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Infill 3D 75 Geared Extruder

by Infill3D Aug 29, 2014
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Where i can find the X-Carriage?

Your website looks kind of offline...

Still searchin!


If you like to test things you could try this model which I created after seeing this post. Every time I search for the author's website my scanner suggests it may be compromised by viruses. That and the lack of updates since 2015 tends to suggest that the author is not active at the moment. I hope this model will fill the need for a carriage with the right hole spacing for now. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2892377

Crude X-Carriage
by MattKi

Great! :)
Looks perfect ! :)

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Hope the author of the Geared Extruder is fine - this all sounds strange...

Definitely agree on your last point. With these designs pretty much left up in the air I hope they just decided to do something different with their time and are doing well.

Comments deleted.

Thank you very much for this thing.
I had changed my Anycubic Acrylic I3 to a magnetic dual bowden some time ago and had a lot of trouble to get the retractions right for all the filaments. I wanted to switch back to direct extruder for quite some time but couldn't find a design narrow enough to not loose any printing area with dual direct extruder.

With your 2x design and 2x Nema 17 slimline I was able to get it working now. Thanks again.

Do you have the extruder holder design?


Is there a layer cooling fan duct available for this extruder?


A question about the bolt size. DIN931 specifies the thread length to be 22mm on bolts shorter than 125mm. Using an M8x45 would result in the hobbed part to be in a part of the thread...

The questionh is whether a 60mm would work? On a 60mm bolt, the "smooth" part would be 38mm - but will that leave sufficient thread for the washers/nuts to be tightened enough?

Any chance this works with flexible filaments?

Is there a version / mod for a probe to mount?

My (genuine) e3d v6 sits in there a little loose. The diameter of the groove mount seems ok, but there's a 1mm gap between the top of the hotend an the extruder part (where the hole is located).
Is this intended to be so?

Comments deleted.

Do you have a build guide video? I've printed off all the parts, bought all the components but no idea how it goes together?

Hello, does this extruder work with an e3dv6 hotend clone?? And I don't have Hobbes bolt with 25mm from the head just with 24 and 28mm witch one should I choose??

Use 28mm bolt and few washers to align it correct.

Hello dear friend, do you have these files in .stp ?
I would like to use your extruder, but I'll need to do some modifications to install it in my printer.
Best regards.

I printed the carriage out in bright red and I love it!
Printed the gears and now I'm printing the mount which is my first ABS print. I hope it all goes well with that raised flat area. I'll try and post pics when it's done.

And thank you Infill3D. I've been looking at mounts forever now and your's was the one I went back to every time. Lets hope it all goes well. I'm still new to this.

A bit late to the party, but this is great work. Thank you.

Any chance of a higher tolerance version of the large herringbone gear? Bolt is an extremely tight fit on my Prusa :(

Anybody tried this extruder with flexible filament ???

Will this work ith a E3D V6 hotend?

Comments deleted.

Can I have source files tô modify this great design to fit my needs? I would like to use a m5 nut with mk7 drive gear. Can you send it by email?

What is the length of the M8 hobbed bolt ?

There's a picture in the build, 43mm minimum

Thanks for answering one year and 2 days later but I kind of got it already. My printer is working for almost one year. The extruder is still working well !

Hehe sorry, I asked a friend yesterday to make me a bolt like that and when I saw the comment I just said to my self, that guy didn't clicked on all the picture. Anyway =) I don't know how this is gonna be more performant than my current metal extruder .. I'm curious

The extruder is realy performant, but if i had the choice today, i'd not choose the infill3d only because of the shipping price and avilability of parts. Also, it's not compatible wih anything else on the matker neither chinese parts. They also are not very friendly on customer service.

What kind of part are you talking about ? I tought their design was all free on their website ?

Parts of the metal hotend, nozzle, heater, heat breaker, etc..

Can this be used with 3mm filament?

Not yet Darmach, this version is 1.75mm, I have in mind making a 3mm but is going to be a while since I am a bit busy with other projects right now.

Will this have any issues with melting under the heat from the Hotend if I print it using ABS

The extruder was made for an Infill 3D SunBurn hotend, with that particular hotend is not a problem, it should work with other hotends just fine however I have not test it with a different hotend.

I really like this design; it's the best of all, a reference...
I will make one, but I don't know which is the best carriage, 3 or 4 lm8uu version.
4 lm8uu seems more robust and maybe precise but the 3 lm8uu version is lighter and have less friction...

Anyway, great job. Please, keep designing!

I personally like 3 bearings better, but that is just me.

This extruder has worked amazingly well for me and its form factor is awesome!

Works great with the hexagon hotend, but the merlin hotend has an issue..... The Merlin hotend is so short that it ends up hitting the bed at the same time the x carriage does. I had to switch back to another extruder because of that, but I still keep this extruder for whenever I decide to use the hexagon again.

Great job!

Hi xj220gt, I am glad you like it. On the hotend side of things please keep in mind Infill 3D items are not made with multiple hotends in mind, it might work / might not work with your particular hotend unless it is an Infill 3D SunBurn to which Infill 3D items are custom made for, an Infill 3D SunBurn is a guarantee fit for all Infill 3D items.

