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Parametric Rift DK2 Lens Cup

by ClassicGOD Nov 16, 2014
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VR-Gear.com has expired looks like the owner has not renewed the domain.

Sorry it was not my website and I moved to CV1 long time ago. There was a way to do what this software did in Oculus Home by editing the config files or by changing the IPD in the DK2 firmware. Here is the last place I know people were talking about it: https://forums.oculus.com/community/discussion/32727/ipd-adjustment-for-dk2-on-oculus-home-1-3-runtime

So I needed a new lens cup because of the new firmware for the DK2, these fit the bill only problem is I have a IPD of 53.5 and when I setup the SCAD to adjust this rounded to -4.75 there is a hole on the side where it clips in at.

I'm assuming there isn't any way to fill this hole in is there?

Unfortunately the cutout has to be there so the adapter will clear the mounting clips on the DK2. But I managed to get rid of the hole by making the base of the wall 1.3mm thicker (can possibly limit your FOV) and the wall will be 1 extrusion thick in some places (at 0.4mm extrusion) so take care while printing. Check out the "lensbody_v3_thicker_wall.scad" file.

Thanks.. I will try the first one I setup, and if that seems to be too thin then I will try the new one. I was wondering how are it would be to make an adjustable version of this were you can turn the cup on the flat disk between 55 to 71. I think something like that would be a great design. I have no experience with openscad,but seems easy enough to work with.. I will play with it unless you get to something like that before I do.

If you make off-center rotating cup it will be too high or too low in any but the extreme positions and that would mess with the chromatic aberration correction.


What was the layer height you built yours at I'm using a custom built CNC/3D Printer, and its a bit touchy at times, and was trying to figure out what settings you recommended. I have already killed 2 prints due to speed issues which I think I have fixed..

I used 0.2mm for prototypes (and they worked fine) and used 0.1mm for final prints that you can see in the photos for this 'thing'.

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Nice work ClassicGOD! This is actually way more elegant than VR-Gear's solution. For his separators to work best, you need to lower them as well as two of the rift's clips to maintain the focal length. Also you can only use the B lenses. It's a shame I didn't find this sooner. The only question is, with your design, how wide the IPD can be (mine is 71) to still fit inside the rift's case?. The VR-Gear guy claims that the widest he can go with his design is 69.5 due to the limited space inside the case. I don't have a 3D printer to test it out myself so would you please have a look at your assembly (69.1 isn't it?) and tell me how much room is left? Also which type of filament did you choose to print your cups? Thanks

There is plenty of space left with my 69.1mm adapters so another mm per eye (2mm total) shouldn't be a problem. My design should handle up to 74mm IPD and if I remember correctly I measured and 74mm adapter should still fit into the DK2. I used Black PLA from Noviplast to print my set and they are holding great!

Also - check out reddit - there is better firmware-based solution for setting your IPD in software. You set the modded IPD once in DK2 firmware and don't need additional software, works with all SDKs and even with games that require the service to be disabled.

Thanks for the reply ClassicGOD seems i was using the wrong software so my mistake,
its all good now and have the .ssl file all i need now is to get it printed

Hi ClassicGOD,
Looking to set my own parameters need 71.3 ipd and B cup 17mm,
But when i try to load you v3 standard file in OpenJSCAD I get an error any idea why?
Thanks for all your hard work!

Sorry, have no Idea. OpenJSCAD complains about some missing ; but I don't see where :/ OpenSCAD works just fine.


could you please also provide the 20mm (A) and 17mm (B) files?

thanks in advance

Hi, the design is parametric - all you have to do to get "standard" (no ipd increase) B and A cups is to open the .scad file in OpenSCAD, set ipd_increase parameter in line 5 to 0 and lens_height parameter in line 9 to whatever you want (20mm for A cup, 17mm for B cup)

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Nicely done! Great to see more open source options for people who need IPD adjustments. Frankly, you're designs are significantly superior to VR-Gear's, who is actually selling them for a profit. The simple flat geometry of his locking tabs do not even lock the lenses or adapters in place well, there have been a few complaints on reddit about lenses falling out. Not to mention, you solved the height problem on your wide adapters. If any design is worth paying for, it's certainly yours over VR-Gear's.

EDIT: I'm not sure how, but since you've already made an Openscad script, you can use it with thingiverse's "Customizer." So people can actually adjust the parameters on thingiverse using the "Customizer" tool.

Thanks for the comment. All you have to do to enable Customizer is to have all of the code in single file and use 'customizer' tag but since it was timing out on one of my simpler adapters I decided not to include it on this one.

Nice work dude, and thank you for reference. I felt my measurements and/or my printer were a bit off, as it didn't fit snugly.
Only used my rift about 10min with glasses (it's a pain), then I had to try this out.
Do you notice more blur on the corners of the screen than with glasses, or is just the FOV larger? I also noticed some kind of reflections off the side of the lenses (or the case)... my -5 dioptre is probably a bit too much of a correction.

Hi :) I don't use glasses so I can't answer your questions but using shorter cup without glasses can potentially increase the chromatic aberration due to incorrect distortion applied by the software. AFAIK there is no software available right now that would allow you to adjust lens cup height used for calculating the distortion. I created this cup due to my wide IPD (69.1mm) and included the height adjustment because of your project and because I came with an idea how to do it when thinking about creating the 20mm (A) and 17mm (B) versions of this file.