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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Foldie 3D FFF Printer

by 3DPVDB Nov 22, 2014
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I never received an email after putting myself of the email list. Also, is there a video of this working?

is this project still alive?!
Would really like to give it a go but would like an updated version (if there is any) before i start using up all my filaments :/

please go fill ure email at foldie3d.com. beta testers will be picked from this list very soon.

patience is a virtue.
AMA Star Citizen backer.

Nice Work!!!!
I want to make that one too!!!!

nice work. I want to make that one.

Cool idea, but when are you going to upload the files??? Why didn't you just upload them when you first made it and have the community help improve the design? worked great for other open source printers. isn't that the whole purpose of open source is to have the community contribute their ideas and find problems to have this advance WAY faster. Great work, I'm just saying many minds working together are faster and better than one and this would have been done years ago. There are MANY people on here that would be fine with the "unfinished" files to try it out and help improve it

I've already separated the provided file into its individual components. You can find the files in the remix tab. As noted by 3DPVDB this is not the final version. There may be stability issues. I haven't attempted printing this design myself.

Comments deleted.

Dear, If u wanted to contribute, public shaming aint the way to go. 22 people work on this project, and you just b*tchslapped them all in the face. As we state clearly in our intro; we're not planning to launch as a Ms Windows OS.
You just seem to want the printables. To bad. ¨Patience is a virtue".

Foldie comes in printeable, metal and molded version. Printeable files stay free. forever. But they wont be released before;
metal and molded prototypes are made, OR the controller board is finished (witch BTW is ALSO OpenSource).

I got a 12-yrs old US kid with seperated parents that is a bigger contributor then u'll ever be. But then again, he contacted us pollietly, and got a foldie prototype. So it seems, you are outsmarted by a 12-jear old kid.

lol, wasn't trying to shame anyone, just asking questions(yes I might have gone about that the wrong way). I was one of the few people to make the very first RepRaps back in 2009 and have seen many very impressive and advanced machines be created and perfected in a very short amount of time with the help of a large network of minds. Even when you Finalize your design and release it open source i guarantee people will make great revisions that you guys never thought of.
I remember when you first posted it and you have been saying its almost done for years now and still nothing to the public.
All I was trying to say if you are trying to get this cool new idea into the hands of students there are more efficient ways of doing it, but I understand the end goal is to make money, I have seen it MANY times before.

Good luck and I'm curious were this project will go if it ever gets done

Anyone can contact us via Thingiverse, 3DPVDB.be, Foldie.com, ATE BGN,& Github.
Anyone wanting and willing to sacrifice time for this project, can assist.
Anyone not able to put in time, can put in donations.

One thing that doesnt need much work, is the design of our frame.
Thats kinda on point. Sure, if released, others gonna adapt it in ways i couldnt have imagined.
But thats not gonna happen before we can offer the planet a starterboard that doesnt melt, and is just as expandeable.
Launching it now would result in half the planet pasting a RAMPS on its back. No way José.
Good news is that we came back on the decision to wait until even the Molded foldie was ready.
When the board is ready, we'l step into the light with a printable, foldeable printer, a new standard for 3d printerboard of THIS generation, without all the issues that appeared in the toddler years of 3dp, and an metal equivalent, to silence critics, and for the first time, generate some profit.
This profit allows for a support team to assist users on our online helpdesk. You wont need to search half the planet anymore for docs & howto's. You'll have the ability to ASK SOMEONE, and you can find everything in one place.
It will enable programmers to customize firmware, and maintain it.
At some point, money makes the world go round. I cant produce printers out of nothing. i cant produce board out of nothing, And things like a website, financials, contacting suppliers, and all that, doesnt happen on its own.
For 5 yrs, i've funded this project personally, wich enables it to be Opensource.
But to make it a reality anyone can enjoy(manufacture it), and to make sure the Foldie2.0 and the Qubic become reality too, i got to be some sort of a Marcus Lemonis.

I would love to get this in students hands to let them start to tinker and adapt it for their uses. It is a great looking project/product, but without any individual files, we would practically be recreating each piece all over again. Hoping you are willing to share your files soon. On a side note, if you stick with a raspberry pi, you could run klipper firmware potentially, which would speed up the printing process.

patience is a virtue.
one shouldnt build a new boat with old wood.
but you'll still be able too. it is kinda your choice, what you use for controller.

You only think about money

.auwtsj. that hurts. could be the sleepdeprivation from working on the foldie project.
guess you missed following details:
-the date of upload. that's how long this project is funded out of my pocket.
-printed parts stay free
-Open Source
-affordable, for students.
if i did, i would not have spent +4yrs perfecting this design.
if i didn't, i'd live under a bridge.

You don't seem to realise that at some point this project generates jobs for people who depend on their wage to afford food, housing and schooling for their kids. Who's gonna etch and solder the controller board? assemble the power supply? Manufacture the non-printed parts? What is gonna pay for that? Is the holy spirit gonna write a cheque?
I get it. ure a socialist. believe it or not, me too.
But grow up, and realise, ure living in a kapitalistic economy.

Don't listen to people like that, they don't understand the kind of work that actually goes into a project like this and that the funding for it doesn't magically appear out of thin air. You're doing a great job. I thought I should make a foldable printer and after a quick google search found myself here. Well, I guess I could borrow your design and see if I can make any improvements! Probably not as I'm not even close to an expert but you never know. Great work. Really. :)

thnx! sometimes, "Great work. Really." is all a human needs to hear/read.

