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Refined Iphone 6 case for NinjaFlex

by rcmanchild Oct 17, 2014
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Nice case. I printed this in cheap TPU and it is 99 percent great. The only issue is not with the TPU but the design at the bottom. The wall thickness of the spacers inbetween the bottom holes needs to be much thicker. As they are very small they are very weak. Other than that great case.

nice design, feels great in the hand. prints easy and the buttons are nicely done. the only things I'd want to change are that the size of the charging port doesn't allow most aftermarket cables to fit, and pushes the plug back out a few seconds after plugging it in. And, I think the middles of the side edges are a little more flexy than the rest of the model, makes it easy to swipe the sides off a little... would love an extra wall or two on the sides to stiffen it up. nice tho, thank you, this is a great find for my old phone.

Really like this sleeve! Fits the iPhone 6 perfect! I think 45% infill is pretty stiff for the sides and buttons to push, but it is still really good!

I love the design of case but can it be for PLA

Great work! Did you ever do a i7 version?

This is a perfect fit! Thanks!

Thankyou for the STL. I printed mine but ran into one issue throughout the print. Im not sure what happened, but my print came out very fuzzy, meaning there were alot of places where the filament did not stack on itself properly. I used 0.2mm resolution and 245^C at 10mm/s. Could you tell me how you were able to get such a nice print? Thanks

can you make one for the ipad pro 9.7" PLZZZZZZ

This thing is great ! I've printed it in TPU 1:1 scale with no high expectation and it turns out perfect fit.

I printed another one.

Good job ! Very usable case, perfect fit for iphone 6. Printed slow in TPU and it doesn't even look like its printed. Look like a retail case from store.

Thank you for your stl ! Good job !

You should build the lip on the top of the case a little higher. I've been using one on my phone for a while and the case fits well but the case doesn't really protect the screen from scratches if it is set on the screen. If you added another mm or two on the top that problem would go away.

Do you have one with holes for Volume buttons ?

This is really cool!

Hello, I really like your design. Can you provide the solidworks part? I would really appreciate it!

Did you make case thinner all around during the revisions?

I have successfully printed a few cases but are trying to get the bridges right, what settings did you use for your bridging because yours look really good.

Comments deleted.

printing now ill post a pic if it works. Robo 3d with a bic pen tube for support lol

Have one printed but it gets very stringy.
Whta's the best settings?

0.2mm layer
238-240° Extruder
60° Hotbed
2mm Shell
0.8mm Bottom,Top
100% Filling
40mm/s speed

will this case also fit the iphone 6s?

gotta say the video was hilarious..

failing is part of the process and the video cuts to the chase.

thanks for all your hard work and determination.

looking forward to giving it a go.

Comments deleted.

If I take this file and customize cut a design on the back, would you print it and ship it to me for $40? I would love to print this case, but I don't have a printer.

I would be glad to print a case for you. email me at haydenpoerbusiness@gmail.com

Comments deleted.

This looks like a very solid, quality design. Please please make a 6 plus one. ;)

Nice Case!!

One question:

How did you prevent warping?


Like curling off the plate? I use glass with no hear or tape. Past that, it prints perfectly.

This would ne cool in a 6 Plus version. Nice work

Nice work! For those looking for NinjaFlex answers, there is a great series of videos by the creators of NinjaFlex. Click the youTube icon at the top right corner of this page... www.ninjaflex3d.com
NinjaFlex Engineer Talk Part 3.2 covers the jamming issues.

This is really great work. Good job.

When you say to adjust your retraction, what retraction rate(s) did you use? Or did you just turn off retraction completely?

So do you recommend ninjaflex

I've have never used ninjaflex but I plan to use it for this print. On the ultimaker forums it said that people had problems with the filament jamming.

Hi Bluem,
This video series from the makers of NinjaFlex explains the jamming issues. Part 3.2, in particular.

I'm sure that people have made modifications for their ultimakers to print with flexible filament. Just see what people recommend.

Thanks for the help, I apreciate it. ;)

For some reason when I tried to print it just stopped printing about 70% through I'm using a rep 2x

What do you mean by stopped? Jammed? Do you have a modified extruded? The stock one won't work with that material.

What printer did you use?
I have heard that ninjaflex does not work very well with the ultimaker 2

I'm using a Replicator 2 with a modified extruder. Any printer should work great as long as the filament is fully supported till it gets to the hot end. Any gap and it will squeeze it's way out.

Has this been copyrighted?

This file is under the creative commons license with no commercial application or derivatives allowed.