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gCreate Official Rocket Ship

by gCreate Aug 14, 2014
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using simplify3d give me directions on how to print the smoke? in the center holes are created

Awesome design.
Made it at first try. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:708391
Thak you very much...

gCreate Official Rocket Ship
by drkoray

This would be awesome if someone remixed this and changed the ship to the Planet Express ship from Futurama!

I managed to print this at 25% scale. It's too cute to print just one model! :D

For those having a hard time, i figured i'd share this. i used the smoke and textured flame from this project and then the easier to print, but not quite as cool, rocket from this project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2636131. It came out nice. i need to print the flame with orange but you get the idea. :)

An old retro rocket

i'm having a hell of a time printing this rocket. 10 times now failed. Tried multiple different ways including with a raft, brim and it just falls apart as it starts to try and connect the feet with the engine part. I'm using Cura. Anyone have any suggestions? i printed the smoke beautifully!

Hi, I am new to printing and I would like to put this design on a purse. In order to do so it needs to be flat (one sided) and maybe just in two pieces? Rocket and smoke? Can anyone make a file like that? I tried and tried, but I can't get it to fill in the backside or weld the top and flame pieces to the rocket. :( Thanks in advance!

Hi Mx_angel,
in order for that I would try the "projection" feature in openscad
so you would import the .stl, project it to the xy plane and the linear extrude it again to the desired thickness.
joining rocket and smoke then would then be some fiddeling with the correct rotation and translation parameters

Do I have permission to sell these printed?

We uploaded the file under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license meaning you can sell them commercially as long as you give us attribution as the designer. Also, you can't claim ownership or refuse someone the digital file if they request it. Lastly any modifications you make to the file must remain open, meaning you provide the file if people request it.

Hope you get lots of sales!

I have tried to print this rocket several times, each one fails at a different point, if any one had success with a CR-10 using S3D would you share your factory file so I can try your settings?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: 5 failed attempts, various settings, still no luck. moving on.

Has anyone tried splitting the smoke into smaller chunks? I can do the rocket on my mini-kossel, but the smoke is way too big.

I am doing this print on a Creality CR-10, slicing with S3D Rocket was perfect !!! Doing the Smoke now. Do I need supports for the smoke??
Also, do I need to make sure the rocket is lighter than the base, for stability reasons?

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This needs a base for the legs otherwise it might fall over and ruin the job, otherwise, it's a great little item.

Hey there, Which file set has the locking mech on the top? i cant seem to find it. TY =D

The top you are looking for should be the one for the money bank version found here:


gCreate Rocket Ship Money Bank
by gCreate

Has somebody tried to adapt this beatiful rocket to be printed in the new Prusa 4 material device? I know it would produce a huge purge cube, but it should simplify (eliminate) emsambling.

And a 4th color could be add to improve its look.

Comments deleted.

Does the top fit snugly in the rocket? The shaft on mine was about 60% the diameter of the rocket body

Comments deleted.

This is the most frustrating failure of a model I've ever tried to print. Fail fail fail!!!! ARGGGG

I give up!

Deep breath, I've been and done that...part of being frustrated. I think I tried this model at least 10 times before I had one successful print.

Here my recommendations only based on the picture. Not knowing all of your settings.

Use a brim, 5 mm. This provided better footing for all three legs and the motor. In addition, increase the height of the skirt to 100 layers or so. This help when the legs are at their narrow it point. Last, ensure to use Z lift at layer change.

Hope this help, keep at it.

No, I give up.

This model fails to print 80% of the time because they went 99% of the way to making this a great model.

All they have to do is manually add support or do something with the nozzle, but their initial model had an error.

We cannot add support only to the nozzle. If we turn on supports it makes very narrow thin supports on the fins that fail and screw up the print every time.

I have a very low opinion of gCreate for creating a great model yet failing to do 1% more in order for it to print perfectly every time.

how about adding your own supports? it literally takes 5 minutes >.>

The new rocket file 1950s_spaceship_v1.1_170513.STL is missing the built in support in the main rocket, causing the middle to print into thin air without any supports.

We removed it since many people didn't realize it was support and left it attached. You must manually add support in your slicer of choice (we recommend Simplify3D).

