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Pegstr - Pegboard Wizard

by mgx Nov 10, 2014
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Hi! Could the IKEA Skadis support be added to the Customizer?

is there any standart diameter in between holes and hole dimension? i wanna make my own pegboard though


How to get the pin square ?

mgx, is there a way to remove the logo in openscad? i am printing a a very small one and the logo cuts about halfway into the wall, making the print much weaker on such a small scale. Any help would be great.

I love this Thing and i have made plenty of custom items for my pegboard. LOVE IT! However, Customizer has been broken for me for a few days, fortunately mgx included the scad file so I just downloaded OpenScad onto my local machine and used that. Still has all the options just like customizer, works great and way faster. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2812634

How to run Customizer on your own computer
by DrLex
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Printed the 40x10 small and the pegs don't extend far enough to get behind my board and hook. The pegs just broke off as I tried to get them to hook and it took quite a bit of force to do that.

Customizer also seems to be broken. Tired to make my own part and it failed during the Thingiverse render process. Likely not the OPs fault.

Hi, could anyone recommend a good and affordable european pegboard?

Hi. I can confirm the 4mm Hole Size, 25mm Hole Spacing on my european pegboard. Tried to customize your model in openscad but the hooks are not OK for 4mm. As you can see on the attached pictures, there are 2 issues qith the rounded corner (gap and cut round) making the hooks way too weak. They broke when I tried to plug it on my board. Could you do soemthing about that please ?

EDIT : Got it working by modifying module pin(clip) line 125 : translate([5, 0, 0]) becomes translate([4, 0, 0])
See attached "Hook 4mm OK" image

Line 125 is now under old_pin(clip) module, new version is in line 152

Is there a possibility to get this pack for 5mm holes?

What a great set! Thanks!

How do you remove this weird logo from the design? This causes unnecessary support structures to be created and makes it a pain to clean up afterwards.

Comments deleted.

You have parameters for the size of holes and such but what units are these parameters? For example, I want to create the hex bit holder you have but don't know what value to set the size of the holes since there is no indication as to what the unit is (mm or in). Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

All mm. For example, for hex bits you'd use something like 7.3mm (largest diameter of the hex profile + some clearance).

Thanks for the prompt response. Do you happen to have the hex bit holder file? Customizer seems to be broken and when I try to create a 6x8 holder in OpenSCAD with your file, it crashes OpenSCAD.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just needed to be patient and let OpenSCAD think. After a while it came back from "Not Responding" state and generated the file.

Hey mgx, I love the thing! I remixed it with someone else's thing, in hopes of using your pegs on their battery mount (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3370688). I've found that I have to put a little more force than I feel comfortable with to get the pegs in the pegboard (I've broken a couple prints trying). Also when I do hang something heavy on it, it leans forward slightly and it doesn't look as nice (see IMG_1070.jpg).

Am I missing something, maybe a little trick to get this to work better? You have the highest rated "pegboard" project and I really would like to use your pegs!

RIDGID 18V Battery Pegboard Mount

Hello. help please. My first layer is printed in half. The photo shows. What could be the reason?

The model was generated with a slight angle, therefore it won't be flat. It needs to either be settled on the bed properly and/or printed with supports.

thank you, twisted part, helped

Cool!!! My Dad is a crazy peg board guy. I'm a rolling tool chest guy. A couple of these will make cool gifts for my Dad's birthday!!!


Excellent upload mgx!

Do you think you could post a pegboard remix of this:


For the BuildTak Spatula?

Thanks!!..Great Work!!

BuildTak Spatula compatible customisable wall mount

This is a customizer model, just click "Open in Customizer" then put in the size/shape you want and you'll get a custom model for your spatula


Comments deleted.

can u upload all the scad files so i can change the diameter of the pins and board thickness?

Scad files are uploaded here, as well as on GitHub: https://github.com/MGX3D/pegstr

Comments deleted.


i'm really a newbie with Openscad and i can't get it to get the others model, i only got the first one that's opening with it ...

Thanks :)

your question is really confusing. Are you stating you can't figure out how to make the other tools. It is fairly easy to create whatever you want in openscad, just modify the values and experiment.

