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VEND - the totally printed candy dispenser

by Mr_MegaTronic Jan 30, 2013
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Could you upload .stp file if you have it ? I want to generate an adaptation file to change dimensions of candy :)

will this work at 75% ?

Comments deleted.

Are there any ETA on the different sized drums? Would like to print for my son and niece but think it might be to generous for 4 year olds lol.

your prototype still isn't done printing?

still hasnt finished i guess

First attempt, everything printed and assembled amazingly well with the exception of the main body. Main body took 2.5 days to print with the recommended parameters and warped in the corners but still assembled ok. I was finally able to get S3D to print it without blocking off the main coin compartment and now printing the second body (slightly remixed larger security slots, since the originals are impossibly tight) and it's estimated to only take 13 hours this time. I'm half way in and the corners are starting to slightly warp again. We'll see how they end up. I'm hoping with the much shorter print time it will minimize the warping but is anyone else having this issue? Do I need to add a massive brim to this thing (or worse, a raft) to get it to stick to the bed for that many hours and still print flat? I know that theoretically PLA does not require a heated bed but I'm chalking that up to myth at this point. :)

What candy do you use? If i use small chocolate eggs, they will get jammed between the main body and the drum. It's not possible to rotate the drum.

What kind of screw does the lock on the back use? Also anyone found a mason jar that allows you to refill from the 'bottom' of the jar? Sort of like sort of hole

While trying to print the "Flap", I noticed that the first layer was printing a bit off. Only printing half of it then on the second layer it would print the other half. So to fix this all I did in Slic3r was rotate .25 deg on the X axis. Now it is printing fine. I also hear others can't get the flap to fit or they break it. So I figure it has a weak spot. I upped the infill to 30% and 4 shells. I am printing with silver PLA, 0.2 layer height, 0.4mm nozzle. Printed everything else with 15% infill, 3 shells and NO supports what-so-ever!
If I end up breaking this part I will just have to print it in PETG.
Thank you so much for the awesome machine! Loving it!

can the main body be cut in half and glued for smaller beds and still work?

could you please make an australian version

Just turn it upside down.

Has anyone been able to attach the flap on the front of where the candy comes out? In the video the guy breaks it and just ignores that part. All my parts came out great but I don't know how to make this fit...

The flap is attached when the face plate is inserted into the body. You can see on the back of the face plate the notches for the flap's pins.

I guess I don't understand the orientation. In one direction it will barely open and it the other it doesn't fit at all. Is ot possible the dimensions are off somehow? I have all the parts printed except for the body which is printing now and everything else fits fine. I've looked online and every picture of the machine that little flap is missing so I believe something is amiss. Even the online video the guy breaks it so it can't be installed.

There are a couple photos of people with the flap installed, but there have been many more complaints than successes. I agree the flap could use a little re-engineering.

If you decide to do that please let me know. I would love to have one that would work for me! Thanks for the quick repliies

Comments deleted.

This guy showed how to build it for those that might need help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cukxqIAjPYM

I am a middle schooler with my own 3d printer and I love this model but I had to scale it down 45% it would take too long

Hey I'm in ninth too, I was wondering what printer you had?

Comments deleted.

Classic, that might make it harder to find a jar that will fit. Have you tried reducing the perimiter shells or reducing the infill 45% to see if that improves the print times at full scale?

Comments deleted.

please can you upload how to assemble the parts together
thank you

how much filament does it use

You can just load the model in your slicer to see how much filament it uses.

You can just load the model in your slicer to see how much filament it uses.

cool design. love the attention to detail.

I want this remixed so it works with 20 (euro) cent coins... but i am not good enough to do this :D
Is there a version like this?

ZiZeRoN have made a remix for the 0,5 euro coin. The design is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2285484

European version Vending Machine
by ZiZeRoN

Hey, is it easy to change it so it's made for pennies, nickels, and/or dimes as well? I would like one that only accepts pennies or nickels rather than quarters for my kids.