Ugh I wish I'd seen this issue with the 171026 smoke before printing it! Now my smoke is compromised right where the flame mounts. Sliced @80% with slic3r PE 1.37.2. Printed at .2 and 5% infill which was about a 20 hour print. I'm gonna try hacking this together before I print another cloud.

Nice to see someone else using 3ds Max for this (I do as well.) Which version of Max? (I'm on 2016) Would you want to post the source? I can just import the STL or OBJ otherwise.

Has anyone made a flying version of this? If not, I'm on it. Maybe 24mm motor size, but at least 18mm. :)

Nice work.

awesome design ¡

Could you share in .stp or .igs files?

I want to change the rocket by a lightbulb for make a kind of trophy

Thanks in advance ¡

It was designed in 3dsmax and is an editable poly model so unfortunately no step or igs files.

Ohhh that is a pity....

And another kind of editable format?

thanks ¡

Just put up an obj file. Might help.

Thanks man.. But I need the smoke ¡

Sorry :S

Just put up the smoke. Let us know if it works out.

Amazing cool Diorama ;)

Comments deleted.

The outside legs keep on getting nocked over before it has time to connect to the body. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Print smoke fail in Cura! Escale 50%. :( layer 0.2, infill 20% wall 1.2 nozzle 0.4 any idea?

Anyone noticing that when printing this model at the point where its finished with the verticle dots going right above the arches it misses a layer when it begins the horizontal dots? Im finding that the top and bottom portion of the rocket can be snapped in 2 easily since they arent fully connected. Ive printed this at least 5x and each time it has this issue.

is any support needed to print?

how should I print the smoke? infill? Using simplify3d, Also when I "prepare to print" only apperas a little spot in the left side for the first layer, then after the second layer apperas the full base.


did you ever find a solution? im running into the same problem

There is no solution, just print it. Everything will be fine!!

Can anyone suggest how to print the rocket nozzle? Keeps failing for me, tried printing down to 10mm/s but still nothing

Missing layers in the main nozzle in Simplify3D, many people had this problem, I saw in forums.

Did you ever find a solution?

Yes there is something fundamentally wrong with the main rocket nozzle, It has failed every time...I've simply given up wasting time and filament on this....which is a real shame as I love the design and was really looking forward to printing it off...:-(
(tried using Cura and Slic3r on two different printers)

Hello! Could you print the smoke? I fail too :( layer 0.2, infill 20% wall 1.2

I gave up...wasting time and filament...
There are some good slicer apps now so I might try another and try again

I think it might be fixed? I just successfully printed the full size rocket today in ABS on a Poly Printer and it worked pretty well. Granted, I used a raft, 10 fill and coarse supports. I do think the 3 smaller (outer) thrust nozzles are weakly designed. One broke off, but I easily super glued it back on. Model I printed looks pretty good overall. No issues with the main engine nozzle. Printed solid.

You are correct. We uploaded a new clean model.

Thank you for such a great design. I really am enjoying the build. Now I just need to plan for the smoke print job. looks like it's going to take ~10 hours or so? Any tips for printing the smoke file?

Don't go low on the infill or top layers. Its worth the extra filament.

You can see videos documenting the design on youtube. Here is the smoke portion of the design:

S3D also has a missing exterior / wall towards the top of the spaceship itself. Import / Export to STL from Slic3r to clean it up. I separated parts in S3D for the nozzle and used manual supports to fix the problem you mentioned.

There's also a big problem with the cloud/smoke in S3D. The top has very little infill (where it needs it the most). I haven't looked in other slicers yet but this made for a 10 hour print of garbage for me.

Not all that impressed considering this has been out for a number of years.

Hi, tried to print rocket with simplify3D scaled to 72% on a duplicator 4S, looks beautiful but all 3 side rockets broke off. I see you can change infill threshold on Slicer but what can I change in simplify3D to change this?

If you are using Simplify3d as your slicer, the smoke has a defect that will kill the print.

There is a cylinder on top of the smoke which plugs into the flame cone.
If you just print normally, the intersecting faces will cause a void in the print.

You will have to go to Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces
Then you can print as normal because Simplify3d will now combine the 2 objects correctly


I wish they would post this on the front page so I didn't waste time and filament on a smoke that never finished.

I'll try this as I got bit by it... ruined a 10 hour print.

that did it... thanks for the tip!

A thing of the week for the 3D Printing Today podcast!