Comments deleted.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Very clever and useful.

I was trying to customize a holder with a large separation (x and/or y) for wide objects, by increasing the wall_thickness.
That works but it has a (literally) a side effect of also increasing the walls in each of the outer borders that I don't want.
Is there any way to make just the "separation" of the holes (at x or y) larger than the wall_thickness but keeping the borders at wall_thickness size?

I hope it is not too confuse...


I know what you mean but I don't think that's easy to achieve with the current design, as there is no native parameter for it. I'll think about this for the next version.

In the meantime you can use a post-editing tool on the STL and cut the sides. You can do this easily with 3D Builder in Windows 10 (Edit->Split). Alternatively, in OpenSCAD intersection() with a box of your desired size.

+1 wanting to do the same thing. I want to hold a screwdriver set while allowing more space for the handles.

Alternatively, I can just use a normal wall thickness and add more holes in the X direction - won't look as neat and will increase print time, though.

Just wanted to chime in and say I was looking for this functionality too. I want to have small holder holes, but more space between the holes. Look forward to seeing that in a future release. Any chance that future release would be soon?

I've used this for pegboards, but going to use it now with a "screw hole". Sort of inverse of what it is now. I'll let you know if I get anywhere, but I wanted to stick it here in case you or anyone else have modified pins() or pinboard_clips() for this sort of thing.

I have been exploring a lot of the things on this site, and this is probably one of the most useful things on here. Great job.

Hello, I am new to this and I want to ask you please if you can tell me where to find some guide or tutorial that will help me to edit the examples (PegBoard_2by1_10x20.stl, PegBoard_2by2_10x10.stl, and others) to modify hole_size = 6; // 6.0035; a hole_size = 4; Thank you

This tutorial seems like a good starting point (section 2 in particular for anyone completely new): http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/OpenScad_beginners_tutorial

Just modify the parameters at the beginning of pegstr.scad and F5 in between changes, it will become obvious quickly.

Do you think you could add some presets to the scad file? I'm having trouble coming up with the correct parameters to create a bin within openscads' customizer.

Edit: Disregard. Just set the Strength factor to 1

Is there any way to change the scad to rotate the opening 90 degrees? I want to make a holder that feeds from left/right instead of up/down. Thanks

Interesting ... so rotate the pins basically? I think you can do that by replacing "pin(j==0)" with "rotate([0,0,90]) pin(i==0);" (note the J->I change). That will turn the pins sideways, and since they're in a square pattern, they'll work just the same.

Alternatively, you can change the parameters:

  • hole_size = 0 (generates a holder but no backing plate)
  • holder_angle = 90 (generates a backing plate and pins but no holder)

then mix the two?

I'm unable to get teh Customizer to run. I states
"/usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: libCGAL.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
I've tried 3 different browsers. Anyone else familiar with this issue or have a solution?
Thanks much.

Yes, Thingiverse Customizer is currently broken, I noticed that too (not specific to Pegstr either).
In the meanwhile, I suggest downloading OpenSCAD and opening the pegstr.scad file directly (press:F5/F6/File->Export). That is also much faster to render.

Comments deleted.

Hi, thanks for that suggestion. OpenSCAD works great. And thanks for this project. It's a pleasure to use and my pegboard is looking better already.

Hi. Great work:)
What are the hole dimensions? We in eu/Finland have basic board 9x9mm hole and from center to center 38mm. Dont know about other countries board...

Does anyone know where i can get these kind of Peagboards in Germany? Im not able to find them with holes like this :(

I had some requests to support Chinese and European peg-boards but I don't yet have any to test, and at least in Europe there seem to be many models (15, 25 and 30mm). In the meantime you can try modifying the OpenSCAD source and change the hole spacing and size, this parameter here: https://github.com/MGX3D/pegstr/blob/master/pegstr.scad#L62

Thanz - I get it now :-)

On the picture there is a lot of cool toolholders. For me its only possible to work with one in the customizer (it seems that the customizer is locked to that toolholder) - its there a trick to work with the other toolholders or what did i miss ?

You should see two pages of parameters in Customizer (more than 10 settings total). If it doesn't work, download the files and open the .scad file in OpenSCAD - this is also much faster to render than the Thingiverse Customizer.

