middle of the belly only. It stuck fine without a raft, but I added a raft anyway just to be on the safe side. I am printing PLA on blue tape.

Wonderful model, prints really well without any support. The layed version is even better.

Could you make a trophy version with only the head? It would be really nice!


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I have printed two of them, 50% size and 90%. Both have the same problem in same place, left leg close to body has craked from back side. So i think it needed support for one leg at least!


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The deer print failed, the legs did not stick well enough onto the build plate. Can someone give me some recommendations?

I think when he says "brim" it's the same as raft... A raft makes first layer adhesion much better.

No Brim is a single layer where a raft would be much thicker. Brim to me is much better a raft never works for me very hard to get off. I hardly use a raft only if I have to brim usually works 99% of the time.

Your print will sit on top of the Raft a Brim only attaches to the outer layer and you can specify how many counts you want to go outward.

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Thanks! It turn out great!

How come my printer say that the printing will require for support materials? on the printing preview, it shows me there is support underneath the belly.

Excellent gift for New Year!


I just remixed this in a voronoi style: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1222279

Voronoi Holiday Deer Remix

Classiest time-lapse of a 3d print I've seen. Well done Amir!

Beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you kindly.

superbe, je viens de l'imprimer, pas de soucis :)

je les fait à la moitié de sa taille, les cornes sont pas tres belle mais correct, sa donne un style ;)

je rajoute les photos des que j'ai fin de la peindre

Great video quality. What cameras?

Thanks! It was shot on my Sony NEX 6.

super la video (entre autres) :) merci
si à l'occasion vous pouviez mettre le fichier avec le cerf debout, sa sera plus pratique, ainsi on pourrais le charger dans meshmixer pour les support ;)

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What program did you use to create this beautiful deer?

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Printed an excellent print on printrbot 2014 maker edition. Had to add a rectangle base for the feet to stick to the bed. Had to babysit it during the antlers to make sure they didn't get knocked over by the extruder motion. Spray Painted it sparkly orange. If I can I am adding a photo of the deer in our Christmas tree.

Wow - Nice model, but I think I've tried 10 times now, with both ABS and PLA.
Thought I had it when I added enough retraction and Z-hop, but no.
Even resorted to putting a drop of acetone on the 1st layer of each leg for extra stick.
Always ends up with wobble, leading to blobs, leading to knocking the part over.
One time it got to the antlers, which snagged almost immediately.
I'm printing at half-scale on a Printrbot Simple Metal. If anybody has settings that work for this part on that printer, I'd love to see them.
Maybe the half-scale is causing the wobble.

Did you solve this issue ?

Half scale makes many things more challenging to print...

Half-scale = half the surface area stuck to the bed. A brim would help.

I had tried a brim, a full raft, and even editing the model to embed each hoof in a disc.
Still by the time it got up to the antlers there was enough leverage to cause wobble.

But since then I've gone to 9-point levelling and a better heated bed.
I'll have to give this another try.

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very nice design. thanks.

por favor .STL
please .STL

Hey check out a timelapse of our deer in production. http://youtu.be/guWUPbUAeB8

Cura.Always USE CURA !

Thank you so much, works perfekt on my 3D-Printer without any support or raft.
It is realy unbelievable how good this model can be printed.
All presentee like this present.
Thanks for your work

I've printed like 6 of these, and the back left leg always get's knocked loose :( I did patch one up pretty nice though, will upload it soon.

Try printing with a brim, we use a 20 line brim. It really helps the print stick to the bed. We also used a 0.3 mm Z hop when retracting so that the print head doesn't knock over the back leg.

I was using Makerware with a raft, but yeah I did see it was the nozzle bumping into the leg and knocking it loose, when it got close to the top. I will give Slic3r a shot with trying to find how to make that Z hop you were talking about, that seemed to be my problem. I had to scale it down some which also make's the antler's a bit thin. I may try to print in 2 part's at full scale at some point.

LOVE the design though! Also, how did you go about glittering it up? I have some Mod podge but I'm not thinking it would work so well on the antlers.

Thank you for your interest, we appreciate the feedback. We have found that Cura works best with our printer.

As for the Glitter, we used a Rust Oleum glitter spay paint and a sealer. There is a picture posted showing our supplies.

Pete Schweddy is going to love this.