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1.75mm Filament Clip

by walter Jan 15, 2013
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The intServo_eSun_1kg_Filament_Spool_Clip fits for Y&S (China Filament)

The Colorfabb_and_Filamentium_Clip works also fine with filament spool from https://schmelz.bar/ (https://www.filament-pm.com/)

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3412137 this is my favorite rail mounted spool holder, check it out.

Universal Spool Holder
by lcguy36

Any feedback for Form Futura PLA ?

Atomic_Filament_Clip_18.stl works pretty good for surreal spools filament :)

Can you please design one for the Amazon basics filament

FYI: I just added a remix for AmazonBasics. It has a little twist to the original design that you may or may not like.

Where is this file or what's stl file do I have to use?

On this thing click on "Remixes". You'll see everyone's remix of this Thing. Here is the direct link:

Amazon Basics clip

I second this, i tried all of the clips that seemed close but none fit. The outside lip is 9.5mm from the rim of the spool toward the center.

For normal Prusa spools (like Silver one) I confirm that Colorfabb_and_Filamentium_Clip.stl fits nice.
For Prusament spools, I tried Up_Spool_Clip_v3-0.STL which worked fine.

Has anybody used a clip from here for E-DA filament,if so which did you use please

Note that the "Colorfabb_and_Filamentium_Clip" included in the files is fonctionnal for TIANSE filament.

Made it. Easy, quick, works great. Thanks!

do you have a clip for matter hackers filament spools or one that would work

Inland currently uses another spool, and its outer rim has changed. Is it possible if you can upload a new Inland filament clip since this one is accustomed to the old design? Thanks.

Filament coming from PRUSA, what clip are you using for?

Can you do a clip for eSUN clear spools?

Comments deleted.

cant find the file for the fillamentum one

It's the Colorfabb one.

For my spools from Prusa, I printed the clips for Colorfabb & Filamentum. They work great. Unfortunately, they will not work on Prusament spools. Anyone already tried one existing clip on Prusament?

Has anyone tried one on a Quantum3D spool yet?

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Anyone know if one of the clips will work with ERYONE Filament PLA 1.75mm 1KG spools from Amazon ?


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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Awesome print! Works great! I made a bunch of these for my Hatchbox Filament!

Check out my video of the print! https://youtu.be/ykRUZhIlIqQ

Print Settings:
Layer Height = 0.2mm
Infill Density = 100%
Printing Temp = 200 deg C
Build Plate Temp = 60 deg C
Print Speed = 60mm/s
Outer Wall Speed = 30mm/s

Printed On: http://amzn.to/2o2sDQU
Printed With: http://amzn.to/2DFSDGg

I just post this here: If someone needs a clip for a Plasty Mladeč spool, then the clip you are looking for is "Colorfabb and Filamntium Clip". It is just a little bit loose in my opinion, but it gets the job done.

Slovak Translation: Ak niekto hľadá sponku pre cievku od Plasy Mladeč, tak mne sadla "Colorfabb and Filamntium Clip". Na môj vkus je trošičku voľná, ale tak úlohu na ktorú je vytvorená plní dobre.

None of them worked well for my XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. spools, the Up_Spool_Clip_v3-0.STL was the closest, so I copied it by eye and made my own version here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2968220
It's my first design, and I'm not sure how good SketchUp is at 3D printing stuff, but the final printed products work well for me.

1.75mm Filament Clip - XYZ Jr.PLA

Works perfect on my Prusa Spools. I used the Colorfabb and Filamentium version. Thx!

Anyone know if any of these will work with CCTree spools?

I made a remix for cctree spools: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3072249

CCTree 1.75 mm Filament Clip
by flomhw

The octave one is a little loose but it works if you reduce it 1mm or 2.

Hi, I'm trying to find a suitable filament clip for my spool. I got a the filament from my local shop Kiwi3d 1 kg filament. Thanks

You ever find one?

ANyone know what to use with the new inland?

I'm looking for this as well. I'll comment if I find anything, but if I can't I'll probably just design my own based on the Inland clip in this set


could you also provide a 2.85mm edition?

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Which fit with Janbex 1kg Filament?

I made some. The Cocoon brand spools I have works best with the Hatchbox_1kg_Filament_Clip.

Hi !
The "Hatchbox 1kg" works with ICE FILAMENT spool ;-)

The "Colorfabb and Filamentium" clip seems to fit best for the Prusa silver spool that is supplied with the MK3, but that clip is also a bit loose. It works, but could be modified for a bit better tighter fit.

Up Spool clip fits nicely on Flashforge 0,6 kg spool of 1,75 mm PLA (sold in Clas Ohlson)

Can confirm that "Colorfabb and Filamentium" fitted prusa fillamens nicely.

