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Bike Stand

by Gadmek Sep 15, 2014
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Hello ! Very nice idea, good project.
Could you send me the .stp file ?
I want to take your 3D model in order to realize a mechanical topological optimization, to reduce print time.
It's possible for you ?


I dont have an stp file for this, as it was made back when I was modelling things in sketchup. you should be able to import the stl or obj into whatever program you are using.
for printing I generally have printed this with the opening facing back/up with the feet flat to the plate.

I never have found the time to do the heel optimization on this model that I've wanted to do. I did however, import it into fusion 360 and run a stress test and it only showed stress where the foot attaches to the vertical section, and it took a lot of weight for it to max out.

Very nice idea including CrankTest as i am not really sure it will fit for me:) I will give it a try. thanks!

That's awesome! thanks for letting me know :)

I printed with with PLA, 20% infill, and it works great.

Would it be possible to get the original cad file for this one? I would like to print one but the width of my crank is slightly larger than your design so would need to edit the design slightly? Currently your design is approx. 37mm i need to increase this to around 43mm.

I uploaded a few different formats of the stand, let me know if they don't work for you.

I'd love to remix this thing eventually, one update I'd want to do is extend the vertical down to the ground since some users have had it fail on them somehow.
I ran stress tests in fusion after exporting the obj, and it says weight is distributed down to the ends of the feet correctly. it can snap if print layers aren't bonded well or layers are in the wrong direction.

Did not work. Broke on first try on a 19lb bike.

What were the print settings you used? and what plastic?

Great design !!! I printed one for my road bike and it's really perfect !!!
I wanted to make an other one for my DH bike but the distance from the crank to the ground is about 130mm ...
So if you could upload the scad or a loger version it would really be fantastic.

Anyway, congrats for the design

Looks great! my new road bike doesn't have a kickstand, so i'll be making myself one of these, although I had a few questions.
I tested the crank test and it didn't quite fit. what CAD software did you use to make this, and do you have the original files?
Also, measuring my bike, I'm consistently getting around 70mm, so would you recommend just using the 65mm and calling it good?
Lastly, do you know about how much plastic this used? I threw it in replicatorG but i'm not sure my math is right

edit: I went ahead and made it, and answered some of my own questions:
I figured out how to edit the raw STL files in solidworks. added 1mm in both dimensions to the crank hole, and it fits perfectly.
printed the 65mm stand, and it worked quite well on the bike
printed it in PLA at 2 shells and 10% infill, and the final part weighed ~92g (which at $15/kg, is about $1.40)

How did you slice/layer the part? What fill? I built the part and it broke the first time when the bike weight was applied.

I printed via a Replicator 2 using Makerware.
Printed the part standing up. with supports, and raft. (very few supports are needed, should only need them at the base)
PLA, on makerwares Standard profile: 10% infill, 2 shells, 0.20mm, 230º, 90mm/s extrusion.

How heavy is the bike it is supporting? and where did it break?

I just did a stress test on mine and eventually got it to break .
(I had to sit on my bike to break it though).

Stress test procedure:

  1. Took my heavier hybrid and rocked it back and forth vigorously. - Stand was ok
  2. I sat down on my bike while it was being supported by the stand. - Stand still was ok.
  3. Then I bounced lightly around on my seat. - Still fine.
  4. Increased bouncing to sitting down harder - snapped near where the legs come out from the vertical shaft part.

I'll look into improving this section a little bit, the unfortunate part is having to check clearances for the pedal and such. I'm guessing this is where yours broke as well.

Comments deleted.

Printed perfect works great!!!!