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Local Motors Strati 3D Printed Car

by LocalMotors Sep 25, 2014
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i'm kinda reminded of the "you wouldnt download a car" anti-piracy ads....

what an "original" idea

Much appreciated I've tried to email the company asking for the files they stone walled me. Thanks for sharing. ^_^!!!!

Oh my god, that is so cool

How much would it cost to purchase this car at retail price next year? Couldn't someone just use these files scale them up and print the lifesize car?

It drives and handles great!

Can you hum... Put a mini motor in this make it drive like the big one ? Say yes pppplllllzzzz ????

The full size files seem to be considerably more detailed than the 1/10 scale ones. However, when scaling the full size files down to 10%, they were still too big to fit on the print bed of a Rep 2. Scaling to 5% (1/20th) worked great.

I'm in the process of printing a 1/20 scale version. I'll be modeling the wheels as used in the real car, and I've already prepared a version of the body without a windshield. I'll use either acetate or vacu form plastic for the windshield.

Fun fact, 6.18% scale replicates the full car print with respect to bead with if you're printing 0.20mm layers.

Makerware is putting alots of support structure onto this, did anyone try printing full scale with no supports?

We print it with zero supports all the time, Makerware or Makerbot Desktop + Replicator 2

Thanks, I tried it as it could see you had not used supports! Great, fabulous piece, it gets a lot of comments in our 3D printing cafe!

You wouldn't download a:

Car - (Check)
Handbag - (Check) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:331167
Television - (Check) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15875
Movie - (Check) http://www.sometorrentsite.se
Bear - (Check) http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27050
Im not shure if that last one was in the original piracy add...

Remember kids: Downloading pirated cars and bears is a crime!

First Full Size Handbag 3d Printed with Dress & Shoes made with a Replicator!
Retro Television
Brown Bear (Ursus arctos)

i searched for this file specifically to find this comment

I totally do not know the point your trying to make? can you explain yourself further?

It is a refference to the old anti-copyright add that they had as an annoyance on all DVDs before. It had this list of things you wouldn't steal. "You wouldn't steal a car", "you wouldn't steal a handbag", etc. And in the end they had a message about how downloading pirated movies was also stealing.
This is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmZm8vNHBSU

And of course there was alot of parodies made with slightly altered text like "You wouldn't download a car", "etc, which is funny because the idea of downloading a car is absurd. Escpecially back then it was an absurd idea. Tough it is less absurd now that we can actually download and print parts of a car.

Like all such anti-piracy messages it backfired somewhat. An unskippable add that played before the content of your legally purchased DVD. Almost makes you want to download the movie instead, so you don't have to watch that annoying add every time.

Of course now that I have explained it in minute detail it is not funny.

Is there a simplified version of these models?
They are meshed in a terrible way, with a huge amount of unnecessary vertices!
I can't load this in 3DS Max in any way.

who said you wouldn't download a car?

This is absolutely amazing! Is there some sort of Guiness World Record that they're now entitled to have?

Way to represent Phoenix!!! Do you have the car in Phoenix and give tours?

We have one of them in Phoenix, at least for the next few weeks. The factory is open to the public, and we give tours all the time. We are across 10 from Wild Horse Pass. 1576 B South Nelson Drive in Chandler.

would have been nice to have round tires, and not flat on one side. Also separate tire and wheel. Would have liked to print tire in flex material.

I've published a remix of the wheels redrawn to print flat (so they'll be round) and to have separate pieces for tire and rim.

Is this what has become of the open source tractor initiative? Get a little older and start thinking it's about time for a sporty coupe.

Are you thinking of the Open Source Ecology project?

Let's ghost ride it :P

We tried to print the Strati with a Replicator 2 twice : first one with all the components and second one only the body. The first one didn't come out nicely as most of the parts didn't print well, wheels for example were made of spaghetti. Then we tried to print it with the body file that you provided and we noticed a major issue : when you check the print preview in makerbot desktop you can see there are a lot of artefact polygons which screw up the print. Could you please check and correct your files so we can finally be able to print your awesome car? Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your model, this is awesome !

Which file were you trying to print? The files of the body and the individual components separately were full scale.... what got sent to the BAAM. I can imagine you might have trouble scaling it down to makerbot size. Nestor is working on getting the file 1-10th scale like the others.

As for the 1-10th scale files, either the mule or the strati, we haven't had any trouble with makerbot desktop or the Replicator 2. In fact, that's all we've printed it on.

I printed the Strati body file and scaled it down to 7%, when it was done the next day I noticed some large planes going trough the dashboard and seats. Then I checked the "print preview" in Makerbot desktop (I should have done this before printing, now I know :) ) and noticed they were artefacts maybe due to the makerbot scaling.
Thank you for your answer and being so close to the community !

I had the same problem when trying to print the body file and had to do the full plate instead.

This is brilliant. Thank you for uploading the components. I was trying to separate them before printing because I wanted the bits different colours. It did give me a slight problem as the components appear to be full size so allowing the Makerbot to scale them gives you all different scales. Pedals the same size as the car etc. So I had to experiment with other software to scale them first. I found that 0.1 was still too big for my Replicator2. 0.07 is about right. I'm printing now and it looks great. I'll post a photo when done. I am really impressed!

I wish my team had a spare printer to print one of these in full size using t-glasse.

It could be cool to provide a .stl file to be used with standard 1/10 scale rc car spare parts.

Just uploaded the body and all the parts as separate files. I don't know if it will work with any standard R/C parts, but you are welcome to experiment!

could you upload the files for the white car with the diamonds in it you guys show, it looks really cool.

Thanks! When I get to printing it I'll post a make!

WOW! Thanks for making this available. I just bought my first 3D printer a few weeks ago (a Metal Simple) having a blast with it. Then I saw the full scale Strati being printed at IMTS a few weeks back. I knew I had to print it. I took a bunch of profile pics of it when I was there so I could draw it up in AutoCAD and print a 1/10 scale R/C version. Posting this file just made that task a whole lot quicker, easier and more accurate. I'll print a desk model to pull dims from tonight. You guys rock!

Thanks, Mike

Tried it 3 times tonight. There are too many small details to print successfully in a 6"x6" print space. If all the tiny parts were removed from the main print file this would be much more doable on such a small scale. I'm thinking a heated bed is a must for this print as well. I think I might make a longer bed for my Printrbot this weekend and print it twice as large. The stl model has a very rough lumpy almost wood grain looking surface as well. What's up with that?

Sorry to hear you are having issues Mike. We scaled everything so that the built in supports would work right at the maximum volume of our Replicator 2s, because that's what we have the most of. I can imagine that at much smaller size, it might have a hard time. As for the lumpiness of the STL, I have no idea what is causing that.... It is certainly not intentional. I will investigate further on Monday.

Thanks for the reply. Upon further investigation on my end, I'm guessing its the Repatier slic3r software that's not liking the model when scaled down to 1/2 scale of the original stl. The software is punching holes all over the fenders due to the thin wall thickness so it looks like the print will fail regardless. I guess it's already time for me to build or buy a bigger printer. Thanks for posting an awesome model though. I won't give up on it.

Very good !!!!!
Thank you for the possebility to print a car!!

Holy crap I just downloaded a car! We are living in the future!

Great! I was waiting for this. Thanks!

Saw this car at NYC maker faire. Quite a sight to behold.
Someone needs to make this RC controled

The downloadable zip file works fine!

The STL shows blank when loaded into CURA and the STL in Slic3R program errors and closes.