Comments deleted.

Does anyone know if one of these would work with a BAMtack spool?

Which one works on Prima filament, anyone know?

Just for the record: "Octave" is usable for small spools (380g) from 3dk.berlin (not a 100% fit, but works).

These are a great resource for the community! I don't know how many parameters go into these, but it would be nice if the key parameters (width and depth?) were encoded into the filename so if I'm trying to fit one to a new type of spool I know which ways to navigate through the collection.

i am "pretty new" to 3D-Printing, may i ask what specific parameters you just asked for? bcs in youtube videos they also say only parameters. what excatly is meant?

I'm talking about the parameters like width of spool edge and depth of clip. If I have a spool that is not one that there is clips for here, this would help me select a clip to try. In the end, I found something else to clip my filament with (some mini spring clips) so I don't actually need this request, but maybe it would be helpful for others.

Comments deleted.

Which one works for Gembird filament?

This clip didn't work for me but I remixed it for Makergeeks filament.
You can find that clip here:

Makergeeks 1.75 mm Filament Clip

The Octave Spool Clip works perfectly on 3DSolutech Spools

These work Great. I made several to use on the rolls I have now and as I get more I'll have the clips ready for them.
Super Idea!!

The Colofab + Filamentium Clip fits also perfect the Filamentworld.de rolls! :-)

Which one works for 3dxtech rolls?

Does anyone know what clip I would use for Hobby King filament?

Bit late, but in case anyone else is wondering, the Octave clip fits my Hobby King spools perfectly.

Comments deleted.

"Colorfabb and Filamentum" Clips also fit for Spools from "Das Filament"

TY and heads up! :)

Does anyone know which of these fits "Häfner SD 200(/52-80) K" spools? They are used by "Material4Print" and "Das Filament" (and probably others as well).

"Colorfabb and Filamentum" Clips also fit for Spools from "Das Filament"

At first glance the "SD 200/52-80 K" (Material4Print) and "SD 200 K" (Das Filament) spools seem to only differ by their width, but the former's profile on the outside is also deeper. Print the clips at 120% X- and Y-scaling for spools from "Material4Print".

I have to second some of the other comments... the Hatchbox one does NOT fit, just flies right off. Maybe they have different shaped spools, but it does not fit on my grey 1.75 PLA from Hatchbox (bought on Amazon).

There's a curve in the clip that does not belong.

Inland seems to work fine.

Hi jzawislak, I've gone ahead and designed a remix for Hatchbox that is a tight fit. Try it out and see what you think!

Hatchbox & Raise3D Filament Spool Clip 1.75mm

Anyone use one of these for tianse?

I found that the Octave version seems to work well with my Tianse

Did you get any answer to this, or find another?

Hatchbox 1.75 works perfect for Amz3d 1.75 spools

The Ultimachine clip works great with ZYLTech PLA.

Tried the Hatchbox 1kg clip and it falls right off (on the Hatchbox spool). Going to give the UP! one a try ...

I tried the Hatchbox clip, and it also doesn't fit. So then i did Inland and it works but it isn't a perfect fit. So I was wondering how the UP! one worked for you?

None of them worked for me. :(

I've remixed this part and designed one for the Hatchbox that is a tight fit as mine were flying off as well. See what you think!

Hatchbox & Raise3D Filament Spool Clip 1.75mm

To save the next person some time, the monoprice MP select PLA Plus+ 0.5kg spools work perfect with "Inland_eSun_1kg_Filament_Spool_Clip.stl"

For eMotionTech filaments, I use the Atomic_Filament_Clip_32 . That's not perfect but it works.

Is there one suiltable for Tesla's spools? :)

A 16% boost on the Y axis of the Inland_eSun_1kg_Filament_Spool_Clip.stl mostly (Doesn't hold the filament as tight as I'd like.) works for the PolyMaker Polylite 1kg PLA spools.

Can one of these work for a New Matter MOD-t Spool?

Ever find an answer to this?

It's ok I have a Creality CR-10 now, I have had it for around a year, but thank you, 2 years later btw XD

I printed the 3DD version with PLA for the similar spool but it doesn't hold well. Thanks for sharing anyway.

Just printed mine on my Monoprice Mini 3D for my inland filament works great! Thanks so much!

Does anybody know which one to use for the Sindoh 3dwox dp201? It uses a normal 1.75mm spool. BTW its an amazing printer! Can someone help me in which one to use? Thank You!