What happened to this project? It seems really awesome.

When you read the thing's details tab, u'll be wiser.

You know I just sent you what I thought was a nice request for information, but looking at your rather defensive posts and replies it appears your world revolves around money. Sorry to say that, but it is quite evident. others here have chimed in defending you but lets be honest, they just want the files to try and build this also. I understand it takes money to build something but on the other hand, just getting money for nothing more that a promise that something will come of it is hard to expect as well. This community is impressive and they are always willing to help on every level. What you have here appears to be just as impressive, but your keeping it all under lock and key and your progression is quite slow. This community can see that and it can be frustrating. It is your project, but it appears that all you're doing is teasing, so you have to expect all these lines of questioning. I truly hope you see the fruits of your labors, but in the meantime you should tame back your passive aggressive comments "u'll be wiser", "ure a socialist", "But grow up", and you mention funds far to many times. Best of luck.

This is so briliant, awesome dude, I need to make it just to annoy people :D

Thank you. And after yrs of unbelievers, and jealous friends assuming i'm rich, i feel you.

tried for 150x150mm, but its at 154x148 right now. still got couple ideas 4 fixing that.

To ease the readers & followers, CURRENTLY we're waiting on plastic prototype14 to finish printing& we're trying to decide wether to give Foldie internet connectivity via a Raspberry Pi, with a WiFi dongle and Octoprint for example, or to make it an IoT project with a +/-6$ NodeMCU ESP-12E DevKit.
The Pi+Octoprint gives a simple& fast camera option & the ESP MCU is the cheapest internetconnectivity solution. Feel free to give your opinion and help us decide. Do you want to vieuw the evolution of your print live on tablet/smartphone, of do you want the cheaper "just" connect & control option?

when will the gofundme campaign start? Also will there be an lcd control screen?

There is no date for the GoFundMe campaign yet, Yes, there will be an OLED LCD screen, optional smartphone connectivity, & a smartphone controller app.
We're still constantly making the printable version better, and are simultaneously testing the metal frame,
wich has unexpectedly developped faster then the printable one.
We're also struggling in finding affordable, but qualitative products necessary for a succesfull campaign.
You may expect the launch in the coming months. When the Printable version is final, we'll dress the website, and put manuals & BOM online, Our video's will be published, the GoFundMe campaign will launch, and when it's finished, all files, 3D&firmwares, will be made public, for use in open source development.

when will the gofundme campaign start? Also will there be an lcd control screen?

I stumbled across this while looking for a folding design like the Foldarap. This seems really very good, but I am not seeing much work on it in the last year. How are things progressing with it? I would like to build one of these.


Testing to bring forth the best balance between cost and accuracy. We have stability and accuracy, but we still have to many costs for our goal. Its supposed to be a low cost printer, and the rails make it a luxury printer. Also, we're trying to find a decent partner who can cut the metal version. Appears harder then it looked. At last, still looking for decent manufacturers of certain other parts too. Finding the right manufacturer is the hardest part, and is the main cause of foldie not being downloadable yet. In any case, we are working on it on a daily basis.

Is that a pic of a heated bed? Does that mean you'll be supporting it?

yup. Both firmware with and without heatbed functionality will be published.

New revisions look awesome!

tnhx, not done yet. LM6UU system was completely useless, and this Hiwin rails are too expensive. they bring Foldie's total cost at our initial retailprice.
Have two ideas left, If they do not work, Foldie becomes more expensive then anticipated.

Hey, I built the SmartRap printer recently and I found some awesome linear rods for only a few bucks in lots of sizes.
Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CNM6RFA/ref=biss_dp_sa1

If you haven't already, then you should checkout McMaster-Carr, and Openbuilds. Their parts come at an extremely low cost, and are very high quality.

good tips ;)

This, honestly, is THE most amazing thing I've ever seen on thingiverse and really should be featured. I am 13 years old and have a 3D printer, but my parents are also separated so I bring my printer back and forth and it's a real hassle, so this is on my "To Build" list. I have two questoins: 1. When will the parts (from the STL's to the hardware) for the printer be released, and will the extruder and board come with it? 2. I really love the concept and design, but will it be able to have a heated bed? Thanks, and I really look forward to the outcome!

Hi smiley 424, thank you. We know the back and forth feeling ;). Hang in there. Foldies parts will be free for download, and a hardware kit will be crowdfunded with all 3D hardware parts as hotend, board, motors, borosilicate glass bed, bolts n screws. The heatbed will be optional. 1. it requires a seperate power supply. and 2. its actually useless and a waste of electricity to heat such a small surface. As 3D Systems prints cold with glue in ABS on her Cube printers, we can too. But it will be additionally available in a self adhesive silicone heatpad and some PEEK parts

Truly awesome work! Maybe you could collaborate with makerfarm or one of the other vendors to get a pre-packaged hardware
kit set up. That would save people who want to build the time, trouble, and expense of finding and ordering the necessaries from a bunch
of different sources.
Thanks for sharing your work!

are the files available?, i only see a single STL of the whole machine...

its still a work in progress. there still a couple adaptions too be done. nearly there. just a tiny bit more patience ;)

Comments deleted.

could you post a video of it printing?

youtube channel is in the make ;)

how big is the buildplate?

max 160mm for this scale foldie,