Great stuff, although my Board is very special it seems. The holes down on my board have a slightly narrow spacing then sideways.
Is there a option to change that spacing?

Can you post a link to this board pattern w/ dimensions?

I was getting some weird artifacts on the back of the parts, so I removed the last 38 or so lines of the code and that fixed it up. Reduced print time as well. I'm not sure what that code was for, but it obviously wasn't doing anything for the part.

Just remove
rotate([-90,0,90]) {
intersection() {
union() {
difference() {
round_rect_ex(3, 10, 3, 10, 2, 1, 1);
round_rect_ex(2, 9, 2, 9, 3, 1, 1);

                translate([2.5, 0, 0]) 
                    difference() {
                        round_rect_ex(3, 10, 3, 10, 2, 1, 1);
                        round_rect_ex(2, 9, 2, 9, 3, 1, 1);

            translate([0, -3.5, 0]) 
                cube([20,4,10], center=true);

        translate([1.25, -2.5, 0]) 
            difference() {
                round_rect_ex(8, 7, 8, 7, 2, 1, 1);
                round_rect_ex(7, 6, 7, 6, 3, 1, 1);

                    cube([4,2.5,3], center=true);

        translate([2.0, -1.0, 0]) 
            cube([8, 0.5, 2], center=true);

            cylinder(r=0.25, h=2, center=true, $fn=12);

            cylinder(r=0.25, h=2, center=true, $fn=12);

Is this for 1/4 inch sized pegboard holes or 1/8 inch size pegboard holes?

I made a few and seems to be 1/4 holes, I had to drill mine out to accommodate these pegs.

yeah they are too big. I wish i could use them. openscad would be nice if you could actually highlight something or click on a component and it would show you the code that creates it. Seems overly complicated.

How can I make a simple box (for holding pens or similar?) I always get a angled bottom. Also I get pegs in every hole instead of just most top and most bottom row. When setting the wall thickness to 1.3 or less it bugs out too.

Is there a way to change the pegs from round to square? I have a Triton (LocBoard) pegboards an those have square holes...

You can modify the openscad source: locate "the module pin()" and add $fn=4 to cylinder and circle calls then rotate them to align.

Couple of questions. I'm using the customizer, but continually get "script timed out" when changing values. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe it's my parameters?

I too am trying to create a hex bit holder. I wasn't certain if the values in the customizer are mm or cm or what, so if someone has some experience using it, I'd appreciate help in creating a 5x5 hex bit holder. The hex bases are 7.2mm in diameter (point to point, not face to face) and I'm looking for a depth to be ~10mm.

I'll eventually make more, but I want to make sure I'm doing things correctly first. Thanks!


I made a remix of this thing to allow adding different spacing for the holes on x and y dimmention, that make it easy to handle (put and remove) stuff from the pegboard when you are using this to organize screwdriver bits etc...

Thank you vey much @mgx for all your hard work.

My remix can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1626529

Improved Pegboard Wizard


Printing some right now! It would be awesome if you could add some positive holders, instead of holes, to hold some sockets bits....

Another improvement would be having the spacing of the holes as a parameters, if the tool that you want to insert has a big "head" that would help...

But, this, by far, is the best pegboard "thing" I ever saw!

@mgx: Hi, I have tried to customize your file in OpenSCAD (even I am not a skilled user of this app at all) with proper parameters for our Central European wooden fibers boards: hole_spacing = 25; hole_size = 4; board_thickness = 3.2;

I have a problem that pegs with smaller diameter are not aligned, so unuseful for print/mount. See my picture (JPG): www.dropbox.com/s/m26hd7rzao1x8y9/Pegstr-EU.jpg?dl=0. Please, is there a quick/safe soultion (before I will move to Fusion 360 and will remodelate it from scratch and without customization)? Thank you in advance.

Try editing line 125. I use 3.85,0,0, lining up nicely!

OK, it's better, thank you. Not fully aligned yet and ready for some sanding, but closer (even closer with 4,0,0 on line 125). ;) I have to try print it with these settings.

