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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Groot Bust Sculpture

by Doodle_Monkey Sep 27, 2014
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Bonjour et merci pour ce fichier, l'impression est vraiment très belle. De très belles finitions, tous les détails y sont. Encore bravo

Hi, used Meshmixer to add a "head cup". Printing it now to test
Aug 28, 2019
Printed great, present was received with glee.

Your Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

Comments deleted.

Awesome work! And it printed beautifully on my FFCP.

You are definetly the Zbrush Master, thank you very much for sharing your work!

Thanks for the model. I just cast it out of aluminum. I made a video of the process if you are interested: https://youtu.be/iMiteEvEQc0

What is the type of colours used , please?

Excellent job, I love it !

great print. Thanks so much for this one!

Just printed this GROOT model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Next time I will probably use supports, as the chin area did not come out perfect.

Thanks for a great model!

Would it be possible to fill it inside? Is there any software doing that?

Hi I would like to know if it is okay to advertise a unit (acetone vapour box) I made, were I smooth out the abs parts I liked, and show the people all over the world about this amazing unit I designed. With this grootbust smooth out shinny and smooth in the background of my unit is this okay to do I would like permission?

Just a heads up that your model is being sold on eBay, Etsy and Amazon by the same individual who was selling my models without permission. I've submitted complaints to both websites and I suggest you do the same. So far I've been unable to verify any sort of true identity, but via private messages, he claims to be an Afghani vet who was given STL files by 'an army buddy who committed suicide a week ago'.


I'm highly suspicious of his claims and doing what I can to go through the proper channels to resolve this. It's my understanding that he went through a large portion of his listings (at least on eBay) and updated their description by including the name of the designer, however, your CC prohbits the sale regardless.

Fuck off and stop worrying about it

When people start selling your designs without your permission, then perhaps your opinion will matter. Seeing as how this design isn't yours, nor do you have any actual designs to share, please refrain from disparaging others.

On a site like Thingiverse I would never ever post anything I do not expect to be used by anyone for any purpose. This is not a commercial website and licensing should not exist. I do believe the original designer obviously deserves recognition, but once it is posted it should be free for use by anyone for anything.

Please educate yourself on the difference between public domain and publicly accessible. The Louvre is not a commercial enterprise either, but publicly displaying works of art doesn't give thieves the right to steal pieces that it houses. The Creative Commons exists to protect artists and their works in the digital age and by suggesting that anyone should be free to use their work any way they see fit is disrespectful to the artist.

If someone snagged a picture of you from a social media profile and used it on billboards for herpes medication, without your permission and without paying you, you'd be okay with it?

If I uploaded a picture of myself to a site meant for the download ans sharing of stock photos, yes... Or else I wouldn't have posted it on a website like that... Also, how the fuck do you license something that is the intellectual property of Marvel? Please explain that shit to me. I can't go draw up a Mickey Mouse comic and claim that is 100% original creation. My opinion is that once you post something on a website like this the only license you should have is attribution. Go ahead and try suing someone for selling some of the models online. You'll lose so much more in fees than its ever worth. The same reason that companies like Apple void your warranty if you tamper with your device. They can't do it legally, but no consumer is going to waste thousands of dollars trying to force Apple to fix a one hundred dollar part.

I'd like to help you understand this from the point of an artist. Groot is obviously a trademarked character, but this model is an artist's rendition of the character and protected under Fair Rights Usage. It's an interpretation. The artist didn't steal it, they sculpted it. More importantly though, the artist isn't selling it himself. In fact, the artist is specifically forbidding the sale of the item by way of the Creative Commons license. Please, I encourage you to read the details and legality of Creative Commons sharing and how it applies to the creative community, including those in the 3D printing community.

You reference stock photography sites, where photographer do, in fact, share their photos for use elsewhere. However, those sites work under the same licensing practices. Some are royalty based, some are flat rate purchases or time period permissions, but all of them protect their work. Unlike, say Shutterstock or Corbis, 3D printing doesn't have the luxury of using watermarks to protect their intellectual properties.

