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Guitar Wall Mounts

by RoyToreHofstad Sep 29, 2014
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Love this bracket. I have printed several of them for different things other than guitars, they are great for fishing poles, bows, and of course guitars. I also printed an extra strong one using petg and it holds up my electric bass guitar, which is very heavy, with zero issues.

Hi. I printed this today with PLA and at about 75% infill. It seems really strong but I put a jr acoustic on it while holding it up in the air by hand and the guitar turned sideways and slid right out onto the floor. Fortunately it was a junk guitar and it fell on carpet. Lol. It is very slippery, is there a way to add stickiness or tack to the "hooks" where the guitar neck rests? I'm thinking about some type of adhesive rubber or something. I really like this design better than anything else I've seen so don't want to go find something else. Thanks!

Something like this have not happened to me... does the guitar slip out easily also if you screw the wall mount to the wall?

If I ever would need anything to hold the guitar better I would probably get something like this to stick on there.
or maybe even some foamy variant of that...
best of luck to you :-)

I printed a couple of these wall mounts and first, I must say, I love the design. However, I did not follow the instructions and only used 2 walls and 20-30% infill like an idiot. Also, I used PLA instead of ABS. D'Oh! Regardless, it held my Custom built bass no problem for about 3 weeks before I woke up to find it on the floor this morning. Thank goodness the bass is ok. (took me months to hand build). I will be printing this again when I am equipped to handle ABS. I just wanted to let people know this is a great mount, but to follow the guidelines and use proper material to print with and you shouldnt have any problems. =)

Glad to hear that your bass survived.
Yeah good advice there... and to add.. Make sure your printer is properly calibrated so it makes strong prints.
Thanks for sharing your experience!

I love this design. I now have 4 guitars hanging on these hangers. My heavy Stratocaster is held without issue and has been hanging for months. Plenty strong, I just made sure to screw it into a stud in the wall for strength. I trust this hanger with thousands of dollars worth of guitars hanging, thanks a lot!

I`m glad you like the design and use it to print wall hangers for your guitars. I also use it for all my guitars and some of them are a few years old. Tips: it can also be used for other various equipment around the garage and garden shed :D


Just letting you know that there are people on Etsy selling your design.

This has happened to me a TON... you can (And should!) Send them a cease and desist letter.

Thanks for the info but the only "illegal" thing this seller do is to not mention the designer (me)) and a link to the source file in the description as this in GNU - GPL License, right?

Well, it's completely up to you if you enforce whatever copyright you attach to your creations. I'm a bit puzzled as for why you'd go with GNU since that's more geared towards software dev. But apparently, even in GNU, distribution is only allowed for non-commercial.
I mean, it's your design, if you don't care, that's up to you :)
For the future, you'd probably one to slap a creative commons instead of GNU.

So. This printed flawlessly for me. 10% fill and it took 4 hours and 30 minutes on my printer. Even with the 10% fill it held my Les Paul style guitar without problems. I wouldn't drop my guitar onto it because I'm sure it would break. But I left my guitar on it over night and took it off the next morning because I printed it for a friend. Turns out when you put it on your bed and forget about it. It won't hold 240 pounds when you sit on it. Still worked great before I broke it!

Hi there,

As a Newbie to 3D printing I thought I would share my experience of printing your guitar mount... :-)

So I go ahead and load your model into Tinkercad, added the text of a guitar mad friend.
Looking at the result in Tinkercad, I decided to jump into printing it on my xyz minimaker.
Printing going well, so I leave the machine to do its work.

When I returned, I went wow, really cool looking object....until I removed it from the printer bed...

Guess what, the hooks broke....drat says I in another language... :-)

On looking further, I realised that this dude (me) was a dumb ass... :-)

I did not add any infill to make the necks stronger....how stupid do I feel just now.

Anyway as they say, you learn from your mistakes....

So now trying a new print with 90% fill. Lets see what happens.

Will keep you updated....

Mad Scotsman in France.

Awesome mount, well done.

Glad you like it :-)

Hey. No it* s not me but thanks for the info :-)

I don* t mind...
Nice to see other people like my design. :-)

This person is actually giving credit to the original designer with thingiverse link and all.. I was quite shocked to see that.

Looked at some of his other listings but didn't have credit on those though.

It's also being sold on Etsy and Amazon by the same individual who was selling my models without permission. I've submitted complaints to both websites and I suggest you do the same. So far I've been unable to verify any sort of true identity, but via private messages, he claims to be an Afghani vet who was given STL files by 'an army buddy who committed suicide a week ago'.

I'm highly suspicious of his claims and doing what I can to go through the proper channels to resolve this. It's my understanding that he went through a large portion of his listings (at least on eBay) and updated their description by including the name of the designer, however, your CC/GNU License maybe not be compatible.

No.. I don't mind that other people benefit from my design and I don't intend to be "police" for this design. If I was planning on making money on this I would not have posted it on Thingiverse in the first place.
Aliexpress sells parts for my 3D printer design too but.. I don't mind that either. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170604150811&SearchText=reprap+adapto

It would be nice if they all credited me as the designer but... I don't find the effort to make them do it worth it.

That's up to you of course. Many designers like myself are happy to share with everyone, but don't want people profiting off of their work. 3d printing has made it very easy for people to take advantage of artists, designers and engineers often without them knowing it. Look up the inventor of the fidget spinner one day and you'll see how impactful it can be.

