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by Gyrobot Feb 7, 2013
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How did you model it? Ive been wanting to model a mini strandbeest for some time, but i do not know the shapes, dimensions and ratios necessary to do so

Printed this one with the oversized crank mod. Legs work amazing but the planetary fan module doesnt' work so well...

really struggling with assembly. Especially with crank shaft, arm and adapter... am I missing the instructions? (the stls arent helping me on those...)

Amazing model, mine manged to move but one problem is the legs tend to fold inwards, whats the problem?

Impossible to make, just a waste of my pla. The connections should have been optimized for 3d printing.

Not impossible to make, I designed this for me and my printers which are very accurate, well calibrated and don't over extrude. If I increase the tolerances any more between the parts then then it becomes too wobbly. Sorry about your PLA waste.

Yes i thing i over extruded, but the connections could have been different, something like a nut/bolt.

The connections ware to tight so i cut and sanded them but now some are to lose or still to tight, i just couldn't get something it in between.

And besides that, i started printing the parts from the list from bottom up, until i came to the second last one to print, which included all the parts i printed before!!! Maybe you could make these instructions a bit clearer. I didn't see the 'Full Bill of Materials (separate stls included):' which was in the list.

OK, in the instructions it states :
Printing instructions :
1 x PLATE_LEG_SECTION.stl rinse and repeat for however many legs you want to fit onto this beast (3,6,9,12 etc).

So this works without a motor? How long can this thing move with one good spin?

We are doing it as a project a WNA, but we have trouble with the PINs, they just don't fit! Any suggestion?

In my first run the pins didn't fit... then realised there was some over-extrusion on the first layer. Fixed that and they fit perfectly.

Can i use PLA to build this?

That's what I used, but don't over extrude otherwise parts can be tight.

Amazing, very cool, thanks for sharing!

So I don't know how fine your printer is, but this model won't work on a 50 micron limit printer.

why does it move so slow? i have seen faster wind powered ones. can u make it move any faster?

this is so cool! I want to print this for a project. Do you think if I didn't include the fan part, the mechanism would walk on its own if i put it on a conveyor belt?

Hi there, a good friend of mine at work wants me to prints this for him.
He is very excited.
I do not have a makerbot yet so your unified file is useless to me, could I trouble you and ask if you could plate all the pieces which I suspect you have in your stp file.
Ihave a big machine so I promise that we will make it as big as possible and post photos here when done if you help us.
Much appreciated.

Thanking you in advance Hugo & Oswald

Hi, have you checked the downloads? The plates are available already. There is a print once plate and then a plate that you print out for each leg section you want to build. Then there are separate files for each piece in case you want to make spares/replacements.

oh you are right, I apologise!
We will start printing it today. thankyou for publishing it here.

I was wondering if it would be possible to print the assembly and wash a support away and have a working model. We just went from a makerbot to a uPrint SE Plus and would love to test it out with this assembly! That would eliminate need for assembly... Thoughts?

Wow, I would doubt it, due to the clearances involved within some of the parts, but please prove me wrong, I would love to see it work.

Ill find out in about 23 hours of printing and a day of part washing!

hi, did you do the print already and does it work ?

Hello again! Again, this is amazing, it's working now with a fan and a hair dryer. I guess that soon the joints will run smoother. Do you think it would be possible to have a more efficient fan? What about something like this: https://www.shapeways.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/3D-Printed-Strandbeest-Wind-Powered.jpg ?

Well I had lots of fun building a 12-legged one, but I need like an F5 tornado to make it walk! I used ABS, worked all the holes and joints so that they are not tight and used Singer oil. Tomorrow I'll try to publish it so you can see it. Thanks once more!

Amazing design, thanks for sharing! What should I use the FAN_SUPPORT.stl for? I can't find it on the instructions. Thanks again!

Whoops my fault, it was a part from a legacy version. Sorry, I have now deleted, please ignore.

Awesome design, but I've had a few problems getting it walking, the pins were super tight, my fingers still hurt haha, so I resized the width, which helped greatly and freed up the leg articulation, but now the hex end of the crank shaft adapter is rounding off really easily, after one turn. Going to make a design change to that to see if i can make a more solid connection. Printing with PLA.

I think I can scale it though

How big is the entire Plate_leg_section.stl

The Plate_leg_section.stl is 137.02mm x 115.93mm x 26mm

I can fit that on my printer with a little bit of scaling because mine is a 10cm x10cm x 10cm

You can of course print the parts separately without scaling on a 10cm x 10cm x 10cm bed.

how big are the biggest parts(excluding the fan)? I have a relatively small 3d printer

The fan is the largest part by far, I would say the next largest is about 70mm long by about 20mm wide.

Ok. That will fit on my printer.

Printing extremely well for me at .8 infill. .2 layer height.

