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Skull lamps - Voronoi Style

by shiuan Oct 28, 2014
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Brilliant, looks sooo cool. We get an Anycubic 3D Design and Print Competition and we will run online votes for all of the models from the participants with their name on it to make more people know the brilliant design and of course, there're rewards. You probably will like this competition. Here's link for the detail http://bit.ly/Anycubic3dcontest and here's the link to join. https://forms.gle/hz4T9rqe3hhp6bDK9

I like this a lot, thank you for making. My print failed twice because left side of jaw was curling up early on. It was not touching the bed. I removed the bottom layer in Slic3r and it turned out great.

I second this. This model isn't properly grounded out of the box.

This was my third print and my first success since getting my printer for Christmas. A Great design and printed out on my Geeetech A10 lovely. I had no issues with the supports on the second print i made. The jaw ones on the left fell over but it still printed almost perfect. I printed at 14 mms. A tad slow but i think it helped. I sized mine up a tad. Its about the size of a large coconut.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I was wondering if you could possibly teach me the voronoi style for Fusion 360? I would love to improve my skills and if anyone asked how I learned I would immediately send them to you.

The supports you have added are terrible. Some are floating in the air.

I am trying to create my own Veronoi objects and I cannot figure out how. I have Solidworks as my software. Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated.

I am about to print one, your x3g file only states just over 5 hours, when I try to print tusing similar settings of 0.2 and 60 mm/s it states at least 10 hours and 0 percent infill. Can I ask what settings speed it up so much. Using flashprint to print it. I did notice it slows the speed for the exterior by 50 percent any help with your settings would be great.

Comments deleted.

Great design. My grandchildren loved it. Prints perfect on my old FFC Dual. A squirrel ran off with the one i made last year and had put in a large pumpkin. It sat high up deep in the boughs of an old spruce tree for about a week before it disappeared. So, we will make another this year. Happy Halloween

Having a few problems slicing this on Simplify3D V4 and Slic3r, the supports you added have small cuts halfway up. Its printing now at normal size. Dont know if the printer will be able to get through that part.... Could you fix that? Thanks

Hey i cant print out the first layers.... some parts of it sticks well... but some small parts on the first layers just dont

Didnt use any raft or support or brim... is it required? Printed at 280% with simplify3d at 0.2 layer height.

Nice! thank you for share I really appreciate it

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Can someone give me the dimensions of this please?

Want to make this SKULL look even cooler ?!? Check out this sweet remote controlled LED light for this 3D print!


Thank you for sharing remote control LED lights information.

You are very welcome!

should brim be disabled for this print?

No need to

I printed your Voronoi Skull, it turned out great. I seem to be having problems with making voronoi objects, my slicer doesn't see them the way they are, your sliced fine. Do you have any tutorials I can check out?

How did you manually add the supports?

Thank you, I am glad you like it.


Have manually added support.

i saw those, apart from them no other support needed? I want to print it big!!

You can try a lot of people have to print. One should not enlarge too much, you can try different proportions of size.

Thank you for your notification.
It is too bad the seller's sales.

Really nice work, I'd be very interested to hear which settings you used for support in Meshmixer as I've created a few Voronoi models but can't get such minimal support as there is on this model. Thanks!

too much errors for me. I am not able to even open it in Slic3r without crash.. anyone have the same problem?

Slic3r sucks. I uninstalled mine after crashes, freezes, & hangs. I use Cura now, the newest v2.3.1 works great, not a single issue yet.

i tried three times and the print just stops half way

im uploading mine to my printer now and its a 14 MB file
and mine should only take around 2 hours to print

This is a fantastic piece!

My Daughter went bananas when she saw this! She said she wants me to make he a pink one. Just waiting for my printer to get here.

Press a Like !! ^___^

that is amazing I think that could be famous one day

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Having difficulty with the slicing near the base. Using an Ultimaker 2 Extended. Layers were so sloppy that it got tangled on the nozzle and came off the bedplate. Need someone a bit more proficient in slicing to clean this baby up a bit. :(

same problems with ultimaker 2 !

This thing is so cool i want one but i am going to make something else.

This would be so badass if it was big enough to wear like a head mask :)

Having a hard time with this one, makerbot desktop is slicing near the base with small layers above the print bed with no support. So I end up with it trying to print some of the early layers mid air... Very new to printing so any tips would be appreciated.

I ended up having to auto add a raft using Mattercontrol. Came out nice, but had to scale it up because the built in supports are not sturdy enough at the size given.
Printed at 2mm, 0.5mm extruder, black ABS, scale 150% (1.5), on an Airwolf 3D, Mattercontrol and Cura slicer (built in to program).

Having same problems. Mainly at the back of the skull.
No clue how to fix it lol

Well I think I have found a way to fix it, but I had to use a friends computer with simplify3d. Let it auto add supports and just selectively remove all but the ones holding up the base. Kind of like creating a bunch of mini rafts to print on. Still trying to figure out how to export from there to a .makerbot file.

i printed at 180% size and it took 60H to print, Love it though.

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

what are you supposed to do ?

Nice work! Can you fit a tea light in through the hole in the bottom?

I made one! .12mm Layer Height @ 200% scale

Check out the time lapse video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLKLC94CxE

This is really great. Please consider uploading a new version that doesn't have the edge/normal issues. In the meantime, you can download a fixed version at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1071493

Skull (Voronoi style)

Thank you for sharing.

Hi, there is non-manifold edge and reversed normals. I can't repair it with netfabb and slic3r cura/ slic3r don't slice it correctly. Which slicer did you use ?

My Makerbot software fails on slicing as well... :( Beautiful skill

What did you use for the lighting?

I made this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:516525 for one of her other lamps but not sure if it will fit this one, if not you could make one similar to fit.
will it fit shiuan ?

LED lamp base for halloween skull lamp

Thank you for posting a great lamp shade!

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Comments deleted.

how long did you print it?

5 hours 40 minutes

Just printed this and i have to say that this is the coolest model i've printed so far. the design is awesome, and it's probably the most fun i've had cleaning up. (Supports are integrated into the model, you just snap off the support arms.) Bravo!

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Would also like to know if supports are necessary

What about the support material? You didn't need any??

how to bulid this type of modle ? use what software?

As a follow up question: what is the tool name that is used in meshmixer to make the "mesh" pattern from a solid object?