Comments deleted.

yes. sharing is nice but I don't want to spend my time on this earth to be "police" for some designs i shared for others to use freely.
If i wanted to make profit by producing and sell them myself I would not have shared them online like this.
There will always be some "bad apples" not following "the rules" and "the honor among designers" but if you put it "up for grabs" and it is worth grabbing... someone WILL grab it! Be proud of it if they do.
But if I ever start producing any of my designs I expect competition and if someone else manages to do it better and cheaper than me they deserve to "win" Consumers deserve to get the products they want with the quality they want as cheap as possible and not pay artificially high prices for brands just because a designer/inventor bought "insurance" by taking patents and whatnot.
I hate the patent system and think that system is close to 100% corrupt and do not wolk as intended..

yeah...? What about the fidget spinner inventor Catherine Hettinger??

She is
"not upset about missing out on the toy industry’s latest fad"
and she says
“Maybe if it was some kind of exploitative product — like a new style of cigarettes — and my only motivation was to make money, I’d have a different attitude,” she said. “But I am just thrilled.”
source http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/kids/woman-who-invented-the-fidget-spinner-isnt-getting-anything/news-story/05eb69bbd4c8598582d68ffd202e356a
As I can understand it She is proud of her invention and is glad SO many people can benefit from it and enjoys owning one.

And regarding what the CC/GNU License says.. I just picked one on random. I don't care. Im a MAKER, a designer and a inventor .. not a lawyer.

You say you are happy to share designs but don't want others to profit of of it ??? I don't understand that.. That is like "Her you go.. a free cookie or you. BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO EAT IT!!!"
Why do you care about people profiting of your design if you never intended to profit from it yourself? Are you jealous? Jalous that others are more crafty than you and have the guts to produce and sell it? A design is like an idea. It is worthless without any plan of action. If you(and all the other designers you talk about) are SO afraid of anyone making profit from your designs and maybe even do it without telling everybody that you designed it? Just put it in your drawer and not publish it at all.

I really appreciate that you told me that people likes my designs so much that they produce and sell it I really do. It boost my confidence. so thank you :-)

But I don't publish the designs I want to make profit from here on Thingiverse or anywhere else online.. neither the designs I don't want others to make profit from... . :D

To small for my classic guitar. Need to print one more time bigger one version.

Sorry to hear that.
Do you have a 3D scaling issue or is your Guitar extremely big/wide?
How wide is your guitar neck?

Comments deleted.

How big you printed? Linke 110% ?


Comments deleted.

Two things:

  1. I have a M3D and I was wondering if it is big enough to print this?
  2. Is it strong enough I am worried my Bass and Guitar will fall because the holder snapped?
Comments deleted.

Really like this print. I think It would function even better as a two piece project. The part that mounts to the wall printed so that the grain is parallel and and the hook printed to that it interlocks and the grain is perpendicular to the wall. This would give it strength across both stress axes.

very strong design, also support fat ass bass guitar ;)

the only problem is it is a lot weaker if you print it like it is positioned in the download file just because of the way the layers are formed. It would be best if it could be printed horizontally but that requires too much support material.

I am new to 3d printing I "think" I have my machine setup right (Folgertech 2020 i3). Trying to print this in ABS has failed 3 times keeps curling away from the bed on the square corners of the back plate. Print head temp 235C bed is at 100C using hair spray on glass bed the part that doesn't curl is stuck like crazy until bed cools. The printer is in a box to block drafts. I am trying in PLA now. I know all printers and filament are different but can you tell me what you used to print these head and bed temp as a starting point and what you use as stickum on your bed.

I really think you should start to print something simpler to get everything calibrated before you try to print something complex.
patience my friend.. patience...... 3D printing need a lot of it :-)
google->read->trial and error->learn->->->enjoy :-)

Thanks for the links and that imgtfy thing was cool haven't seen that before.
This is the first ABS part with a big flat base I have tried.
I printed it in PLA with 75% infill and it seems plenty strong.
I may try again using some kinda ABS juice sounds like that's the way to go.

Thanks for sharing BTW the person who the gift was for loved it.

Yes.. i use ABS juice too and it works almost always. only warping on very long parts with looong straight lines. thats the drawback of ABS.. I only print in ABS because ...well.. i like it :D

Glad your friend liked the gift. :-)

People that say 3D printers can not be used to make really usable things lack innovative intelligence and have poorly developed and trained imagination "muscle" and... we have to kindly help them out of their misery :-) :D

Very nice design! And the pick shelf is a great idea. Is it possible to get the SolidWorks file (from the pictures I think it was done in SW)? It´s just in case I need to separate the guitar a little bit more from the wall.

Thank you. Glad you like the design.
Those changes you describe is very easy to do on the STL in for example Blender.

Awesome! Your model has been selected as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Will it print well in PLA?

I have printed a couple of these now using PLA and they come out excellent. I will have to note that PLA is not as soft as ABS so be careful as it may potentially mar the guitar.

I have just printed one in ABS and can't wait to give it a go.

Hi this is an assume print and looks lovely.
However my in my experience (I have tried 3 times now with PLA), I have found that any slight flaws in the print causes one of the arms to snap under load. As its printed on its base once on the wall the layers for the arms end up being vertical so it only takes one layer imperfection to mean that an arm breaks off.

For info I printed with 4 & 5 shells layers, 80 % infill honeycomb on a medium quality print with good quality PLA.

I haven't tried it with ABS.

I don't know what you mean about "assume print" but i guess PLA can be a bit to crispy for this use. Specially if your printer is extruding spot on or maybe a little under-extruding(to make parts as pretty as possible?)
If I where you I would try to adjust up the extrusion multiplier a little to ensure VERY good layer adhesion to see if that makes the part strong enough even though the part might not come out as pretty as PLA can be then.
I have not tried to print this in PLA yet because... I print 99% ABS and... of those 2... I think ABS is the best(most sane) choice for this kind of part/use :-)

I use this guitar holder for all 7 guitars in this house, all in ABS (with 80% infill, 3 shells I think) and never have any of them been destroyed.

Printed out one of these on a Uprint. Looks great! Can't wait to install it tonight!

Please post pictures when you are done :-)