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Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, Fully printable without supports!

by BoldPrintShop Nov 3, 2014
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im having an issue where the pins holding the two halves together break as soon as you try to open it any good fixes?

What were the measurements of the filament you used? Because the instructions say that each filament was at 225 was it a thick filament because I have 1.77mm PLA?

This is the sole reason I wanted a 3d printer, man I hope I can make these

Are there blue prints. I would like to know before downloading.

Is there another source for the magnets that doesn't charge 25 times the order's value in shipping?

just a tip, if your going to print the wings set, set the model down to z: -0.2 so the the support is not there and use a raft, i used a raft and that support and it was so hard to take off, and printed it again at z: -0.2 with a raft and its perfect.

Would it be possible to upload step files of the original files? I'd like to customize the wings, but the .stl files import to SolidWorks kinda poorly.

Do we have to use the blue LED flower light?

Comments deleted.

Is there a way to change the battery once this is all put together? I am waiting for the magnets and tea light to arrive. If I glue the black parts together with the pins, how do you change the battery if it dies?

If you use the pins may not want to glue them

Just printed the file called "Wing Set". The magnets i have are just under .25" dia and do not fit as they are too big. If anything i though they would be too small when reading the description. is this the smaller version? if so that is fine, but what size magnets do you need for the small version?

I made this. Just a thought, I used the bases for the wings as diffusers. If you clean them off well, right between the layers they work great as diffusers.

Since I posted on the larger version I thought I would post here. Just another source for the magnets locally, if you have a Hobby Town, USA near by they have them in the store along with many other sizes. They also have them on their online store.

Comments deleted.

My lights finally came today though they're fully round and not petalled, does any one have a solution to this or a fully round front section without petals? The light fits perfectly within the back section though the petalled area of the front is prohibiting it from fitting. Basically if the back was mirrored with the hole configured for the diffuser it would be perfect for me. . . Has anybody experienced same or have a solution? Would the 8 petal version work maybe?

Will you be making a Sagira version?

Comments deleted.

Anyone else have an issue with the pins? I saw one post about trimming them if they are too long, but I feel like the pins should be more snug

I can't get them to print at all.

I ended up using a metal hanger and cutting to size to make this work. It was suggested to me by someone else.

Printed them and they are too long and could be a bit fatter. Going to scale up a bit and try again.

Comments deleted.

just posted this stand for the model. my son wanted something that made it look like its floating


please feel free to share

Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model floating Stand
by _ToXIc_

Pro tip for these: If you order the LEDs from the description, you can use the little piece of paper that is under the battery cap instead of printing the diffuser. Just dont throw out the little paper from the battery pack and try to split it into two pieces. As in, peel two circular halves by pressing your fingernail into the thinnest side of the paper. Works great, fits perfect. Looks good.

Here is an adaptation to the grouped Black_Pieces file with the 8 petal tea light candle design (Frontbody_Different_Light) instead of the 6 petal design for those of you that like to print in bulk.


Black Pieces with 8 Petal part

Thank you so much, I just got the ones with the 8 petals gonna print this one right now

Here is something I put up for people not wanting to use magnets to hold the wings onto the ghost body.


You just have to glue them in of course, saves you time and money from buying some magnets.

1/14 x 1/8 Peg / Magnet Replacement for Ghost

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Was having a hard time finding magnets. This will work. Thank you again.

thank you for sharing

Well what kind of tealight did you use exactly. Can someone post a link maybe?

What kind of light did you use

Nevermind lol, I just saw it

Am I really expected to print in pla at 225C? safe range only goes to 210 according to my hatchbox? (still very new but learning quickly) is this increase in temp okay or am i understanding wrong?

Print at which ever temps is best for your filament.
Start low and then go up on temp. Your going to be looking for strings, melting or under extrusions.

Did you ever make a snap together one?

I'm wondering this as well.

I ended up using fusion 360 and redid the model using pins. Ill post the remix tomorrow

I'm wondering which models I need to print and what sizes to print them at. If someone could let me knwo that would be really helpful!

can we get the wing file without the included raft? ran into issued printing the supplied raft, would rather let S3D do it,


nevermind, tweaked some settings and its printed perfect!

i dont see the lights or the housing for the lights in the files. im new to this am i missing something? than you very much the ghost is coming out fantastic.


