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Cooling Fan Duct for E3D All Metal Hot End V6

by Zeppelinum Aug 7, 2014
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Clever mounting system. It won't work with my setup, but if it would I'd try it out. Good job anyway!

Could you modifiy this to work with a radial fan like this: http://www.banggood.com/3D-Printer-12V-DC-50mm-Blow-Radial-Cooling-Fan-p-980653.html?p=DZ1112667138201407XF ?

In a 90° angle to the print bed.
Or could you release the CAD files? Preferably in STP/IGES/STEP format?

This would be really nice. Thank you.

Also thanks for sharing. I just printed it and am in the process of installing it. That said, it is a really pain in the *** to install it. Big time :D

Thank you Zeppelinium for this design, it looks great.
I just finished printing it but I noticed that the duct can wobble in the y-axis. Would it not be better to use 3 screws instead of only two to constrain the movement?

Edit: Well I guess it doesn't really matter as the clearance of the duct from the nozzle and the bed is quite large. So never mind my comment above


I'm combining your design with this design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1025471/#files

I'm testing it out later today/tomorrow and will upload it if everything works.

I'm curious if others are interested in the Diicooler mashed with this design so that the Diicooler fits on an E3D?

DiiiCooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3 / Maker Select

I'm using this with a counter-rotating (2-stage) 40mm Delta server fan and it moves quite a significant amount of air, more than a comparable mini blower! I made a test print and it fixed all my issues with cooling.

One thing is that I find that the model's design could be improved if some of the support ribs and walls were thinner. In general I have found that for PLA things, 1.5mm walls are more than sufficient and for something non-structural like this there should be no need to go over 2mm.

I'm using a E3D hotend from China; the parts required some work with a soldering iron and a lot of sanding to make work well.

is working with mendelmax 1.5 carriage?

Any chance you can upload the CAD files? I just want to add a holder for my auto leveling sensor. Thanks.

Cool cover for cables where you can get it?

Will this work with the lite6?

hello do you have the cad file ? thank you

I really like your design and I'd like to use it on my machine.
Is it possible to mount it on E3D v5. What are the differences with v6?

would you be able to up load different file format i would like to try it out on my 3d printer that i am trying to design.

is it compatible with hexagon 3 hotend?

Was this ok to print in PLA, or did you do the whole thing in ABS?

Works perfectly in PLA...

done a 4 hour ABS Printjob on an open printer (no housing) without any problems.
I not even got flexible or anything.

This should be printed with ABS, I also use some narrow kapton tape to prevent melting at the side with the heating cartridge. I have attached an image to show this.

On my printer I need to have the 30mm duct mounted with the extended bit on the bottom, closest to the nozzle (upside-down from the orientation in the alltogether.stl). It won't be a problem for mounting if I drill an extra pair of holes to mount the 40mm duct, will it?

not sure about drilling, it should't be a problem but I would prefer to amend the model and include holes where needed

Nevermind on the extra holes, I just tried it out, and the 40mm duct is in the way of my auto-bed-leveling servo. I'll have to find something else.

That would probably be easier, since you know where the holes are supposed to be. Thanks :)

Hi, great, just what I was looking for.
There would be an additional improvment with the support of radial fans for the one cooling the filament as these fans have a much stronger airflow

This fan duct works relatively well but I feel it needs even more airflow to fight curling.
I will try to get a radial one and will upload an update when ready.
Could you please attach a link to the fan model you've got?

All the explanations are provided here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:225126
as mentionned in the instructions, just look for "DC-2pin-12V-50mm-x-15mm-PC-Cooler-Cooling-Brushless-Blower-Fan-Hole-to-Hole-57mm" in ebay. I don't have one myself yet.
There are also a few home made ones with a brushless motor. Just type "radial fan" in thingiverse search

Cooling Duct that works!
by doctek

Let me know if anyone modifies this model to use a centrifugal fan like that. I got 5 of these off of amazon for $11. Search for 5015S, free shipping too:

thanks, I've just ordered 5051s fans and will modify the model as soon as possible

any progress with this? Anything I can do to help?

Also, would it be possible to 'reverse' the heatsink fan mount? This way I can use this for dual extruder, one on each side.