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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Gauntlet Glove

by MKotsamanes Feb 1, 2013
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Stupid me, just found it in the download section. Thanks for sharing!

Customizer seems to be broken for me. Is there any chance you could share the SCAD file for easier remixing? Will give attribution, of course.


So, I haven't been able to print this yet, and am going through a lot of trouble because it doesn't fit my printer. I suggest that you please separate the parts into maybe 3-4 individual files so more people will be able to print it

This was created for a contest to use the customizer tool on Thingiverse and I wanted to make it easier for people to get the whole file as it can't output multiple STL (it would be separate thing file and you would have to enter the settings each time). It has been a while but I think you can create just the fingers and just the hand. However I would strongly recommend using something like meshmixer (free) to separate the meshes into multiple STL files. From personal experiences with the file (and the below comments) this is a challenging print and you might want to print 1 finger at a time. I personally haven't printed the complete model but from what I have printed I can tell you it isn't going to be a comfortable glove.

Sorry LegendaryBob13 forgot to get back to you. When using the customizer you can select to show it assembled for visualization but you will need to print them separate and assemble. I personally have never printed it and hear it is a challenge to assemble because of the tolerances (designed this long before I had a printer). Good luck if you try to undertake this project.

this model is bad,cause (not of the finger lengh)the pins are too big and when you try to place them where they should be you just break the part .it took me 6 hours to print and i was very disapointed because of these mistakes, so the model had to land in my trashcan:(

I think if you read some of the comments bellow you will find you are not alone (when I tried a year ago I had similar results with PLA). I designed this a long time ago before I had a printer. It has been a long time since I looked at the code but I think the pin size is in the customizer. You could try softening the parts with hot water first (if you still have in broken parts).

what size did you print it at (I want to print it the same size you did)

I am about to get a new 3D printer, (It's 8 by 8 by 8 and 50 microns) and I was wondering if this was a good first project.

Comments deleted.

Is the measurement system in customizer millimeters, I think it is just checking

Yes, millimeters. It has been a long time since I made this model (never successfully printed) so I might be wrong.

Try printing one finger at a time the snap settings are a bit tight for PLA.

Ok thanks, will try to post a model if I get it successfully.

appox. what are the measurements not modded

Do not make in pla
when I tried to assemble every single piece broke ;(

I can't figure out how to get the customized full print file any suggestions?

never mind i figured it out ;))

Is it ok if I make a few modifacations such as the shame of the thumb plate and what not?

By all means mod away, the copyright is "Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike" so if you post a new design attribute this design in some way on the post.
I created this before I had a printer for a contest and the rules and my skills were limiting what was possible. I want to redesign it as it is a popular design but haven't had the chance.

Thanks bathrobotics, I have a lot of CC related reading to do and a call to ebay VORE (whatever that is) to make. I feel bad for the people with really great design and the people who are already selling their designs on shapeways or other methods. This was a model from 2013 for a contest I have learned a lot about intellectual property since 2013 and I don't post things I intend to make money on. just3Dprint is wrong with what they are doing but they are also well aware that it is almost impossible for most people affected to even know their good will is being abused. I can imagine people who have hundreds of models on-line. I hope that makerbot can drop the hammer on these criminals but not sure how it will stop them (or others) from doing the same thing again.

Hi Mark,

I'm not too bothered about my models, but I know many people are.

Are you aware of the thread people are discussing this on?


by loubie

this thing is awesome hard to print though you may need to modify it just grab tiny bolt or zip tys

Is there any way to extend the perimeters? My fingers are longer than this thing allows. lol

Also how to I determine the thumb bearing size?

I did my thumb bearing size at 7 and it was still a little big but i have small hands so you might want to do your at 8 or 9

when i print it i turn it so its flat on the bed and the extruder is to high so the filament doesn't stick,also what do you print it in and what angle do you print it in

I have an issue with the fingers - it's nearly impossible to wedge the fingers themselves into the knuckle joint

I've drilled holes in the knuckle joints and used nuts and bolts to secure them

has anyone tried to print this, and does it work well?

are the parameters in customizer in mm

Short answer, yes. Long answer is that it shouldn't matter as long as you scale appropriately before slicing.

Just like Tony Stark would have built in a Cave! (if he had a roll of plastic instead of a blowtorch)

a dual? is that like two fights? :)

Yeah, it's important to be prepared

Unfortunately I have a Prusa with extruder issues at the moment. I will hopefully have it up and running shortly and this on my list. There is now bridging in the print orientation and all angles are 45.

Have you tried printing and wearing this?