Could you give us the dimensions on the clip. The thickness of the rim. Then we can just check the spools we have and print the one that is the closest ? :)

Non of the ones showed match the one I have :(

I made my own, http://a360.co/2pal1MS

Printed a handful of these for my Inland 1.75 filament spools. Worked great. Thanks for posting.

it work perfect. thanks for sharing
15% infill and medium quality from Simplify 3D and prusa i3 mk2

Tried this as one of my first prints with MP Select Mini. Printed the Inland holder, works great.

What settings did you print these at?

seriously. I cant print this. Cura shows half of them are hollow. and the half that dont seem hollow in cura, dont pass the solid test in sketchup.

Ultimachine version works perfectly with Atomic Filament spools

The "Inland_eSun_1kg_Filament_Spool_Clip" file works on Amz3d 1KG spools

which one works best for the Monoprice Mini Select?

The "UP" works for prusa
"intServo eSun" works for torwell

I just printed them all to try :)
took no time

I use m3d 3d ink spools, anyone know which would fit best?

I too would like to know. I may just print them all and find out

I made them, and it looks like the "3DD" clip works best for the M3D 1KG spools. The "Octave" clips also work quite well

What scale did you print them at? When I add them to the M3D software, it's suuuuuuuuper big and I have to scale it down.

I used Cura to slice it, as I have an Anet A8. I'll post my measurements, but didn't have to scale them down at all

Has anyone tried with flashforge 0,6kg spools?

Yes, the clip for the Up! spool (Up_Spool_Clip_v3-0.STL) works with the Flashforge 0.6kg spools

Comments deleted.

The UP version worked perfect on my Purl Scientific spools. Thanks!

Thanks for the models.

3DD model is perfect for Nunus 1 kg spools.

BUT it is mission impossible to take it on/off with my nails.
I have added a simple handle to it, now it is great (see in my remixes)

Tried all, the UP! version fits HATCHBOX spools perfectly.

Thank you!

Thanks for the info. Saved me some time.

Thank you! I was about to test all of them, but it looks like you've done all the hard work for me ;3

Thank you! I was about to test all of them, but it looks like you've done all the hard work for me ;3

Thank you! I was about to test all of them, but it looks like you've done all the hard work for me ;3

Thanks for the info! I didn't know which one worked with hatchbox, You just saved me a lot of time! ;)

Thanks for the info! I didn't know which one worked with hatchbox, You just saved me a lot of time! ;)

thank you very much!

I'm trying the one for UP! on my G-Star spools, they look pretty close to the same dimensions. Anyone have any idea if that works or if another one works better? Waiting for my warm-up right now so I should know shortly.

I have verified that the UP! design DO work with G-Star filament spools as well.

Am I the only one that feeds the filament through the holes, which solves the problem exactly as well? http://imgur.com/zMRbn5zhttp://imgur.com/zMRbn5z

Or can you leave the clip on while it's printing? That'd be useful.

Had to run all of these through http://netfabb.comnetfabb.com before slic3r would process them properly.
After that they printed well and fit my different spools respectively.
Thanks Walter!

This clip works OK with Makerbot branded spools (printed the Ultimaker version). The clip strength is a little loose - I'd like to have a design with more spring in it (this one by Madox is good - but the filament hole is too small - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12516)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Filament Clip
by Madox

hi, could you run the Up! one through http://cloud.netfabb.com?cloud.netfabb.com? there seems to be a hole in it

Do any of these work with the seemecnc spools?

any chance of getting one for repraper?

Try the Octave one. My Repraper filament use the same spools as Octave..

Slic3r 0.9.9 barfs on Octave (and i think all), complaining "<slic3r> Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 23.635082,52.014866,0.000000-23.635082,52.014866,8.000000 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway."</slic3r>

These are PERFECT. Thanks for creating and sharing them. I printed the UP and Octave clips and both fit flawlessly.

What a great idea. It was an easy job to adapt one of those for the spools I have. I adapted the clip to snap over the thicker edge on the rim making it almost impossible to accidentally remove the clip.

Simple which is what makes it so awesome! Much better design then your other clips. Capturing the filament against the reel works great. Thanks!!

only the last file pictured prints. others incomplete

For those who might find it helpful, I found these compatibilities:

-the clip for Utilimachine spools works perfectly on the MakerBot spools
-the one for the Octave spools works great with the spools from Jet/"3D Printer Supplies" found on http://Amazon.comAmazon.com

Thanks! Makes life a bit easier ;)

Great idea - better than using a piece of scotch tape. Do you know if these fit the Maekrbot spools or which one is closest?

Thanks! I'm not sure about the Makerbot spools, the pictures I've seen online look like the Ultimachine spools, but I don't have one to compare with. I uploaded a new picture of the different spool types I have, you you might try taking a look at that to see if you can find a match.