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Jointed Robot

by Shira Nov 20, 2014
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I had trouble getting a few parts to adhere to the bed, specifically the ones with super duper teeny tiny support pieces. A raft solved that for me.

Unfortunately, I just found out that 3mm cord is way too big diameter to put this model together. I'm assuming it should be 2mm cord? However, this is a great looking print.

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magnifique et très professionnel,

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How hard would it be to remix this guys?


I love your work Shira. Where do you get the elastic strings?

Mega Man! Each Color is a Separate STL!

i love this design and i enjoy having it on my shelf, its also really useful for drawing reference to humans

Thank you for sharing, but unfortunately simplify3D сan not cope with your design...

Hi Shira, thank you for sharing the design! :-)
I have one problem with the hands. I Print them multiple times but everytime they get lose. May it be possible to change the design so they will be more "stiffer"? :-)

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:701051 no? which is the original?

BeQui, Jointed Robot
by bq3D

The two robots are different, and the two have been designer by me.

hi shira I was wondering if you can tell me how to create my own objects

That is a very difficult question. I have been learning for many years. Do not answer ... a tip, start to model something simple.

hi shira I was wondering if you can tell me how to create my own objects

Great model! Thank you for your work!
I have problem only with printing one detail "pecho_y_cuello_neck_chest2.stl", using Cura app successfully printed all parts except this one, usually i used Brim for all model parts with no problems, but for neck_chest2, visually printing started above surface 0.5-1mm and of course it failed, tried Raft but same issue. I use Cura app latest version, Printrbot simple metal. Any ideas? Please help.

-- Print the neck/chest in MatterControl with a raft under it, at 100%. That solved it for me.
..but there's still something sketchy about the first layer. It doesn't connect all the way around for some reason.

How tall is this robot?

I was thinking that these type of figures could be used in stop motion animation.

Hi :) good job !
The booth finger can moving but not separetly , is it normal ? or need to brake the jonction ?

Forgive me if this is a newbie question. It looks like only the top of the head touches the bed and the antennae are up a layer or two, is the problem with the design, my slicer (slic3r), what? I can't see any way to print this without supports.

I had this problem also, any luck?

The head wont connect, any thoughts?

If you're having trouble printing the hands, I had success with Cura using brim (not raft), 0.1mm layer height and support enabled with 70-degree threshold which takes care of an area around the palm that would otherwise be printed with nothing underneath it. After carefully removing the supports I got a perfect-looking and fully functional (fingers moving) hand.

I eventually rebuilt the wrist ring on the hands. There is a hollow under the original file with over 0.5mm space between (at least there is in S3D), and it just fell off. Not to worry, it all prints great at 0.1mm. I also hot glued the fingers in place .

I looked at the remixes here and found a fixed STL file for the hands. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:570564/#files I just started a print and noticed that the ball and socket features for the fingers are fixed and present too. BTW - I'm using Simplify3D for slicing.

Jointed Robot By Shira_easy print and glue version

I wasn't worried about the fingers moving so I just reworked the hand files into a solid piece in MeshMixer. I also enlarged the files by 25%. Just finished printing two more at 0.1 mm layer for the grand kids.

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Hands and knees caps took a few tries printing

This is a lovely model. For anyone trying to figure out what kind of elastic cord/string to use, this worked well for me: http://amzn.com/B0056EU26M

thank you for this!

Very nice Shira! This is a well designed model. The only issue I had was in getting the movable fingers to stay in place. The retaining ridge on the shaft of the fingers printed very small and the mating hole printed large so all four fingers fell out of the body of the hands. No problem though, I drilled a hole through the fingers and added a piece of filament as an axle going through both fingers and the hand body. Worked great!


Hi Sonia ! What slicer are you using ? Tried Slic3r and Cura and with both I have troubles to print hands. For example arms are OK.

Has anyone had any luck printing this on a Makerbot M2 (with the V3b head)? I can't get the thighs, head or chest to print cleanly.

Quite a nice design. I wish it was snap fit like the flexible tubing joints. End result is good. At some point I will try to print each part at max size and make a big one.

Could you slow down the video so I can see how to put the robot together or talk so that I know what I'm doing, but both would be helpful.

