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Auto Coin Sorter for All Currencies

by youngcat Oct 13, 2014
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Would have been great if someone can make this funnel work with this sorter


Coin Sorter Top Funnel
by caru3D
Comments deleted.

I added Turkish Lira (TRY) version in case anyone's interested:

I'll also check Improved Auto Coin Sorter which appears to have TRY support.

Auto Coin Sorter for Turkish Lira
by krmbzds
Auto Coin Sorter for Turkish Lira (Minimal Version)
by krmbzds
Improved Auto Coin Sorter V7.5 - Coin Roll + Classic Version

Hello, is there by any chance you can do a version for the Philippine Peso?


Sure thing! I can do it in the weekend.

That'll be fantastic. Thank you.

Can't wait til weekend :)

Took me a solid hour but I hope it'll be worth it.

Accept this a New Year's present! :)

Auto Coin Sorter for Philippine Peso (Old Series)
by krmbzds
Auto Coin Sorter for Philippine Peso (New Series)
by krmbzds

Thank you very much. Gift accepted with pleasure.

May you have a blessed holiday!

Any chance for a Malaysian (MYR) version?
I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with how to edit the file to make a Malaysian remix

I'm adding the link here with sizes

Currently we have second and third series in wide circulation, except for the 1 sen coin.

This remix has a MYR version. I'm not sure which series it works with - it was based on information kindly provided by user wmfhadi.

(It includes seven coins.)


Improved Auto Coin Sorter V7.5 - Coin Roll + Classic Version

Oh sorry, I missed the remix version as I was only looking at this.
Will print it out and try it soonest!
Thank you!

hi, - very new to 3d printing and design. (i hope i get notified if you answer :) love the reviews and how you give designs for different currencies.
i am going to try to make a round coin sorter, can i ask what angle (norm202 or bikecyclist) you use to slide the coin down?

The primary slope (where the coins slide down) is 16 degrees, the secondary slope (which keeps the coins aligned with the rail) is 15 degrees.

(I'd expect a round sorter to require a steeper angle than 16 degrees as there's going to be more friction in that configuration.)

Wow, thanks, i didn't expect the angle to be so shallow - thanks for getting back to me. the more design's i do in my head the harder i realise it is :) gone through about 15 design's that fail (i guess that is why no-one has done it).

Thanks for the tip about curve and degree's - i noticed in the comments you were thinking about having a greater angle as well :)

The greater angle turned out to be unnecessary. I believe the not-quite-perfect fit with multiple dovetails might have very slightly distorted the top board so it was not perfectly flat, as the problem of coins stopped disappeared with my no-dovetails, stiffened-structure re-design in spite of me keeping the original primary angle.

(I had thought about increasing it, but keeping it the same meant I didn't need to print everything else all over again, too.)

There are some round sorters around I believe, but from the descriptions and the videos some of the makers provide, these often seem to be less than perfectly reliable, so I think you've picked an interesting challenge for yourself there! :-)

This is a good invention. So thank you for inventing it!:)

Thanks for the shout out and the improved coin sorter. I'm looking forward to trying it. However it may be several weeks or longer before I can test it. Among other things I'm considering getting another 3D printer. So that make take up some more time.

But I'm really impressed by your creativity and thoughtfulness in getting back to me. I'm sure others will be looking into this and trying it out. I'll be sure let you know what I find when I get to it.

Thanks again,


Please check out the much improved coin-rolling version here:


(You can wrap the tubes into coin wrappers, then pull the tubes out, conveniently leaving you with a neat coin roll.)

Improved Auto Coin Sorter V7.5 - Coin Roll + Classic Version

Hello, good afternoon, congratulate him on his work with this design.

I would like to ask you if you can make this model for Péru coins.
Here I leave a wikipedia link where are the currencies of my country.


I appreciate your kind collaboration.


Thanks for the very useful Wikipedia link!