Whoops! Shoulda tried printing it first! Yeah like the comments below this model has issues that are not necessarily slicer specific which makes this kinda hard to print. In particular the bottom of the rocket by the hole for the flame is 2 pieces with the smaller piece borderline manifold. You would have to monkey with extrusion width settings (with Simplify3D) for the slicer to be able to see it without it truncating the toolpath. I added support (Thanks to Simplify3D) as others below did. But the next issue is much harder to deal with. The top needle. If you scale the model down it becomes REAL tricky to print. Printing it in the point up orientation will make for a very easy to break model that is... if your nozzle happens not to clog. I'm trying to print it now in a diagonal orientation with support. I'm doubtful it can be printed. The spot under the ball at the tip is simply too small. Zooming in on the pic on this page and I can see the maker also had issues with it scaled down.

Great model. Do you think you could make a version of the smoke that can print with vase settings?

I'm so tired of infilling my prints when they dont really need it. Maybe a few internal supports for the topside of the smoke where it seems to print in mid air.

Try using slic3r. They have an option to "Infill only where needed". This will only add internal infill to support the ceiling above and ignore bridges or non-extreme slopes.

Okay I am not sure what's wrong but the smoke is being sliced weirdly in CURA, it starts printing in Air :(

This can't be printed using Simplify3D. There is a print fail about half way up the main booster where it starts printing in mid air. Cura doesn't have this problem.

same problem here. Slicer also failed. Anybody please help...!

Look at the remix, the issue is fixed there. Somewhere else on here I explained the problem and why it's happening. Basically the thin walls of the support structure get cut off with certain slicing software since they're too thin to print.

This happens to me in Simplify3d and Cura. Only Slic3r would correctly print the included support material inside the rockets nozzle. I am printing at 50% scale. Main body is nearly finished. I'll post a make once its all done.

Try our other two new models. One is made for spiral vase and the other is a money bank.

It's a pretty cool model (My favorite on here, as far as retro looking rocket ships go), but there's an issue with how the support was designed. The thin walls get cut off in certain software, especially when scaled down. So, the base might get partially printed, but the upper portion doesn't since the walls taper in to such a thin degree. Ideally, it'd need to be modified, or if you could provide a version without the support. You're smart to include a support for that, but it just doesn't work in certain situations because of the above mentioned detail. I went through a few prints before I realized what was happening, and it was the remix that I ended up printing, since that fixed the issue. I think for everyone's sanity, it'd be good to fold those adjustments into the main model that is provided.

The other 2 models don't have a spot to attach to the stand on them...

Comments deleted.

I've just printed the main booster last night with Simplify3d and no issues?? Printed at 70% size as that's pretty close to max size for CTC printer. Came out really nice.

Working on the cloud now as s3d estimate 9:30 hours at 20% infill.

Thank you for that beautiful model! But now, after my first try to print the rocket: how is it possible to print the rocket without "egalizing" the three fins and the nozzle? I mean, the nozzle is literally hovering in the air with no support at all...

Did i misunderstand something in the details?

Or are there there any cool new printers or printing techniques i have missed?;)

I think there are some issues slicing the included removable support material that sits inside the rockets nozzle. Try Slic3r, it seems to be a little more forgiving with these sort of issues, even if it doesn't print as well over all.

If you analyse the model before slicing you will notice that the support piece is there. If you then do the same after slicing you can see some of the layers of the support material aren't sliced. It might be a scaling issue as the original model is very large.

Really cool but one thing that needs rework IMHO is the fact that the body is full - its a waster of material. It should be hollow.

I have the same problem in simplify3d, it creates infill in the middle of the body where it should be hollow. Did you ever find a solution?

Thanks for your comment. Check out our new model http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1555828

gCreate Rocket Ship Money Bank
by gCreate

But it IS hollow... at least in my files. Or do i misunderstand?

Well, looks like it's not! http://imgur.com/swHZsTL

Well, that looks indeed strange. I've printed a small version of the file yesterday and it came out hollow as it should. In my eyes it can only be your Slicing-Software.

I assure you that it came out (more or less) fine in Cura.

Another thing you could try: open the file with netfabb and use the repair functions. Then slice it again.