Looks like this could be accomplished by redesigning the coin cam. Simple way: Import the STL into TinkerCAD and you could be done in about an hour.

this is a very neat looking project, i think i'm gonna have to make one of these when i have time.

how do you put this together

I too am looking for instructions. Mainly what to do with the small clips and spacer. I figured out where the pawl goes but lost on how to insert the clips. If anyone can comment back and let me know I can finally get this together! Thanks in advance!

The spacer goes pretty much how the picture show. Hard to describe with out some pictures. Sorry. The tabs on that assembly goes into the slots on the front of the body and you put the clips into the tabs from the back of the base to hold it all in place.

I printed this on my Flashforge Creator Pro. Look at the remixes there is one with a shorter body.

Well so much for this build. I had my eye on printing this when I got my printer a few months ago. After printing tons of stuff from thingiverse I am finally going to try to print this but the body is just barely too wide for my Flashforge Creator Pro. Well so much for this, the 42 hour (at a 15% infill 2 perimeter layer, far more sparse than I prefer) print didn't make it too appealing to print anyways. I still might but scaling this down ruins it since you can't use the quarter or the medium mason jar it was designed for. Oh well, great design but not for me.

I printed it on my creator pro and it did fine it just comes close to edge of platform but it will print

I'm a middle schooler in Minneapolis, MN --- we're trying to modify this vending machine to dispense pencils. We're thinking we'll just extend the drum and the body to be long enough to house pencils. Would it be possible for you to post the original model files? We're using 123D Design for our modeling.

It would be so helpful! Thank you!

Even if you can't get the original model files, you can modify the existing model files with TinkerCAD.

Perhaps I didn't read the comments or Instructions thoroughly, but I cannot seem to find instructions on how to put this together, I almost have all the parts printed out but it would be great to know how to assemble..

Thank you! and Thank you for the creation, my first BIG print! excited to see it together.

Can anyone recommend abs or pla? I also have this wood infused PLA I'm dying to try but from what I hear it may be a little brittle for a piece like this that is functional. So far it seems everyone is using PLA.

Wood filament is a little pricey for such a project. This project uses a lot of plastic. Also, the wood is too brittle, as you say.

PLA is easier, IMHO, to print large projects with. Let warp, curling.

Did you print the jar or did you just get a regular one?

hey do you think you could put all the parts on 1 or 2 plates?

Cool design anyway instructions on this? or maybe a parts list so i can match the one you have in grey red and black? no too sure what part is what color.

we try to make it smaller. will update soon

what is the total weight of this?

What program did you use to create this?

This is cool! What if you made one for 3d printer material refills?

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Can you make one for "1 Euro"? Or a Openscad file where i can change it by my self?

Could you attach SLDPRTs or STEPs? I wanted to modify the machine but with STLs it is impossible.

is there a way for it to dispense less at a time?

Comments deleted.

just adjust the file to have a smaller output chamber

I calculated just that if you want to use euros you have to use 0,05 €. They are in relation to almost the same size as the Quarter. Only 0.13 mm too thin. so.. u have to scale this whole thing down to 87,59274526%. I do not know which one is the most significant: the thickness or diameter? If the thickness is not essential, then € 0.50 coin is almost the same as the diameter of the quarter.

i mean only 0.13mm too thick

honestly, I feel that your design is better than the remix

I created a smaller hopper for the candy. Works well with jelly beans.


3D Printed Gumball Machine Repaired Using Wood Filler

Thank you! I'm printing mine for Jelly Belly. :)

This is a great design, but the body is very big. For those who need a slightly shorter body check out http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:48743

VEND (With shorter body and smaller drums)

is there a key to stop pesky stealers?

It is of course very cool!
However, I can't see how it could be printed without support, and with support a full 1 kg spool might not be enough.
That's what's stopping me right now.

woa. cool thing!
i wonder if this will work with unbagged tealeaves..

