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16 inch rigid heddle loom

by ten16 Oct 6, 2014
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Hi all. Posted a how to video on assembly today on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wx1lDSbfj3c
Here's the project page on my website: http://hackaweek.com/hacks/3d-printed-rigid-heddle-loom/

Just an FYI for anyone new to weaving. In the description for this it states that the cardboard separators aren't needed because the knots are between the two dowel rods. However, the cardboard separators aren't just to get over/around the knots. They're also to keep the yarn from sinking into itself. No matter where your knots are, you need the separators to keep even tension when weaving and advancing.

They don't have to be cardboard strips. Anything as wide as your weaving and rigid enough to not allow the thread to sink down into the previous layers will work. Carboard, bamboo sushi rollers, cut down blinds, even that squishy shelf liner/rug anti-slip stuff. Shoot I'm sure you could very easily 3d print some.

I found this to be true too, I originally warped it without and the ends didn't do so well, used cardboard the second time and it has worked so much better, on both spindles.

I was absolutely unable to find a 7/16" dowel to fit the heddles. They weren't even close. I sanded and sanded, and finally gave up and used 3/8". It's loose, but I could at least fit them.

I did notice lowe's selection of dowels was not very well toleranced. about half the 1/2" ones were just too big. I mean; like 1/8+" too large. I wasn't about to try to sand that much.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3475964 I made a double heddle block for those whom may want to give double weaving or weaving double width.

Double Heddle remix for ten16's rigid heddle loom

Awesome! Thanks for this! I printed 2 so I could have 4 heddles for a twill weaving project I am hoping to start.

You may want to add to description that it is recommended to print with raft the heddle dents. As the hole is very easy to deform and is important for the print to be printed accurately.

Is there any difference between main_brace and main_brace1? They appear to be the same part.

Designed a simple reed threading hook to work with the loom for anyone interested.


Reed Threading Hook
by creoguy

For anyone here like me who build (or are still building) this as their first loom and who don't have a shuttle, I made one that's fully printable:


Modular Weaving Stick Shuttle / Pickup Stick

Great design, thanks for sharing. Almost completely finished, except my filament jammed 12 hours into the reed/heddle (almost finished). Maybe they'll be usable. If I had a suggestion, it would have been nice to get the hole slightly larger for the 2 and 2.5" dowels for the warp and cloth beams to go through (main braces). I am sanding and sanding and still not able to get them to go in\spin freely.

Awesome design! Do any parts require support when printing?

My Prusa Mk3s didn't need supports. There was a big of sagging on the tops of the holes. I was able to sand down on the larger holes... the other holes I oriented the print to not need supports....

I used supports in all the holes to ensure they didn’t sag but they may not have been needed.

I guess my printer is not 100% calibrated, or I'll blame the new filament I'm using, but for me the pins ended up too big for the braces' holes, but that's not really an issue as the pins are easy to just remake in Fusion 360 (takes less than 2 mins).

In the process of reprinting those pins and then I'll set everything up!

Thank you for designing this. It's great. Putting it together now.

Thank you so much for this! I have just finished building mine, and wrote up some instructions to help others along the way. I hope it helps!

Thanks for the document, but heads up. I think the dimensions for 1/2" and the 7/16" dowels are switched in the document.

The 7/16" is the smaller one and goes in the heddle, should be cut @ 16" and also 16.5".

The 1/2" are the for the tension rods, should be cut @ 18"

Oh! Thanks for letting me know. At some point I'll get around to correcting that. At this point, I'm working on modifying Ten16's design to be foldable and have an option for 2 heddles.

Fantastic write up thanks! Hope you enjoy the loom!

hi I want to build your loom but you don't say what size dowel rods granted the length is a give me but the diameter would be nice to know I like how you made it easy to add pieces to make it longer for me it would be easier to add and make what I want as wide as I want rather than tie them together, it makes it more uniform anyway great work.

This is terrific! Thank you for posting. I hope that you find a way to make money from it. Im making mine from an old kiddie stool but printing out the heddles, ratchet knobs, and heddle mounts will be terrific.


I have a few questions about this one:
The instructions say to print two tension braces but the picture looks like four are being used. Is this right?
Also how are the pins and breaks connected? My guess is to super glue the pins to the main brace.
Finally, where are the retaining rings being used? I cannot see then in the picture.

Besides these questions the build looks very nice; I can't wait to try it out!

Great catch, thank you, yes there are 4 tension braces. I have updated the instructions to reflect that.

I have my printer calibrated just perfectly for this design so I didn't need to glue the pin for the break in, but you could if you find it too loose.

The retaining rings go on the right side of the loom as you are looking at the main picture. I have uploaded another view of the loom to clear that up.

I hope that helps and you get to try this loom out. I really enjoy it!

Hi, I'm in the process of printing this for myself - I can't wait to get weaving with it.
I still cannot see exactly where the retaining rings go in any of the pictures.

When you're looking at the picture the advancing handle is on the left and the retaining ring goes on the opposite side in the same place.

I'm still not seeing this. Perhaps you could upload a picture to illustrate this, since there isn't one already.

BAH! I'm an idiot!
I've printed out FOUR advancing handles, thinking I need one on each side at each end.
I only need one on one side at each end, and the retaining rings go on the other side!

I think I might use all four handles instead, now I've printed them out

Great! I'm glad you got it figured out! Sorry for the late reply I don't check thingiverse as much as I'd like these days.

I did the retaining ring on the other side to save on plastic, but I imagine two sets of handles would be handy :)

Hey again, one more quick one. What was the cut length of your dowels running front to back?

Thanks again!

Ray D.

Gah, totally spaced on this! It's 26 inches. That includes a little sticking out the back to wedge it on the edge of a table.

Sorry for not replying sooner. For some reason I don't get notifications anymore. I will measure mine when I get home, but I wanted to go ahead a reply to let you know I saw this.


I was wondering if there was any images or video of this build in action?

I don't have any pictures or video of this version, but here are two pictures of my early prototype in action. The basic mechanics are the same as the uploaded version but the uploaded version looks nicer and is stronger. http://imgur.com/a/ihZ83

I will see about making/uploading some video soon.

Many thanks for the follow up! I just wanted to see what I was getting into...

One more quick question, the heddle: could it be replaced with a store bought one? Would those fit in the printed heddle 'bracket'?

Dang! I totally didn't see this either, man not getting notifications stinks! The heddle I designed is 15.5mm thick. If your heddle is bigger or smaller than that you could try modifying the heddle bracket/rest (whatever it's called) in a program like Blender 3D. If you're not into designing and just like printing I'd be more than happy to work with you to get it working for you.

Thank you for the follow ups! The pre made heddle I bought fits quite nicely in the design as is, great design overall!

Which heddle brand did you buy? I'd love to have a 12 dent. Thanks!

Hi! The loom looks great. I have a design question. Would it be possible to reduce the max dimension to something like 100 to 110mm and keep it structurally sound? From viewing the files the max dimension is 125mm. I ask because I'd like to print this on a mini 3D printer which has a max dimension of 113mm.

Hey, sorry for such a late reply I honestly thought I already replied, lol!

I think reducing the size would be possible by taking a little off the top and bottom.