Hi infiil3d this extruder looks great,

do you use the same steps per unit than a standar wade extruder??

Hi its my first time trying a wade extruder , which steps per unit do you use ??

That is going to depend on your machine, I would suggest you read this http://reprap.org/wiki/Triffid_Hunter's_Calibration_Guide

love the design, is there anyway to mod this design to use this fan duct http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:151555 which uses a centrifugal fan? this type of fan is so much better than standard!!! :-)

Improved fan duct for my E3D/J-Head direct drive extruder

Hello Octocom19, look at this ducts https://infill3d.com/27-pla-fan-ducts they are made to do the same job as the duct that you showed but much more efficiently since it works with a single fan not two.

Thanks Infill3d, they look really good but do you think then that a centrifugal fan produces more pressure for a given air volume than what is needed for cooling a pla print? I thought the extra air pressure would produce better bridging results? I might be talking rubbish but just been geeky :-s

Octocom19, you just need a breeze, you do not want a jet of air over your print.

Where can we get this beautiful x-carriage ?

Hi Sobakkapavlova, the link is in the description.

Oh, yes, I see now, in Downloads > i3Redux. They are sooooooo good looking, thank you for this design!

I presume you print the parts with support to the bed ?

Yes you do, the body needs supports.

Hi Infill3D.. are you sure it is a 608zz bearing that sits in the idler as I have printed out your gorgeous design but the bearing will not fit in the slot it is way too big for it..

Hello Gazzathechef, you are correct I made a mistake with the bearings they are all 688ZZ for some reason I was thinking it was 608ZZ for the idler like in the Bowden geared extruder, If you try to use a 608ZZ it would be too big fit in the idler, I made the correction in the instructions. Thank you.

Would it be possible to add a version with 608ZZ bearings :)? They seem much more common and I havent been able to find 688ZZ in any local stores. Anyway, the extruder looks awesome. I'm definitely going to switch out my bowden setup on my mendel with this!

Hi RuneSP, get them in eBay there is a lot of sellers some of them very cheap.
Problem with 608ZZ is that they are considerable larger, how the extruder is right now I would have to make it larger to fit 608ZZ bearings defeating the purpose of having a small extruder.

Hi dear,
nice design.
Are you able to share the X back plate stl also that is shown on the pic?
Thx a lot in advance.

Hello once more, I checked for you the download works fine, infill3d.com/24-i3redux click on the item you want > click on the download tab > click the download button.

Hi again dear Infill3D,
thanks for reply, the download button still not working, I am sorry :( Probably some kind of IP restriction or browser plugin problem... never meet such problem with my browser before...
Are you able to upload that part as the set part to your nice extruder to here Sir?
Thx in advance for support.

Send me a private message with your email address I will email it to you.

??????? ??????? ????! Thank you very much brother!

Thanks for sharing your stl files pics like this http://s28.postimg.org/iw4tmstt9/x_carriage_gt2_mk4.jpg
. I will re-disigne it soon dear colleague

Dear Infill3D, thanks for reply,
it is X-Carriage GT2 MK4 where I can download it's stl? At the mentioned web page the item download button not active.

Awesome design.
I'm planning to modify it a little bit, to become a hybrid bowden/direct extruder.
I'm also using this heatsink (e3d v5). So, it is basically add a second support.

Do you have any work in mind related to that? Congrats!
Really nice idea!

Thank you Victoreac, the Infill 3D Bowden extruder uses the same gears as this extruder and the body is smaller, it was made as a Bowden with features for a Bowden hence I do not think I will be changing this one.
Any 16mm grove mount hotend will work although it was made for the Infill 3D SunBurn hotend, With that said if you want to mod it go for it please show me your final mod.

Beautiful design. Will have to try and make 2 of these work with my printer.

Thank you Kmyerslp, please let us know how they work for you.

Thank you Geoffro, I appreciate the complement I am happy you approve. Let me know how it works for you.

hmm might have to make some adjustments, I don't have a drill to drill out the holes large enough to make the bearings fit, they are close... but they are splitting the X-carriage when I try and put them in.. I could file it out for an hour or re-print it with bigger holes in less time, so I will give that a go - it looks EXCELLENT in red man, the logo came out really well even at 0.3mm and printed flat instead of upright.

Geoffro, give a try to this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11261 I have printed the extruders many times and the bearings go exact they just need a bit of force to go in, I do ream the edges when I clean up the part before assembling but they should go in fine.

A Better Nickel Calibration Test
by MrJohn

it seems makerware is slightly off on scale, rescale to 100.8% fixed the issue, bearings went in nice and tight on the second print, lined up with the carriages well. Extruder building time now!

Glad to hear that is going well.

printing out today! beautiful design man, I took a look at your site, its good to see some aesthetics thrown in as well as functionality. Going to have to do it in fire engine red , how can you not!

Any 16mm groove mount will work.

Will this work ith a E3D V6 hotend?