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AMGP (Adapto Modular Guitar Pro) 3D Printable Guitar

by RoyToreHofstad Sep 27, 2014
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Hi! I just loved your project! I really want to print me one, but some files are too big for my printer... is there any chance of you to split that parts ? or, even better, to share the CAD (123, fusion...) so I can cut it myself ??
thanks a lot!!!

Glad you like it!
It is possible to cut the STLfile as is with propper software.
For tasks like this I use Nettfab Basic and it cuts and repairs STLs like a dream.

"Modular to play at rock concert in the church and in the moon"

Hi, this may be a stupid question but can I use this with an electric bass? I've bought an old bass and I would like to use this, would that work and if not what modifications would I need to make?


For a bass I would definitely go with a solid wood main body. 3D printed screw on dovetail rails to it and 3D printed the outer bodies for it.
This will require so many modifications that you may be better of with just draw it all from scratch and that way also customize it to fit all your hardware and vitamins like the bridge, neck, pickups, electronics and whatnot. (and your dreams ;-) )

Glad you liked the idea and please let me/us know how it goes :-)

Good luck!

Any word on that V2 you mentioned below? I'm getting a used, scratched to hell guitar to learn to play, and I'm looking to replace the body with this. I just want to know if I should hold off for an updated design.

In any case, this design is beautiful, and thanks for sharing it.

Yeah.. the V2..
I have been just pushing that project in front of me in favor of other .. stuff so.. don`t expect the AMGP V2 any day soon.. sorry.

Thanks for the reply.

As far as I'm concerned, you're putting this out to the world for free, so you can work on it when you're good and ready. No apology needed.


I was wondering if the material is strong enough under string tension of 10 gauge string? Do you use anything specific or just run of the mill resins for printing the guitar? Thanks so much for the help.


I printed it in ABS and as you can see in thingview the main body have channels for inserting steel rods. I recommend using them.

When it comes to 10 gauge strings... i don't know.. I have only tried with 9s an that was.. well.. OK... also depends on how well you make the neck and how tight and stiff you get the neck-body joint :-)

This is awesome. A little bitter sweet because I have been working diligently on designing the same thing and yours is...better haha. I have a few questions though.

1) Is there a reason that your design allows for the upper 8mm rod to extend all the way down to the tremolo spring holder? In your photo it appears that you cut the rod off at the first cavity on the back side. Is there a benefit to going shorter or longer on that rod?

2) How have you dealt with attaching the output jack to the main body? I don't see a part that would allow me to attach the jack. It looks like it would just be floating in the cylindrical cavity beneath the pots. It might help if you upload a picture of the bottom of your guitar. (Bottom being the opposite the neck, not the back side.)

3) What are the specs of the bolts/nuts you used to attach the tremolo spring holder to the main body?

I also have a suggestion to make the output jack more accessible. Mount a permanent male jack to the bottom of the main body then mount a female to female jack on each outer body. Mounting the female to female jacks such that one is cleanly placed on the outer edge of the outside body. Then mounting the other female end such that it aligns to the permanent male jack on the main body. This would allow you to switch bodies easily and have a custom, easily accessible, output location for each one.

It have never been any issue connecting the jack really. I find it easy so.. I dont think i will change it.

and to be honest.. I'`m not able to take any more pictures of it now because. I have used the "vitamins" and neck for V2 :-) and it have dovetail joint for more stable attachment of the outer body and 10mm stainless steel rods inside for more stiffness :D
I have not published the files for V2 yet but.. they will come.. some day :) maybe for both with and without tremolo bridge :-)

That new version looks pretty slick. I'll have to check it out if you upload it to thingy or to the github page. I have the parts ordered to implement the universal body jack idea I mentioned. Once I get it complete I'll upload pics. Do you mind taking a crack at answering my questions #1 and #3? I'm sure I can just take the pieces to the hardware store and get whatever bolts fit the tremolo spring holder and main body, but it would certainly save me time if you knew offhand.


well.. as you can see
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21839627/rod.jpg (used thingivew on thingiverse to rotate :-) )
the rod extends op to the tremolo spring cavity but not into. I think longer is better on that one for as stiff as possible body.

I used M4 bolts for the tremolo spring holder. It was of the kind that is to be used on door locks. the kind that can be easily cut to length if you know what i mean. http://ebay.upvcspareparts.co.uk/images/dimensions/1414-1415-1416-1658-1659-upvc-door-handle-spindles-screws-sleeves-shims-spare-replacement-parts-dimensions-2.jpg
But i would recommend using ordinary M4 or equivalent because those i used did not handle the tension very well. If i was about to do it again i would just get some M4 or M5 threaded rods with nuts and washers to do that job.

Perfect! I'll run out to the store tomorrow and snag some threaded rods. I am printing the upper part of the main body now. I had to pull out your neck cavity and put my own in the model. The neck I have is a half dozen mm too wide for your design. I also filled in the top cavity where the pickups go. Then dropped in a template I made of my Seymour Duncan humbuckers. That way I don't need a pick-guard. I can just bolt pickup rings right to the main body. Thanks again!! I'm very excited.

Sweet Model! Where do you reccomend I go to purchase the neccessary pieces to complete this guitar (neck.. etc) also if possible could you list the primary components needed to complete this guitar

well... it depends on your budget.
Personally i just bought a cheap donor guitar for about $50. Used the neck, whammy bridge and stuff from that.
Then i bought some cheap electronics from aliexpress. Like for example http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-New-Loaded-Pickups-Pickguard-Assembly-Strat-For-Guitar-White/1797775980.html?spm=2114.01020208.3.256.2p7CRf&ws_ab_test=201407_2,201444_6_3_2_1_5_4,201409_4

so.. it is all up to what you are willing to pay for....and what sound you are after...

can you make a youtube vid hsowing how you put it together?

