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Customizable Knob!

by charliearmorycom Feb 25, 2013
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sorry but Im just looking for the models like showed in the photos. I opened this openscad file and it was not the same as on the picture. Do you have an STL of the models like shown in the photos?

Superb! This is one of the better examples of how to write and more importantly - Comment - one's code. This one definitely goes into my library of essential modelling tools/code.

I needed this. I lost the knob to my ceiling fan in my dining room and none of the local stores have a matching size. I was going to model a new one until i saw this. Thank you! This makes it very easy.

Is there a way to rotate the shaft notch? I need it rotated 90 degrees. Thanks!

Thank you for this! Much needed in multiple places around my house ATM. Wanted to point out that when making a D shaped whole, simply specifying the size of the flat size is ambiguous. If you cut a circle with a cord of that length, you must then choose which size of the cord to keep. Currently it's choosing the side I don't want so am looking into remedying this but a variable to control for this would be nice. Thanks again and let me know if I'm doing something daft (wouldn't be the first time)!

never mind, I see what I did wrong, the Hole Flat Thickness isn't the width of the flat size of the D but the amount of circle that's filled in.

Same for me. I've got an error in the processing queue.
I had to learn how to use OpenSCAD, which was quite easy.

Great code ! It includes all details !

I'm getting this error when I go look in my queue

<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:140673 403: Forbidden>

EDIT: It works fine when I d/l the code and run it locally.. Thanks

Great ! Just searched for it, didn't found and already decided to design by myself - and just found it in popular makes ! You made my day because i have 2 broken knobs on my oven and it will look (and function) like new now ! Thanks !

Comments deleted.

Does anyone know how we could go about turning the D-cut shaft by 90 degrees? The one parameter I don't see is the ability to turn the orientation of the knob's zero position. I finally dialed this in to fit my stove, but really now need to find a way to turn the D keyed shaft.

You'll have to change the OpenSCAD source with the changes in this screenshot: http://take.ms/53N6d

I've put my changed version of the file here: https://gist.github.com/jjthrash/b8b3bdf4923ec7b309b91a4344d86f0c, but they obviously contain my settings, not yours.

After the change my knob looks like: http://take.ms/e96Ot

So this is AWESOME... but... I'm having difficulty keeping the Hole Depth when I create a Shaft Length. I create for example a Hole Depth of 15mm and voila! it makes the hole inside the knob. but then when I create a Shaft Length of oh say 8mm... the Shaft Length appears at the bottom of the knob but the Hole Depth inside the knob becomes flush with the bottom of the knob, or VERY shallow.


yes, seems to be some bug - if you select a non-zero shaft length, the hole will not extend into the body of the cap, i.e. beyond the depth of the shaft collar.

I think you need to comment out line 161 "if (ShaftLength==0)" in the scad, or at least perhaps expose this behavior as a parameter.

Wow! One of the knobs on my stove just broke, this should be a useful replacement! Thanks!

Life would really stink without a 3D printer, to buy a replacement would be 50$ :/

Great work! Lost the knob for the choke on my snowblower, and had a look here. This is just the ticket!. Thanks a bunch!

Absolutely brilliant piece of work, Charlie! Thanks for the effort of putting this into Customizer, you've inspired me to look into how to do that. You should put a pointer to this on instructables.com -- the community there can be a lot more appreciative than they seem to be here on thingiverse.

i get this making one with a brim:

<JSON::ParserError: A JSON text must at least contain two octets!>

Had just to increase your 0.001 or .001 a bit (replaced by a variable) to open the hole for the shaft.

There are far too few comments here for such a great piece of work. This is insanely useful, thanks for making this customizable. Awesome.

I made one of these last night, but not without difficulty. Slic3r complained that there was a geometry problem that it "automatically corrected", and it filled in the main hole in the knob. I tried an STL generated by the Customizer, and I tried an STL generated by me on a local copy of OpenSCAD. Same error message, same gcode with no hole in the bottom of the knob. Running the STL through Netfabb cleaned it up, but I was surprised that there was a problem at all.

I picked all the default parameters (tapered, knurled knob, recessed top, no ring...) and only turned off the 3mm setscrew hole.

Has anyone else had issues with this knob script producing STLs that have errors?

great thing! note that adding a non-zero shaft fills the hole in the knob above the shaft (which has its own parameter) Still, great thing thanks!