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Olaf - I wanna build a snowman!

by JamesRX Aug 25, 2014
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Olaf is great! I was asked by a Disney lover to print her a snowman, found Olaf here and my whole family loves him!
I am using sequential printing to print all the same color parts at once, so I have 3 files, Orange (5 noses) White, and Black.
I used flex filament for black and the delicate parts are forgiving of mishandling. Since the arms are printed pointing up, I moved 4 together so they just barely join at the elbows and thumbs to give them enough rigidity to print well.
Also, I moved the face into TinkerCAD and made round black pupils for him that fit into a small cavity I put in the eyeballs.
I found the support on teeth and nose easy enough to remove, but people could import them into TinkerCAD and adjust as you like.
You list yourself as a "beginner" but you are "Expert" in my book!

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How did you print the hair? It is giving me a little trouble!!

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I made it, it was very good. His arm was too thin and fractured, so I thickened it a bit and then print it flat. So it felt really good. Thanks for the design.

so adaptive for 3dprinting,thats im saing GOOD Design

Can you add a nose without that build in support?
It`s (too) strong and I would prefer my own settings (brim/tree).


Oh, no. Why is there a stabilization at the hand??? I don't need it! I printed the arm in 300%. Now the stabilization is so big that I can't remove it. :-(

Hi guys.
If you want to see how to assembly this funny model Olaf then you should check my video: https://youtu.be/okHIpiir1Ws
JamesRX thank you for this great model. It's the prettiest model I've ever printed, I like it :)

FWIW, I used both super glue (CA glue) and hot glue for this model. I used hot glue wherever there was a cavity between the surfaces to join and super glue for the rest. It turned out well.

This was a lot of fun to build. I built it in the scale in which it was designed and was a nice size for me. After three failures, I did end up printing the arms horizontally with support. My only criticism would be that the mating surfaces on the teeth and feet should have matched better. In particular, I had to file down the feet to get enough surface for the glue since both pieces were concave at the connecting site. I'm very satisfied with the result, though. Thanks!

can i made at 70% ? bcause 100% seems too big

Do you think you could upload a model of the nose without the supports?


Just printed him off. Had a lot of problems with the arms and on the 3rd attempt I ended up holding them in place with my fingers while they were printed, not brilliant but they will do for now. Going to assemble him tomorrow when ive got some superglue and some black paint for his eyes. Everything else printed really well, my daughter cant wait for her own little Olaf!!! (Shes 20 by the way!!!)

I rotated the arms, laying them horizontal with the fingers up, and then printed with support. They came out much better than trying to print vertical.

I did the same thing, after 2 attempts on the left arm they both look like someone put his hand in a vice. Laying the arm down flat with the fingers up and support under the entire thing worked great.

How big is this as is? Just wondering because I am trying to make a rather large version of this

Does anybody have any good suggestions for what adhesives to use to stick the parts together?

looks like a good present for a little sis

Do you need supports when printing the full Olaf?

the full body model is only for pose reference.

I got a pretty substantial gap in between the head parts of this Olaf build. (I uploaded an "I Made One" photo for reference.) I'm assuming the front side of the head curled up off the build plate. Any suggestions to prevent this? Thank you!

adding brim may help.

Just printed it at 80% and will upload photos when it's painted. One note is that you might want the hand horizontal instead of vertical so it comes out as a high quality hand. When it is vertical, it is covering less surface area at a time which causes the entire model to melt with each layer. It basically comes out as a blob when vertical

I had issues printing the arms on my Printrbot simple. I had to take a design off of a different model and edit them. If anyone has similar trouble they can reply and i'll post the design that I have.

It would be great if you could post them. I've had limited success with the arms. Had an awkward left index finger and a missing right thumb as the printer head dragged the fingers while printing... Will probably give it another try first though.

@JamesRX: It's a great design though, very very elaborate!

P.S. Going to try Atheeni's remix for the arms although that will mean having to glue two halves together... I'm getting pretty straggly arms at both 50 and 100 microns

This is a really great design and a fun build. Thanks for making this.

Really nice design!
turn out really good. the arms were a little bit tricky but it worked!
thanks for sharing ;)

I love this! Im going to print it! btw I have a suggestion.. I think you should have a stitch one from lilo and stitch! it would be so cool and I know you could make it amazing! thx

Hi James! Awesome modeling skills :) I am currently working on a large print of this little guy (2x) and I could use a little adjustment on some parts.

Could you post a version of the nose, teeth and arms without support? When scaled up, your support structures are very hard to remove, especially in pla prints. The operation can easily break the parts. A brim generated by the slicer software would be much simpler to use.

Thank you.

What settings did you print the arms at? I am having trouble printing them up.

Hi, you may need an extra cooling fan for those arms, and print it one at a time.

James, this looks great. I'm building it, but I think there is a problem with the nose. The support base starts a little over the nose itself, so that causes it not to stick in the bed. Is it possible to extend it a little, so they are both aligned?

Thanks Avaquero, model fixed.

Much better. Thanks. I also had to extend the support base of the teeth to stick in my bed.

Hi James,

I'm just curious, what application did you use to display the 3D-rendered instructional diagram? I think this would be very useful for my work as well.

Hi, I use 3ds Max to build and render. To create the diagram image just by using the regular lighting and modeling tools and a little bit photoshop, no special plug-in is needed. So I think other 3d software should work just fine too.

I am definitely going to try this tonight and post pictures later. This is awesome!