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Daft Punk Guy Manuel 3D Printable Wearable Helmet

by bendiger Sep 28, 2014
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How does it fit? So have a pretty big noggin and I am curious if anyone has made this and had to scale it up to fit.

Ok so I know this has probably been asked a million times but I want to make this helmet but I dont have a vacuum former so how do I get the visor.

There are a lot of videos on youtube on how to make one easy peasy

I followed this guide and made one. https://www.instructables.com/id/Another-DIY-Vacuum-Former/ It's pretty simple, and you can use it to make other things as well.

Reading the comments it would seem that a version with less pieces was being constructed. Was that ever made or is this a lost/back burner model now?
btw, I appreciate the stl's. However would have been nice to know that the circuit panel and ear cup were oversized..

I'm working on stitching some of the visor parts together in meshmixer now... I'm also on the fence about scaling this thing down 10%. The more I look at it, the more I agree with a few others. This looks a little over-sized. Great model though!

Using S3D, I printed the cup, and the cover that I grabbed from another user at 92% and it was a perfect fit. I also changed the cover to make it thicker. So far so good

does anyone know what cap size the regular model fits?

The helmet is very spacious if thats your question. My Caps are allone size fits all so i couldnt tell ya exactly.

Hm.... well i dont fit in a one size fits all... i might try a couple test prints off of it and scale from there

What are the chances of getting the visor mould in one piece?

there seems to be a scaling issue with the circuit board and ear cups can anyone else confirm?

printed at 90% they fit perfectly.
Same with the "Rainbow array". If i remember correctly thats also oversized

Would you mind clarifying on this? Is it just specific parts that should be scaled down or what? I'm getting ready to print but I'm seeing a few comments saying the entire helmet should be scaled to 90%.

where can i get the side light covers that look like squiggly lines cant find them online to print.

Is there any chance you can post the STL of the hole helpmet so I can cut it in less pieces? Also, those little holes for ataching each part to each other, they is no doubt they are usefull but also they create a lot of support, many pieces wuld print a lot faster and all support they need is just for these holes. I really think you should remove them and the atachment between pieces can be done by glueing or friction soldering.

I posted my EKG insert for this helmet. Just print onto a piece of scrap PETG from the visor.

Daft Punk Guy Manuel EKG ear cup insert

The helmet height ways is too long, from the bottom of the helmet to the top of the 'ear' it looks like there's double

it bugs me

the "Prime Time of Your Life" clip is a really good reference, i hope you please edit this
1:59 is a good point for the side.


Do you have the file as a whole assy?
I have access to a machine that can print ti all in one go instead of the individual parts.


First of all, thanks for this awesome model! Any news on the updated larger pieces you wanted to make for your lulzbot? My Rostock (34x28x28 cm) can almost print it in two or three pieces. I'm really eager to make it and Carnivals are less than a month away ;)
If you need help testing before posting them here, please let me know.

I haven't been working on the files at all lately, but I did just finish building the lulzbot. It's printing but needs some tweaking, as it wasn't built by the loving hands of the lulzbot team. I will update this thing and the other one helmet when I do start work on them. I can't promise they will be done, let alone started in a month. Making free models for the public to enjoy is not my full time job. I would suggest printing the models that are already available, as they do combine to be a helmet. Printing larger parts with curves don't tend to be easy to design for all printers.

That's completely understandable, don't worry. That's also the beauty of doing free models, we (the community) can help you! I could modify the CAD file to accommodate it in larger printers if you want me to, but as I have read in other comment of yours, it seems you don't want to share it for now. That's fine, just remember the idea of open source is that you don't have to spend your resources alone, when more people can help you.
I'll be printing with the old files for now, thanks!

Awesome! I might end up buying one of these soon.

Really great project! Is it possible to get copies of the cad models? I think that'd help me with gluing time by printing larger pieces.

Sorry, no. I put a lot of time and effort into making these, if you want them, you'd have to pay for them. I am working on larger parts for larger printers, but I have to finish building my lulzbot to test them on.

Is it possible to have the STL without any slices?

anyone have these pieces combined for a larger print bed? hoping i can print out fewer individual pieces

As soon as I finish building my lulzbot, I wil redesign both helmet. My plan is to make them printable without support material.

Just wanted to say thanks and you are awesome for doing this! I am looking forward to the larger volume version. I got my Lulzbot Taz 6 a few days ago.

You're welcome, some people seem to forget both helmets are on here for free...
I'm almost done building my Lulzbot, so That will be what I design off of. Should be done with that soon.

The version 1.5 is scaled down 10% or is same as original 1.0 version?