I'm having problems printing the horned wing and the back body, it's messing the lines up. the back body seems like its missing a few layers and its really hard to get the support off, and the horned wing seems like the layers are pushing over a bit causing them parts to look really untidy and even an electric sander isn't doing much :(

I just completed my ghost.....I printed the part with the round supports on the bottom and they just nipped the supports off off with an x-acto (was a really thin layer)

Anyone else having problem with the turning motion of the switch when a light is inside?

you really have to push the bottom part of the light until its flush, if not it won't line up correctly and get caught

Could you resubmit the meshmixer files because once downloaded the files wont open apparently they have been damaged or are missing some files

are the circles on the little wings removable?

What is the Little Plastic Sheet for?

It goes behind the eye to give a better colour of light if your using white tea light

Thank you! I should still use it if I have a blue tea light, correct?

I don't but you can use a clear filament to hide the light if you want

Not sure if this is you, but they're selling it on ebay.


It's more fun being able to say you made instead of just buying it

Hey guys I made the wings for the Iron Ghost shell. Thought you might like it.


Iron Song Wingtips for Ghost
by Keridel

Will I just print out two sets of these like the other Ghost? And I'm assuming these will fit with all the other pieces (black and tips)...thanks for this....I will be hand painting this one!!

I actually just print one set of these and one set of standard. These go on the front the normal on the back.

The slides and tips fit exactly as normal.

Thanks!! Working on them now!

Comments deleted.

I have a few questions about this. First, what are the max dimensions of the parts? The bed of the printer I have access to is only 4" x 4", so I want to know if this is even possible on it. Second, is it necessary to use a petaled tea light versus a circular one without petals? I already have circular ones and would prefer if I could use those. Or would it be relatively simple to modify the design to fit the non-petaled tea lights? Finally, how necessary is the diffuser? I am asking this since I likely will not have access to transparent filament to print that part with.

Just in case anyone is looking for the lights in a hurry, sorry i'm impatient. I just bought them this week off amazon and got free one day shipping with prime.


I can confirm that it fits and works perfectly.

Do you have to have the light to put it together?

My friend and I are wanting to maybe turn it into the infection shell when we have the chance. Anyone have any ideas for making the Siva diamonds without 3d printing? Because were already pushing it by printing the ghost. Its a school printer.

when i put the model in makerbot, do i have to click rescale or keep size in order to make it the right size for the light? id try myself but i dont currently have access to the printer

Hi there :)

I really love the build. and really want to make a couple of these ^^ but the lights you linked on Ebay they have crazzy shipping cost.
do you think these from Wish would work aswell? would save me a ton of money :)


i have a problem printing this when i put it together the first 3 wings line up nicely but when i put the second one on there is a gap am i missing something i dont know what i am doing wrong

This is quite possibly the most frustrating thing I've ever assembled. Easy to print but the magnets and wings. Apparently lining up the polarity of the magnets is super confusing I'd recommend doing the entire orb assembled first with magnets then check each magnet and do one wing at a time. I've destroyed two ghosts because of these damn magnets not lining up.

For anyone else having issues with this, I did this: Make a stack of your magnets and mark one side with a dot of perm marker, once it's dry move it to the bottom of the stack. Now you know which sides are north and can match them up with south (no mark).

Do you have the model for the wings without the little circles under them? I'd have no problem printing these without them.

so far this is the best model of the Destiny Ghost bot, but I agree about having that Circle raft removed from the bottom of the wings so that way the wings can be put together and print it as one solid unit. Like the 4 wings for the front half printed as one solid peace and same with the back set of wings. I've been trying to glue them together but I can never get them lined up. so I've been trying to edit them to put them as one piece but that circle thing on the bottom is what is getting in the way. it would be cool to have them as one piece for the front and one piece for the back. but it would work better with the set of wings because that will be can put any color inserts in as well as any color tips. :-)

The LED that you posted in the Ebay link has 8 petals, but the project requests a LED with 6 petals. Are you sure that it will work??

If this project has 2 options when you print, you can print in 6 or 8 petals petals.
So work both ways, you only need to look out for shopping and so that you print it.

Thanks! This information helped me.

Thank you bro!! I didn't know about it.You help me a lot!!

It has been difficult buy the rare-earth magnetics. I live in Brazil and it's impossible to buy it from Ebay or Amazon. The customs fees are so much expensive. But, I could buy it from Ali Express. Could you see if there is any magnetic avaliable to buy from AliExpress, please?

I found to buy here, in Brazil, a magnetic with this dimensions: 6mm x 2mm. Is it possible to use it in this project? Or, is it simple to change the project??

Which software did you use to make this?

having an issue with the wing inserts. I can't understand how they clip inside.

I am having issues with the diffuser. It prints fine, but i cant seem to peel it off, same as the eye piece. Any ideas of how to do it without breaking the piece when removing it?