I really like the design of this robot, however I cannot get the head to print the way it is designed somehow. The two little antennae on each side of the head allow for slicer to think that it is all one large object. Then at several critical times the print head drags through the circle and destroys the head completely. Is it possible to remove the antennae? What slicing program did you use? I try to tell my slicer program to not cross perimeters, that does not work. I cannot tell you how badly I want to make this figure, but It keep slamming my head into a wall with the crossing. I even slowed my machine down to a snail's pace, still the crossing persists

I used PLA (maker bot) .3 mm base, .2 mm layer, .1 mm layers, 30% infill. I have used Pet+, with the same settings. It seems that the circular perimeter shrinks just a little bit to allow for it to be disturbed when the print head crosses it. Oh BTW tried lowering my extruder temp too. Any help would be great from you or the community. I am using a Prusa i3 that uses maker slide for the axis.

I have rectified the head, please see if you can print without problems now

Thank you so much I will stay up all night trying to make it work I promise.

You must do some different head for diversity!!!

I would like to make a different head, but I'm working on a new robot ...

Make a bunch of new robots with interchangeable parts.

Sonia, this is absolutely fantastic. I just wanted to congratulate you for your effort and achievements. Un saludo.

thank you!!

A big thanks for sharing this cute robot.
I'm finshing my print and will post some pics when finished (printing the hands for the second time since broke my first pair for not being carefull. This time trying 0.06 resolution).
For all those having problems with their software... Have you tried Slic3r? Great pice of free open source software.

I love this design and thank you so much for sharing it, but I'm having trouble with the hands of the robot. The fingers are stuck in place, and I was wondering if you had any tips for that. Is there a version with pieces disassembled that maybe snap together? That might be an easier way to find success.

Sorry can not be disassembled .. I advise you to print hands with high quality and low speed

I have tried 10's of times to print this with no luck at all. some parts print perfectly others like the hands fail miserably.. suggestions?
using a flash forge dreamer

Comments deleted.

I feel y'alls pain as well. I've had my Dreamer for a couple months now, and man did I fight with FlashPrint. I finally got sick and tired of the bugs and problems, so I bought Simplify3D...and will never go back :) I'm able to control the speed, layer thickness in various places, bridging, cooling and many, MANY more options. Oh, and the supports are incredibly easier to do too. I can tell you this; I've not had one print mess up since...and I've been doing some crazy angles and more difficult prints. Mine still has a small problem with the 'ticking', but if you hold down the filament spring release and push the filament through while its loading, it will go away within a second or two.

I have a flashforge dreamer too.I understand how frustrated you feel. I had a difficult time starting out. I found if I carefully used the settings she outlined and made sure my print speed was LOW it works well. I am using PLA in clear. This is actually only the third different thing I have tried to build. Before I only did an ornament and some snowflakes. I practiced with them as they were flat until I understood how the settings, ie: speeds, temperatures etc, worked. I am barely computer literate lol, at least I was years ago. I have forgotten a lot! If you are having trouble with the ticking, let me know and I will tell you what I have worked out that is working everytime so far.

thanks for the heads up.. are you using the flash forge dreamer software? Im trying this out with Simplify3d suppose to give you way more control maybe I'm over thinking this?

WOW! Thank you for sharing and great design!

thank you so much for sharing this. I bought myself a 3D printer just so I could print myself jointed figures to play with :-) I am 65 but still love to play when my son was here he printed two pieces of this for me so I couldcontinue but now I cant get the gcode to download properly I will keep trying lol I did manage to print some cool snowflakes on my own though

Simple fix! I just needed to shorten the file name before slicing Printing very well now.
I should finish by today or at ease tomorrow morning. I am very excited to string it.

Awesome design! Do you think I could use a pipe cleaner instead of an elastic cord?

Thank You!
I think that kind of wire is too thin. In any case I would combine it with the elastic cord, so better will mark the positions

Gran diseño, merecido estar en los primero lugares en Thingiverse. Imprimiré esta belleza este fin de semana y te avisare que tal me fue. Muchas gracias por compartir este modelo Shira! Saludos desde México.

Edit: Tengo una pregunta, en las instrucciones comentas que no es necesario imprimir con soportes, ahora que estoy revisando las piezas tengo la duda si la pieza "Pecho/Cuello" puede ser imprimida sin soporte o como la imprimiste tu?

Desde ya muchas gracias Shira!

