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Duo Tone Whistle

by jipvanleeuwenstein Oct 12, 2014
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I printed this thing and it did not work no matter how hard I blew in it

The print with PLA came out great without any problems, but the whiste doesn't work ;_; No matter how hard i blow, no sound comes out.

First two prints failed because my printer wasn't level. I calibrated it now. Will report back with results.

Edit: It works really well! It's extremely loud

Comments deleted.

Works great first try with standard settings

I am an absolute beginner to 3d printing, so made no changes (would not know how) and was so delighted with my whistle. It works fine. Thank you very much.

I just printed number 1 at 75% scale and it works like a charm. Freakin loud and very high pitch. I wonder if at 100% scale it might not be as high pitch.

Cura Settings:
0.2 layer height
0.8 wall/Top?Bottom thickness
10% infill
50mm/s speed
0 fan at first layer, 100% after second
205/210/60 First layer/After first layer/ Bed
Enabled retraction at 6.5mm and 25mm/s
No supports

My bridging was awesome, with no sagging at all. I will try at 50% scale and 100% to see the difference.

Question: Does number 2 and 3 sound different to number one due to the difference in shape?

do you need to use scaffolding to print it?

Made this and looks fine but does not work :/

would it still work if it was scaled down half?

Just printed #1 in PLA and it works great!

Just printed #1 in PLA and it works great!

Same for me I cant figure out why

Nice! I just printed one (#3) in PLA this morning and it sounds great. I've been trying several whistles, and this one is my favorite by far. Time to do a couple more for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

Giving these to your kids sounds like a bad idea.

Any chance for remix as ring-whistle(one ring)? Will be very usefull for fast urban runners!

Wow this thing is loud ! very impressive ! prints great and works even better!

This works great and it has a high Pitch

Printed flawlessly on a Polar3D! .2 mm layer height, 100% flow rate, 50 mm/sec print speed.

Printed on stock Da Vinci 1.0 and it worked great. .3 thick shells 0% infill normal speed.

Like AbuMaia I was expecting a dual tone when blown, can you confirm the whistle only emits only one tone when blown, but different ones depending on how hard you blow? As heard in this video: http://youtu.be/mXKDB3cAbrs.

It's quite an annoying toy and came out very well, unless it's supposed to emit dual tones at the same time :)

The varying tones when you blow harder/softer is a characteristic of tin whistles, nothing special about the double circle shape.

A little disappointed. I got one to print out successfully, but the "duo tones" are separate, each tone dependent on how hard you blow. I was expecting it to be two tones sounding at the same time.

Seems like this is an issue for everyone. Wouldn't it make more sense to have basically two whistles side by side as independent wind pipes that you blow into both?

Yep - the physics of resonant chambers basically says: you need two chambers (or longer open pipes, or whatever) to get two tones at once.

NUPE. Just tried it. Same problem. When you blow into it, which ever side has the least resistance, the air will go through that one. The only way I could get the other whistle to work was to block the hole of the bigger one.

I don't think wind instruments with more than one pipe and only one source can ever work.

have you ever heard of a harmonica? :)

Nice idea. It inspired me to do a little scripting and this is what I have done:
Duo Tone Whistle - Customizable

Duo Tone Whistle - Customizable

Super clever idea

Can't wait to see more things like this ????

This is the last thing these annoying kids around my block need... lol. great concept though!

Works real well and a must to give a annoying kid

I made one, but it didn't work.... Sliced with Cura .2mm layers, .6mm Shell, 10%fill. Looks great, but doesn't make a sound. Maybe a dog whistle. It is water tight, I filled it. This was Number 1, I'll try one of the other ones.

Did you have too many strings inside? I notice the model's shell is just irregular enough to cause infill (and retractions) at points all around the inside. The settings jipvanleeuwenstein used was 0.4mm shell, and I bet 0% infill, since the walls are close to 0.8mm
Just looking the the layers view in CURA I can see that 10% infill caused a lot of retractions when printing the inner circles. And 0.4mm shell and 0% infill looks way better (retraction wise). At a layer height or 0.2mm look at layer 8 especially to see the difference.

Thanks, I'm testing your suggestion. I "disassembled" the first attempt. There were a few strings, but not enough that it should stop it from working. I saw, 2 or 3 spread around. May have been one or two more lost in the dismantle. I scaled it down 50% so that may invalidate the test, but only so much time before I need to get to work.... OK, I stopped the print half way through. Scaling it down 50% made the walls too thin. I'll try it again tonight at full size, and let you know how it goes.

I added a photo to the "Made One" section. I printed again at 100% scale with .2mm layer height, and shell thickness of .4, retraction enabled. Bottom/Top thickness of .4. print speed 70% and flow 100%. Looked great but leaked air. So I gave it a quick cover with some silicon caulking. Now it is a fully operational whistle. I'll keep trying to get the settings right on this one, maybe disabling retraction, or slicing with another app. I will need to make a dozen of each type before christmas. I have friends with 3 children who are the right age that will need to get a few each. Thank you for putting this up. It's an interesting challenge to print.

Success!. Made the walls thicker.
My settings:
PLA on Rigidbot Sliced with Cura 14.09 Layer 0.2mm Shell .8mm Enable Retraction Top/bottom .8mm Fill 10% Speed 65mm/s Temp 195c 0Bed temp. Flow 100.

Works like a charm. My friends will now all kill me, as I provide their children with an unending supply of elk calls.

2 tones of colour - or two tones of sound?

I wonder what "layer thickness" people are using, both for success and failure. .25mm failed for me.

I successfully printed #1 100% scale at 0.35mm/layer, with 3 top and bottom layers and 3 perimeters.

I used Makerware "Standard" settings, .2mm layer height, 10% infill, 2 shells.

I tried #3 since it was the only one that would fit on my platform and it didn't slice correctly either. It left holes in the outer wall accross from the mouthpiece. (slic3r v 1.1.7)

This wont slice for me. I am using Slic3r. It starts processing the triangulated mesh, then Slic3r stops responding. It is a small file, so it isn't that there are too many faces or anything. Any idea of what is happening?

Slic3r sometimes stops responding on my old computer, even when calculating a simple cookie cutter. Maybe just wait a little bit longer, that worked for me.

I printed out #1 and #2, but they don't make any sound. Any ideas?

I printed out #2, which didn't make any sound either, at first. Then I noticed a bunch of "strings" inside the whistle near the mouthpiece and down the throat. Once I cleaned those out, the single tone worked.

I'm going to try again with a lower temperature to reduce/eliminate the strings and see what happens.

Nice design though!

Maybe there is a hole in the print or the material isn't airtight. If you use ABS it is possible to melt the outside together with a ricecooker and some acetone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sblh0bBHoQ

This would be pretty cool to see in Customizer. Can you map the diameter of the circles to particular tones?

Yes, it is pretty cool to see in Customizer: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:515129
No, I can't map the diameter of the circles to a particular tone. Maybe someone else can?
What kind of math would be involved here?

Duo Tone Whistle - Customizable

i printed several of these. they are great, my grand daughter loves them. Thanks for sharing