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Spinning Tops Orbital Series

by YSoft_be3D Nov 13, 2014
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As an idea: you can add a writing unit from a ballpoint pen. Ideally firm, ideally smooth ball of small diameter. Just do not get dirty in the paint residues ... :)

You ocould easily add a cavity in centre for a nail and a small grind on nail to make a sharp point with a small blunt area might increase the spin time on a hard surface ?

These are great tops. I made a launcher remix so you can get spin times up to a minute.


Spinning Orbital Tops with Launcher
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Hi. I printed V3 the tips unfortunately don´t fit

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I see three different files. Are they duplicates or are there differences that I am not noticing? Also, What are the purposes of the different tips?

Three different spinner design as well as different set of tips. Different tips so that you can try and see what works for you. Printing all three together.

Tengo una duda, que programas utilizas para crear las curvas, líneas y esferas de forma tan "perfecta".

Hi, I noticed your creation, they are very beautiful.
I thought you might be interested in my project.
It's a lamp printer, what do you think?
thanks bye

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Which design works the best? (top and tip)

I have printed this model yesterday and it works great, but it would be better to design 3 ends which fit to the main part. Now it is only one end which fits to main part and two which you have to attach using glue :(

I made this make a little over 13 hours ago and had it in my jacket pocket and found the hand part broken from the bottom. I would suggest a remix with more support.

Just finished printing the spin top off and none of the bottoms fit into the main piece.... I had to shave down the top of one to get it to fit. very nice design though. and works good.

Just printed this spinning top (orbital series) spinner and it turned out great!

Check out my timelapse video of this print! https://youtu.be/GWvhsOY96Qo

Thanks for a great model YSoft_be3D!

Impression difficile suite à des problèmes récurrents de wraping.
Mais finalement, j'y suis arrivée (le modèle avec les branches perforées).
La toupie fonctionne très bien.

Dommage que les 3 pointes soient dans le même fichier... Au final, on imprime des pièces qu'on n'utilise pas, surtout celle qui se colle au lieu de s'enficher dans la toupie.

Am I missing something? I downloaded the print file and printed it out. Everything turned out great, but none of the tips fit into the hole, so you're gonna have to glue which ever one you choose onto the base? Looks like some are skinnier than others so that they would naturally fit in the hole, but not even close. Just checking to make sure I have this right or something went wrong, looks like it printed great, just not sure why there would be a hole at the bottom if neither of the 3 tips fit. (I printed the first one out of 3)

Is it normal for it to print a sort of support base at the bottom. It is my first print and cura doesn't have the supports box checked.

If youre using the default settings Cura included a Brim when it printed. The setting isnt under support, its under Build Plate Adhesion. Its basically just a Small thing that goes around the bottom of the print that helps to reduce warping for bigger prints, and increase build plate adhesion for smaller ones. I usually have mine set to Skirt, but for printing an object with a comparably small contact area with the build plate, you need a brim or a raft, otherwise youre likely to see problems. Or at least i do.

Great job! I printed this out and had some failure near the end of the print. Think maybe the print head was too hot. Any advice on why it failed or maybe the temp needs to be specific?

PLA just needs to be somewhere between 190-210 (General good range, specific ranges vary based on specific filament and manufacturer). Much colder and it will extrude slower and stop very quickly. Like in the span of a few degrees. If it was too hot the filament will burn noticeably, or the print head will just spit out smoke (had that happen before, ruined a nozzle). Odds are if it were temperature related you would very clearly know unless it was something more subtle like diminished overall quality.

Would 100% infill be best for spinning?

Yep, I printed at 70% and it turned out really nice

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I am going to remix this and make the outer pods hollow so I can fill them with lead or other heavy material. I plan to make a bottom that can be glued back in place once filled. I love these designs and think my grandkid will too! I will upload the remix once done and of course you get full credit for an awesome thing!


Uhh...don't fill them with lead and then give them to your grandkid. Lead is toxic.

Sorry my browser messed up and repeated the comment. I removed them... my apology.

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I am going to remix this and make the outer pods hollow so I can fill them with lead or other heavy material. I plan to make a bottom that can be glued back in place once filled. I love these designs and think my grandkid will too! I will upload the remix once done and of course you get full credit for an awesome thing!


How long does this top spin? (Approximately in seconds...)

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about 25-30 sec.

All the perfectly printed, but why hang out 2 tip, and one very large?

wont allow me to print any of the three files with my Da Vinci 1.0 printer goes all the way to receiving file then when its done the receive, printer reboots printer can print other jobs no problem . a search says its possibly something incomplete in the files or something broken in it can you check this please My grandson wants these spinner tops and Id like to print them for him

Im not gonna lie im more emotionally invested in this story than i should be and i have to know how it turned out?? Did you figure out the issue?? Did they print OK?? Did your grandson enjoy them??

if the printer is plugged into your computer somtimes it will cause a random reebot, this happened to me but i remedied it by unplugging the printer immediatly after the print is finished transmitting.

Wonderful thank you

Hi... i am having problems printing these on an ultimaker 2+. Hoping someone could give me a tip.

The base of the tops print fine.. but whe i get to the "handle" my extruder starts to melt the handle. About 10 layers are sogy and not yet cooled, but the printer keeps going... so the handles come out very ugly.

