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Spiral Vase

by BigBadBison Nov 30, 2014
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Hi, in Cura i have holes in Vase. Spiral Mode and Print dinner Lines is activated.

I printed the single spiral in vase mode on my ender 3 with no issues using cheap generic PLA. I had 1 tiny pinhole which leaked very slowly.

Cura settings:
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Combing Mode: noskin
Spiralize Outer Contour: True
Bottom Layers: 4
Print Temp: 205c
Bed Temp: 60c
Print Speed: 50mm/s
Top/Bottom Speed: 20mm/s
Initial Layer Speed: 20mm/s
Initial Travel Speed: 40mm/s
Max Comb Distance: 15mm

I raised the print bed a tiny amount to squash the first layer a little extra too so that it fused properly and helped ensure no leaks. I also have a glass bed, so that probably helped a little.


I had a problem when printing... a print shift in the middle and the two times I tried to print Vase n°2.
PLA 1.75mm
Do you have any idea where the offset came from?

I've had this happen when the bed cabling has become caught on part of the printer framework, so the Y-axis belt ends up skipping a tooth. You can address this by ensuring the cabling is either tied back, or that it runs along a predictable path, such as when using a cable chain.

Hi, that looks like your stepper motors skipped a step, causing the offset. This could be caused by an improper voltage level or overheating of the motor.

Ah ok, thank you
if I program the printer so it goes slower, could that solve the problem?

It has a little leak at the bottom which caused a little puddle after a few hours. I'll try to fix it using soldering iron. Not the design fault.
PLA, 0.4 nozzle, 0.2 step, 120% flow, Cura vase mode, 4 layers bottom

Possible to get these in 100mm height instead for those of us with smaller printers? I've got a Monoprice Select Mini v2 and it's max hight is 120mm. Although I guess it can also be scaled down :)

Hi tombii, there's plenty of software out there that can scale the vases to whatever size you want in any axis. Good luck!

Yes I figured out I can just scale it in Cura. Thanks for getting back to me though!

Did this hold water well? Thanks :)

It all depends on your settings and how well your printer is calibrated. The area that will cause issues is the solid infill on the bottom inside the vase.

If you are using ABS, vapour smoothing will help with this.

Comments deleted.

Bei der innenwand Fehlen die ersten 10 Layer.

How long did it take for you guys to print this? Im now on hour 22 and it says it still needs around 10h on my Anet A8 ..

Are you using Vase Mode, also called Spiralize Outer Contour in Cura?

One of my first print on my Creality Ender 3 :)

I too would enjoy to see your settings for this model, in vase mode i get tiny holes at the top of each diamond and in normal mode i have a lot of stringing

i also have the ender3d but when i try to print this vase i get tiny holes.Can you share your settings ?

tried to print these out but allways ended up stopping the prints because it diddnt work
first i have had such thin wall that it was unstable and has had hollows
second try without vasemode in cura it has had massive stringing on the inside.

Would be verry nice if someone could help me out to get the right settings to print it out

Try using a larger diameter nozzle in your printer for Vase Mode projects. .6, .8 or even 1mm work well. Be sure to change the settings in your Slicer so it knows the nozzle diameter.

My Name is Christoph and sorry for my bad english.

Since a view days I use my new fiet 3D printer (Tronxy P802D)

I print the Spiral Vase 1. I sliced it with Slic3r in Vase Mode.
I dont use Support Material. (Don't have click the Button.
Printing Speed is 30mm/s

But when i print, there are Strings from Bottom to Top in different places.

In the Pictures you can see it.

Thank you.


it is a confusion with the name, the shape of the vase is spiral, not that it has to print in spiral mode

Thank you.

If understand you, my failure is to print the Vase in Vase Mode?

I must print it the normal way?

In the next days i will try this.

Comments deleted.

Tried the double spiral (solid) and it was filled with lots of stringing. Temp was 205c with a bed temp of 40c. Retraction 6. 3d Solutech PLA.

I'm far from an expert, but looks like you aren't running vase mode (spiralize outer contour in Cura)

Yeah, I was under the impression that the "solid" version of this model didn't require vase mode. But I think that's probably the best option.

I'm hoping to run this tomorrow, let me know if you have any thoughts and tips.


Hi, I made one its very nice but is so thin that water gets through small holes, how can I make the wall thicker so there are no gaps?

If it's leaking it may be your printer/print settings. But you could use the solid models; just set infill to 0, top layers to 0, and how ever many perimeters you want. Glad you enjoy it!

Would it help to print in vase mode (spiralize outer layer)?

I have had good success in waterproofing this and other similar designs with clear Flex Seal Liquid. I pour a capful into the vase, slowly slosh it around to cover all the surfaces then pour out the excess. After 24 hours, a nice rubbery coating inside and totally waterproof. Available from Amazon and others. I have no relation to the company.

I made a base for these. This is particularly useful if you print your vase with a thin base and it leaks water ... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2498212

Spiral vase base
by mabbog

Are these capable of holding some weight? Flowers or some decorative items, etc?


Would you be able to export the base of the object and the spirals as two separate STL files? Id like to do a multicolor print of spiral 1.

Made one on cheap ctc with gold abs....very nice...even worked with infill at 0% (newbie error)...now to try acetone smooth!

I think you want 0% infill to make it a hollow vase. If you have infill then the inside wil be filled in, at least that's what happened to the one I printed

Hi Makerod,

You may have been using the solid models that I uploaded so that people could define their own wall sizes by setting 0% infill and varying the number of perimeters.

I will consider user error as a distinct possibilty :)
Thanks for the design!

I will consider user error as a distinct possibilty :)
Thanks for the design!

What software did you use to design these vases?

All of my designs are created in SolidWorks

I am trying to reproduce what you've done in Solidworks, getting close but not quite as good.

Any chance you could upload or share your sldprt file?

Thanks in advance, a very nice part indeed, and a good gift.

The diamond vase does not work very well with the Spiralize function in Cura. The end result has holes in every upper corner of the diamond.

Hi can anyone explain how to make the spiral around the vase.

In Cura it is called Spiralize Outer Contour

if anyone wants this printed contact me at buddyboy3dprints@gmail.com
please no spam

Is there a way to make these solid? I'd like to use "spiral vase" function of the slic3r but it requires the object to be solid.

Done! Let me know how it goes!

Made 2 of these on a Makerbot Replicator 2 and they came out awesome.

Nice! Post a Make when you get the chance!

I love the single spiral, I made 4 of them as Easter presents.
On DaVinci2 print with no raft and no support.
I have also "re-mixed" this on Tinkercad to make a candy dish for my son, Ill post that file later when its done printing.
I wish I knew how to make it a two color model, spirals one color, body another...that would look outstanding.