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T800 Smooth Terminator Endoskull Printable WithBase (not ExoSkull)

by machina Aug 23, 2014
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does it need support ? what's the best support ?

This model has been kicking my butt!!! But(T) I think I finally have this one printed. I'll know for sure in another day. Question: Can the actuator pieces be printed separately? I'm new enough to printing that I don't know how to print just those pieces. Although the skull is perfect, almost all of the actuators failed. BTW, looks great in Silk Silver PLA.

I will post the make when done.

I also printed in silk silver PLA - looks fantastic - but yeah, 3 out of 4 corners of his face failed the actuator printing. I would love to print replacements, so designer, please can you create some!!
Or when I figure out how to use Fusion 360, maybe I can delete the rest of the head and just print those...

Agreed, I need some replacement actuators too, mine failed.

What is the purpose of that cylindrical hole inside neck rather than waste of time and material?

its so you can pause and add filler to the neck to increase the bottom heaviness weight and stability of the sculpt

je tenais à remercier toutes les personnes qui se sont mis sur ce modèle afin de le modéliser pour qu'il soit le plus facile à printer possible pour les débutants

add tree supports and it will lock them up

Where is the Base for the supports? :D
Cant be printed midair ^^

Everyone is a comedian ;-)

Hmmmm... i´ve printed it 3 times from scratch now in 3 different scalings. Everytime it worked (i´ve repaiered it for the 1st Model with MS 3DBuilder as mentioned).

Only once the big pip at the back broke. But a bit of glue and done.

My only success was at 150% on my CoreXY. My modded Ender 3 failed every time at 100%. The supports under the chin were the cause. They would never stick to the base and things went off the rails from there. I made it to about 50% once, but two of the four pipes were not attached, and eventually ruined the print.

Comments deleted.

I tried to print it with hight layer = 0.2 and Infill Density: 5% but the parts behind the head broked up. :( I have the same problem with other thin objects like shaolin monk. the feeds are to thin. maybe it's because the density?

I'm currently printing this one out, at 60% scale. I'm using 2 perimeters/walls with alternate wall (Cura) and 8%infill. I'm using a 0.6 nozzle. The layer height is 0.2 with adaptive layers can go all the way to 0.31 (with Cura). Try adding more perimeters, 3 to test. If all fails, try a bigger nozzle or the fans blowing at full (for PLA) to dry quickly the filament and prevent from knocking it over, also try z hop 0.1-0.2.

Let us know how it goes.

Comments deleted.

need ticker support...they snapperd out every time...can you enlarge them?

Comments deleted.

Hi, I would like to try a 200% size print with a Creality Cr10, is it safe to print? And what parameters in cura are best for this size? Thank you

Here it is at 200% next to a regular, non-scaled print. Turned out damn nice after fixing the model with windows 3D builder program. Sliced with Simplify3d and printed on a CR-10S.

So I printed at 200% with a CR-10s. It took around 85 hours (3 to 4 hours was a pause for filament runout). Looks great, but I too had an issue. I sliced with S3D and to repair the model I used the method mentioned in others comments that stated "mesh menu then separate connected shells should fix the problem." THIS DID NOT TOTALLY FIX THE PROBLEMS. There is a small gap in the sliced model on the right jaw, and a SERIOUS gap running across the eyes and just above the bridge of the nose. After printing I checked the preview of the post sliced model in S3D and the gaps appeared there also (so it was not a printer problem).

I have just fixed the model using 3D builder built into Windows 10. I re-sliced with S3D and after a close post slice inspection, it looks pretty good. Going to start the next print tomorrow. BTW it took about a full 1 kilo roll of filament with 5% infill. Dropping infill to 3% this time.

Aside from the model flaws, the first 200% size model on the CR-10s look pretty damn good otherwise.

im using cura to slice my model at 200% and it stats that it will take 6 days and 7 hours to print thats 66 hours longer than yours to print. Im printing at .2mm layer height and at 50mm/s. How does yours print so quickly? Im printing on a cr-10s pro.

