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PG35L Micro Extruder V5 - For J-Head

by UltiBots Jan 13, 2013
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Is there any "1.75mm centered version" here? I'm using 1.75 through the 3mm centered version and ABS jams unless a fan is on leading to poor layer adhesion and warping.

Download meb_v5_175_centered.stl... Brad

Any chance I can convince you to mod this to mount UNDER an effector? The motor interferes with the rods of my delta. I really want to do direct extrusion for flexible pla (using my 1.75 jhead), but after printing this out and mounting the motor, I don't see how this would work on a delta at all. The mounts that are on the bottom would have to be transferred up top... or you could make a modification where the jhead 'slot' is on both sides... so it's reversible. Thanks in advance!

Could you please update the AD_PRT file to include your changes from centering the hole relative to the mounting bolts? I have a Budaschnozzle that I'd like to mount to this.


As you asked me, here is a reminder to center the hot end relative to the mounting bolts, please.

If you do it within the next 2 weeks, I would be willing to donate 0.5 BTC to you (~50 USD).

Thanks again !

jothan - I just uploaded a centered version for 3mm filament. It is untested and there might be some interference between mounting and PG35L holes. Thanks for reminding me. Brad

any chance of doing a version of 'me_body_v5_3mm_no_snap-in.stl' but without the mount holes for the motor please?

I've successfully modified this part in openscad for different motor ( http://trinitylabs.com/products/50-1-all-metal-gearhead-stepper-147oz-inhttp://trinitylabs.com/product... ), but the original holes look a bit ugly!

if you wanted to make a version of this motor, the measurements you need to know are:

36mm between each mount hole centre
motor axis is 8mm offset from mount hole centres

see this (bad) image: http://i.imgur.com/OOdOh8w.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/OOdOh8w.jpg


BadgerForce - I too have the metal trinity motor and would love it if you posted the modified part file.

I haven't had time to polish a design yet, but here's a .scad that modifies the STL from this. It works, but I've not tested it much (and it is a bit ugly as it still has the original holes)
I had to repair the .stl before I could use it.

Just noticed the openscad version of this posted below - that'll do what I want so no need to make any more models for me!

Let me know how that works and please reference my design if you publish a derivative. Thanks - Brad

I am in the process of building a i3, I would need a mount for this to work on the i3 right?

airheli1201 -
Thanks for you interest in this extruder. I believe it should work fine with an i3. What is needed is the hole pattern specific to the X carriage you plan to use. I should be able to add mounting holes for X carriage you choose. To proceed further please message me with you email and I will try to customize my V5 extruder body to the i3. - Brad

Just sent you a message. Thanks for your help and can't wait to try it. :-)

I got it all printed and installed. But Im having issues with it skipping steps. It will be extruding and stop momentarily every so often. While extruding 50mm of filament, it looses 1-4mm worth of steps.

Wierd on the motor stopping. So many variables like microprocessor freeze, stepper overheat, drive gear slipping, gunked drive gear, inconsistent filament, J-Head temps, clogging, extrude speed, etc... Please email brad )at( ultibots dotcom to troubleshoot further. Thanks - Brad

It does't seem to be stopping anymore after adjusting the voltage and idler tension. But it is making a grinding noise while extruding. Something is rubbing inside. When I look at the hobbed gear, it moves up and down during retraction/extrusion changes.

Sorry you are having problems with your motor. Maybe try a different motor or Micro Extruder design. Thanks - Brad

After more testing, the design that works best for me is the one with the external shaft support bearing. Without it, the shaft can wobble.


With this version, I need less idler pressure and current to move filament.

PG35L Micro Extruder V1 - For J-Head

I sliced with kisslicer and printed the 5.1 version for 623 bearings and it came out exactly right. All the nuts and bolts fit perfectly.

Unfortunately when I was testing with a MakerGear hotend, the snap-in slot for the GrooveMount was a little wobbly to begin with, and then started softening more and more because I printed the extruder body in PLA and didn't have enough fan cooling during the test. So I'm probably going to try the 5.2 version with external GrooveMount next.

If I had too much free time I would probably make a derivative with the following changes:

  • Use OpenSCAD to make it easier to adjust.
  • Allow 1.75mm filament.
  • Use 623 bearings everywhere, including the idler.

