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Piggy Bank

by MakerBot Jul 6, 2016
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Can you advise on the difference between V1 and V2? Also, what scale should this be printed to accept common USA coins? Such as quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies?

Excellent print. Made this for my kids school principal as a gift.

What are the dimensions of the slot at 100%? If this was listed in the description then it would be easy to calculate what scale you needed for which currency you use. Love the design! Going to try print it soon

break at the middle version2. waste of time filament for me. 75% infill

Really, my wife loves these and has been handing them out to her friends (Chinese year of the pig) . Number 10 is printing right now...

I have printed eight of the smaller version pigs, four were a failure. When the print gets near the top of the two center struts, the print head hits the struts and the the whole print is a failure. If I need to change print settings or code please be kind as I am only a beginner and do not know anything about code. The print settings I think I can manage.

bit more infill and use z-hop, i had same problem

Printed this today and my kids love it.

Big thanx and greate job. :-D

I've scrolled through some of the comments and did not see that so just in case:

Printed at 100% 2€ coins do not fit

At 100 1c (€) do not fall through the body holes.

Thank you for that. After reading your post I tried out at 105% and 2€ are fitting.

não consigo abrir o stl, o S3D fica carregando e não abre nem a pau ...

Very sad day here. :-(

Got to 90% complete, then the extruder head knocked the job free and the print was ruined. Never had that happened before.
Anyone got any ideas?

Try a larger brim!

That won't help at all.
The problem is the extruder hitting the job

Have you added a z-lift command? This should pevent that the nozzle hits the print as it will be lifted when it travels to a new direction and lowered again when it reaches its destination.

How and were do i find those settings?? In Cura or on the A8?
I have that issue sometimes, but not on every print just now an then...

Hans J

Not sure abou this... I am using the sofware that was recommend for my Geetech i3 Pro W. It's Repetier Host with Slic3r. I can change the z-lift in the Slic3r configuration under printer settings and then extruder, see attached image. Hopefully you can find it for your software as well. It is also nice to prevent top scarring :)

Should I be afraid that it will snap??
(Hope the slow motion video works)

I going to check it out right after this print is done, right now on 86%...

I've printed almost 2 dozen of these in various scale for nieces and nephews. I use S3D and print on glass so my experiences might not apply. I prep the bed with ABS juice. In the slicer I add in Z-hop, some extra retraction to prevent excess buildup while the extruder travels and it helps to have good part cooling. Mine printed much better after I added 2 50mm blowers.

Update. 5 now printed, 120% works with the new UK £1 and £2 coins (slot has to be filed a little bit just to take off any roughness fir the £1).

I have printed 2 now, one at 120% and 1 at 130%. Coin slot very tight for the new UK £1. Had to file the hole slightly wider. Not tried the new £2 yet.
I printed at .3 resolution. I did notice the print head knocking the uprights near the very top, but luckily they didn't break. If they snap, see if you can pause the print and hold them in place temporarily somehow maybe, as once the walls start to touch, they would weld the post in place?! (Just an idea).

Thanks for the desigh.

Can I donate them to a charity shop, or does that become commercial?


The default size on the V2 file doesn't match with 1 Real coins (Brazil), so just print 105% or 110% to solve it.

Bummer. Like others, my upright broke, just when it got to the top. Just a few layers from joining the side walls! (see picture)
I used some of the same filament and a hot knife to weld it in place, but it's discolored. I'll modify this design to add some lateral supports for the upright. Then it should survive. I still like the design... just needs a little tweak. Thanks for sharing MB!

My 5th print as 3D newcomer ... absolutely cute .. printed on A8!

Nice Piggy Bank

Zortrax M200

V2 worked good for me. anyone else having trouble with the lid on V1? I only tried once but its not even close

Makerbot your a 3d printing company but you can set up your retraction right.

The item pictured and the thing file are different. The holes on the downloaded file do not look as nice as the cover photo. Is there a reason for this?

Not for swiss-coins
5.-CHF coins are to big for this pig.

Printed in ABS and it looks good apart from the overhang which begins as the nose pokes out at what appears to me to be a massive 90 degrees. If this were modified to a gentler slope, I am sure that it would turn out very well.

Great looking piggie bank. I've tried to print this 3x's and failed about 3/4ths in on my CR10. Will give it another go. Starting to run out of pink filament.

What program was used to create this design?