I am about to try it right now... Going to use S3D, PLA, 5% cubic infill. Ask in a few days and I will let you know.

How did it turn out?

See the message I sent dated July 29... It has a picture attached.... Turned out very nice.

Hello everyone, im having problems with this model and if possible i would appreciate some help.
Im using Cura 3.3.1 and i have a huge gap of layers like its possible to see in the photo, but its not only this gap, the others are 1 layer gap or so, but this one is huge.
Is it possible to know if theres something with the file or is it Cura bugging?
Thanks in advance.

Not a Cura problem, a model issue. Simplify3d had the same error in the same place. I guess some slicers have model repair built in where others do not. I ran the model through Windows 3D Builder which is included with Windows 10. 3D Builder immediately identifies the errors when the model is loaded and prompts you to ask if they should be fixed. Once repaired, save the file and reslice with your chosen slicer. When I did this, I printed a 200% model shown in another comment here. It turned out really nice.

Today i found that the file is ok. If i see it on cura 3.3.1 on Mac it has errors, lacks of layers. If i see it on Cura 3.3.1 on windows it works perfect and shows no errors.

Strange, i think this is Cura´s problem, now i tried to see the model in solid view and it shows no problem (photo attached on this post), but if i change it to layer view the problem still exists.

greetings from germany,

thank you very much for sharing such a AWESOME / INCREDIBLE / PERFECT Design. Printed pretty well on my custom Tronxy X1 ona 75% scale. Some of the Details were missing due to the 0.2mm layer height. Printing a 100% Scale version on my Prusa i3 Clone in the next Weeks. Keep up the good work.

take care

does this need supports?

you dont need to enable support. Thee model itself has some support "stripes" for the chin. You can easily remove them after printing.

Guys, amazing print, but ive come here from you-tube, after seeing this printed with separate base and skull, but now in the download, its all joined with supports built in.
do we still have the files anywhere of this model but separate base and skull if possible??
no problem if not, but would love the seperated files.

This model isn't manifold and cost me about 200grams of filament and about 24 hours of print time

but why wont it work in simplify3d? any work around?

mesh menu then separate connected shells should fix the problem

Comments deleted.

Can you pls recommend me which software to use? I want to make a hole in this model for inserting leds, wires and battery into it. Tried to use freecad, but it can't convert mesh with such a big count of polygons into a part

When checking the slicer through Simplify3D, there are visible gaps in the piping.

With Cura, the gaps are not there, and after printing, the places where Simplify was showing the gaps prints out but not perfectly.

Still looks good on my desk, so I'm happy.

This is not because of Simplify3D. The model is full of errors. Open it up in 3D Builder (comes with Windows 10) and start the automatic repair. This will fix it.

BUT: Why is there only this version with "supports"? Please allow me to place my own supports. S3D creates awesome custom supports. So please upload a version without supports. Thanks

The model is great BUT I do have one issue that occured after over about 25h of printing (0.1 Rsolution).
I do have a Y-shift on the skull approx. where the eyes are starting - any idea about the cause ?!
I used Cura 2.7.0 and a hard modified Anet A8.

I will proceed the print since I already invested some material and time and the print still looking fine (except of the offset in Y). So I will try to divide the pieces later on, glue them correctly together and will give the skull a sand and paint work.

But I am interested in the cause due to prevent extra work in the future :-(
Never had that issue before.

Thx Sebastian

I made a timelapse video of my print ,
It looks GREAT thank you!
0.2mm height , 20% infill , white pla


What kind of setting do yo recoment. . Thinking about printing in PLA, 0.3mm 15% infill, with support, 3 top and bottom, 3 primeters ??

So here is the problem of why it does not print correctly with Simplify. There are a few manifold errors. SLIC3R and CURA both automatically correct these errors while Simplify does not. I ran the model through a repair program and it fixed the manifold errors. The repair site is run by Microsoft https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ and after the repair you will need to open the repaired file in Microsoft 3D Builder and save as an STL file.