The smallest parts are too small for a smaller scale print (1/4) and it's not very clear (from the exploded view) how they fit.

Also the neck of the container is too thin.

you should provide a parametric scad file for the parts that deal with the coin, so that people can set it up for different coins

It would be awesome if someone could build a mini version of this that accepted pennies or a quarter. This is too tall on my prusa i2. I personally would love to see something that fits 80 mm or less z and less than 150 mm x and y.

I cant wait to finish printing this vending machine! thank you sooo much for designing and sharing it. As a side note, has anyone had any problems with makerware slicing this? I sliced mine using makerware 2.2.1 default "standard" settings and everything is great, except it didnt fill in the top of the area that is covered by the front plate. Its not too big of a deal because it will be covered, and the honeycomb will only be seen where the coin is inserted. But I was saddened to see it after 22 hrs of printing.

This is by far my all time favorite thing on Thingiverse!

Will be attempting this one as soon as possible!!!

Aww no video of the finished prototype ?

Can you post the CAD files too?

Looks brilliant! I can't wait to try this out, although I may have to scale it down to fit. :)

I'm almost finished with mine! However, the flap doesn't seem to fit the design. Has anyone figured out a different design for the flap that works? The current design doesn't move properly and the flange that sticks up breaks off.

What to do to make it accept other coins (I gues 0.50eur or 1eur could be sensible for giveaways in the hackerspace)?
Just adapt the diameter and thickness?

.o0(I have to find out what size a "Mason jar" is.)

is it possible for you to make a lock that takes 50 cents instead of the original 25

This was a lot of fun to print and put together. Many thanks. I had a couple of minor issues printing in PLA at .10: the pawl was slightly too large for the opening, I modified this to fit, the drum spacer would not fit over the square at the base of the drum bolt, so I modified this slightly as well (but not certain that I'm using this piece as designed), and the hatch seems to swing in the wrong direction (also possible that I'm not seeing how to attach it properly).

wonder if it would work with 50 Euro cent. They are roughly the same size as quaters (24,25 mm in diameter and 2,38 mm thick)...

Did anyone try this yet? I'd like to print one but it would be cool to know about this first.

same question here...

Finally started printing the main body on Monday afternoon. I set the slicer to a detailed config without thinking. Oooops. It's still printing and it's Wednesday morning.

the main body failed to print in the last two hours. The PLA locked up on the spool and didn't feed correctly. Blah. I'll have to make a few adjustments before giving this another try.

Buy a filament monitor from toybuilderlabs

Would the one Euro coin work instead,Its only 0.9mm smaller?

Just finished the main body component at .10 resolution. Slicing took about 8 hrs and 62hrs 2 minute build. A bit frightening as an unattended build given a few issues I've encountered with filament spool lock-ups, but everything went smoothly on the Rep2 And it's beautiful! Great design, thanks for this!

Thanks for this great design. I have been chipping away at printing it here and there, and just today I noticed that my drum and drum spacer do not mate.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Erik, do you think you can post the CAD file for the drum & drum spacer? once I finish printing, I'd like to make a part that fits in the drum and locks to the spacer to make it less generous. make be cut down the drum volume by about 1/2 to 2/3.

Call me stingy...

Sorry for the delay. Yes, I will put up the files shortly. I also have a few spacers.

My print just started on this, This will be, by far the largest item I have attempted. I am using a Replicator 2..It looks like my printer is going to be busy for the next couple days, I cant wait for completion.......

Print faster! Printer Faster!.. Nope, not helping..

After 14 hours of printing, my windows OS decided it was time for a system error. I was at 90%.. From now on I think I will do the bigger jobs from the chip.

I had this same problem on my first attempt. I decided to print at 80% with 10% infill after that and it took me just under 11 hours.

Which mason jar did you use at 80%? thanks

I had to take the provided Jar file and modified it into a collar to accept a regular mason jar.

