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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Customizable drawer box with hex pattern sides

by gpvillamil Aug 8, 2014
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What's up with the weird circles at the corners of the v6 box? The design can't need more bed adhesion, right?

I realized they are most likely to prevent the corners from lifting up off the bed on printers without a heated bed. Nice touch.

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Very good drawer ! But i had to make 2 MAJOR modifications :

1- twisted the patterns on the side 90 degree so they don't need support at all when you print the drawerbox on its back (the most logical way ?)
2- add a writescad folder so you don't have the error message, and the text appear ! Don't know why it wasn't there in the first place !!

I'll post a remix soon. See ya

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This looks epic, can't wait to print it.

I love the drawer box, but drawer number 4 needs to be fixed. I printed this out to scale 200 and drawer 4 always has a defect on the front of the drawer. I printed 2 separate number 4 drawer and the defect is the same place on both. Otherwise all the other drawers printed great.

Maybe it's the write.scad missing ?

hello, if I print the box and drawers with your default settings will the drawers fit the box. I don't want to mod anything just print the files. thanks for your time and it looks awesome.

Finishing up printing this. The hexagonal holes didn't print that great, I'd actually love a version with the nubs, but no holes. In addition, since the nubs are top and bottom, the x4 drawers flexed the top of each slot. I cut a notch just under the nub, but it'd be awesome to have a small dimple in that spot instead.

Thanks for remixing this!

Hi, is customizer working for this? I cant seem to get it to work.

I had to use openscad to customize it

Hi, great design. I've printed the frame and the 3 drawers provided but I can't find the drawer with no compartments (full tray) any help pls?

Never mind I've found it :-)

Could you also post the scad files for the drawers.
Great work! :)

The drawers are in the same SCAD file. When you change the drawer size, it recalculates the outer box. You can change which module is rendered by changing the value of the PART variable in the very beginning. The various drawers are modules called drawer1, drawer2, drawer3, drawer4 based on the number of compartments.

I think you should put this on the Thing Details. I went ahead to print as default because i couldn't edit the drawer. Kicking myself for not seeing this earlier.

I've tried to manage the Write.scad but it's way too complicated for me !!

Comments deleted.

hmm. your customizer isn't. only shows outer case

Seems to be a bug in the Thingiverse customizer. You can easily edit the OpenSCAD file and get the same results.

Is there a ible or something to teach me how to do something like this? I developed a Raspi Zero case for clustering and starting working on an expandable design for the chassis.

What are nominal dimensions of original scale for the holding box and drawers?

The drawers are 80mm wide by 59mm deep x 15mm high.

Everything is calculated based on that.

The holding box ends up being 83.702mm wide x 60.851mm deep x 87.106 tall.

The various dividers and walls are all 1.6mm thick (4 layers)

The customization doesn't seem to work at all.. change selections and the model doesn't change

Hello, cool remixe !
Do you plan make it with even less platstic like these versions ?

And may be stackable ? Maybe with a bracket in the back or something ?

Minimal Parts Drawer Housing
by wowzerz
Parts Tray Holder openhardware Remix
by mmontee


Awesome design I have already printed out one of them for my electronics desk with a few more on mind for later as I am adding to my stock collection. I am wondering if you have thought about a way to connect them to gether so that you could build a larger collection of them and they are snug together.



Great desing, thank you!
Simplify 3D made the haxagons on the bottom to be loose. When the print ended, all of them remained on the printing bed. Anyone with this issue?

Your Famous!!! my local staples sells 3d printers and they have this item as an example of what it can print

I don't understand the circles at the corners of the drawerbox v6. What are they for?

It's to prevent the corners from lifting off the print bed, ABS can warp and distort the print. They should be easy to remove after printing.

this a great file it worked great

Should I put support on this? And also do you thing it will turn out better if I Lay it on its back well printing to prevent less droop

Yes, you should lay it on its back. Then you don't need any support material.

OK, thanks so much for the awesome design

Lockable drawers are a plus... Great job ! All it needs now is a handle for the top, maybe stackable features, such as a recessed bottom. Overall, great job.

I was thinking of combining it with something like this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:466723

Lockable Sorter Box

Looks really great, but I think you should include a picture with a banana for scale*. I'm not sure if I can print this on my MakerBot. Haha...


I like this a lot, built one stock and then started customizing. I noticed that when I made the floor thicker the handle got thicker too. Is there any way to stop that from happening? I need to add about 2.5mm to the floors and the handle eats into the letters.

Yeah, the handle is defined to be 2x the floor thickness. There is a module handle() in the OpenSCAD code, but now that I look at it that assumption for thickness is coded pretty thickly throughout. I'll go ahead and refactor that so that handle thickness is a more obvious parameter.

I would recommend putting a little base on the bottom. That bottom drawer can be a little difficult to grab since its so close to the surface. If there was little 5mm or 10mm base raising that bottom drawer a bit it would be just a little more user friendly.

That's a great idea! I'll do it now.

nice :) good to save filament.
funny as this idea of drawer tray is interesting a lot of people so simple.

can I suggest to rotate the hexagons 30deg to avoid bridges on top of each.

I found the horizontal bridges worked fine, but it is an easy change to make.