I noticed the issue when running this through SLIC3R and it said it repaired (I think it said) 536 manifold problems.

So, where's the rest of the endo skeleton?

Could you upload this design to

They have a competition running and would like to enter my photo of your design but can't as I can only enter photos from files they have .....
And I have awesome prints and photos of your model

I sliced and print this with Slicer and Cura and both didnt gave any problems for printing .. :) not even on big scale

A pound filament I threw in the trash. Then I used Netfabb and what was a surprise that the model contains many errors. Unsealed joints, holes etc. I recommend all models from thingiverse carefully checked, it is not a first bad model.


That is the skull they took and slapped a base on. Can you see if you have the same issue with that one? I would like to know if they damaged the mesh integrity.

T800 Smooth Hi-Res
by Geoffro

Exactly the same problem.

This is perfect: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:288467

T-800 Redux (sliceable)
by ToScH

that's also pretty low poly, but if you are not printing at 1:1 scale it really should be fine,

yes i tried to process it in openscad and it just went mental at all the crap that's inside it, blender/freecad didn't like it much either. perhaps this is an import from a game, not a proper design, it seems totally hollow with no wall? flashprint had to fix the model to even slice it.

tried to print with PLA at 75% scale and the tubes snapped about a third of the way through the print, i managed to print at 50% scale but the tubes snapped after the print was done. going to try ABS with very slow speeds next, not looking forward to a 12 hour print.


Mesh could be better, however, Cura slices this file with no problem. Have you tried Cura?

I also noticed that cura ignores errors in models.
But that's not a good way. I prefer to fix the errors, then ignoring it.
I'll give this model a try in slic3r with ABS :)

how much filemnt does it use

does this work on a makerbot mini

ok im about to print this, this is awesome thx for desighning this

It says " the object is not manifold" ... can i still print it or ???
just a noob here ... please explain a bit

thx guys

can it be scaled to 80% and still be safely printed/

Yes. Smallest we have scaled and printed this one is 50%

See the picture with the yellow 50% T800 head next to full size ones.

Comments deleted.

Solve the problem thanks!

Awesome Thing! Just a slight nit pick though... Exo- means that it is outside. You want to use the term Endo-. It means that it's inside. It's also what the cannon refers to the T-800 Series as.

Thank you - fixed!!!

Tried two prints using abs. The first didn't print the tendons/actuators well and ended up breaking off before they could join the rest of the model. The second did the same and also split horizontally (not the files fault). Printing one using pls right now and it is so much nicer than the abs prints. Everything is where it is suppose to be !! Great model!!

found your T-800 yesterday; loved it; printed it;
worked great; a little over 12h...


Thank you.

Glad you liked it :-)

Check in remixes I have fixed this for Simplify 3D! No holes and prints perfect!

Thanks for this model, it's awesome, however the tendons are extremely problematic as previous users mentioned, as @ChuckNorr15 pointed out, this behemoth of a print fails because Simplify3D leaves several sections empty

Luckily the problems were roughly fixable later on, so 20 hours and 300g didn't go to waste :)
(Surprisingly, only the top part of the tendons were problematic, the remaining sections turned out perfect even without the support from those parts, I'm guessing you accounted for this scenario in the design)

It looks like the STL file contains triangles making up about 35 objects. The skull is about 130k triangles and has a few holes. The base is about 20k triangles and possibly complete. There are over 30 spheres and pipe objects that make the tendons, all possibly complete.
Multiple overlapping objects isn't kind to slicers because slicing a level will produce multiple overlapping polygons that then need to be unioned together. Holes in objects make life worse, with the slicer having to guess and close the polygon.
To make this file kind to slicers needs these steps
Detect and extract the 35 objects from 160k unsorted triangles
Repair the skull
Boolean union all 35 objects into one object (one external shell)
but this isn't trivial

Hi Toddsplod67

Thank you for the detailed analysis - this file was not trivial to bring to life to begin with, and at this point it's a bit on the side for us.
Perhaps in the near future we can revisit and see to the points brought up;

The model slices well for us with Slic3r, Cura and we did print fine the generated Gcode from both slicing engines.

