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Printable Fishing Rod

by Cleven Aug 13, 2014
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Hello Cleven, Join our Facebook community!.. Solid3d Fishing

An orthogonal orientation of your parts (eye, eyelock) in STL would be awesome. Tried to flip eye.stl into a printable orientation with Slic3r, it was quite annoying ...

Hi just wondering what pieces I need to print for this as I am overwhelmed by all the files.

There is a file with All the parts in one. See the image I have attached. Simply print that and you are good to go. I added some extra parts for people to customize or fit it to a pole.

can you make a video how to assembly pleace

with just a little mod, this makes a nice kite string winder

Have you or anyone that has used this ever caught anything?

I have, i used it hiking Norway, caught a trout. Another guy on here also used it and caught a fish. I think he posted on the made an image of him with the caught fish.

found it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:148869

Printable Fishing Rod

What material did you use? I tried printing it in PLA but as I was putting the pieces together, one of the parts snapped.

Older PLA can be brittle, new pla was the best, but if it seems too tight, simply sand a bit before you break it.
I had my printer very tuned when I made this so it slid together nicely but tight, Afterwards when I printed i had issues here and there but simply sanded parts slightly which gave a perfect fit each time.

Used a newly opened pla. If it's snaps just sand it down a bit if you think it will snap. I find older pla is a bit more brittle.

What print settings seem to work best for this? Printed at 0.2mm nh with 50% infill to keep it strong but it seems like tolerance is to small???

I did a 0.1-.15 slower print speed for accuracy and better bonding.
I've done a 0.2 but it needed some sanding to make things fit.

This Looks so cool, can't wait to make this!

Comments deleted.

The pin that holds the grip does not seem correct. The pin included in the basic assembly is shorter than the grip. Taking into account the pin must travel through the spool, it becomes way too short to be used. I noticed in the youtube video, the pin extends beyond the grip and is held by tabs. Any possibility of uploading the pin for the grip shown in the youtube video?

In the exploded view ( http://thingiverse-production-new.s3.amazonaws.com/renders/63/11/5b/94/7e/explode_preview_tinycard.jpg ) you can clearly see the grip pin has tabs. But none of the files contain a pin with tabs. This is critical as it allows grip to rotate freely.

ill look into it, but i think it is the same., the one in the video i didnt have pushed in all the way.
I can make a newer one for you if you like. How much longer did you want it?

Why do you like to connect to the thin segments that break down the layers? You come from China?

Hope I can make a complete set of fishing rod

Could you put all the NEEDED pieces flat on the board but not together, please do not include the big handle.

I would love to see a list of which files MUST be printed. Seems like a lot of extra files. I would also like a order of construction. The exploded view helps but may not be enough.

There is a file that has all the parts required ready for print. They are printed all at once.

i made an adapter to put this on a arrow (as the pole) and an eyelet to feed the line how do i upload it and link it to this

You can make a remix from here.

Well if you want email to me
Kcleven @ gmail . Com I'll post it on here if you would like.

Ther's a update on the Kickstarter campaign.

I just came here to say the same thing - the designs seem way too similar to be coincidental.

It is a bit frustrating. Ethics do not run too deep in many. They only needed to ask me.

The main thing is everyone can make it for themselves free here :)

I will share the rest of my accessories I made for my hikes that fit on it. which included a pole mount and and a pole mount for a stick/branch and eye attachment for field pole construction.

The one i used utilized a broken end of a fishing pole. When I found the broken pole end is when decided a few years ago to make it for my hikes.

Thank you :)

Reason i didnt share was it was just stuff I had laying around. I made it work with the printer. Then when I made extra stuff I never got around to testing it. I only upload things once I prove it works.

I will test it. I will let you know how it works.

Just a question: do you need to print supports or anything under the pole part? It looks like it has a pretty severe overhang.

Just lay it down on its side. See the full print stl I added. You can see how I printed it.

I printed my copy on a printrbot simple metal, at .1984 layer height, 40 mm/s, 196C, 30% fill. The only exceptions were that I printed the handle solid, for stronger tabs, and I printed the bobber at 185C, made one extra copy separated as much as possible, and used an additional fan, to allow the layers to cool. Altogether, it was a very fun print. Thank you for designing it, and sharing such an awesome thing.

They key to success is knowing your printer :).
Your print turned out very nice.

I printed the rod in PLA, but when I assembled the drum and the handle, inside pins broke down. Now the drum spins, but doesn`t hold in position.

