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Boneheads: Skull Box w/ Brain - via 3DKitbash.com

by 3DKitbash Sep 26, 2014
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Same (s.b.) with me ... sad .... a bit more material and everything would be strong enough :-(

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Just made this. Great job, though the small piece of plastic the latch hooks onto Broke off before even closing it for the first time. Not the latch itself, but the part on the lid. Otherwise I love it.

What is the tab on the back for? Is it a support of some kind for when the skull is open?

This is incredible! I have never seen working hinges printed in one session! well done.

Hey Hi..!!

Would appreciate if you can share the .STL for the Green elephant, which is seen at the back of your skullbox print...


Hi @kbejoyc That's not a 3DK file so we have no say in it being shared. That's a @MakerBot file that 'I think' is available on their shop.

I've printed this 3x in PLA twice & abs once. No problems except for a little here & there, .2 mm & some supports. Otherwise, awesome and looks great!

really cool love this but could you post a version without the holes

I can't believe I forgot to put this in here O.o
I printed your (very cool) model and made a timelapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVUC1-pqnII&index=22&list=PL_qQ2AlOcBQY2Smlpq5YrG_BbRJGexxR5

I just spotted this! - - - Thanks so much for posting it and we'll share it around.

Is it possible to get the original CAD file for the skull?
Also, what CAD did you make it with?

I made Zombie Dice for my nephew and this would be the ideal case with a few minor edits to reduce the cracks small enough to keep the parts from falling out.

Every time I try importing the STL to sketchup it hangs, and I have 16 GIG of ram.


Fantastic! Printed beautifully at 75%, .2mm and standard settings. Thanks for this!

Can anyone share their settings for this please? I've tried printing it three times. Every one had a piece break loose from the bed, each time a different piece. I've printed a ton of stuff and NEVER had this issue. Even with pieces that start similar.

Tried with a brim. Tried printing slower. Don't get it. Help.

Wow the print is insane! thank you very much!

Just printed this last night on a Makerbot Replicator (5th gen), and it came out great (full scale, .1mm) with one exception - the side hinges are fused, and are permanently stuck out to the side. I've put as much pressure as I thought was doable without breaking the end of the hook off, but they don't want to budge. Any tips for lessening that problem?

[EDIT] Turns out I just needed to be more persuasive, in the form of a small pair of pliers. I think that the bottom of the hinge (where it attached to the raft) did get malformed a little bit. I gentle lever with the pliers and both side hooks are free now. Very cool that these hinged elements can be printed in one piece!

Very impressive. I've also printed your raven skull, which my wife enjoyed. :)

This is brilliant, really great work!

I love this print and I've printed several of them. However, one of the little hooks on my son's just broke. Can we get .STLs for just the hooks for replacement parts?

Thank you for your awesome model!!

@Makerbot Could add my skull items to the 'Skulls' collection that shows on the front page from time to time?

Looks awesome, will try it!

Really awesome video to watch! Thanks so much for taking the time to do that.

This printed perfectly with no supports on a Makerbot 2X.
Exceptionally well thought out and designed thing as far as 3D printing goes. :-)

Hey, excuse me, do you have the link or the stl. file to print the skull with no brain inside? the orange one that you show in the video twice size this one, cheers!!!

Halp! The hinges in mine don't work :*(***

I printed one normal size and it had the hinges like, completely glued to the rest of the model. So i scaled it up and lifted slightly the Z endstop not to have the first layer squashed so much. But they still fused together in some places enough for me to break them when i tried to bend them. What extra things should i tweak? Should i decrease the extrusion multiplier in Slic3r? I am printing on a MendelMax, with Repetier and Slic3r.

Seems like in every1's pictures the hinges look impeccable .... even in the scaled down ones :*(****.

If any1 has experience with printing mobile pieces like this model has, I would really appreciate some insights.

Thanks so much to everyone printing this here silly skull box! It's an amazing feeling to see all the great prints everyone is posting. ...I'm getting all verklempt over here.

Also, thanks a ton for the @MakerBot and @Thingiverse crew for featuring. Was a huge and greatly appreciated boost!

Attempted two now and the one section breaks off the build plate at the same time during the build. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Typically it takes alot of force for me to get anything off the build plate.

It worked at 50% scale for me.

Great to hear! Did you determine what it was that was causing the break?

Hi! What type of material (pla, abs) are you using, and what section continues to break? Just need a little clarity and I'll do all I can to help. :)

Pla. Hard to explain where but it's only about 1/8"-3/16" tall when it breaks and its on the right side toward the front of the machine.

Hmmm. ...I'm thinking that the small stems of skull (located at the forehead) are probably what's messing us as they are the least secure sections, until they join to the fuller sections. ...If that's the case, I suspect that there's an issue with either the printer bed needing to be leveled (to help prevent friction from the printer head), or the PLA is just not adhering to your build plate. ...Those are the items I'd look to first. ...You may also want to contact any of the other folks who've posted their printing results for their tips. ...I've just got a Replicator 2 and starting to test print in PLA now. The Skull Box test I ran while developing was always in ABS, so I'm not nearly as experienced with PLA as some of the Thingiverse community.

I will try today to level the build plate because it must be friction from the printer head because it is very difficult for me to remove pieces normally so I don't think its a sticking issue..Do you think scaling it down would help me get a successful print if leveling doesn't work?

A most excellent skull!

(What is the green pachyderm thing? I'd like one of those)

@FoxyIvy Hi! Thanks so much for printing the Skull Box! - The Elephant in the background is Mr. Snuffleupagus from @MakerBot's Digital Store. https://digitalstore.makerbot.com/sesame-street ... I actually received that print-out of him as a gift from MakerBot at our booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Really is a beautiful sculpt.

I was right! goes to acquire my own Snuffy
Thank you :D

This is very cool. I printed at 120% and everything fits like a glove. If I had the skills I would make the "brain" a container (two hollow pieces that snap together). This would make an ideal gift-box for small items!

Hi Laserman and thanks so much for printing! - I may be able to create some additional items for the inner skull, and a 'brain-box' would be really fun. ...Almost makes it into a babushka doll. :)

Is an amazing model. I can't wait to see how it goes. Perfect for this Halloween season. Greetings from Mexico.

Thanks for the props Pierre! Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio!

this is a fantastic model, mad respect for you.. my only criticism was that the hinges on the sides of the skull were a bit tight and ended up breaking the little tabs on the skull..minor issue... fantastic model otherwise..I will be following

Thanks for the props Scuba! :) ... I am curious what would have happened for the tabs to break or not be sized right after printing. I print at .2mm layers heights. ...Could this have been different in your print? ...And just to be clear: You're saying that after the print completed and you were assembling, it was too tight to fully close/ clamp down. Is that right? ... also, did you print the file at 100% scale? If you go below 100%, the tolerances will become tighter, and maybe more problematic.

Definitely want to create a good experience if I can, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. Also, thanks a ton for printing the skull!

awesome 3d model :) very cool! respect

Thanks! This stuffs fun to make... I like trying to figure out how to have this stuff without supports. :)

Comments deleted.

Thanks Cults! I have some skull charms for your site. Posting them asap!

Comments deleted.

@MakerBot Any chance of a Halloween projects gallery popping up? This print was created for Thingiverse with Halloween in mind... :D!

You are very talented there is no doubt. I would like to see more projects like quin, but also stl files at a lower cost.

Hi @Schmots! Thanks for the props. I'll see what can be done for lower cost. Perhaps pairing things down a bit? - You can imagine, this stuff can be costly to create and test, but we try to be fair and able to survive to the next project. :) Thanks again for the kind words and the reaching out. ~Q