Muchas gracias por tus palabras Santiago!.
Yo imprí todas sin soporte. He añadido a las piezas pequeños apoyos, para no poner ningun soporte.
Pero me he dado cuenta que como la cama de la impresora no este bien ajustada, las piezas al tener poca base se pueden despegar, creo que este problema ha surgido bastante. Pero no hace falta ningun soporte interior para las piezas, para la del pecho/cuello tampoco. Si te da problemas dimelo para ver si alineo mas la base o hago que tenga mayor superficie de contacto.

Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Me encanta este diseño!!
Los fabricaré para obsequiarlos como regalos de navidad.
¡muchas gracias por este increible aporte!

De nada, un placer!
Espero que les guste tu regalo. : D

I noticed an update to the left hand, but not the right. Is a change coming for that as well?

Yes, right hand had either "normal" planes, so I do not rectified. In some files, to export to .stl this error occurred.

It is complicate for printed.... The hand for example (I would like in this scale in ABS and i am having some problem... with some file). The hand, knee and arms

the pieces are too adjusted to work well. But are adjusted for my printer. Sorry I can not help you

i love the white figure that you made! in one of the other pics

thank you very much!, I take a lot of time working on this figure, but at the moment I can not share it

This is amazing, we will print it soon !

Felixusa, thank you very much!

woohhhh Thank you!

Wow! Now how many hours you have to put into this until everything worked out as you want it?
Finally someone who knows how to use 3D printing tech and not just does static puppets.
I really like the design - great work!

Thanks Johann.
Yes, I have used many hours ... I dont know say a number , but I've already designed other similar dolls before, so it was not complicated.

An Amazing Design, i know comments help in the "what have I built, and how can I go from here", times but really this is a strong base design for this type of material. Keep inspiring people with these designs. The industry really needs that. Love the elastic core use.

Thank you very much for your words, but I just combined two techniques:
-The Design of "bjd dolls": Performed with elastic laces and ball joint
-With one of the possibilities of 3D printing: printing directly hinges and bearings.

I have seen your designs and are really amazing

I wish youd make an elf on the shelf! :)

What kind of cord do you use?

Any elastic cord whose diameter is less than 3.5 mm.
For the arms is required to be even smaller

Anyone have any tips for getting the head to print? I've got my settings just about perfect, but even with rafting i get serious issues with the head. Either it wont stick, or it just gets real gummy from how thin it is. fan on full blast.

Files seem that they are not ready for printing on fdm printers
Although its a great design!!!
thanks for sharing

Shira, thank you very much for sharing your creation with all of us!

It is a pleasure, thank you!

This is brilliant - well done you. I love toys like this and appreciate the time and trouble it took to make. Thank you for sharing.

thank you very much Loubie! I've seen your designs are really good

Great design! Thanks for sharing.

Oh no. It's non commercial. oh well. We will have to just wait for the next model like this one.

This model is beautiful and useful but if we build on it we can never reclaim the full rights to our own contributions. Too bad the author chose a non-open source license.

I like Geekaz's comment! If you want a commercial copy, you have two choices: spend the time and energy to make one of your own, or contact Shira privately to pay her for a license to use it commercially. I would never spend this much time developing a model to let someone else benefit from it commercially for free.

I'm glad you understand my choice. Thank you

don't take, just make

Thank you geekaz!

Very nice but I couldn't get the knee joints to work with Slic3r.

Today I corrected some files, you have downloaded today?

I printed two boots and they turned out really nice.

I just downloaded v2 of the knees and it's the same issue. It seem to me when I look at model on the x/y plane, the back triangular support extends down slightly more than the other two triangular supports on the sides and the knee piece. Back support is on the print surface but the rest of the model/support floats slightly.

I am surprised that problems that minimum distance difference... I've corrected v 3. Please tell me if you can print well. Thank you

That made some improvements but Slic3r just isn't cooperating. I finally managed to print it using Cura with brim! Thanks for trying to fix this issue. I will post a pic once I print all the pieces and assemble them together.

I am glad! .... the other program seems to give problems with my design

very nice! i love it

Thank you : )

Aunque el makerware los abre, lo cierto es con con otros laminadores los stl muestran muchos errores...una pena

yo he usado "cura" (http://software.ultimaker.com/) y no me ha dado problemas. But I changed several files (only've invested normal of faces). Those ending in "2" are the changed files. I hope that now do not be problems with stl files.

hola, me parece problemas en brazo_right_arm.stl impresión.
Cuando el molde está perdiendo una parte .... me lo haces saber?
hola gracias

brazo_right_arm2.stl es perfecto.