I invite you to read up on the subject. Techcrunch published an excellent article on the topic last year: https://techcrunch.com/2016/02/23/3d-printing-company-scrapes-thingiverse-and-begins-selling-free-designs/

They were then sued by the eBay seller claiming defamation and loss of millions because of the piece and won. There's no question that this subject is a hotly debated one.

On a more personal note, I have a hard time understanding how you got so heated on this topic considering this isn't your design and you have none of your own. Are you, in fact, an eBay seller downloading STLs and selling prints online and therefore defending the theft? I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone in this community otherwise that share your opinion.

omfg people mind your own damn business.

I don't care about your point of view as an artist. This model is not a commentary, criticism, or parody and does not fall under fair use it falls under a breach of Marvel's IP LOL. I understand how it applies and choose not to care. Actually you can watermark your model, emboss or embed your name on it, I'm fine with that. Just like photos, it can be removed but it takes skills most do not have. Go for it. I understand the subject fine and again choose to not agree nor agree to abide by your "licence".

I also do not consider the taking of readily available and harmlessly replicated data theft. I can assure you many people agree with me. Don't want your model used for things you don't want it used for? Don't post it. Simple as that.

I do not currently have the skills to create detailed and advanced 3D models, but will most likely in the future due to my major. If I work for a company and make 3D models, for damn sure they won't be posting their shit on Thingiverse then cry when someone tries to use it for their own purposes.

Wow I know this is super late to the party, but you're awfully defensive, you're probably the guy selling the groots on ebay.

omfg people mind your own damn business.

Way to bring something to the conversation, maybe you should mind your own damn business as well.

Eat a bag of dicks.

I have no idea how to edit meshes, but if someone could hollow out his head and make this into a planter, I would be over the moon with happiness

There is a baby groot planter out here already. I've printed it in varying sizes.

Could you please link it to me? Much appreciated

I can't find it any longer. I have the file on my computer. I can send it to you if you want.

That would be fantastic!

How do I get it to you?

My email is maria39866@yahoo.com

What Cura settings should I use? just wondering so that I can get the best quality

Comments deleted.

Same here, great printout except a defect at the chin.

The biggest file I printed to date and it came out beautiful.

Wonderful thank you

What's the different between the 2 files? thanks

Shot for the awesome design. Been using it to test print (50% size) all the new filament that I have gotten as well as figuring out my new printer. Going to do it full scale in the next day or 2 in Colorfabb Copperfill when I get my Dremel tool.

I agree with Kingkuul. You should do a full body Groot, perhaps with Rocket on his shoulder.

Thank you for this design
i actually used your design to make a mold and figure out of a fusion of resin and aluminum oxide.
Makes for a great paperweight https://www.etsy.com/listing/268632392/groot?ref=pr_shop

Thank you for this design.

My timelapse for you :-D https://youtu.be/H5B2gizHUHg
Have fun.

Greeting from germany

That is an incredible timelapse! What software did you use to capture that?

Comments deleted.

I think you're right Dave. Identical mesh (in every way) and also upload months before this one. Well spotted.

Our differences have been settled. Even though the models are very similar, it doesn't mean he didn't make it. It's all good.

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Thank God we all have you around to make sure everything's on the up and up. Thank you officer. May I leave this conversation now?

Comments deleted.

You quite literally started this whole thing with an inflammatory comment. Where did you expect it to go? Snark is expected.

can you make a full body groot ive been looking for one but all could find is baby groot or dancing baby groot but I want full body groot

can it be used for three dimensional printing

Yes, this model has been printed many times on 3D printers. I have printed many myself :)

Comments deleted.

What printer do you use? Im plannning to buy one soon and Im seatching for good quality

Sorry for the late reply. I am using my friends Replicator 2 (mine broke down). I think there are a lot of really good 3D printers out there now. I'm thinking about getting another one. Other than the Replicator which I think is too expensive, the printers I am looking at are the Ultimaker 2, Lulzbot Taz 4, and the Printerbot Simple Metal. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I also purchased a piece of software that allows A LOT of control over many aspects of printing that many of the printing softwares don't give you. It is called Simplify3D. It allowed me to print my Workerbot with no problem:


As you can see, the arms are very delicate and the software allowed me to dictate the strength, in a sense, of the support structure so I could very easily separate it from the arms and preserve the detail.