You can find a new remix of this coin sorter with Peruvian Sols (PEN) added here:


Let me know if it works, and post a make if you like! :-)

Improved Auto Coin Sorter

Here's a remix where even the big EUR version fits nicely on a typical 210 mm x 210 mm build plate:


No idea why the Europeans have a bigger set of larg-ish coins than anyone else, apparently! :-D

Compact Improved Auto Coin Sorter

Thanks for the reply. Yes, at least in the US. Typical paper wraps for each denomination. The standards are:
Pennies...50 to make $0.50 rolls
nickels...40 to make $2 rolls
dimes...50 to make $5 rolls
quarters...40 to make $10 roll

There are others but these are the most typical.

It might help to understand why I'm looking for this type of thing. In my job I must count and wrap 5 to 6 cash drawers daily and the company cannot afford to buy automatic machines.

So the challenge is to make it so that only the right number of coins can be dropped into the wrap without meticulous counting (accuracy counts). And having the wrap already on the coins.

I'll be working on a design over the next several months during my spare time. But if you or anybody else wants to give it a go, please try.

I've created a coin-roll suitable remix here:


If you'd like to try it, best start with printing the coin tubes to see how well the dollar coins actually fit.

If you'd leave me feedback on what works and what maybe doesn't in the comments of the remix, that would be highly appreciated!

Improved Auto Coin Sorter - Coin Roll Version

Thanks for the description, that helps me to get the right mental picture of what to aim for! :-)

I have already experimented with tubes for EUR coins, and after some fiddling have they down to where I can fill them to the brim, brush off the excess, and have exactly 50 coins in the tube, so I think accuracy without counting is possible. (Weighing the rolls on an accurate scale might be a quick way to find errors, but it's always best to "get it right the first time"! :-)

My next step will be to increase the size of the coin slots in the original rack so that you can insert the tubes there. It seems that the author of the original, youngcat, has already built a number of helpful features into the code to facilitate that, but I'm not sure he is still active on thingiverse.

You can find my remix of the original design here:


I'm probably going to spin the wrap-friendly version off of that remixed version, so make sure to put in on your watch-list, too! :-)

Thanks for sharing your suggestions, always a great motivation booster!

Improved Auto Coin Sorter

Can this be modified to allow the coin wraps to be slipped over the coins?

I'm thinking about modifying the design to accept individually removable coin tubes. I suppose you could apply the coin wraps to these tubes, then slip out the tubes and close the top of the wraps, but I haven't tried that out for myself.

I guess there are standard coin wraps that accept a certain number of coins each?

Great design, thanks a lot! I've printed the Euro version, and except for a few small hiccups, it works really well.

Some improvement ideas:

  • The dovetails holding the top board seem to hold the top board firmly in all directions. That means you have to bend something to insert the board, and then it can break. In my case, the left-hand dovetail on the outer box broke, which has no redundancy. In my opinion, the left and right hand connectors should not be dovetails, but square pieces as the position of the top board is already defined by the rear dovetails.

  • Lateral slope of the board could be increased to ensure coins keep sliding. Maybe a question of surface finish, and maybe of grit on some coins, but my coins often stop sliding on the board.

  • Some coins manage to jump over the forward "fence" if they don't hit the sorting holes right. This "fence" should be increased in height.

  • As positioning of the coin trays is critical, there should be a forward ledge on the box to ensure it doesn't slide out forward, leading to stuck coins.

  • The top of the trays could be slightly funnel-shaped as some coins manage to get stuck resting on the top edges of their tray.

  • Initial positioning of the coins is ciritical and requires manual accuracy. It would help to have a small ramp extending to the right side so that coins some sliding onto the top board in a defined way and with a bit of initial speed, regardless of you having manually placed them with millimeter precision.

To get around most of the problems in one fell swoop, I built a small "shaker" from an electric motor that just induces vibrations into the sorter, which keeps the coins sliding quite well and frees most of those that get stuck for a moment. It's not a perfect solution though, and it feels a bit like cheating, too :-)

After giving it some more thought, I created a remix with a modified top board design to fix the above issues:


The new top board can be retro-fitted to existing sorters, so if yours is not running smoothly, just print a new top board to upgrade it!

