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The Endeavor

by MakerBot Jun 7, 2016
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i just finished printing the bow and stern without supports on cura, turned out great!

When I run this through in Cura it tells me there are supports out the wazoo! Are you guys really pritning it without them?

Also, is there any way to cut it in half? I want to mount it on my wall in profile, but I'm clueless as to how to do that. THANK YOU!

A Chinese website has copy/pasted you guys' design as his/her own


For the people having issues printing the stern or you slicer is not recognizing some mesh surfaces as closed, use Autodesk NetFabb to repair the .stl. Then export the file as a new .stl and re-slice with your slicer. Worked great for me.

That's a wonderful model.Iprinted It about 3 days. That's great!

First of all, thanks for a really amazing and detailed model.

I had 3 failures trying to print the stern.
The 3 ropes on the port (left)/stern (rear) side... well, the printer only tried to print the rearmost rope.
It passed over the other ropes and continued printing the rest of the layer.

I used slic3r and a Prusa i3 MK2 and Hatchbox wood filament (yaknow, cuz wood).

I might try Cura next, or maybe buy Simplify3D.

Cura is better! I printed it by Cura.

I bough simplify3D today. I printed the stern and it came out great!
This is the most impressive model I've printed yet.

Thanks again.

Will this model float? I want to play with it in my bathtub .

Slicer problems

I've been running this build through several different Slicers (Slic3r, skeinforge, ffslicer)

It appears when preparing to print, there are large gaps in the build once it's done slicing.

Any ideas of what I can do to make this work?

Look great.
Children might like them?

sales01@rpimoulding.com Vicky

Its a really great ship, y really love to print my own i am from Mexico its available for me ?

This is great. Please bring on more with a focus on the privateers along the eastern US. please.

I'm about to finish mine. Had trouble with the sails on the boat drooping a bit so I had to reprint with support. Looks better now. Will post pix when glued.

Also thinking about enlarging it 2x as it being larger, all the issues would be "gone".

What color filament did you use?

Just generic Brown ABS filament that I got off eBay for $12/1kg roll. Same goes for the White. Make for an inexpensive model and if I mess up, I can redo with no financial worries.

This ship printed with raft at 20% infill comes out to $2.35 usd as calculated by Simplify3D software. Lower infill and no raft would drop it sub $2.00 usd but I highly recommend rafting for the White sails as there is not much at the bottom to keep on the glass by itself.

I use 20% for most models as it creates a fairly solid object. It take a bit longer but well worth it. Resolution is also always set at 0.20 as well. As for print speed, S3D will adjust accordingly, so printing thin tall boom on the sail will automatically slow down so that the ABS can cool and not be a glob of plastic on top of each other, pretty cool software.

I am soo printing it this weekend :D

So, has anyone actually printed this thing?

Tahiti? I hear thats a magical place.

What colors are those filaments?

Just finished printing. 5% fill is too little. I would say 10 or more at least. Especially for the base. I may try again with a higher resolution and fill. It does print reliably with no supports. I used a raft.

What resolution were you printing with?

why 5% is too few? why a raft?

because without enough support from below, some of the horizontal surfaces printed with holes. it was just a couple, so I think 10% infill will be enough to remedy that issue. (at least on the stand, the boat you can get away with 5%)

I used a raft to ensure the sails didn't fall over, and just for safety on the boat, the hull, again, maybe you can get away without the raft, but it only added 10 minutes to the print time.

Any chance of getting the boat as a single piece? The seam is rather obvious and it is not so big as to cause most printers a problem.

If you're running Windows, grab 3D Builder from microsoft. It is a free program and you can do this in about 30 seconds. Drop the two pieces in there, slide them next to each other, click merge.

What colors are those filaments?

I just added filament colors to the post-printing section.

I'd like to know as well.

90% done with the bow. No supports needed.

Prints easily without supports. Just be sure your pieces are oriented correctly. I'd suggest using a raft (if possible), .2 resolution and about a 5% infill. Hope this helps!

A raft eh? No pun intended right? ;)

What colors are those filaments?

I cannot wait to print this one!

Will maker not ever do the seseme street characters in a stl file format?? I would love to pay for them but my printer won't do maker files

Yeah support and infil info would be great!

what about print supports, any need ?

i am a blood relative to captain James Cook

thank you so much for providing this file it means alot to me that i am able to print this out

thank you for sharing with the world how much of a F#(% up my great great great relieve is lol

i have documentation of my blood line just if you are curios

Comments deleted.

Meh i have no worries he was murdered on an island in Hawaii

Hehe fair enough, I suppose he got his in the end. Don't get me wrong, if not for him my great great x8 grandparents never would have gotten on a boat and sailed over here, this boat is pretty significant to all of us here. We live in a (mostly) lucky country.

Another great model. And the real ship was possibly located last month too. Bonus!