As far as I understood when reading it when I started the project, 1.5 is already scaled down.

is there anyone who have manual for assembly?

Am I missing a trick - how /where do I attach the Back Wiring Harness bit?

I looked on instructables for vacuum formers. What particular one do you recommend? This seems like the critical step of this build.

they are basically the same. anyone will suffice, as long as it's big enough for the parts to fit. I based mine on multiple different designs, best of everything.

I've printed it now (friend and me are going over the electronics right now) but i noticed that the cup and underlaying electronics panel are too big and have to be printed at 90%, maye they're an older version.
And by all my 3 dimensional thinking capability i couldnt figure out where and why the parts "EarcupElectronicsBracket" and "ChinLightMount" go. Do you maybe have a picture of them inside the helmet?

I'm currently making this helmet and I've the same question. Did you figure out where the "EarcupElectronicsBracket" and "ChinLightMount" go? Did you need them? If not, how did you attach the fans to the rest of the helmet?

Thanks a lot in advance!

a fucking lot of hot glue from my hot glue gun to attach the fans to the helmet from the inside. and i didnt need the 2 weird parts for anything

Yep, I kept on printing today and I wasn't seeing a solution other than yours (or printing some kind of piece to help attaching it).


I'd also like to know where the mount / bracket goes! I suspect they could be something to do with the AlexPlusLEDs kit the creator used. Potentially not needed if you've used others (I'm using loads of WS2812 LEDs, (strips of 4x for the fans and 4 singulars in the cups for the heart beat shape) and then a 8x32 matrix in the main visor. :)

I printed today sidetop stl and earcup and you have right. The earcup piece is too big respect the rest of the model...

It would be adjust perfectly scaling down to 90%¿?

A couple of days ago, I printed out the earcup and the "electronics" kinda piece that goes just under it (I writting from a PC that's not the one I use for 3d printing so I don't remeber the name) and I had the same problem. Both seem too large for the rest of the surrounding pieces.

Did you scale it down for a better fit? How much? To 90% of their size? I gotta buy a caliper for a right measure, but I don't have much time for shopping currently.

In case it helps: I also found out that, since that "electronics" piece is positioned so the outside is printed downwards on the bed of the printer, the surface is flat but, since it belongs to the first layers of the printing, the detail is not good at all (not a design fault, but a consequence of 3d printing with ABS on heated bed in my case).

I'd suggest:
1.To print it with the decorated side upwards (didn't try yet, I have to). Then, you'll probable have to sand for smooth surface.
2.To modify the printing parameters so first layers are as thick as the rest of the model, running the risk of the first layers not sticking that well to the bed (remember, I'm talking about ABS on heated bed).

Do you have the original model (skp or autodesk etc) vs all the parts? I have a larger printer I would like to try this on.


Ok. I just looked on amazon and the prices are fluctuating around $30-25. But how much plastic does it take to make one of each helmet?

This helmet, including the visor mold, should use about a reel and a half of plastic. It depends on what settings you use in whatever slicing program you use. If it's just the main frame, you should be able to make this helmet with one reel.

Hey. I posted a comment on the Thomas Helmet. Can someone give me a range for the price of the plastic? Thanks

what do you mean by range of price? amazon can give you a range of price for 1 reel of ABS or PLA.

Hey again. I need a price range for this helmet please.

Question: are the objects oriented to the pest print / support quality? My lulzbot taz does not like printing over a bunch of support, like the
Side Shroud is currently oriented, the first print was a complete fail.
What is the infill density that you guys used? I'm using cura but i think i'll also try with the support generated by slic3r.

Most all the part will require supports. They are oriented to print in the best direction, but they still need support.

By the way: thanks for the awesome model!

Which slicer did you use? cura is generating tons and tons of support that will be a nightmare to clean, the visor printed perfectly, but the Side Shroud it is proving challenging to print. Check the pictures attached.

I was using a 0.5mm nozzle, but just changed back to a 0.35 to get better resolution and trying again. I'm now printing changing the orientation, but still using cura, next try will be changing the support pattern with slicer....

Simplify3D handles it perfectly, and you can choose how much support and where you want it.
The prints end up looking a lot better too, well worth getting, and has a money back guarantee if it doesn't work for you.

Thanks again for a great design. I've completed mine and added it to the 'made' section.


Did you guys printed on ABS or PLA? I guess ABS is easier to polish and make a better end helmet but I'm woried about warping..

For the visor did everybody made a home made vaccum form? I'm about to start this project, trying to collect all the information before, and start printing next week.