Improved Auto Coin Sorter

So the USD one is a little too big for my printer. Is there anyone who has a USD version that just has Dime, Penny, Nickel, Quarter? I don't need the half-dollar or dollar coin slots and that would make it small enough to print on my printer.

did you get a smaller version yet or do you still need help?

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

When slicing i cannot get the round intersecting things to print. Any suggestions?

Check the box next to "Detect thin walls" in slic3r

"#<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:1057744 403: Forbidden>"
While trying to customize wtf is going on

When I try to customize the design to my local currency the customizer app gives the following error:

<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:1057744 403: Forbidden>

Customizer keeps giving error.

Please do one for Singapore coins (SGD)! Here's the measurements www.mas.gov.sg/~/media/Currency/KYM%202013/3%20Coins.pdf
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

I did the customise for Singapore coin

Coin Sorter Singapore coin 3rd series

how much filament was used to make the part?

isn't 0.1 layer height a tad overkill?

Is there a Malaysian version (MYR)? Thanks!

bad, the tubes for the coins are too narrow, they don't slide in well (CHF)

Has anyone tried creating some type of coin hopper for this? It would be very useful if you could take the change out of your pocket at the end of the day and drop into a funnel like hopper and the change slide down and sort itself. Great job though, it works great!!

I was thinking the same thing. I found this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2484319 maybe it can be attached some how.


This is awesome!!! Any chance someone can make one for South African currency ZAR?

my tray is 19cm x 19cm x 19cm are you able to design one for hk dollars that fits

hi, dont know if you are aware but for the GBP sorter the pound slot needs fixing as the new pound coins are slightly bigger then the old pound coins, please could you try and fix this?

I am entering data for 5 coins but customizer just creates 4
the sizes in order;





I entered these and this link is created http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2226168

Can you help?

by baykush

That's really interesting. Hmm. Let me try to fix it.

I dont know if it is something to fix but thank you :)

Made version for Kyrgyzstan som.


Thank for great job !

Auto Coin Sorter for Kyrgyzstan Som
by zlo2k

Unfortunately it does not work for Australian coins.
Someone has made a top plate for our coins, but our 50c piece will go though the top plate but is too big for the tube. Using my calipers, at its widest point it is 32.6mm. The tubes are only 32mm (caliper says 31.9 but I am allowing for a +0.1mm tollerance on my printer)

Thanks Russell for trying it out. Can I know which version of Australian coin sorter you're using?

Also, you may want to try building your own coin sorter. Simply download the .scad file and edit the numbers. Or just try out the Customizer. In either way you'll have a way to input coin data to fit your currency.

Cool dass es mit Franke hmacht hesch

Made a version for Polish Zloty (PLN) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2081870

Auto Coin Sorter for Polish Zloty (PLN)

Which software is recommended for editing the scad please?

Personally I use sublime text to edit it, and use openscad to render it. But you're free to use whatever text editing software since it's just plain text.

Comments deleted.

Can someone please do a project for the Polish coin sorter.
Sorry for my English. But I use the translator.

Hello please do it for Turkish Lira (TL)?

Comments deleted.

I don't really understand the purpose of the basebox. Does anyone care to explain what functionality it provides?

The ‘basebox’ supports the ‘topboard’, basically.

The thin curly walls didn't appear in Simplify 3D


In Simplify set under "Extruder" the "Nozzle Diameter" under/to "0,34 mm".
I have a nozzle with 0,35 mm and simplify didn't show me the walls in the Preview.
After setting to "0,34" the walls appears.

Maybe the thickness from this Walls is under 0,35 mm.

@Youngcat: Can you make the thickness a little bit more please? I think 0,5 mm will be fine for the most Printer.. THX!

I think I am having the same problem as what you described in Cura. Whenever i load the file in to the slicer and go to the layered view, at the very bottom it is showing a bunch of sets of "four points" if you will. Really wanted to get this printed but quickly getting frustrated trying to resolve it.