Que bien!. Por favor avisame si tienes problemas con los demas archivos.

I changed the file, you may have normal inverted to export it to stl. download it again

Hola señor , su Creatio es maravilloso y yo sólo quería saber en qué micras has impreso robot articulado por favor diga .

Muchas gracias. Yo he impreso a : 0,1milimetros de altura de capa. 100 micras, aunque en las manitas he puesto en alguna ocasion 60 micras para probar y el resultado es que las bisagras de los dedos van mejor.

Es muy bonito ese robot "Jointed Robot"

Muchas gracias Leo!

Shira, buen trabajo, hoy o mañana pruebo a imprimir. Algun consejo? Nice JOB.

He puesto mas datos en las instrucciones. Mi consejo es que le pongas calidad en la impresion aunque tarde mas, merece la pena por las pequeñas bisagras que hay en los dedos y la rotacion en el cuello.... bueno en general para todas... ya me cuentas !

Empezando con las piernas a ver que tal. Vas a tener hijitos repartidos por todo el mundo.

Que ilusión!! a ver si por fin veo alguno : )

ola, eu não estou a conseguir imprimir o peito da boneca.
Esta com erros e a base não esta paralela com a mesa.
Se poder corrigir agradecia muito, para eu imprimir.
Muito obrigado

I have corrected the file, now the base is parallel. hope it goes well now

Por qué da fallos los stl, muchos muestran errores ?

Pues la verdad no lo entiendo. Yo no he tenido problemas. He aliniado la pieza del pecho a ver si ya no da problemas

wow fantastic job.. thanks for sharing!

This is totally awesome! I will try to print tomorrow on my Wasp 2040. Thank you!!!!

I would love to see a picture

Thank you very much !, I've seen you've done good designs!

What is the white female poseable figure in the pictures?

The female figure is a Bjd doll that I am designing for print. I was excited to get out on the photo : )

Espectacular! Me parece que ya tengo faena para la próxima sesión de Prusa con los niños.

Jaja, muchas gacias!! Espero que te salga bien, si tienes problemas con alguna pieza dímelo.

robot parts are already well placed to print on the bed without adding supports. Some pieces have already included small support in the file stl. You can see for example the robot hands. I printed the parts one by one.

I'll give it a shot! Thanks, Shira!!

Has anyone tried printing this yet? How are you placing these on the bed to print correctly? Everything is rounded...
Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Everything seems to be working fine as is, except the chest- which didn't seem to want to start printing until the second layer... which is a slight issue.

If you have problems, you can use : platform adhesion type "Brim" or Raft" ,may be resolved it

Thanks - I turned on a brim, but I actually needed to drop the model .3mm (using 'cut off object bottom' in Cura) in order for the brim to appear correctly, so I think for some reason it was just not placing correctly for me.. Other than that, everything went pretty smooth.

It is a good solution. Well, if anyone else has this problem, please, let me know and I'll change the mesh

Hi! My English is very bad .
I printed all the details. But the breast(brim?oh sorry!) says error! I can not do anything. Correct, plz . Really looking forward to!

Comments deleted.

You can narrow down the print direction from looking at the layering in the pics.

what is the weight for this model?

I have not calculated the weight. I guess it depends on the filling, I have made 20%. Its measurement is 20cm

Beautiful job. I bet you will get featured. I can tell that English isn't your first language but you did a pretty good job. Here's a little help. :-)

"I like to create jointed figures. You can see my creations here: http://www.soniaverdu.es/p/bjd-art-doll.html

I want to share this posable robot figurine with you. It features ball joints and some hinge-like joints. An elastic cord is used to secure the limbs and allow for positioning - no screws required!

I hope you enjoy."

"Instructions: I recommend printing on highest quality for good fitment. No need material support should be needed.

The only difficult part to fit is the hip ball; it may require some sanding. But it is important not to make this joint too loose so that the legs position well like the arms.

Video on assembling the robot figurine with elastic cord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oG39NoSJGM&feature=youtu.be"

Thank you so much for your help. My English is very poor. I copied your text: D

see told you that you would get featured :-)

Incredible! you guessed :O

OK ... Now this has got to be the best
Printable pose-able figurine I have seen
Thank you so much for posting

ohh thank you !!! My face is red now: P
if you print it, I hope you continue enjoying