Any ideas??


Try printing two at a time. When the extruder goes from one print to the other it gives time for the previous layer to cool.

I'm finding that the recess in the base is a larger diameter than the tips. I can, of course, center and glue on the large tip, but I expected the small tips to friction fit in the recess. Is that not the case? Printing on Prusa i3 MK2, with default settings in Slic3r customized by the instructions accompanying the model.

These are great tops, I recreated something similar in OpenSCAD and enabled it in Customizer for anyone looking to tweak or customize them to improve performance or appearance.

Model: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1159293
Customizable Model: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=1159293&code=1d7014811da9180a3f152cc18f848913

Thanks for this design!

Everspin Spinning Tops
by treadon

Printed about 15% for me and then came off the bottom plate. Probably a printer issue, not a model one but just saying anyhow

Try using a glue stick on your print bed to get better adhesion.

Thats a great idea.....have you tried it?

I have. Works pretty well, but putting down masking tape on the bed (or blue painters tape) and then using the glue stick works the best for me. Sometimes they adhere so tightly to the bed it's a struggle to remove them.

I use gluestick aswell on glassbed . Never loses under printing. I use little water on the cold of glasbed to make print losen

This was literally my first print. Works really well printing a couple more

these things work great I love them

what do the multiple tips change?

Would anyone be able to make a version of the third one without the tips, and a separate file to print them? I'm having trouble printing them together because they won't stick to the bed.

downlaod something called meshmixer, then open the file then you can split them,, if you want i will re upload this in seperate files.

Thanks, I should be able to do it, no need to upload them again :)

Great design.. was wondering if you are interested in working together to make and sell your product in Asia through www.tridii.com

i love the model, but when i try printing it, the printer print fine the base but when it has to print the tips and the spin at the 50% of the model, the extruder stops flowing the ABS but the motors are still running, i tried printing again 3 times and i'm having the same problem at the same part of the model, any help?

Is it just with this print or every print? I had this problem with every print. I'm pretty sure the problem was with the fan, but I got it working by exchanging my printer (fed up with loads of incomplete solutions).

Hello MakerBot community,
I'm a software developer in the IoT space. I just got a MakerBot 2x, trying printing for the first time.
I'm wondering why every print has the 2 borders on its top-left / bottom-right corners.
I see options for support and raft but didn't see this. If someone can explain that would be great!

If you have not figured it out yet, this is for the dual extruders. This basically cleans out the tip and gets the ABS flowing between each color change and each layer.

I can't speak for Makerbot, but in the slicer program I use for my RepRap printer it generates what's called a "skirt", or a border around the total print area of the current print. It's used to gauge the area of the print and let you know if the print will fit on the print bed, and also to prime the nozzle in case the filament isn't fed all the way up to the tip of the nozzle. If your border is anything like I imagine I'm guessing it's for a similar purpose.

i did not see that but i am now aware of such a thing, thank you

Models have different spinning sides.

Why three models? What is the difference between them?

Yukano is mistaken, the tips aren't different. Look at the differences between the blue and red tops in the first photo. The three models have different outer counterweights. One as single supports and pointed counterweights, one has single supports and rounded counterweights, and one has double supports and sort of squared counterweights.

the tips are diffrent

Comments deleted.

We Made one in the company...And we all love it !
Nice design...!

Great design! All of them spin really well and the grandkids love them. Thanks!

awesome! did the second one, and it worked out quite well. the tips didn't turn out quite right, but i carved at it a bit with a pocket knife and it worked out

Nice tops. Maybe a knurled spin end to get more torque on it for faster spin. Just an idea

I just printed my first and it works quite well. I had a 25% (I think) fill on that print, but after thinking about it, I'm sure this should have 100% fill to maximize the weight.

I'm also considering printing in ColorFab BronzeFill which is very heavy (due to the 80% bronze powder). Has anyone tried that yet?

The spinning part printed fine.. But the "tips" came out ugly (And one didn't stick to the bed).

But when I was looking at how to fix the only surviving tip, I came up with a better idea.. I took a 6mm bolt and ground the shaft to a point in the workshop.. Then I ground back the threads a little to thin out the holt. Finally I cut the head off, and "wound" the new tip (with shallow thread) into the hole in the top.

Finally I heated the metal tip to 'glue' itself into the body.

Its now got a nice sharp metal tip and I really like it.

Going to make the others now!

My Extruders didn't get hot enough to print the spinning top on my XYZ printer.??????

do they heat up at all? i just recently had a heating issue with my 1.0

.... What? this should print at the same temperature as Any other print...
temperature is based on your Material, not the model.

I Love the way the 3 models have different weights- and spin tymes! and I have attention of 2 girl cats with no growlin'between them!
Due to my new job, I have 'slippery' fingertips, the only mod I would suggest is a "matched" = smaller - diameter for spinning- especially for kid size fingers. this is an excellent science project for the youngin's of all!

I love this spinning top. I made all three and they are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing them!

Dorif, can you share some photos while spinning it? THX

I'm setting up to run this PM while @ 'other job'! :D

Very Clean design! lets see how they spin!

So did you try that? :-)