@ninjararstudio, @Obelix01 & @bsikes09: thanks for trying it out. By “Walls” do you mean the curly pattern (Chinese coin pattern) on the back of the “basebox”?

If yes, hmm it was intentionally made thin to help save material. The pattern can definitely be made thicker or totally disabled.
Option 1: run Customizer on Thingiverse (by clicking on the “Open in Customizer” link on the right column), and choose “Solid without pattern” on the drop-down box.
Option 2: download OpenSCAD and use it to open the .scad file and adjust a (or a few) variable(s) about the thickness of the pattern.

Comments deleted.


I customize it for Hong Kong dollars. However, I run into trouble with flower shape coin.

$5 is 27mm and flower shape $2 shortest length is 27.2. The $2 falls into $5 occasionally. Any idea to rectify it?

Yeah, I noticed several other folks complaining this too. Honestly I don't know how we can solve this; the sizes of the Hong Kong coins are too close. Every idea is welcome!

Hi! :)
I printed the EUR-Sorter-topboard, in the original size but it did not work. :/ The 5 Cents did not fall out at the third hole. It is fall out at the fourth hole. Help!

Yeah, I noticed several other folks complaining this too. Honestly I don't know how we can solve this; the sizes of the EUR coins are too close.

Comments deleted.

does this print in one piece

No – it comes with 3 pieces. They can be assembled very easily.

the parts did not fit on my buildplate, so I scaled them down to 50%, but then it did not work. The coins do not fall into any hole. Please help, it is really frustrating.

Surely the coins wouldn't fall if you just simply scale the objects down. What you may want to do is:
1) buy a bigger printer :D or
2) omit a few unusual coin holes (e.g. omit USD's 2 dollar, like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:918931), or
3) split the part into two like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:973462.
Let me know if you need help.

USD Coin Sorter - Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies Only
by KeelinJ
Euro coin Sorter_splitted

Great design! We would like to try it but we are so new in this so we don`t know how to do it without a 3d printer... Is it even possible? We would need the dimensions of each part. Could you help us please?
Thank you so much!

Sure thing. Could you tell me for which currency you want the dimensions? Some has 8 coins while some has only 5; the dimensions differ quite a bit. By the way, welcome to the 3d modelling/printing world!

Thanks! Sorry, I forgot to tell you, euro.

Sorry for the (very) late reply. For Euro, the base-board object, which is the biggest part of the three, is 216x123x33mm.

Great design. Thanks.

After printing the EUR version, it does not work properly. The 50c and 20c coins always get stuck in the adjacent before hole.
The problem seems to be that the coin difference is small. For example the 20c coin is 22.27mm and the 5c coin (where the 20c gets stuck) is 21.25mm. But as all the other coins work, I hope the only needs to be some small adjustment somewhere.
Anyone had this issue with EUR or another currency? What needs to be changed that it works?

Hmm... that's sad that the diameter difference is so small that coins get stuck. If you have time can you try tweaking the diameters at https://github.com/YoungCatChen/coin-sorter/blob/master/Sorter-Customizer.scad#L59 by, for example, make the 5c diameter slightly smaller and see if 20c coin still gets stuck? You'll only need to print out the top-board.
Alternatively, you may want to combine these two coins - by getting rid of the 5c coin holes, allowing 5c and 20c coins to mix up.

Ok, a small change in the diameters of the two problematic coins worked.
Here is what is working for me:
eur_coins = [[25.75, 24.25, 23.05, 22.25, 20.95, 19.75, 18.75, 16.25],
[ 2.20, 2.38, 2.33, 2.14, 1.67, 1.93, 1.67, 1.67]];

Thanks! Will update the .scad file accordingly.

If all else fails, you can always make the conflicting coin holes slighly bigger (0.5 mm) and use a file to slowly bring them to the perfect size. It's probably how you should correct printer inaccuracies anyway for something that needs to be perfectly scaled up to fractions of a millimeter.