Johann -
Nice job on the OpenSCAD conversion of http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:43457http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Please contact me at brad )at( ulti bots dotcom

PG35L extruder for Kossel
by Johann

Would you drop a version of the most recent one for 1.75mm filament? thanks.

rrhb -
I just uploaded a Micro Extruder body for 1.75mm filament.
Let me know how it works as it is untested.

I printed it out last night, but I forgot to check the size of the jhead connector. The diameter is too large to hold it in place.

Please email brad )at( ultibots dotcom with a picture or two. Also, what diameter are you referring to? Thanks - Brad

The snap in is not present, there is no plastic to hold the j head !

I will verify STLs and re-upload by tomorrow. Good catch. This happens by accident when I respond to feature requests and make changes. Thanks - Brad

Thanks a lot ! I'll reprint the part when you upload the change ! Congrats on the design BTW

This is great I think the dual opposing bearing will help a lot!
Any chance of getting a version without the snap-in slot? I can only print in PLA and I think it will get too hot for PLA, so I want to use the aluminum spacer to isolate some of that heat.

Thank you Brad! Slicing as we speak ;)

wolfmanjm -
Check out v5.2... Let me know how it works. Still experimental.
Thanks for trying this design.

I think it still needs a round slot for the base of the jhead so the aluminum can be flush with the bottom. SO the hole is just deep enough for the groove in the jhead to be at the same level as the base of the extruder

added hole... Brad

Ok it printed out well.
Wwhich support bearings is this version designed for? 624zz or 623?

wolfmanjm -
v5.2 is for 624ZZ.

What are the washers for? do they go either side of the bearings? in which case do the support bearings need them too?

Hi, one documentation fix, the bolts for the support bearings are actually M4 not M5, the holes are correct. The idler is M5.
The nut traps for the m4 bolts on the support bearings could be a tad wider as they need to be flush for the motor. I needed to heat them up to get them flush.
The idler body may print better on its back as for some reason my slicer did not print any support so the top arch collapsed. Still assembling the rest, got to reprint the idler body.

wolfmanjm -
I tweeked the body nut traps on all versions.

Excellent, one more doc issue, seems m3-20 for idler do not go in far enough to catch the bolt, looks like m3-25 may be more suitable, or am I doing something wrong?

wolfmanjm -
I have yet to assemble one. Still waiting on bearings. Thanks for the feedback.
I took a closer look and it seems that the idler will need M3x35s.
With v3 I used a M3x40 but now there are bearings that conflict with the idler bolt.
McMaster has M3x35s part #91292A033 or Fastenal part #MS2510035A20000 but they are 2x $$$.

I tried with m3x30 and they were too long, and m3-25 is just 1mm too short with 3mm dia filament. I think m3x30 will do and dremel off the last 2mm. try http://www.mrmetric.comwww.mrmetric.com I get all my metric stuff from them, m3-30 are $0.12 each, m3-35 are $0.11 each, stainless A2

Just set it up with 3mm filament, looks like m3-30 with a m3 washer on the end will work fine, can get it nice and tight before it hits the end stop.

Just extruded about 200mm of filament (no hot end) at 600mm/min and I could not stop it, looks good. I did need to dremel a flat on the shaft, otherwise the hob slips.

That looks perfect, I will print it now, may take a few hours :) I have all the required bearings so I can try it as soon as it is done.

I've not got Alibre - is there any way you could modify the design to support 623's - they are 3X10X4? I happen to have a load of them lying around, and would be nice to re-use 'em!

SystemsGuy -
Check out v5.1... The idler still needs testing. Use v4 for now.
Thanks for trying my design.

Printing now - unfortunately for me, the 605's I though I had seems to have disappeared! :P

SystemsGuy -
624ZZ idler was just uploaded.

SystemsGuy -
I will look at changing the idler when the bearings arrive.

Any chance for an idler with 624 bearings? Great design, by the way, but I have no 605's around for the idler, so couldn't test yet.

florihan -
I just uploaded a 624ZZ idler. Thanks for trying my designs.

Brad, could you add the half-arc support for that ceiling, too?

florihan -
Try the part again. The support wall was too little.

now it works. Thanks a lot

Still a tad too thin I guess. Sorry, I don't have alibre, otherwise I'd fix it myself.

Download again... this time there is support and the V2 idler... Brad

That was fast! Thanks Brad