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Jansen Walker - Beta 2

by 4volt Apr 23, 2009
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i don't know why i am having trouble coding it on arduino because whenever i try to upload it, i get a ton of errors!

hi i compared your model to the diagram provided on theo jansen's website... your ratios of the 12 numbers are different from what is on his website... have you changed them on purpose? i am trying to build a strandbeast mechanism but cant seem to get it to run smoothly.... i just want to know if the numbers are correct on the website

Any chance of hearing more about the breadboard circuit?

that would be cool.
thingiverse supports eagle .brd and .sch files too, btw... ;)

The circuit is very simple, it's primarily why I chose to use servos instead of geared motors.

The positive leads on the servos go to the Arduino's regulated +5v, and the negative goes to the ground pin.

The servo's control wires go to the digital pin 2 and 3.

The Arduino then sends a PWM signal to the servos to control the speed, which is pretty simple to do in the Arduino's software.

The alternative would be to use a separate motor controller which adds a small bit of cost to the project.

ah cool . whats the breadboard in the video doing ?

Seem too many joins.

But, a Great robotic project. :)

That's what happens when you use evolution to make a design-- instead of the simplest design you get something astoundingly complex that baffles the mind that it even works.

Kind of like people, really. :3

I'm making one of these the first chance I get!

We need to get back to a laser cutter this is well awesome.

(Otis (the robot) is also feeling his first pangs of robot love)

Excellent project. You should consider offering this as a kit. I'm sure it would be very popular.

I am offering the plastic on my site as a kit, once the design is out of beta I'll probably scrape together a full kit with all the parts and hardware.

this is a fantastic project, love it! planning to build one ASAP!

a note for the open source hardware purists and for anyone who want to do anything commercial-related - the title says "open source" and one of the comments say "open source robots" but it's actually creative commons non-commercial, 4volt might want to update it since most folks who see "open source" will assume commercial use is ok-- and since this project and kits are based on the open source arduino it will be even a little more confusing.

the oomlout bot is open source and also creative commons, commercial use is ok (see the licensing here)...


i get asked about this a lot, figured i'd give a heads up before an OSH nerd fight breaks out

Open Source Robotic Arm
by oomlout

"OSH nerd fight" LOL! omg, seriously.

don't LOL until it happens to you :)

i'm lol'ing because it happens to me all the time. :D

Ah, thanks for correcting me there!

Thingiverse is now home to at least THREE open-source robots. How amazingly cool and awesome is THAT?

seriously awesome.