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Set of wheels for OpenRC Truggy

by Palmiga Nov 3, 2014
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Can these tires be printed without the wheel (rim) attached? I'm using TPU and I don't think the rims (wheels) would be strong
enough. I must be missing something. Thanks

Sorry I dont understand the Q fully. Rim is printed in hard plastic and the tire in soft TPU/TPE and then assembled.

Okay Thanks!! I think I have it now. The tire is that whole piece and the wheels fit on each side. Thanks

I don't really see how the wheel works considering when I look at a 3D model of the center hub the holes don't go all the way through...

Am I missing something?

I designed them to be printed without support, you brake/drill the thin disk blocking the hole

I made a set of the snow tires at 135% the 14mm hex was then about 16mm, I shaped it to fit
17mm , put em on a emaxx brushless , most fun in the snow I've had with that truck :)

Nice!!! any chance you could share a video or pics?

could this fit an 8th scale arrma talion?

I have no experience with that car, if it´s 12 or 17mm hex I would guess it will fit. let us know if you try, thanks

it is 17mm wheel hex

Then you can use this rim with the tires https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:970573

Set of rims for RC cars with wheel hex nut 17mm
by Palmiga

Hello, everyone!
Am I understanding right that I have to print two tires mirrored so they will be turned the right way both sides of a car?

I was wondering how much infill and how many walls are needed? Thanks.

That is up to u to decide depending on type of filament, nozzle size and preferred end product, good luck with your tests

I made a scaled down version to fit my 1/18 scale WLToys A979. Works awesome, but the nuts that hold the wheels on are super hard to attach with the small amount of space. Check out a video I made using them.

hey could you please share the stl for us? I Own a 1/18 truggy

wow cool, thanks for sharing!

Palmiga, I just got my hands on a Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao Duplicator i3) and I was wondering what the best/optimal settings would be for Cura to print your extreme snow tires? I have a roll of Sainsmart TPU filament.

Hi Devin, for starters I have no experience with that printer nor the Satinsmart TPU filament. You can se here that the i3 is not recommended for soft filaments http://www.creativetools.se/eco-tpu-60d-1-75mm-svart-1kg?filter_name=tpu but I do not think that should stop you from trying. Go slow...
My general advice regarding soft filaments http://rubber3dprinting.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Rubber3Dprinting_ETPU-TPU-TPE.pdf

Well I did find a mod for the extruder https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:981106. It allows for a 4mm OD PTF tube to be inserted to stop the filament from binding.

MK10 Extruder Mod
by Cress

Great! will be nice to see your work later

I was able to successfully print one of your designs on my 3D printer with that mod that I mentioned. I will post some pics after I have the rims printed and have them together. Thank you for your suggestions.

wow man great job i been trying to think of designs to use but you did it for me. lol i will try a few for my boy this winter. printing for christmas! save time gas shopping and print gifts!

nice :-) thanks

straight pla extreme snow tires! got three done so far. wow takes alot of filament like 56m . still way worth it as i don't think they will ever need replaced, ever. i plan to use them only for snow sand mud. they are perfect. only need to slightly sand to fit them with the rims. suppose they fit great though made from flexible filament. merry Christmas.

merry christmas :-)

new test... VRX SWORD on frozen snow: http://youtu.be/aw55c0WH744

:-) perhaps even bigger treads/tracks are needed

Can You make this ORC_rim4 little stornger - i mean more material aroud HEX nut ?

// nice project. :-)

Hi Jaroslaw, check the new version I uploaded. Did you use it and it broke? Material used?

i used pla it didn't break yet as i haven't installed them yet. but hes right the hex should be deeper set into the rim. if you could fix that it would be great!

Hi !

first test on ICE ... snow hmmm this is white but see movie >> :-( http://goo.gl/ucvdrH

// on back whell i install strong version //

Thanks for sharing SP3SWJ :-) I did design a version for ice with spikes but dont know if I dare to share the model since it could be dangerous to use...

yes do share it we will assume our own responsibility. your tires rock!

Just write remarks... You use on own risk :-)

see this : iCE Chains & Floating RC TiRES: http://youtu.be/08UgwZQZq58

big empty inside and You can swim.

Yes but I do not want anybody to hurt them selves either way :- ( Those swimming tires are cool...

put a huge warning label on it so they know its dangerous. also whats the diameter of the holes where the bots go i'm trying to see if i can use these on a new bright RC intimidator.

I have printed 5 whell

  • 4pcs - 3 perimeter infill 15% printspeed 30mm/s - 15m filament 124gram
  • 1pcs - 5 perimeter infill 30% printspeed 30mm/s - 19m filament 155gram

and three psc rim...

Now I print two "strong" and install on back whell - light version on front

  • please see on bottom of link :-) You will se test of "light whell"


Nice quality prints Jaroslaw!

can you print the tires in PLA as well as the wheel hubs? or do you need to use a special filament? I know in other videos I've seen "ninjaflex" and you look like you are using rubber? please advise

You are free to test any material but I strongly suggest the use of soft materials, I have not tested Ninjaflex yet but it will for sure be good for the tires. I have used a more economic material at 85 Shore A, called Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Added a extreme snow tire and 4 new rims. now 36 possible combinations...

Added new version of the tire pattern and a new rim...

I really like your tire and rim design for the OpenRC but I noticed the size of the six holes for the RIM2 version were not designed for the m4x25mm screws as you stated in the Thing info. I finished printing all four of them. I wanted to know which tires will have the same holes for RIM2 and what will be the correct screws sizes??? or maybe redesign the six screw holes of the RIM2 that will fit the m4. Thanks!

Hi Joe or Roger?, You are correct. Sorry about that, the new version is now available here http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1051446 To make up for the error I made 4 more rims designs, now we got 36 combinations to choose from, too much perhaps...

Added a new version...