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GoPro Base

by mark133 Feb 23, 2013
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Do you have a model for the other part? Like the thing you would stick it into?

Check out my other bits I'm sure it's there somewhere

Check out my other bits I'm sure it's there somewhere


I printed it after rotating STL 90 degrees, with Solutech White PLA filament @ 200 degree C. It is very strong, but flexible enough to let me insert it in to the base without breaking any of its parts. Thanks for sharing :)

GoPro Base

Hi, printed your base and your flat mount but when I joined them it was impossible to separate again, pieces are too just, I suggest you add some tolerance to designs in order to make easier to use.

This is perfect for my project, thank you so much for sharing.

One thing I found out was that if you printed vertically then you had very strong bonds for the three semi-circular plates but weak bonds at the fork mount - pulling them together too hard would snap one of them. Printing horizontally would prevent this but then the circular plates would snap. I probably need better filament or settings! But one way I learned to optimise strength was to print with 15% inful for the bottom part, up to just above the center flat piece i.e. the start of the semi-circular plates, then print solid. This can easily be done in Simplify3D. Now both the fork and the semi-circular plates are strong and I'm unable to break them, even with pliers :)

Omg i really need this piece 4 a long time. Thx 4 sharing !

Great model! I used this with my AKASO EK700 4K Action Camera ( http://amzn.to/2tw491R same exact thing as a GoPro but only $55!) and it works perfectly!

STL file Please! Thank you!

Added you STL file, sorry its been a long time but only just re logged in

Could you please share the original STL file?

Added you STL file, sorry its been a long time but only just re logged in

What would be the best materiel to make this from? PLA or ABS?

ABS would be best

please upload a .stl file

Added you STL file, sorry its been a long time but only just re logged in

could someone post the stl file, I haven't the software for this file

Can you upload a stl file?

Added you STL file, sorry its been a long time but only just re logged in

Is there an stl file to download...?

Added you STL file, sorry its been a long time but only just re logged in

I also printed the base on a Up! Plus (Afina) in ABS and resolution 0.20. The part fits good in the mount but it is a bit loose. Next time I will compensate the ABS shrinking by scaling the model by 1 a 2 %. I think it will be a snug fit then.

The weak points are indeed the flex legs that click in the mount. After 4 or 5 times the ABS is showing stressmarks, so it will probably break soon. I wiil print the model with nylon shortly. ABS is just not suited for this kind of models.

Ow and I did not need a dremel, it fited right after removing the support material!

ive uploaded an image showing the 4.10mm dim i was talking, is this the dim that would rectify the loose fit?

Hi D3rax thanks for the feed back, I can still thicken up the legs that you have to squeeze together to get it into the base,

I could increase the 4.10mm height on the model to tighten it up the fit easilly, let me know how much you think i should increase it by

Also the width from tab to tab should be 28, on the printed ABS model it is 27.91. This confirms the 1 a 2 % shrinking

I don't think you have/should change dimensions. I presume you made the model with exact dimensions of the original part? ABS shrinks about 2% so I think by scaling the part by 2% it should fit perfect. When you print in PLA or nylon there is almost no shrinking. So when you change the dimensions of your model, it may fit when printed in ABS but wont fit when printed in PLA.

Only weird thing is that the dimension you note in the picture (4.1) is 4.22 on my printed ABS model. On the original part this dimension is 4.42.

dont know what i was measuring yesterday but have just remeasured it and that area actuallt tapers up towards the front from 4.35 to 4.50, im just gonna redo that and ill uoload the new file in 15 mins

If you could send me a picture showing where the weak points are I will fatten those areas up,
Also the areas I need to relieve that joy took a Dremel to I will sort and re upload a new model.
Thanks for the feedback,
May I ask what machine / material / resolution you did your print with



the picture is located on the sidebar in the made things.

Hey Mark,
Just printed it..
I had to take my dremel and dremel out the tabs.
As, your model didn't have the area carved out.
I will post a picture..
Other then that, it fit pretty good.
Little weak spots on the arms, though...

Hopefully I will get my printer In about 3 weeks time so I can try some of my models, could you upload a picture showing the weak points and where I need to remove material.
May I ask what printer / material / resolution you printed it at?


Hey Mark,
The weak spots are the tabs/arms that bend back and forth to get into the holder. I am printing it on my Afinia. I will print a new one, when you upload it.