P.S: I don't have any editing software for the files so if any parts need to be edited could someone help me with them please? Thanks!
Also I am using Makerbot Z18 with PLA filament.

I've printed a couple of these now. The very center of the eyelet doesn't seem to be strong enough (the little square). It breaks every time I take it off the print bed. I read through all the comments and doesn't seem anyone else has had this problem. I'm using HIPS on a Taz5. Any suggestions?

Thanks for an awesome model!

fixed my own problem. Just edited the stl for the eye and made it 1mm thicker. That should do it.

Did this work for you? When I slice it in S3D - the eye (the little square) does not print in once piece - instead its the top and bottom of the diamond, and 2 disconnected dots on the side.. hard to explain.. i scaled the thickness +1mm but didnt make a difference.

Yep, it did work for me. I think my final thickness was 2mm. I'd suggest making it even thicker if you're already at 2mm and its still not working. I used sketchup to modifiy the stl and Cura to slice it. Its a pretty simple part so worst case you could just redraw it from scratch. I think its just a 26mm diameter circle. You can make your own and make the supports thicker and stronger.

What are your other print settings? Maybe your layer height is too big.

hey i have a request if you could please make the ghost eye the dead orbit logo i want to custom make a Dead Orbit concept ghost. if you could please that would be much appreciated

I have just created a warlock specific wing tip using tinkercad http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1449479

You could easily make a dead orbit one the same way.

Wing Tips For Warlock Ghost
by Keridel

I printed a wing with temp at 200c and it about half way up it got distorted, seems like the layers weren't lining up or not sticking causing them to slip and become distorted. I thought this was caused due to the temp being too high and the layers not cooling off fast enough so I turned down the temp to 190c but got the same result. Do I actually need to make the temp higher? I was printing at .2mm layer height with 10% infill and 1 shell. Is my issue temp or something else?

Hm I would say yes, I usually print at 215-225c. Also if you're seeing a lack or adhesion like that, that usually means a lack of good flow, so either higher temp, or it's possible your nozzle is bad. I used to have tons of extrusion problems until I began regularly replacing my nozzles. e3D nozzles are the best they last much longer than anything else I've tried

What are the dimension of this fully assembled? I wanna print it but i want it to be as big as the game one.

Hi, what is the height of this fully assembled?

Comments deleted.

Hey, I made a display stand for your model: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1169173

Feel free to link it on your design page :)

has any one not made a file to add our own leds instead of the purchased ones

A (possible) source for the led lights: http://www.banggood.com/LED-Submersible-Waterproof-Floral-Decoration-Tea-Vase-Battery-Light-p-88207.htm
Since the eBay vendor won't sell outside the US I just ordered these. As far as i can see they are the same.
They also sell some 6x1mm magnets that might work: http://www.banggood.com/100pcs-6-X-1mm-Neodymium-Disc-Super-Strong-Rare-Earth-N35-Magnets-p-962647.html

Comments deleted.

Just wanted to give you a high five for doing such an awesome job on this.

The cuts are amazing. The separate clips you made are genius. The tea-light knob on the back, wow.

Thank you fo taking the time to make this, and even more so, sharing with the community.

+1 indeed.

Did anyone create there own LED light? If so how? Also does anyone know where you can buy the magnets in like some local store?

I am having a huge issue, I painted all the parts seperate and now i tried to add the inserts to the wings and it does not fit. its starting to scratch my paint job. I tried a unpainted parts to see the fit and its still tight or breaks. Please help i bought all the LEDs and magnets and dont want it to go to waste

I would recommend taking the wing inserts into your slicer, (I am only familiar with Simpify3D and makerware) and scaling down the Z height of the part to about 90% and re-print

WIsh i would of known that before printing enough for 7 ghosts and priming them all

Looks cool. Id like a snap together one. I have a ton of stuff in my room i wouldnt want magnets getting to.
Im going to download this and see if maybe i could just print out a connector the same size as the magnets that connect it together. Thanx for the hard work tho.

How do i get the magnets the link does not work for me and i really want to make this

1/4" X 1/16" N42
That's the Specs for the magnets

I know that some are round but do i use round ones for all of them or just some?

Comments deleted.

Am I right in thinking the pins need to be layed upright? or am I looking at this wrong?

Pins should be printed standing up

Could someone tell me, how much would it cost to print this at some service?
Even the ballpark of price would be nice to know. One can only hope it's less than 100€.

Not sure if you have got yourself sorted, I am doing my own now, looks AMAZING! I could help you out with getting it done if that helps. PM me.

The LARGE version is finally uploaded! Sorry for the wait!
it is available here:

LARGE Destiny Ghost Fully Detailed Model, LED Illuminated, no supports!