When we have a bit more time to revisit, we can provide an update and a closer look to the Simplify 3D Gcode.

Thank you again for your insightful comments.

Your model is fantastic. Thanks for uploading. I've extracted the parts and have repaired the skull. If I can union it all into one shell I'll share it.

Well perhaps I should clarify. When a vertex of a triangle lies on the line between the two other vertices, it's not a triangle. This then looks like a hole because it's removal stops the three triangles adjoining it having perfect matching edges (two triangles will sit against one edge of a third triangle). In order to repair, a piece of software would need to cut the third triangle so it matches the first two. Then it can build up triangles into a body by matching edges with edges. This is made harder when triangles don't have an outward normal. It looks like too many problems for Netfabb to handle.

I agree with ChuckNorr15. This file has over 200 malformed triangles (3 vertices that don't form a triangle). Many triangles share edges with other triangles but the edge direction isn't opposed which indicates some triangles are facing inwards not outwards. There are holes. I tried NetFabb repair but all it did was drop the malformed triangles. It didn't repair anything else.

This file has serious slicing issues with the back 'tendons". They are completely disjointed. I use Simplify3D. If I can't print it in Simplify3D its unprintable. I just can't use any of the crappy free slicers, its too painful.


I printed mine with Simplify3D, your analysis is extremely accurate, the print glitches exactly at that point, also the facial tendons are problematic too, luckily the problems caused were relatively healable, I managed to fill the blanks with hot glue and using the broken pieces and pre-added support parts

Hey, I love how the three prints turned out! If you would be interested in some free filament let me know and I can send you some rolls and sample packs! You can reach me at gabe@foxsmart.org and I would be happy to see how prints would turn out with our filament! Thanks, and awesome prints!

Thanks, this is awesome.
Printed one @ 50% for my desk at work and now everyone wants one! :)
Gave that one away already.

Printing both this and the Genesis @ 100% for myself.

I'm thinking of having them chrome plated.

what filament did you use for the gold one

That was (Natureworks) Ultimachine Gold.

So u dont have use matrix(support)

That is correct. No support necessary. Note that there are some supports to be removed - they are part of the model and do a bit of support on the chin.

I just printed this awesome T-800. Thank you for putting all the effort into designing it so well.

Thank you - just fyi, we uploaded a Terminator Genisys model as well: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:932640

Terminator Genisys - printable
by machina


The design detail, the small edge edits to makt everything easier, supports. everything.
20/10 from me. thank you for sharing :D

Thank you - just fyi, we uploaded a Terminator Genisys model as well: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:932640

Terminator Genisys - printable
by machina

Awesome design! Great job

Thank you, glad you like it.

This will be my next print. Thanks to the original creator.

This is such a nice deskpiece!
I have printed it at 25% and 50%

Going to make a 100% at some time, and looking forward to it!

Thanks to the original creater, and thanks for the remake!

Thank you for the kind words.

Indeed, this model is a great example of models improved by the online community.

Do you need supports for this? Aside from the one you already placed. Was this done in 0.2mm?

The plan is to go back to the model and smooth out some of the overhangs so it prints even cleaner. If you are looking for that, perhaps just put a "watch" on this item and when we upload it you will be informed.

No Supports needed.

Yes, 0.2mm layers;

The Translucent red was done at 30% infill with a 2mm perimeter, the other two are done at 20% infill with a 1.5mm perimeter.

Hi Machina,

Thanks for the beautiful creation.

Infill 15% and 0.15 layer it is ok or not ?


Thanks for an awesome model and base!

You are welcome !

Thanks for the upload of the made bit!

Yeah, Thanks for the model would have been nice.

Thanks Geoffro for your work and sharing with the community - it's a great model and it looks like it's popular all around. Cheers!

Comments deleted.