P.S. I don't know how experienced you are in 3D-Design, but keep in mind that it is literally impossible to create something like a "solid thing" in a 3D-Software.

it is per se not possible to create a ""

I just tried to fix it with netfabb (the model was not closed), then reimport it, same thing. I also tried to import it in makerware, same thing: http://imgur.com/CN7x31O

Well, i opened the file again in Cura and additionally in Slic3r, and both slice the model correct.

Are you sure you did not set the Infill to 100% ? ;)

getting trouble while trying to print at 70% scale on um2+. Looking at layers in cura, there seems to be a gap between some of the layers (http://imgur.com/eJtr89d). At 100% scale everything seems to be fine, but once i try scaling down this gap always appears. Anyone knows what i might be doing wrong?

Got the same issue. Seem to work with supports though.

I notice the same thing in Simplify 3D ,but it also shows the gap at 100% scale

I'm working on a version that can be lit with a string on led lights. I've separated the top and bottom half of the thrust so lights can be put in that and it can then be glued together. I also sculpted flames into it with zbrush. Since the windows and window dome will have lights, I also remove the logos and restore the mesh lines of the windows.

I also separated the rocket itself into the top and bottom cut above the windows, so again lights could be mounted inside, and it can then be closed up. I'm considering modelling a interior support structure for the leds, so they can be mounted further away from the windows themselves. I'll post again once mine is completed. I'm actually printing the final part right now, and I'll probably post the remix here for others if they choose to print the alternate version.

Great design, thank you for sharing.

Little time lapse and stopmotion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcvKTzXtO4I

Greeting from germany

is there a dual extrusion version of this for the bubble port holes ?

The support in the rocket nozzle gets to thin near where it connects to the upper part, and as a result some slicers can't deal with it and just leave a section blank. This messes up the upper part of the nozzle because there's no support under them.

Would it be possible to make the rocket nozzle support structure have thicker walls?

Look at Remix section at project of user ericgus. He made suport structrure for tripod, and rocket nozzle support in his stl file slices fine.

Comments deleted.

I have got problem with rocket model in cura because support part is ending in halfway in compare to where actual part of the rocket start. I scale model down to 40%

I've been trying to print the rocket scaled on 0.35 but my 3d printing fail.
After several attempts and trying to print the object with different angles of rotation,the final result is often the same.
The same even using differents materials pla or abs, rocket printing fails.
I have ultimaker2 3d printer.
Someone could post the parameters and the correct positioning of the object to have a successful print?
I'm using cura, here my used settings

Layer Height 0.2
Shell thickness 1.6
print speed 50
travel speed 100
fill density 0
infillspeed 100
Thank you.

this is the result



Yup. I can confirm that the flame part needs 1.25x resize to match the rest.

ahhh that is why it doesn't fit. thank you!

I just posted my mod where I've added a flickering light to the flame.

See: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:461732

gCreate Rocket Ship Flickering Flame Mod
by Jon_S

The flame seems to be at a different scale from the rest of the model. I had to print it about 25% larger (although even that wasn't quite right, I then had to do some drilling and filing).

I had to scale it to 0.59 to fit my bed.

I got it to print without parts coming off the bed by adding a 5mm brim and then turning up the flow rate for just the first few layers. This added PLA volume made sure the bond to the brim was secure enough.

For those who print it, let us know if the model slices fine (due to the scale). If not we can try uploading the models scaled differently.

I scaled it down to 50% and it sliced fine, but the tripod rockets kept breaking off at the thin spot after the nozzle. I added a little rounded piece to thicken it up and it worked well, and didnt change the character of the model. I also put a little basic texture to the flame :)

Yes this is a weak spot. We sliced it in slic3r and set the "solid infill threshold" to be very small, around 1mm^2 to make sure those areas were solid. Love the flame and we would like to see in in the sunlight.

what is the reason for the nose cone being a 2nd print? looks like it could be printed together...
Great work! reminds me of the Wallace and Gromit rocket (but better)

It was due to the height of our printer. We wanted a larger rocket but we were restricted by height meaning the whole thing would have to be smaller to be a single print. Also, due to the diameter of the nose cone, this area is prone to break and nothing is worse than it breaking and having to reprint the whole model. You can also print it in a different color.

What model of printer did you use? Was it the GMAX? I love the quality.

Yes it was the gMax printer. Thank you for the comment.

Awesome! I love assemblies and this is a very cool one.