Sorry - I'm new to this whole endeavor. When you mention in your settings "2 Shell" where do I find that? i'm using repetier. Everything else makes sense to me, but I just can't find this "shell" setting...

Thanks in advance,

Shells refer to the number of outer layers or "contours" the printer draws before raster/sparse filling the interior of the part. The shell number doesnt really matter, but 2 shells works best on replicator 2s for best surface finish.

Awesome - thank you.

Now, what setting is that in Slic3r? is that the "Perimeter" setting? I don't see anything specifically called "shells". Thanks again.

Yes that is probably perimeter. Different programs call it different things.

Thanks again!

This model is brillant, BTW. Thank you!

I recently got my first printer and it came with more than enough filament to print this, however all of it is ABS. Would it be possible to print this in ABS instead of the PLA?

Yes, ABS should print this just fine.

can u please upload a bigger one?

Larger version has been uploaded!

+1 is like "up-voting" or "liking" something, Thingiverse doesn't let us "Like" comments so he posted "+1" to show appreciation.

Half way through printing the pieces for this, its my first proper 3d printed item so its taken some time to play with the settings to get useable parts. The UP printer which school has suffers from "noodling" when printing anything overhanging. Anyone considering making this I recommend rotating the wings and tips (and printing them from the individual template) to reduce the area which is "overhanging".

Unfortunately I've not got coloured ABS so i'll need to paint the final model.

Thanks a lot for making this design!

Any Idea on when you may be able to upload the larger version of this fantastic model?

The larger version is now available

Comments deleted.

@BoldPrintShop, great model thank you for putting this together.

@ofpcarnage , I have been looking into the scaling of the Ghost. This current model fits the "tower" scaling. Some places in the game, like the tower returning to orbit, have the Ghost just at over 80mm diameter (slightly bigger than a baseball). Other places in the game, like deploying Ghost in-game, have the Ghost at about 100mm diameter. Does anyone have a scale reference from the limited Ghost edition of Destiny that had the model Ghost included?

You could just take this whole model and scale up all the parts together by 20%, I am printing a (filename_120.stl) 120% scaled version right now. For the 120% scaled version, I know that I will have to surround the LED lamp with some filler (like some foam core 1/16th double stick tape).

The larger version is now available!

Hey guys!

Sooooo sorry I haven't gotten around to uploading the new Larger Ghost design. It's finished, with appropriate clearances for the LED and everything. I promise I'll get it uploaded in the next few days!!!!

Again, sorry sorry sorry!

was waiting on that cant wait to see it !!!

Any Idea on when you will be able to upload the larger version?

Will you be doing a scaled up version so that it's more in game like size?

Do you have any plans on making any of the other Ghost frames, such as the Type B or Frontier?

Or can you mod this for maker not replicator mini.

Can I buy one from you?

can we get a seperate file for the black snap in wings its a waste of filament to print out the 4-5 objects without seperate files for each this makes it difficult for the misprints to be reprinted without all the other parts

Sorry for the delay, just uploaded all the files separately!!

How much finishing work did you do on your wings in your pics? Did you use a de-burring tool? I'm just noticing how much nicer the raft edges on your wings look versus others who have printed it, and would like mine to be of similar quality!

I used a de-burring tool on most of the parts. Other than that, no finishing work, just printed at good settings, 100 micron on a replicator 2.

it would be nice if some of the parts in the "black pieces" stl were separate, would allow more customization for colors or just printing in smaller batches. Also having a single pin stl. Im still configuring our work printer, so I just had to cancel a build as it stopped printing after the first few layers of the large build.

Sorry for the delay, just uploaded all the files separately!!

Sorry for the delay, just uploaded all the files separately!!

Awesome job and very neat, im printing it at the moment and its looking good. I tried to up scale but we will see how it turns out, not holding my breathe. i recon double the size should be nice and big to add different electronics to it. Let me know when the update is ready please. Also do you have the led module that will fit in this. thanks

Any update on the scaled up version?

The larger version is now available

How do i download the new part

Hey, Just an FYI, I order the tealights from your link, and it looks like they made a design change. They took a very long time to come in, so maybe this was in the works.

Your design is for a tealight with 6 lobes, and the ones that came in, have 8 lobes. And the diameter of the base is different. Your knob won't fit inside.

I'm gonna do some sanding, but I think I can make it work.

yes, unfortunately another user on here had the same problem, so I uploaded a different part to accept the 8-lobed light. download and print the new part, named "Frontbody_different_light.stl" and replace the 6-lobed body with this one, this should work for you.

Awsome I look forward to viewing your fantastic work you really do have a great talent.