Edit: sorry, was meant as a reply to 3DPrintEvangelist :)

Edit 2: will try those dimensions though, great job!

hi, would it be possible for maybe a sort of resevoir to be made to fit the top end, to allow you to just dump all the coins in rather than place them all seperately, i would do it myself but, at 14 im not very skilled with 3d modelling, (uk)

It might be worth working with GamerGorman20 who wants a coin feeder as well. You may be interested in this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:149839 too.

Coin Sorting Machine
by acilia

Hey, I really love this print and was wondering if you would like to try a sample of our 1.75mm PLA filament and see how it works out! Free filament and free shipping, (United States only) just contact me at gabe@foxsmart.org and I can get you set up! Thanks and I really like the creativity!

Thank you for your free sample! Unfortunately I don't have a 3D printer at hand recently.
By the way, if you want to put the Sorter on your ad, please do mention the link (i.e. thingiverse.com/thing:499177). Much appreciated!

Auto Coin Sorter for All Currencies

I'm using a Printrbot Simple Metal. Any chance you can make one that can fit inside 6x6x6?

Do you mean 6cm? I think it may be too small... If the maximum width is 6cm then the coins (the holes) can't be aligned in a line like this. What do you think?

6 in sorry. No more than 150cm in each direction i need actually.I'm looking for the USD version and I just need quarters. nickels, dimes, and pennies. So you can take out the other two coin sizes if needed. Thanks.

Hey asteinmark, I had the same issue, so I modified it to fit a Printrbot Simple Metal. Just printed it and it works great! Give it a try: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:918931

And youngcat, feel free to add this to yours! I removed the two largest US coins, since we don't use those very often.

USD Coin Sorter - Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, Pennies Only
by KeelinJ

Awesome. Thanks!

So that's easy. You can just find the variable called "usd_coins":

usd_coins = [[30.61, 26.50, 24.26, 21.21, 19.05, 17.91],
             [ 2.15,  2.00,  1.75,  1.95,  1.55,  1.35]];

then remove two numbers from both brackets.

How do I separate the different parts (top, side, racks etc) when making a customised design? Are you going to upload a design for GBP coins?

You can change the variable part. It is all by default; it can be basebox, topboard and so forth in order to generate individual parts.
For GBP coins, nifty1a has already a design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:809449. I will possibly merge his design later.

Coin sorter (including GBP)
by nifty1a

Hey, managed to customize the size for AR Coins, would you like to upload it here?

Great! Yes, definitely. Could you create a pull request on github at https://github.com/YoungCatChen/coin-sorter so that I can follow all the changes?

Sent, let me know if it worked.

Good! So you've made changes to the coin_X_diameter and coin_X_thickness variables. Please swap your "1 peso" and "25 cents", because the diameters have to be sorted from biggest to smallest. Then you are good to go! You can generate models using OpenSCAD then print them out.

I will update my source file according to your contribution later.

YEs... I remember correcting it when print it, I will post my pictures later. Feel free to add it to your original file, as to say "supports AR coins too"

Greetings and thanks!

You might be able to incorporate someone's flat extruder fan cover to act as a funnel of sorts. Just dump the coins in the top and it would lay them flat and send them on their way. That way you could add coins in small batches rather then individually.

Yeah, I hope it could eventually become this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:149839. But currently I have no access to a 3D printer and have no experience about making a rotating motor. Would you like to develop it further? Any remix / github fork / pull request are welcome.

Coin Sorting Machine
by acilia

Sadly that's beyond me as well. GL though!

I made a few modifications to the .scad file (SGD coins, vertical guard height, and exit slots at the bottom of the tubes); would you like to pull those changes in? I was wondering if you have a github repository for that …

Thank you for extending this sorter to Singapore Dollars! Yes, of course I want to pull those changes. I don't have a github repo yet; I'm setting one up. I will let you know the link once it's done.

Sorry for being late. I've upload the source to github at https://github.com/YoungCatChen/coin-sorter . Would you mind taking a look?

Any chance of a version for the GBP? (UK Pound) Thanks

No problem!
I found some data from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coins_of_the_pound_sterling#Dimensions. There are eight coins listed. Are they all widely and frequently used?