I know this comment is kind of old, but I'll have all the parts ready to assemble in a week or 2. I'll make a tutorial video if anyone is interested.

how do you mean?
From 3d printer to working guitar or...how i change/mount the outer body to the main body?

From 3d printer to working guitar

oh.. o.. wow.. That means i have to print and build one more guitar
and .. I don`t think that is going to happen anytime soon. Sorry :-)

how much filament dose it take to print it because i want to make one but i don't have a 3d printer so i need to use one from ether a store or a friends

If you for example only print the "Main_Body_Blank_Screw_Fixed_Bridge" and the "Outer_Body_Model_STD_Grid" with 2 perimeters it will consume about 1.8kg with 50% infill but only 1080 ish with 20% infill. (calculated in Siplify3D)
Don't recommend going any lower than 25% on the main body. 10-15% on the outer bodies is usually enough if you print them on a fairly good printer.

Must have a huge print-bed

no.. I have a 200x240mm print bed.
I used NetFabb to cut the models to fit my bed and then i glued the parts together after printing.(printed in ABS and glued together with ABS juice made of ABS dissolved in Acetone)
For axample the flying V was printed in 12 parts. first split in half horizontally and the lower half was plipped 180 degrees to avvoid support material then i cut thos 2 parts in 6 so.. a total of 12 parts.
The main body i printed in 2 parts standing. to create as little support as possible.

could you please do a LES PAUL style for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA.. Well.. I wish I could...

I don`t have any Les Paul at home for reference and... i have done some testing and if I should do a Les Paul style body it would require a total redesign of the main body to afaik..

Might do one ... some day if no one else does it b 4 me then :D

If you ship me a Gibson Les Paul i would do it right away!!!!! :D

Any ideas for a lefty guitar player?

how about just mirroring the STLs in for example netfab? :-)

lol I was thinking that but had to be sure

I just added STL (and pic) for another PickGuard.

It is If you want the ROCK setup with 1x single coil and 1x humbucker, 1 x volum + selector switch.
And i added a AMGP logo and hearts on this.
(The STL is without my name on it :-) )

Great job! We will be featuring this as a Thing of the Week on the 3D Printing Today podcast; threedprintingtoday.libsyn.com

Comments deleted.

Thanks! Glad yo like it.

as a thing of the week on your podcast, that is so awesome, thanks :-)

This is awesome. Exactly what I have been looking for.

I'm going to make another body style, hopefully I can get it done by tonight. When I get my USBTinyISP I'll print this up! Thanks for the awesome design!

I`m very glad you liked the idea and design.

Please post your outer body design when you are finished and if you do any changes. It is the very first edition and guaranteed(i guess) room for improvements.

If there is anything I can do for you just let me know.

I decided not to rush it, I'm still deciding what kind of body to make. Hopefully it'll be interesting.

I just have a question, have you tried your design with a guitar with a whammy? I have one on mine and am not sure what the result will be, there's a lot of force on it. Luckily I am printing the main body in one piece so hopefully that adds some support.

Yes. The one i printed is with a whammy bridge and springs on the back.

I printed the main body ( http://www.thingiverse.com/download:794592) that one is designed for whammy bridge.
And i printed it with only 10% infill.
You are right that it need more support so as you can see in the instructions i have canals inside the main body that fits 8mm (I think you can even squeeze 9mm in there) rods inside. 4 that you insert from the bridge side before you install the whammy bridge and one rod from the neck side that goes under the neck bracket. for extra support you can insert a 20mm tube behind the jack plug too.
For strings i would recommend soft or medium soft type. I used soft strings and it worked out great.

There is also 2 other main body STLs there. The other one that is made for whammy bridge (see file names) is without holes for the bridge so people can add the holes them self to fit their bridges. My donor guitar had only 4 holes in the bridge and I think that is not seen a lot.(my donor guitar is some strange brand made probably back in the seventies or something)
The last Main body STL is for guitar without a whammy bridge and also without pre-made screw holes.

I have now added a picture taken from the back of the guitar so you can see the whammy springs and rods :-)

great idea! love the design

Very nice design. I like the hot-swappable style bodies.
What printer did you do these on? Looks like it needs very large bed. Or did you cut the bodies up?

Thanks, glad you liked it.

I printed it on a RapRap Adapto http://reprap.org/wiki/Adapto 3D printer.
And yes i did cut the parts up.
I printed the main body in 2 parts and standing as the Adapto have a 280mm Z travel.like this https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21839627/MainBodySplittedStanding.jpg
The outer bodies The flying crotch and the STD grid models i printed in 12 parts (the AC model in 8 parts) this to make the parts print without support and because the bodies have fillet edges on both sides.
As for example the ArmChair model i split the entire model in half on the center of the inner groove as you can see here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21839627/How_I_cut_the_AC_model.jpg to avoid support and make the fillets print nice
To cut the models i used NetFabb basic http://www.netfabb.com/downloadcenter.php?basic=1 and to flip the parts that needed flipping i used Blender. http://www.blender.org/
I printed all the parts in ABS and used ABS juice( ABS dissolved in acetone) to glue the parts together.

Hey Roy,

I'm very impressed with the work you've putted into this project this far !

As far I understand, you build the module with neck and humbuckers yourself too, isn't it? I was searching for cheap guitars with the same layout, but couldn't find anything similar to your main body part + neck.
I've a tiny 3D printer, the Snapmaker with a 125x125 bed so I've to move to 3Dhubs to print some parts, but I really like the idea of a modular guitar.. and the Somnium guitars are out of ranch, budgetwise.. :D