I made mine with ABS, It was easy to "weld" together and smooth. Most of the parts I designed should be small enough to not warp, but some of then do have some issues. It's not really that big a deal in the big picture, as filler of some kind is needed to fill the cracks. PLA can't be welded very well. Most two part epoxies wont work well, and it's more brittle. Check out Instructables for Vacuum forming machines. Very simple to make and well worth it for other projects.

Awesome model, thank you! After printing and assembling everything, I'm missing the wire harness for the back of the head. Is that file available?

Sorry about that, the file is now uploaded.

Hey man! Are the 1.1 files scaled down compared to the 1.0 files? And what did you use to cover the print so you cant see the lines? Also, how did you make the clear but tinted visor?

The 1.1 files are not scaled down, I have not uploaded the scaled down files. Some users below have had luck scaling it down, but keep in mind the electronic mounts wont fit after words. as for the print lines... a lot of sanding... a lot... get a lot of sandpaper. I used progressively higher grit and then auto body filler primer paint. then more sanding. The visor was tinted with headlight tint. I used light coats of it. I wouldn't go more than two. If you're not good at spray painting, do three.

Thanks for the awesome upload!

One question: are the fan parts structural, or are they just meant as support for the visor form during vacuum-forming? I’m printing them anyhow, but it’s tough to tell from the pictures just what these pieces are meant to be.

the fans are to hold the led strips.

Love the idea I was wondering what type of LED lights do you reccomend for the helmet?

The helmets are designed around alexplusled designs. The parts list for what is required can be found there. anything else is in the description.

Great work, im printing it 10% smaller

I have to warn you though: If you plan on purchasing the LED kit ben recommended (the alexplus) it may not fit 10% scaled down.

you are correct sir, I still have to post the updated files. I'm waiting to see if they print fine and look good side by side.

Super cool thing, i printed one now. I think it's way to large though, to a point where it actually looks kinda bad. Will print it again like...5 or 10% smaller. Otherwise pretty nice.

yes, I am aware of that. After finishing mine I saw the same problem. I'm currently working on making it smaller, but I'm running into problems with with fitting a head and electronics inside. Right now if you scale it like that, the electronic part mounts might not work. They are what I'm hung up on. other than that, the frame can be scaled a little.

Im printing it again scaled down 10%. Gonna be finished by tomorrow. It seems a bit on the small side if you want to fit in electronics, but since I will build something custom and not use Alex leds, I guess I can work with it. If you are interested I can do comparison pictures.

How is your t bang helmet sizewise? Is it just as big as the guy man?

Take a look at volpin or moguai props. They might have basic measurements for sizing

I have, I have the size right now. I'll upload it soon. Problem I had is I've never seen one of them in person, so I was working off of pictures and the size of my own head... Pictures would be great, not sure what you mean in that last sentence chabachaba.

So ok: i printed both of them, the guy scaled down 10%, the thomas in your original version (1.0 files). In my opinion this is the way to go: they look good compared to each other and are both large enough to fit most people comfortably but not so large that it looks bad:

Daft Punk Thomas 3D Printable Wearable Helmet

I meant that, if I print the Guy helmet 10% scaled down, how much do I need to scale the Thomas helmet so that they appear to be of a similar size (like...so that it doesn't look odd)?

I'm curious, how did you go about adding the rings for zip tying the pieces together? Did you use a program or do each ring by hand? I'm asking cause I am working on a full scale helmet and love the idea of zipping the pieces together before glue and bondo. It makes for a far higher quality assembly.

I placed each one by hand inside Autodesk Maya. They are basically cylinders with holes in the middle. I actually split up your Starlord helmet and did the same thing.
Pics at the link:

Would it be at all possible to show a video of assembly. I've printed the pieces but am having a little trouble putting them together.

Sorry Alex, I would have to print another set of parts and I don't think I would have the assembly video done in time for you. I'm currently trying to get mine finished by the 30th... I can try to put together a diagram though. Would that help?

Oh ok sweet. I'm trying to get mine done too. Thanks for the awesome upload.

Nah, I think I have figured it out. Thanks anyway! :)

Sorry don't have one ..they can only go together one way. Only one that's confusing are the arches on the top and back since they kinda look the same.

How's the back piece coming along? There's an event this weakend and I'm hoping to have this helmet done. Still have to paint it and form the visor though :-/

I have yet to model that part. I'll see what I can do tonight.

Sounds good. I'm almost ready for paint. Going to sand it one more time. Have a good couple of coats of filler primer on it.

Ok, I threw the part together really quick. I'm going to update it later to have groves that the wires can fit in, but here it is for now.

any more progress on the back plate with more details? Projected DOC?