PinterT, is that stated somewhere? I want to get better at making organic shapes and am curious how everybody does it! Am I missing a section of thingiverse that details that info?

download Autodesk Fusion 360. it is free and there are plenty of free form tutorials

Fusion 360 is not free. You do get a 30 day free trial, but then it's $25 a month. Not exactly free...

Fusion 360 is free for hobbyists and students

Hello, everyone. Could someone please tell me how they got beyond 60% and the two center post did not break. Also, I had a lot of retraction problems... Please help, if you can. I am a total newbie...

I had the same issue. After the center posts broke, it all went haywire....

I wanted to print this to put my maker coins in, but even at 200% I think the coin slot will be too narrow. my coins are about 7mm thick. Anyone know how I can modify the slot width easily?

try tinkercad or fusion 360.

Thank you very much, It very nice!

Printed 200% with 4walls on a creator pro and had problems like the others. You can see my pics

Gah this is killing me, been haunting my dreams. Turns out the supports in the center of the big (the two tall sticks) are the ones getting knocked, so I've been experimenting with making the entire print 2 processes in Simply3d. This way I can force the base of those pillars to be solid.

Yet it still broke, so now I'm setting the minimum infill length to 2mm as it was 5mm before and those pillars were hollow and brittle.

You can see here http://imgur.com/DvqtIYY

The base of those pillars are now a solid green, and there's orange infill working it's way up

Was able to reprint it at 100% almost perfectly.

At first I had the same problems had with the sides breaking and whatnot. Now they don't break but the center coin-rails are still a bit wacky and I'm working to improve it

What I did to tweak it


  • Added a 0.2mm z-hop
  • Added coasting of 0.1mm
  • Added wipe-nozzle of 5mm (default)

I think the problem was while it was printing, blobs were left on there which slowly increase the height and at one point the nozzle was hitting the model and causing it to snap off

I printed successfully using the settings above using a Prusia Mk2S and it turned out great.

20mm/s default printing speed
25% fill.
.1mm coasting
5mm wipe distance

For the lid, I used 98% scale and it fit perfectly.

15 pigs later, still can't get it to work, keeps snapping off the same two pegs in the center

Making the 2 center arms completely solid
Slowing down the print
Different temperatures
Different sizes

Such sadness :(

Was Creator Pro Flashforge

I stopped at 5 bad prints. The center pegs are always the issue in the end. I can't get past the top of the nose...that's when it all goes downhill.

How did you do the lattice ? What program?

amazing, No problems!!! Thanks

I had no Problems with print - came out perfect - Printed in Red PETG - I added pics and settings... Thank you

Very hard to print, even on my decently calibrated delta. Lots and lots of retractions that causes small bubbles and make the walls very fragile.
I used Colorfabb ngen material that usually supports 70° overhangs with little to no problem, but in this case retractions + overhangs seem to be too much for my printer.

Maybe i should print it slower, i'm printing at 70mm/s and i see you recommend 50mm/s.

Can you please tell me the settings you put before creating G-code: Travel feedrate. feedrate. number of shells, infill. height

Thank you

I have an ultimater 2 plus, printed in normal setting. Layers at 0.15 and at 50mm speed. Used cura to splice it. 20% infill, no support.

Brilliant, made 2 now on Ultimaker 2+. Very strong design and great looking pig. Wouldn't change anything. Thanks for the upload.

Printed pretty well and easily at 75% scale with my prusa i3 but I will print it soon at 100%
(I was testing a free sample filament and I did not had enough length for 100%. As expected 75% is too small for some coins)

Thank you very much for this great design !

Very hard to do ... when it passes 60% has very narrow parts that break during printing. I QUIT!

Came out great unfortunately it does not accept Canadian loonies and toonies

How large can you scale it before coins start falling through?

This is important, i would also like to know if it can keep eurocents?
Has anyone put some coins into this design?

Just uploaded new STLs. There are now two different versions available.

I have tried printing this 2 times on my Makerfarm Pegasus which prints everything usually pretty awesome. The 1st I scaled up to 120% and on 1 layer something happened and while it finished printing the interior coin slot columns didn't print right. That finished a roll of Toner Plastics PLA, so I tried last night at 100% scale using inland pla and the exterior printed awesome, but again those damn towers didn't print.

i'm pretty sad lol while the 100% one I can still display as a desk piece and a bank w/out the slot I just want it to print right!

Pretty nice design. Just one question, how big is it?

In the photo in the Thing Details, it shows a picture of 3 of them, they look to be about 5x5 inches?

Love this design. Going for a print soon. Thanks for the work you do for the community MakerBot!