Is there any chance of posting a link to the lights and magnets available in the Uk I don't want to purchase the wrong components is all.
Also this model does seem pretty small?

any chance of having a scaled up version that is more like the in game size? whilst still being able to utilise the magnets and lights.

I will look for links to UK products.

I am also working on a scaled-up version, this will be coming very soon!

This looks pretty awesome!! Great job!!

I have 2 questions.

When printing the single wings pieces.. that means I need total of 4 x wing singles and 4 x wing horn singles, correct?
Also,when your print was completely put together, did you do some kind of coating to make it look so smooth?

Thanks! -s

I love this design and it has been really fun to make. I've made two so far. The first one I had some alignment issues with my printer and some of the pieces didn't fit quite right but it still turned out really nice for a first attempt. The second one is coming together much better and is looking amazing. I just have a question. I printed out the pin file that you provided and the diameter fits perfectly but the two body pieces have a small gap (maybe 2mm) on both of my prints. Is the gap designed to be there or should I trim a bit off of the pins so that the body pieces are flush?

Thanks in advance! One of my friends is already bugging me to make him one.

There shouldn't be a gap there, the pins may be too long or the holes are too shallow. Just trim them down a bit and the body should be flush!

For the dimensions, from the apex of each bump the diameter is 29.9 mm, from the trough is 26.8 mm. I was just about to reply about the dimensions when I saw the last two comments. I got these measurements using digital calipers. The bottom has 8 bumps rather than 6.

The new file has been added, file name is "Frontbody_Different Light"
let me know how that works out!

Great, thank you. I will make this change and upload the model tomorrow.

Just about to print it out now, just waiting for my extruder to heat up. I'll post a few pictures with the "I Made One" in a bit when it finishes up.

Hey, mine is looking great. I'm just waiting for the LED candles to show up.

Then I'll upload some pictures

In the mean time, you might want to check out Amazon, as they have 3mm metal rods you could use in place of the pins.


Also, for the little grey strips, I just did a feed on my extruder, and the diameter of the PLA was perfect. I just cut a couple of pieces to size, and then glues them in.

I got the magnets working just fine, but I think after I get the LED and the pins installed, I'm just gonna glue the fins in place, as it will make it easier to open and close the 2 halves.

Great job. Getting ready to print a 175% scale version.

Thanks for posting this, I just couldn't get the pins to print right and am going to try this method.

hi mate looks awesome, most certainly going to print this... im pretty new to 3D printing so was wondering where you buy your filament

Buy most of my filament on Amazon, either ZenToolworks or 3D Solutech are good brands

Hey, any chance you can post a basic back cover, that I can cut a hole in for a small toggle switch?

I was thinking I'd scale this up about 1.75 to fit my build plate and my own LED in it.

I'll just print some cylinders to use instead of magnets.

Hi, could I ask two things? Could you please create an update of the orange tabs, with the post slightly shorter and smaller in diameter. They are printing too fat to fit the hole, and I really don't want to drill the white pieces.

Also, could you please provide a separate file for the black eye piece and and the black inserts into the wings. I lost an eye piece and broke an insert, and just don't want to print the whole thing again.

But this is looking awesome.

BTW, instead of magnets, you can always just print some 1/4 by 1/4" cylinders, and glue in place of the magnets .



Dude, you are like friggin' awesome.

Amazing project!!! I'm just waiting for the LED tea light and the magnets as well as some black and white filament (ended up just printing the inside sphere with silver, push comes to shove I can paint it black). Only thing different on my end is my printer was having a bit of trouble with the pins that connect the sphere. Anyone else who is having trouble with the pins, matches wooden shafts are the perfect diameter, just cut them to about 5 or 6mm and they hold together great.

This model is perfect! I can't wait to get home and print it!

AMAZING MODEL! I am waiting on some colored filament to come in for this print! (ordered a few samples) Great work though!!

for those of us in other countries, the LED candle is "about 2.5cm high and 3cm diameter" according to the ebay page.

awesome model man, can wait to print it

Thanks! These candles are pretty generic from what I found, they're available all over Ebay and Amazon, this is just one of the cheapest links I've found. If anyone else finds a neat little self-contained LED and battery combo I would love to see it!

The candles that showed up from the link have a different pattern. :( if I send you the pattern can you upload just a front cover that fits?

The new file has been added, file name is "Frontbody_Different Light"
let me know how that works out!

PERFECT FIT! Great work as usual!

Oh my goodness, you're right! I'm so sorry! I must have copied the wrong link by accident.
Yes, send me some dimensions of the new pattern and I will upload a new front body design