Yep they are - worth bearing in mind that the 20p and 50p coins are heptagonal but as far as I can measure the diameters listed there are correct.

Just wanted to let you know, that nifty1a has a design for GBP coins: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:809449. Would you like to try it out?

Coin sorter (including GBP)
by nifty1a

Any chance of a version for the GBP? (UK Pound) Thanks

First of all GREAT JOB on the model!!

I am currently trying to print this on my Makerbot Rep2, I have printed the USD-Sorter-tubes, is there an easy way to make the verticals solids instead of being hollow?


Hi Sean, firstly thank you for printing it! For the tubes, what I made is a solid as a whole. By saying "hollow", do you mean that the verticals have just shells and are empty inside?

Yes, and there only appears to be 1 shell thickness thick making it very weak.
Here is a link to a picture that I believe shows you that the 'tubes' are just shells and not solids


I see. I guess you're using MakerBot app to print it, right? If yes, have you tried the advanced options at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1S-luAFhDDyOHFFbVhpZnlDNTQ/view ?
(Besides "Number of Shells", I suggest increasing "Infill" to 20% or higher.)

I already have infill set above 20% and have tried several different number of shells values.

The base of the cointubes prints correctly with infill, its just when it gets to the verticals or towers they appear to always be 1 shell thick.

If you put the coin-tubes in meshmixer and run the test to show where any walls are <1mm the towers are highlighted also.

Ok, previously I was using the stl's from in the zip file downloaded from Thingiverse, I just created them from within OpenSCAD and now I am getting solids..


So you found that "Number of Shells" makes no difference, and that MakerBot always comes up with 1 shell thick? Well from my side I think this setting makes great difference:

Could you double check your settings?

For the concern of walls that are <1mm, please just be relaxed. Yes, the I-letter-like walls have the thinest center point which is <1mm. This is expected. They are thin to safe time and money; and they can be thin because the other parts (the head and tail of I) are thick and they will not be bent.

I get a Parse error on line 76 when trying to compile. Tried in multiple scad programs.

I had same problem, then I downloaded and used the OpenSCAD Developer Snapshot and then it worked ...

Good job Sean!

Hi Jared, thank you for downloading and compiling it - however this SCAD file is compilable only with specified versions of OpenSCAD, because OpenSCAD is evolving, and the syntax changes from time to time. Could you tell me which version you are using, so that I can take a look with it?

OpenSCAD version 2014.03. Also tried OpenSCAD.net and openjscad.org

I see. 2014.03 is one of the versions that don't support list operators. Could you try the 2014.12.xx versions on http://files.openscad.org/snapshots/ ?

  • If you're using Mac, try:
    • OpenSCAD-2014.12.31.dmg.
  • if using Windows then try one of:
    • OpenSCAD-2014.12.30-x86-32-Installer.exe
    • OpenSCAD-2014.12.30-x86-32.zip
    • OpenSCAD-2014.12.30-x86-64-Installer.exe
    • OpenSCAD-2014.12.30-x86-64.zip

Hopefully it will work out!

I cant print the part that the coins slide though. It wont lay flat on the bad, The topboard is what its called. When I import it, it floats in the air, and when I try to get it level by rotating it, it still floats a bit off the bed, any ideas? I am using da vinci 1.0

Sorry for the inconvenience, Chris. I will generate the laid-down "topboard"s within a few days so that you can print one of them. I will let you know then. Stay tuned!

Whoa highly appreciated youngcat. You are the best!

Hi Chris, I have updated the STL files, and now the "topboard"s are laid down. You can print it/them directly now!

Oh man you are the best, everything is working great and printing as we speak. Aagain, highly highly highlyyy appreciated. Always wanted to print this.

Great to hear the object is being printed! Enjoy it! Hope it will eventually help you with coin organization.

Hi, I need some help, firstly great design! now i want to print one out for Euro coins but my print bed wont fit the whole model. I tried to understand the SCAD but didn't really know how to just include the; 20c, 10c, 5c, 2c, 1c. Can someone help and tell me how to amend it or upload the stl.