I hope this helps :)


Been looking at Simplify3d but stayed off it since they don't have any trial version

Consider kisslicer - you can try it out, use it for most stuff, one extruder at a time, you need to upgrade to pro to shift between extruders in a siungle print, but I have had amazing results with it.

The ZYYX 3D printer is a new printer that works great! :-)
It's up there with the Ultimaker 2 etc

Check out nicks review, he does a very thorough job.


Wow, I just looked at your link quickly and this printer looks good. I really like the fume filter. I think I'll look into this further, but I'm concerned that it looks like it's just distributed in Europe :(

I'm also very interested in Type A Machines - Series 1 3D Printer recently as well.

We ship printers across the globe so don't worry :-)

You can order via our web-shop :-)

This is the biggest print I've seen so far. I wish I could print it, but my printer broke.

Without supports and without infill. PLA 0.2

Time Lapse

Very Nice print/video Datmos!

Great looking model DMonkey.

Really nice video documentation. Thank you for going through the trouble to post it on the web. The print turned out great!

I made him with no support or infill and used fine_nosupport configuration and printed in abs

Great re-work of an existing model. :( nice credit.

Thank you so much and thank you Guardians of The Galaxy.

Comments deleted.

Is it okay, if i upload a video on youtube, how i printed this model? :)
(non profit)

Yes!!! Absolutely. Make sure to put the link as a reply to this comment! I'd like to see it myself!

Woah man amazing thank you for a great model. any tips for getting started with zbrush or similar?

heres mine:


Groot Bust Sculpture
by vk3fogg

Thanks for the compliment :)
There are many sculpting type programs to explore
I've dabbled with Mubox, Sculptris, and Zbrush. Sculptris is free with limited tools. Mubox is ok but certainly not as good as Zbrush. I would go full speed into Zbrush if I were you. It's a daunting program with lots of options and settings and a lot of the terminology and workflow is counterintuitive compared to the workflows to other 3D programs. It will be ok. Just dig in and watch tons of tutorials on YouTube or better yet get a subscription to Digital Tutorials. I did a lot of hitting my head against the wall but that's the best way for me to learn new programs!

Thanks for this, after watching the movie with friends this going to surprise them after see printed model.

You are welcome! Yeah this model is pretty detailed and should come out pretty good. The bigger the better. I was going to print the largest possible on my Replicator 2 and then the motor that fed the PLA burned out. I just ordered a new one. So that's on the back burner for a while... Please post your result!! I am curious to see how it comes out!

Did you make this with support?

The image above is a rendering. I'm not sure if you were referring to it. I've printed it on my Replicator 2 and yes, it does need support, but it will only need a little bit under the chin. The bigger the print, the more detail you will get. There is little to no clean up involved. I've also printed it using an Objet from where I work (you can see the printed one on the right in primer gray). That style printer suspends the object in a gel that you use a high pressure washer to just spray off. It retains a ton of detail at smaller scales.

I see, I'm about to try it at 150% scale on my Da Vinci printer. I wonder if it can hold at 0% infill.

Hold on a few minutes. I made a version with a shell which might help. It's hollow with an open bottom.

Ok, I've uploaded a version with a relatively thick shell. I guess the idea would be that you can have a really small infill enough to hold the shell together, but because the head isn't tracing along the entire surface area of the slice it should print quicker? I don't know, but I haven't had time to test that. Anyways, this might help if that was the concern about infill :)

0% infill is risky... the top of the head might be the only trouble spot. Let me know what happens!! :)

Thanks! I'll post the results later.

This is just too awesome to not have!

Thanks. I'm printing one at high resolution about 4" high on an OBJET. I can't wait to see the result!