What a fantastic idea! Never thought about this before despite having a 3D printer and a pegboard for well over 6 months!
Thanks, mgx!

Hi I am hoping for some quick guidance for those of us that are a denser up top with this. What parameters should be set to make standard hex bit holder holes like the orange 6*8 shown in your photos? I wanted to make a unit that holds hex bits but have made quite a bit of paperholders in the process :) I dont know if I need to fashion the holes as hex bits with tapers or if there a "floor" option to keep them from falling through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Love the design, just having some issues though.

yes there is a "closed bottom" option in the "advanced" tab. set it to 1.0 or thereabouts, then also set the "Strength Factor" to 1.0 to cover the bottom completely. Sorry i didn't reply sooner.

I printed a holder with 20% infill in PLA, and the curved pegs snapped apart as I put it on the pegboard. Is there any recommended infill/material that will produce strong pegs?

the main trick is to print them so that the pegs are sideways. If the pegs are oriented in the wrong direction then your layer adhesion won't be enough to keep them strong. You want them oriented so that they are solid and the layers are "lengthwise" against the physical stress. I made the same mistake the first time I printed a pegboard item too.

Check your printer calibration (esp temperature, filament mm/s and print XY dimensions / squareness, esp if you have a delta). Probably the layers detach too easily? I printed most my pegstrs (a few dozen at least!) out of PLA and the only time I had snapped pegs is when I mounted the long ones at an angle (a few pegs all the way in, others half-way through) - remember when you mount it, the support needs to be perfectly parallel to the pegboard surface and you need to slide the pegs in at an angle and rotate down slowly as they go through. As for print settings, in the instructions I recommend 3 outer shells. 20% infill should work, the pegs are mostly outer shell not infill. I generally use either 25% or 50% infill.

It seems like the problem is with small diameter of lower pegs. They tends to loose grip with bed and their structure is weak then. (I had problem with only one of them.) My pegboard (Central EU) has much smaller holes, so my diameter problem is deeper… or wider. ;)

I can't seem to figure out how to generate just a box using the parameters. Is there something I'm missing?

To make a bin: in the "Advanced" tab set "Closed Bottom" to 1.0 and Strength Factor to 1.0 (that means the entire bottom is covered, as opposed to 66% default). If you want it to be square set "Corner Radius" to 0.0.

Perfect, that works. This is such a clever and well put together openscad model. It's the most useful parametric model I've used. Thanks!

I'm amazed, what a magical thing!! Stunning how many holders come out of a single script.

This is amazing - thank you for sharing your excellent work! I used the customizer to generate and print a holder for my Wiha hex drivers. They all fit great, but unfortunately the mounts that slide into the pegboard are too large of a diameter so they don't fit. Is there a way to adjust this in the wizard? Thank you for any assistance!

There are parameters for that in the SCAD:

  • hole_spacing (25.4mm default)
  • hole_size (what you need - 6mm now)
  • board_thickness (5mm default)

    They are not exposed in the wizard currently - so you will have to download the .SCAD file and run in OpenSCAD on your machine - that is also faster than the web version of Customizer, but not as convenient for publishing the remixes.

If you're using a different style pegboard and it's a standard (European?) let me know the dimensions and I can add it to the wizard in the next update.

Hi Mxg, Great Job. Could you possibly add support for (3mm Thick, 4mm Hole Size, 25mm Hole Spacing), This is the standard size board we get in South Africa.

Mgx great job :)
Popular europe standard are metal plate (1.5 mm thick) witch 10mm x 10mm square holes in 38 mm raster.
It would be great if you add this setting to customizer.

Excellent! Great job! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the kind words, your pegboard designs look very useful, thanks for sharing as well ;)

This has to be one of the best things in the whole Thingiverse! Thanks!

Haha, you're too kind

I made a category just for this thing. I lose a lot of things I collect because I've collected too many things. I'm off to buy some peg board today!

I made a category just for this thing. I lose a lot of things I collect because I've collected too many things. I'm off to buy some peg board today!

I know exactly what you mean Arvin ;)
I think this my favorite practical print so far for that same reason.

Very nicely done!.
I've been printing some peg board items. Some of these will be very handy, thanks.

Thanks, hope it comes in handy