Hi Ahmed,
To select the coins that you want in the SCAD file is simple.

  1. Find the lines starting with eur_coins. It should look like eur_coins=[[bla, bla...], [foo, foo...]];
  2. Remove 25.75 (for €2 diameter) and 23.25 (for €1 diameter) from the "bla"s, and 2.20 (for €2 thickness) and 2.33 (for €1 thickness) from the "foo"s.
    Hope it helps. Happy printing!

Hi, I worked one month to invent a coin sorter like a slot machine. But it did not work. I googled 'coin sorter' and found your amazing solution.
I want to print it, but for Thai currency. Need only 3 or 4 coins. I work with Cinema4D. SCAD is new to me. Will let you know if it works.

Hi Helmut,
If you want to go just a little bit deeper on SCAD, here's how to adjust the model to fit Thai coins:

  1. Find the lines starting with usd_coins. It should look like usd_coins=[[bla, bla...], [foo, foo...]];
  2. Adjust the "bla"s and "foo"s, to fit your Thai coins. "bla"s are actually the diameters of different coins in millimeter, and "foo"s are the thicknesses.
  3. Press F5 or F6, and you're done! The model should shrink automatically from 6 holes to 3 or 4 holes, depending on what you've set.

You not only a genius, you also very helpful.
I like to send you a pic when it is finished.

Sounds great. Look forward to the picture!

Here is my photo. Hope the link works.
I printed this with PLA. Print another one with ABS. My printer is an UP Plus2.
All coins dropping in the right slot. An engineering masterpiece.

It's great to know the sorter works well! The object you printed is neat. Thanks for sharing the photo.
Would you mind sharing your Thai-coin parameters here? (i.e. usd_coins=[[bla,bla..],[foo,foo]]) If you permit to, I can also generate a Thai version STLs, so that other Thai people can just download the STLs and start to print, without dealing with OpenSCAD.

Certainly. There are only 4 Baht coins. The Satang has almost no value.
I couldn't find any infos about the size of the Thai Baht. I measured about 10 of each coin size together and calculated their average. Here are my parameters I entered in SCAD:
coin_1_diameter = 26.00;
coin_1_thickness = 2.16;
coin_2_diameter = 24.05;
coin_2_thickness = 2.13;
coin_3_diameter = 22.05;
coin_3_thickness = 1.48;
coin_4_diameter = 20.01;
coin_4_thickness = 1.38;

This should be the parameters for Hong Kong Dollar (HKD):

hkd_coins = [[28.00, 27.00, 25.50, 24.00, 22.50, 18.00, 17.00],
[ 1.90, 3.50, 1.90, 3.00, 1.72, 1.30, 1.30]];

I haven't tried it yet since my printer is not big enough. (Boo!)
I will try with the first 4 coins though.

Also, with OpenSCAD 2014.12.02 and 2014.12.09 it kept crashing when exporting, probably a bug in OpenSCAD but here's just a reminder.

Also, why don't you make it that the top plate is already laid flat when rendering only the top plate?
Can be easily done by:

rotate([0, board_primary_slope, 0])
rotate(a=-board_secondary_slope, v=[1, 0, tan(board_primary_slope)])

Well unfortunately it doesn't seem to work well with the HK$2 coin and HK$5 coin...

Hi Alvin,

Thank you for your interest, your parameters for HKD and your test print!

For the largeness of the object: I tried to preview the object with your HKD parameters. It seems that the length was 202.6mm. I guess your printer allows 200mm in maximum? In this case I think a good way to try is to adjust 'board_right_padding', making it 3mm less. In this way the printer may be able to print it.

For OpenSCAD crashing: I'm meeting with this problem too. I must say it's strange: exporting the full-sized whole object didn't make it crash; but with four-coin-size object it crashed. However, after adjusting variable 'board_right_padding' it worked again. Exporting different parts one at a time seemed good as well. The version I'm using is 2014.12.07 on Mac. You're right that this must be a bug in OpenSCAD. The workaround "may" be to adjust some not-so-important variables.