You can always try glueing them back on if you want. But maybe cut off the centre drum and just print that small section off it. Glue it in place. May save you time.

Note I printed this at .07mm to .1mm. Low speed higher temp of 230 to ensure bonding between layers.

I made tight tolerances. It is dependent on material, printer and infill. It's about judging what will snap in. I set it at a limit that for me it clicked together no issues.

You mAy need to sand a bit depending how well you printed it.

How do you use a peg-stand?

I think that is the name of the stick I have that goes in the end?
That's for securing it to the ground. An anchor.

wow Wonderful! im sure it will be very appreciated, l will one of each out and give you feed back from my perspective. Thank you

Cool. I normally test print everything before I post. So let me know of the fit, feel and function.

if the end part where u hold it would have a knob I think it would feel more natural in ones hand. seeing how it already made with a spline shaft it could be printed separately and put together.

Added two versions, I don't have time to test print.
I attached some screen shots in the photos, have a look pick the one you think works best.


yeah that would work

If you do happen to make it please let me know . I can wait to try one on in a little creek, btw! great photo with the fantastic background and micro rod in the foreground.

i'll see if i have time, If i made the models in Solidworks it will be quick, if i made them in solid edge it takes a bit more time to make sure fit is correct.

The photo is north of Haugesund in Norway further north of Stavanger Up in the mountains.

help me with this project. how do you make this thing? looks cool and if get it done soon ill go fishing with it this sat. and I printed the pieces.
so plz help me soon.

well, what do you want to know. Just use the stl files in your printer software to create the gcode. or print the full assembly together I provided. You may need to play around with the inner pin, or sand parts depending on printer accuracy.

No I ment the instrucons like to put it together I already printed the parts

Make sure you push the reel handle pin thru first before you put the two sides together.
Note there is a small hole to push the line through and knot.

If you look in the images. I have an exploded view which should help you push it together. Careful with the locking pins, as they may break depending on your material and print quality. Sand them down a bit and smooth if you feel they are brittle.

This is a great idea! I'm going to make one. But one suggestion would be to make a way to easily attach it to a random stick. And make 3 printable eyelets which could easily attach to said random stick. You carry the reel and eyelets in your kit and build a real fishing rod in the woods. That would be really cool if you could make that work. Has anyone actually tried fishing with this thing yet?

This is really cool! I am however having problems with a few pieces being very fragile and breaking off when inserted. Have you run into this?Funny thing is it all still works as long as I don't break off the little flex pieces on the main body. The tight tolerances really help keep it all together. I'm using ABS, 0.2mm, 3 shells, 25% infill. I've upped my temp a few degrees to see if I can get better adhesion between layers. I'll be printing it here in a few. I just added a fan to cool the filament as it comes out to help with tall skinny pieces. Adding those extra few degrees may be something that's necessary now.

alpha im still new to the 3D world. im using a solidoodle 3, Repetier & Slic3r. What other specs and tips can you give me. to make this print a success...my top layers melted on me...how do you determine a 25%fill. are there any good sites that have tweeks to slic3r settings...? Thank you all!

For PLA, set a layer height of around 0.1mm temp around 220C. Slower speed the about 30mm/s or under(depends on machine...) This should give you good adhesion between layers and give you some strength in the tabs for assembly.

If you are having issues with batch printing or errors do not do the full batch print and print individual pieces. For the smaller part though you may want to print thosel together to allow the layers to cool properly. Or have programed a print head retraction and moment to allow the layer to cool.

The smaller parts have difficulty with the print head maintaining contact too long on the layer due to the small diameter. Thus can give you deformation which results in difficulty in assembly (incorrect diameter :( ). This is the reason why I created the full batch print, it just makes it easier overall :)

Maybe see if you can load your printer into cura, many options easy user interface, it seems to give me less issues (knock on wood).

If u need an individual file let me know. I can send.

Could you please publish or send me the separate files? i would like to scale them for easier assembly... Thanks!

Only one thing should be tight and that is when assembling the rotational grip. That should have to be pushed in with some force. I just used two hard surfaces.
Make sure you are printing at a nice quality layer height and speed, you need to have good adhesion between the layers. If not you will have breakages and it will not slide together easy.

I used pla 20% infill around 220c. Also re download if u got it before yesterday. I made the clips smaller yesterday. But I had no issues with any of them even before with the orange I changed cause the green was more brittle. Maybe sand down if you are having issues :/.