I wont have that till after Halloween, sorry. I'm in a mad rush to finish painting and assembling my two personal helmets. The back plate that I did uploaded worked fine. None of the details I would like to add will be visible, there just to make the assembly process easier. All it does it hold the wires.

Did you scale the back plate differently from the rest of the helmet? I just printed it out and it is way to small to fit in the gap its supposed to go in...

yes, to accommodate the wires being wrapped around the part. There are tabs on the sides to glue it to the back of the helmet. If you are not attaching wires, it will need to be scaled up, but it might not fit.

Ear cup notches. Lip or no lip?
In pic there is a lip. I have it flush with notch cutout so I gives it the lip. I can push it in so there is no lip


I would leave it the way you have it. the board is square, so it needs that area. You can push it in if you want, it shouldn't be a problem.

For the ear cups with electronics. Does it matter how they are orientated? I am not going to use electronics right now but will in the future

the notched area should be parallel with the bottom of the helmet.

hello, first, thank you for the work...
i have a problem, my print software can't do the mirror of pieces , it don't have this function ...
is there someone who is able to tell me a free software to the mirror ou maybe someone can upload mirror object ?

please, help me

What slicer are you using? You can also download netfabb to mirror them. The free version works just fine.

do you have the option to scale objects in the software? you only need to make the x scale a negative 1. If not, I can upload the other sides.

I'm sorry but my software don't have the option to scale object...
It Will be so great if you can upload the other side
I know ut will take of your time. Sorry for that :(
But thank you

Netfabb you can scale them as well.

I Will try netfabb thank you !!!!!

Strange... well I'll have to to reexport the parts later tonight, in the meantime you can try the option that Nefiwashere suggested.
what kind of printer do you have?

Think the helmet could be a little smaller...seems a little big lol. All good tho.

Printed out all visor mold parts and they all came out preaty good. Didn't see any issue with slicing

yes, I was afraid of that, I thought mine was a little big. I scaled it down before uploading it, must have not done it enough...
Good to hear they sliced well.

is it possible to have a name of a software to to do the mirror of missing pieces ? my software can't do this?
or may be upload the missing files? please ....... XD

think there is one part missing? for the side bottom piece is there one small strait piece that goes at the bottom front connecting to the chin and side together

you're right... hold on while I upload it. the BF is actually bottom back, it has the wrong name.

For the visor to add support you can use that flex seal stuff. I used in the Thomas helmet to add some strength. Kinda wish I didn't tho cause it has a strong smell. But owell, its not the strongest but u can cover a large area since it is a spray

I used the ace hardware brand of this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0044FBB8C/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It doesn't have a strong smell after it drys and it has a fairly fast work time so you can do a lot in one day. I haven't tried Acetone ABS paste, but I'm sure thats fine as well.

thanks for the upload. for the ear cup, is there going to be a cap for it if? don't think i am going to use alex leds for this one.

what is your plan for the back part of the helmet?

My thought is people would still want the EKG graphic in the cut out. Just print up the design and put it on the back of some plexiglass. I haven't gotten to that yet, I'm probably going to make something like I did for the visor. It will be thinner and will have notches for the wire to be wrapped and then glued or zip tied in.

I didn't even think to put plexi there. Like that idea. Leave me the option to come back later to put in the Alex LEDs. For the back plate either way will be good. Hopefully it will just slide right in. Hoping to have this fully done before Halloween. Thanks for are all your hard work. Cleaning up all the support material now. Will post pics later.

For the current ear cups I'm assuming there won't be a different version? Just some add-on printed parts.
That way I can just glue it all together

well the part I uploaded wont fit the electronics, it was just to get it up. I'm still working on the mounting interface since the PCB is square and not round. Square peg in round hole. I will see if I can modify and re-upload so it's just an add on part.

Think addon would be best lol. But if not I can try and resist to print it out. ;)

How are the rest of the parts coming out? Seen some of your pics on Twitter of the visor. Any pics of the sides and ear cups

I can upload the ear cups and the side panels tomorrow. The versions of the ear cups I upload wont be ready for electronics. I'm still building them. Visor should be ready soon. The final printed visor will need a lot of sanding and smoothing for vacuum forming. needs to be a near glossy finish. That should be up soon as well.

OK sounds good. I'll smooth out the visor mold with very thin layer of bondo.

What thickness petg are you using for your visor?

It was recommended to me .03 in to .05 in. I got .03 and .08 on amazon, .08 is 2mm and seems a little too thick...

If I don't use Alex LEDs will it have some open spots on the sides?

Yes, the parts just aren't done yet.

AWESOME!!!! What is the widthXheight?