For laying the top plate: I just want the different parts to be at the "same" position as the should be when assembled. Actually for the base-box, the rendered position is different than the printing position as well - standing as rendered, but it should be laid down when printed.

For not working with $2 and $5: Could you tell me why it doesn't work? Is the coin running over its hole? Is the coin stuck somewhere?

Well, now that I've tried more, it seems that the $5 coin wasn't really getting a big problem. The circumference of the $5 coin has a swallow slot in the middle which sometimes cause it to get stuck in the hole, but sanding it a bit seems to have almost fixed it.

The $2 coin, however, has a bigger problem. The boundary of the coin has a wavy shape (not sure how to call it, you can search for an image of it), which makes the outer circumference bigger than a $5 coin, but the inner circumference is smaller. The result is that it always gets stuck at the hole for $5 coin. I guess the 20 cent coin will also have the same problem.

I think the dimensions I gave aren't really accurate too since I think I simply measured with a plastic ruler.

On the other hand, I am curious about what you use to lay flat the model. I prefer to not do extra steps so I did it in OpenSCAD directly, just like in my previous reply.

Hi Alvin,

Sorry I haven't been following up. You're right, the HKD $2 coins with non-circle shape would cause big trouble. I don't have an idea yet; do you have a hint?

(You may want to "debug" it by printing several demo objects. Here's advice to make cheaper (less material) demos:
(1. Print only the top-board, and use a thick book to make it tilted.
(2. Make less holes by adjusting ukd_coins variable, so that the object is shorter.)

For laying flat, I will upload a laid-flat version later, which has up-standing object when previewed as combined, but has laid-flat objects when compiled separately.

For some reason, I cant render the customizer file in openscad. It says theres a parser error in line 73 :(

I met with exactly the same error too. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that is because Customizer is using an old version of OpenSCAD, while I'm using a newer version. I have been trying to reach out to the Customizer team. But in the mean time, what you can do is to download the latest development version of OpenSCAD and change the variables in my .scad file. Don't worry, all the changeable variables have clear description.
For downloading OpenSCAD, simply go to http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html#snapshots and download a development snapshot.

I had high hopes for this to help sort out all of my change, however, the coins fall out of the front about 50% of the time and end up in the wrong tubes about 10% of the time. At least for the USD version the tubes need to go further around the front side to minimize the coins from falling out. iI seems like the top needs to be redesigned to better drop the smaller coins in the correct holes.

I'm sorry for this, Randy.
It's basically true that small coins fall out of the front quite frequently. This is because the "opening" have to be wide to allow the fingers picking coins from the tubes. I'm now designing a next-gen coin sorter which has a spiral "coin way" and a "wall" that prevent the coins to fall out.
However, for "wrong tubes 10% of the time", I haven't met with such issue in the CHF version. This may because the coin radius difference is relatively smaller among USD coins. When I have a chance to go to the US I'll try to test it myself.
After all, thank you for trying my model!

maybe the starting point could be a little longer...so we can put more coins in one time...

Hey thats a great design, could you add measurements for British pounds. Or maybe add the scad file.

Hi Ahmed, I uploaded the .scad file that you can use to customize your currency (and a lot of other params and tweaks as well). It has quite a lot of comments, which make it easy to understand. Enjoy!

Wer hats erfunden.. Tolles Design!
Wie wärs mit einem Behälter darüber und einer drehenden Scheibe unter dieser die die Münzen richtet und auf die Bahn aus gibt. Damit nicht einzelne Münzen eingeworfen werden müssen. Eine einfache Kurbel die auf die Scheibe geht und fertig. Hab da ein Design im Kopf aber brauche Zeit für die Umsetzung.

Euro version will be useful for me. Very nice job and nice video demonstration.

Added EUR version. Enjoy!

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I would like a Canadian version, just slightly different from USA.

Added CAD version. Enjoy!

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yay i like. gonna test that soon.

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