The entire plate and the towers are near perfect. Nice job!
Now lets get that hamster wheel powered. :)

I have seen a hamster wheel powered version of a similar mechanism

currently attempting to print this. the towers on some of the pieces seem to end up brittle and breaking off. i thought it might have been temperature causing bad layer adhesion, but i'm doing 190 with PLA. Going to tinker with the print speeds and see if it helps. can't wait to see it in action. Doing 0.25 mm layer height, 0.2 infill, 25 mm/s perimeter, and 40 mm/s fill

I print 205deg PLA. If you are having trouble with layer delamination, try squeezing some "supaglew" around the base of the towers and leave to go hard, this should make the taller towers a little tougher. I also printed the taller parts several at a time to allow the PLA to go hard between each layer otherwise it goes a bit "mushy" near the top as the heat builds up from the nozzle.

I print 200 pla

I love these walking machines ( i have a dream of someday making one that can carry me around)

Ever tested the feasibility of having the leg assemblies print pre-assembled?

That is entirely possible with what I have learned since starting my 3D printing adventure. I will think about making it a derivative, because I there is still much fun to be had with the assembly process of of a Brabeast kit.

Assembly was way too difficult. The weak point is the pair of parts that are the cranks. A little tiny hole holds them together. Too bad.

See new edits for increased crank and hexagonal hole diameters. Hope this works for you, let me know?
Cheer, Steve.

Hi, thank you for the feedback, I did worry about this connection, but it has been robust on my model therefor I uploaded the design. Let me increase the size of the hexagonal hole and key. The instructions mention souperglew to keep these together, have you tried this option? I agree assembly is tricky and fiddy but in my view that's part of the model making challenge. Thanks, Steve

Amazing design, since ordering my 3d printer 18mths ago I have always planned on printing a Strandbeest.... However for me this model was Infuriatingly difficult (impossible) to assemble! I wanted this to thing to work so badly, but I have spent days printing all the parts (ABS at .1mm layers on Solidoodle2 with tweaks) and assembling each leg section (using my replacement leg pins which work a treat) only to find I cannot for the life of me get the hex bits that make up the camshaft to join reliably. I have spent hours trying to squeeze them on and the best I got were two connected (ish) before they fell apart while trying to connect the next one. (I am printing the 'plate leg section' using the new 'improved' design). I tried using PLA but the results were 10x worse (my printer isnt really tuned for PLA). I might come back to it and try a drop of super-glue on each hex join, but for now it's going on the backburner as it's annoying me too much. :)

I just uploaded a new version of the leg section with oversized cranks. --> http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:207351http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
seems to work quite well, as I too had trouble with the original design. Hope it works for you as well.

Brabeast - oversized crank leg section

A VERY fun build and a good result. GREAT JOB!!! Thank you!
To really see it walk it will need a large drive gear to get the needed torque as well as an overhead gantry for a propulsion device.

I have the fan drive now working with a super high ratio in line planetary gearbox fitted. This will be uploaded in the next few days. Watch this space. Do you have any pictures?

Fantastic, thank you! This will be my next build. Has this model been successfully printed out using PLA?

It certainly does work in PLA see photos, however I have a sneaky suspicion that individuals printer calibration will decide whether the mechanisms are sloppy or tight. So I expect a raft of complaints as other printers may have problems. If its too tight, scale the pins down a tad.

wheres the windmill attachment?

It's in design, I have prototyped one version which sort of worked but it needed better gearing. I have now moved onto another version. Watch this space.

Is that a rendering superimposed onto the build platform?

Quite right Comrade. I render my models in CATIA with a photo of my build platform behind. Brings a splash of green to the Thingiverse sea of blue.

Tried printing it but it has problems:-2 x OUTER LINK (YELLOW) only has one in the PLATE_PRINT_ONCE.stl
2 x OUTER LINK (YELLOW) and 2 x LEG (MAGENTA) in PLATE_PRINT_ONCE.stl have holes much to small to fit the pins, the holes appear to be sized to fit the 1 x BEAM (DARK GREEN) shafts.


Thank you, I have added an extra OUTER LINK (YELLOW) into the PLATE_LEG_SECTION.stl

I have increased the hole diameter in the LEG (MAGENTA). This was my fault, after I had printed out my first leg section, I thought the pins may be a little small and fiddly for some to print, therefore I increased the pin diameter and all the holes, so I thought, oops!!!!

However I believe the hole diameters in the OUTER LINK (YELLOW) to be correct, is it assembled the correct way round, The diameters should be 6mm with a diameter 7 countersink on one side?

Many thanks for letting my know your issues, overtime I'm sure these teething problems be fixed.

Thanks for the update. Tried printing PLATE_PRINT_ONCE.stl again, only one problem left. One of its yellow outer links is correct the other has very small holes. The OUTER_LINK.stl is correct.

Hi Lenn, I am now at a loss, I can only think it is a slicing problem, are you using Skeinforge? Check out new image toolpath.png, that's how things look and print off using Repetier and Skeinforge. I know that's no consolation and I'd be interested if others have a similar problem (or not)? Feel free Lenn to email any images of use to steve.wood at http://gyrobot.co.ukgyrobot.co.uk

Thanks for doing this! It's been on my to-do list for quite a while. My MB is still down though for repairs. I'll print it soon though!