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To Make or not to Make

by LeFabShop Aug 26, 2014
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what I want to know is who's CT scan did you use to make this model?

Made mine 50 percent size and added eyes. Looks pretty cool.

I'm pretty impressed how accurate this skull is. It seems as thought the teeth and jaw are separate pieces. I originally want to clean it up so I can print it so I decided to load it into MeshMixer like many have done before. I generated face groups and found the teeth are actually whole teeth with roots and the jaw is a separate piece all together. Its kind of freaky and cool. I plan on remixing it and printing them separate.

Just printed this SKULL! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

It would be amazing if someone made a base or stand with the words "Alas Poor Yorick"

Hi I would like to know if it is okay to advertise a unit (acetone vapour box) I made, were I smooth out the abs parts I liked, and show the people all over the world about this amazing unit I designed. With this SKULL smooth out shinny and smooth in the background of my unit is this okay to do I would like permission?

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not sure how but I manage to print this without any supports, it came out great.

love this i made a giant one really god detail

I've made probably 10 of these so far on my MakerBot Replicator 2 at 10% infill, .2mm layer height, and support. They turn out great! I've made them in many sizes.

the to be or not to be scene is not the scene where he holds the skull ಠ_ಠ

Well the skull is not orange in the scene either.. you writing the rule book?

Alas. poor Yorik.

My niece's brithday is coming up this weekend. I'm going to see if I can find the time to punch it out for her.

Printed this on our Zortrax M200 and it came out really well, thanks for the design!

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made mine with MakerBot Replicator 5gen. PLA glow in the dark (like most everyone else). looks awsome and i have to say out of the whole peice the teeth part are so creepy that i know i will be making a lot of these for decorating my house for halloween.

I tried again in ABS, increased the hot end tempreature from 230 to 245, and bed from 110 to 115 and set speed to 30 mm/s, to try to reduce warping and cracks, and downscaled by 0.7 factor. In Cura I selected both support and raft, and the estimated printing time was about 10 hours.
In general it is printing well, however, the back teeth of the upper mandible were kick away by the hotend, because warping lifted the back ends, but printing continued with some speguetti that I'll be able to clean up afterwards.
I see that the support material added by Cura is not working as well as it should. I see that the voronoi version ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:518748 ) has some "organic" pillars (not vertical but tilted) that work very well, and teeth remain where they are supposed to be. Anybody knows if there is a tool to add this type of supports instead of of the "cartesian" supports from Cura?

Skull lamps - Voronoi Style
by shiuan

I configured my printer very closely to what you have - prior to reading your post - and I am having the exact same issues with the same back teeth. I had a load error and I started (at first) at 100% - at an estimated time of 24.5 hours - I decided to reduce the size to about 50% and it cut a ton of time off.

Well, I am going to try it again with different supports.

I think I found the answer: Meshmixer seems to do a great job in adding supports, I just tried it and in the inspector it identified errors mainly in teeth, I asked it to solve them, and it removed all teeth, I'll try a little longer, I like it better with teeth.

I love the design but...I cannot succeed to print it, maybe it is my reprap, or the fact that I am using ABS filament, but I have tried with brim, raft, and nothing, and after a few layers some part (tipically back right side) warps and moves from the hot bed. Maybe PLA will work better?
Finally I suceeded with ABS by reducing the speed, and putting raft and support. Some problems appeared though: Back teeth fell off while printing, and there were some crack between layers in the back of the skull

I would recommend trying PLA next.

ABS warp is frustrating and has to be addressed by either minimizing the shrinkage or maximizing the adherence to the print surface. Both those take some trial and error to figure out on your particular printer.

As a side note I would recommend double checking your Z offset value (or other adherence related variables). You should be getting better adherence with the raft than a few layers

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hello , I climbed the skull 0.7 and tells me that it takes 12 hours, the speed e'del 60 % . I know how much you have used ? thanks Alessandro

The teeth are separated from the skull mesh so the roots are included inside the jaw.

I made it twice with support on 2 diff printers and i aways get the teeth all crooked

I like to put glow in the dark plastic behind the eye sockets so late at night the it glows

Support is necessary, yes. Raft is better.
Enjoy, this model is good.

Support is necessary ????????

I made this full size and gave it to a friend. Thanks for the awesome model!
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I made this skull small and it looks amazing!!

I made this small scale and it looked amazing!!!

I would like totally buy one of these.

Comments deleted.

Wow, looking good. Ill make one on our Felix 3.0 !

This thing is awesome. Does it look just as cool in green?

Can someone help me? I need to know the volume of this

This STL is not manifold. It really should have been run through an STL fixer before being featured on the front page. Every time I try to slice it with KISSlicer, it crashes. I uploaded the STL to netfabb's fixer and it slices fine now.

Also, re: the comment below, is this featured object really someone else's design? Wow.

can you post the fixed file? may as a remix thanks

Featured? I guess I should feel flattered because this is based off of my design. If you want to print it without support please check out my sliced version http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:43591

Sliced Human Skull with Mandible and Teeth

You state that this isnt your design????
MacGyver - in reply to Vegter
I've printed 3 or 4 without any issues so far. I'm printing them on my Thing-O-Matic using Sailfish firmware and ReplicatorG. I didn't create this model I only sliced it so I could print it.

Yes, I didn't create the model, however, I brought it to thingiverse and sliced it so it could be printed without support.

Where did you get the model?

If you click on my thing there is a link to the source.

Looking for some information on HOW this was printed. I have tried on my Replicator 2 to print without supports and the trouble starts with the upper back molars. I cancelled the print at that point but even if I continued it looks to me that the cheek bones would be the next problem.

Typically LeFabShop offers some great models WITHOUT supports, so am I missing something here.

Any data from successful printers would be appreciated.


Maybe they just ripped it off someone else and didn't bother laying it out to see if it printed correctly.

Do you need support for it? or re-position the model will no need support?

Comments deleted.

Blatantly clear now that the featured items are a paid placement item. We already have 50+ skulls on here, some better than this and easier printed, yet this is featured not a few days after it is posted. Any 'REAL' designers out there, give up hopes of ever having anything featured unless you either pay thingiverse money or suck right up to a mod.

LeFabShop has made itself famous after a few REALLY awesome and popular designs (and well deserved featured). I guess it's just comfortable now for the editor to pick designs from them to be featured, kind of success guaranteed.

On the other hand LeFabShop is also a Makerbot distributor in France, I guess it creates some links too.

Oh well.

"On the other hand LeFabShop is also a Makerbot distributor in France, I guess it creates some links too."
I think that would answer any relevant questions... :)

im looking to print some skulls, which one would you say is better than this one?

I'm partial to this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31998 It's my favorite scan. The tooth detail is visible even when it's scaled down to a very small size. Plus - it prints without any support.

Skull with Pointed Teeth

Printing without support is nice but this one looks like an accurate skull and that one doesn't...and that one has fangs...I think everyone has a right to their own artistic opinion and personally after looking through all the other ones I could find I think this is the cleanest one IMO.

Print settings please? Supports?

I really like this model. Thanks for sharing it.

Printed a 20% scaled down version.