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by RyanMark Nov 19, 2014
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Printed this for my wife and it came out great, thanks for this. One question though, how did you get rid of the center seam that occurs when you put the two body halves together? In your last picture with Baymax laying down its completely invisible but on mine (and others I've seen who have made this) there is a distinct line where the two parts are joined.

I print on glass with a glue stick, so the surfaces are perfectly flat. My printer has also been tuned fairly well and produces great prints. There could be a number of reasons why the line shows up more in some prints than others such as; not printing on glass (ie blue tape), having the print curl off the bed slightly, having your first layer squished thus being slightly larger than the other layers, or it could be something else.

If it really bothers you, you could always sand, or paint.


Second print worked fine. I ran the file through Netfabb and it seemed to "fix" something...not sure what, though.

Either way, it printed fine. I'm working on the top half now!!

That's good, there shouldn't have been a problem with the files as I put everything through Netfabb cloud before I post it on here. Have a great day!

The top half did something wonky on me, too. I didn't get a chance to look at it really, though, as I was running late for work.

The legs were strange...it was a fine print up until a spot on the legs, then my printer just kind of spewed some plastic around...wasn't doing the infill and the shells like it should...then it just went back to being fine...then some more spewed plastic...then back to being fine.

Normally if it starts just spewing plastic that's the end of the print...it can't recover...but somehow it recovered on this. I thought maybe they had just delaminated, but if that was the case I wouldn't see the just aimless strands of plastic...

I might end up printing something tonight that I know has worked for me in the past, just to see if it's my printer that's acting up...or to see if maybe it's the slicer.

Did anyone else have any problems printing the legs on the flat foot one?

It was like my printer just kind of laid down several layers of just noodles on the legs, then went back to normal, then several layers of noodles again.

It looks fine in the slicer...and the feet ended up nice and flat...just two spots on each leg.

I'm trying to print it again now.

This is great. I can't wait to print it for my son. If it didn't already have them, I would totally have tried to add pins to keep him on the base, and then I noticed the ball has a pin too! I almost didn't print the ball because we have a younger baby around too but if the pin keeps it on the base, I'll try it!

The pins are to connect the 2 halfs of the soccer ball and 2 halfs of baymax, so it's easier to line them up. So the pins aren't to keep it on the base but to help with final assembly. Take a look at the instruction's it should help with assembly.

Thanks. I noticed that after I actually looked at the models :). I'll try printing it this way.

I am going to be making other miniature models and considered using posts like this, but is your method better than having the posts as part of the model, or does it just make printing easier?

Using posts lines up the top and bottom of the prints, which helps when glueing 2 pieces together. You don't really the need posts you could glue the top and bottom parts together without them but it's harder to line up. Also if you made the posts bigger you could possible avoid glue by jamming the parts together or instead of posts you could use pins (Look at the geared heart for an example of a pin).


Very cool! Never thought to slice it up like that. Brilliant! Thanks for remixing and teaching me something. Love it! :D

Thanks. Credit goes to you for making a great model. Also, my son really likes the print :)

That's fantastic! :D All the best! - Jwall