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Gearbox Keychain

by Umake Nov 2, 2014
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i printed 3 so far.. you should put a small post on the big gear.. for rotating more easy

I tried 3 times with different configs (incresing resolution) without success with ABS. The axis always and immediately crack.

Made it with PLA. near sold infill. While good looking, it's pretty flimsy.

Nice design. Is it printed in multiple parts?

I increased shells and fill and the center posts broke almost immediately.

Extreme amount of violence to get them into place. But they wont rotate.
Tried to use more violence to make them rotate, have a upwards bent nail on my index finger now. xD

Anyone make this w/ ABS?

It works. The center of the small circle is weak and tight, top layer isnt very nice.

I deleted my remix since you provided separate STLs. Thank you!

This is an excellent design, i made one and when i snapped the gears into place nothing broke. i think you need to put equal pressure around the gear while pushing in!
Thanks for the GREAT design, Umake!

I had the same problem as many people when pushing the gears into the keychain. On one gear, a tab snapped. The other gear went on, but was too tight to spin. My solution was to redesign the gears with double the tolerance. If you are having trouble like I was, please see my Remix, THINGY # 593803: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:593803

Gearbox Keychain with Loose Gears
by brx017

Used this for my 2nd print on new printrbot simplen at 65%. Came out good but posts broke right off as expected with cheap PLA. Still cool though.

You should make a customizable version for different gear ratios. That would be AWESOME

Has anyone tried printing this out at 50% or a smaller scale?

i saw in the makes someone scaled to 65%

Our printers use 100% infill @ 200-205 Celsius for this particular 3d model and with PLA/PHA blend filaments. That seems to give the best results fot us.

The strength of the axis really depend on your filament quality and 3d printer accuracy.

It's impossible to give perfect settings that are compatible for every 3d printer and filament brand. A little bit of experimentation could be helpful.

How much fill %? How many shells And what temp is your PLA?

I used pla and i put a little WD 40 on a Q tip to lube up the surfaces that rub. It made it work really good.

First try snapped when inserting gears. I think there is more to it than just PLA quality, also printer settings. What layer height are you using? (I tried 0.25mm, I suspect smaller layer height will give better strength.) I may resort to ABS for the case which will bend before breaking, but I think it is layer failure not brittleness at work here. I also think that careful filing of the gear hubs is required, might be a tolerance issue with hole size vs hub size.The hubs might need to be a bit taller as well.

I've used between .1 and .25 mm layers, even with a 1.0mm nozzle. All worked fine. Except when I use old PLA or cheap ass stuff. It snaps almost immediatly. Maybe ABS is even better!

Be sure to get a good layer bond between the gear hub and the casing. Or else it will just delaminate when inserting the gears,

Sorry, but I tried it three times, using Makerbot's PLA @ 0.20mm/100%, and either the posts snapped or they were too tight/short for the gears to rotate. I lubed up the posts all three times too. Thanks for the model.....

Totally agree.......even when I got the gears pressed down, they snapped almost immediately. I used .20mm. Trying one more time.

I made three with ABS, there was some clean up but I blame that on the printer. I have not yet worked out printing without Z lines and specks. The gears snapped right in, everything works wonderfully. Thank you again.

Yes, the first version breaks on instalation. I will try with improved one tommorow.

Comments deleted.

Update 9 dec '14
Some people mentioned the casing snapped while inserting the gears. I've added new files, including separate STL files with a smaller hinge, so it wond bend as much when assembling. However, cheap and/or old PLA filament will snap very easily when inserting the gears.

The layer bonding of cheap filament is very bad and the material also gets more brittle overtime. As you can see in the picture above, blue has a very good layer bond and I needed quite a lot of force to break it, while the grey one snapped very easily without leaving any residus.

I just made this with my ultimaker 2 and it turned out perfect. No clean up it just worked!
Very smooth rotation of the gears.
Thank you for posting this item

Great! You're welcome :)

Snap! This model needs a more robust support structure for the gears. Not enough material to survive the assembly.

Great model! I love this key-chain, I am making several to give out as little token Christmas gifts for co-workers.

It would be awesome though, if you could split up the parts into separate files. That would make mixing colors easier.

I did a remix with separate files for those that need them. Hope this helps.

You can take care of this in Sketchup with minimal CAD skills.

just curious, how long does it take to print all arts out?

Depends on your printer and settings, but somewhere around an hour.

i put this in boiling water and it still snapped when I tried to insert the gears i have done 3

Could be a lot of complications! Wrong settings, bad quality filament, bad calibration etc. It's very hard for me to say from here.

Darn... my PLA pieces just snapped when assembling.

Me too what version of STL is the upgrade ? nice gadget

What are your print settings and which filament do you use? I printed one and the axles broke when I tried to add the cogs.

You can put the main piece over the heat bed to warm it and insert the gears.

We use colorfabb Pla, 2 perimeters and 100% infill. I mentioned the same problem when I used some old filament That was lying around. Seems like old Pla gets brittle.

You can also try to hold the casing under hot tap water. This will make the material a little bit flexible.

I hope that works for you! :)