Can you upload the collar you made? I'm going to print this at 80% also. It would be appreciated!

It's in my things now.

Great. Thanks again!

Great. Thanks again!

can you post original files for modifications and ability to customize please

Can you upload editable files? I am australian, I work with $1 coins...

see picture for the one i made with m&m's inside. works good there are a few upgrades needed though, the flap breaks off after a few times of opening and closing. the locking mechinism also needs some sort of overhaul it doesnt lock well. but all in all this was a awesome build good work on the design

I'm going PLA gold for the knob and face plate, and PLA red for the body. Just sliced the first pile of parts. (knob, faceplate and all the tiny bits.) This is going to take a few days to print.
Beautiful model.

I printed the body in pink for my little girl, and just uploaded a photo. Biggest thing I have ever printed! now on to the other parts!

Look's great. What where your print setting you used?

Pink 1.75mm PLA, two shells and 10% infill. Almost an 18 hour print to complete! The back plate just finished and it took about 4 hours on the same settings.

Do you know how much it weighs? Want to make sure ive got enough plastic before i start my print this weekend

I'm printing the body right now on my Replicator 2. I'm at 50% done after 9 and a half hours of printing. A little curling in the bottoms corners but looks great so far!

This is wicked cool. I'd love a body without feet. This is bigger than the Reprap/Ultimaker bed so I just lopped them off to print separately. I suppose this fits a Replicator bed? What IS the native file?

one small note, can you include the VEND dimensions in the description? I'm about to download the STL's just to see if my Mendel90 can handle it :)

Slice it off in netfabb or meshmixer!

Awesome!!! is there anyway that the coin type could be easily change as I live in Australia and don’t have 25c coins?

You can resize the whole thing to fit one of your coins.

I'd be interested in a replacement coin mechanism to replace the broken ones in my regular candy machines.

I'm looking for something to replace a mechanism similar to this one:


This thing is so sweet, it would be so cool also if the number of coins it takes could be configured, but to tell you the truth, this thing is just awesome as a concept, let alone a physical printable thing. What I think would be cool would be to use this to sell small 3D printed objects, such as whistles or mini gear cubes and such, just as a way to get people's attention and show people the amazingness of what printers and designers are now capable of.

Sorry to ask, but are there any instructions for putting this together? I'm printing mine ATM and I just want to make sure I assemble it correctly :P

You should patent this! Thanks for the models!
You do great work!

I feel patents work when it is the responsible thing to do. Responsibility to family, employees, even society (in certain cases) but for this, nah. Thanks though! I enjoy people printing my models from here and enjoying them most of all!

I think this world has enough patents as it is, no need to encourage more.

Very cool! I'm more impressed with the ingenuity of the maker community every day.

The only issue I can see (and this comes from my watching your Youtube video of the coin rejection mechanism in action) is that if you stick the wrong coin in it would be impossible to remove. It looks like it drops below the front slot far enough that it can't be reached from the front, and when the coin mechanism is inserted into the dispenser body there would be no way to reach the coin from the back as you're doing in the video. Am I seeing that right?

A quarter revolution of the ratchet on the drum has no teeth so if you somehow disengaged both the lock pins and rotated the drum, it would turn smoothly until it hits the internal stop hole. Then you can turn it backwards and retrieve the coin. The ratcheting begins after the first quarter turn after the three lock holes are passed.

too bad it's too big for my reprap..

Dude, you've seen that 29 part sculpture I did on my Cupcake in person, live a little and slice this up for your build platform. :)

You could scale it down to accept dimes? :)

What scale would we print it at to accept dimes?

Printing rite now :-)

Let me know how it goes!

Very, very cool. Gotta print this!

This is sooo going on my desk at work.

Yep, this looks like the perfect thing to replace a candy jar on my work desk.

I have included a dummy quarter in the files.

oh my goodness.

oh my dayum.

I do believe I may be going ham.