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Bag Lid

by Jinja Jan 13, 2013
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Printed the funnel for small cap, perfect for my need!
Thankyou you so much!
Gonna post a make after i take some picture

Printed perfectly! I'm using this on the bag of seed for my bird feeder.
Can you share the specific of the thread?
I Ask that because i whant to design a funnel to be screwed on the lid to refill the bag without taking the lid apart.

Hi Atthis, what software are you using to design your funnel? Can you not import the lid and cut a hole in the top and add your funnel?

I'm using fusion 360. Probably i've explained it badly but my idea is to make a cap modified into a funnel so i can screw onto it.
I've fusion open so i try to import the cap!

I can make it bigger/smaller if you had something specific in mind.

I think that 6/8cm in eight Will be enough for filling the bag with small send and sunflower seed

BagLidFunnelSmallCap.stl, let me know if it works!

Okay, I'll do it for the small cap with the funnel diameter of 8cm. Hold on...

Thank you so much! You where real fast!
Unfortunatly i need it for the small one :)
Can you make it for the small cap?

Wow, I made this 7 years ago. I've found the file and I've created a funnel cap for you. Take a look at it and let me know if that's what you meant. I haven't printed this of course, so it's untested. BagLidFunnelCap.stl

I printed this at 150% and the large cap the threads doesn't match up between the cap and the lid. the threads appear to be damaged. Which if that were the case then I would imagine I did something wrong on the build.

Layer Height .2mm
wall thickness 2mm
top and bottom thickness 3mm

After closer inspection, somehow the lid printed with the threads going the wrong way.

Reprinting now. Looks right on the cura when I started the print.

I printed this at 145% for the Costco/Sams size bags. Fit pretty well, but the gap between the lid and the clip is a bit much, presumably 145% of what it should have been. If I print it again, I would maybe print the clip at 143% or so for a tighter seal.

I used the small cap, figuring at 145% it would be big enough for whole beans to come out, and while it does work, it takes just a bit more effort than I'd like to get them out. I'd do the bigger cap next time.

Great Design!

I saw these called EZ CLipz .. These look like something that could be 3d printed.. and work.

I am wondering if it might give better air seal by going with a more squared contacts on the clip and doing parallel double sealing like this clip?

Those are nice links. I might have to look into that.

i made a 1 mm thick l shaped bar to go underneath each of the sprng parts of clamp to provide more support for an air tight fit for bag.. This is an experiment.. i have not yet printed it and done a test.. BUt i thought other people might be intrested in ways to make air tight fit as well.. and can test and refine this model if it is not working. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1762692

support under springs of clamp

i would like some feedback from the designer.. did you consider putting the blip for the lid mechanism on the side with the small cap? If so why did you choose to put it on side with big cap?

I chose the large edge to open up so that the thin end of the wedge shaped lid goes in first, putting less strain on the living hinges as they don't have to open up as much. I suspect either end would work just as well as the other.

thanks for the explanation. I was considering making a similar bag.. using the more common straight clamp.. and hen buling in simple spout. like this? kind of a hybrid of your design, this design and standar simple clasp.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitchen-Storage-Food-Snack-Spout-Seal-Sealing-Bag-Clips-Sealer-Clamp-Plastic-New-/282134834975

I am wondering .. i saw mention that this design was intended for ability to do vacume sealing of the bag.. and someone commented that it didn't work out.. was that your intention to make it capable to do vacume sealing throught the smaller hole? if so how would tha thave worked? (different cap? or??

As I mentioned below I did intend the small hole to be plugged with the Vacu Vin plug. The hole and plug work fine but the bag seal is not air tight. I ended up using a bottle to vacuum store my beans in (and still do).

That Spout Seal looks like an easier design to use than mine. A rounded version of my bag clip (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30664) could be used to form the spout grip.

Good luck!

Bag Clips
by Jinja

thanks for the info.. have you considered idea of making larg mouth screw top.. and then making a lide for it that can accomodate the vacu vin? I think i might try this technique.. i had never heard of vacu vin. i have another brand of a win bottle stopper.. i like the Vacu vin better because it is easier to know when the vacume has been acheived by the clicking sound.. and vacume can be released by pressing the button.. thanks for taking the time to message me back. :)

i found something by different braind name. Is it same size?? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Starfrit-Wine-Saver-with-2-Stoppers/39802039

I wonder if this is same size as standard soda and water bottle opening diameters....

Guessing the reason there are not pages of comments of "I built this and it works great in over 3 years is that like me, it fit together awesome until you needed to actually UNCLIP it apart......and after 45min of trying it went into the trash can (still clipped together).

"Spring" system needs some serious work to be usable.

This is a useful design, thanks.

I would like to make one suggestion. When you use the pourcap, you have to remove it in order to attach a standard cap to seal the bag. The need to switch between caps could be eliminated by adding threading to the top of the pour spout and then having a small cap screw onto it. That way the pour spout would stay in place and you would only need to remove/replace the cap covering the spout.

hi, love this bag lid. so much so i made a review about it on my youtube


Thanks for the review!

Love this, it worked perfectly. The cap needed some work. In other words I just neded to cap it on and off a few times for It to attach. Good job.

Great idea, I seriously love it. However, thinking about how I would do this, I still end up just rolling up the bag end and clipping is shut ;)

Jinja Thanks for your nice disign. Maybee we can try te make the two holes a bit longer. If we make the small hole 12 mm longer then we can plug in a vacuümvin and pumping the air out of the storage bag. Has yet to be a seal in the big hole from flexeble PLA.
PS. I had also the breaking of the small hoek when i wanted it to remove from the bag.

The small hole was designed with the vacuvin pump in mind. However, the bag seal is not tight enough to hold a vacuum. If you want to store your beans in a vacuum I'd recommend an empty glass bottle. I'm using an empty gin bottle (spirit bottles tend to come in more interesting shapes). Obviously there's no 3D printing involved in that solution, but you still need to get the beans in the bottle... so you need a funnel!

In that case, I put in the freezer look how that pleases, still a good design

FINALY came arround to print the clip... bette late than never, must say very genius idea. now i just need the caps and pour parts printed

the caps and pour cap did not fit very well.... maybe i have to check extrusion stuff again in slic3

are they a thight fit ?

They were a loose fit for me, easily turnable. Anyone else?

just printing the clip and 30 mins left... i seems like the locking mechanism is VERY close to been melted together... if that would be the case what could i do to prevent it from happening on a 2nd try?

just done printing the clip... it was melted together and i tried to pry it apart... it snapped at the thinest places on both sides

Hi Boelle. Is it just the first layer that's has filled the gap in the locking mechanism or are all of the layers fused?

most of the layers.... i tried to pry it apart gently with a small flathead screwdriver..

habe been thinking... since the clip is flexible would it be possible to print it with the locking part maybe 2mm apart?

I've added two more clips. If you or anyone else needs a different gap size, let me know.

Hi, it would seem that your printer is not calibrated properly. The slicer software needs to know how thick your extrusion is so it can align the edge of your extrusion with the edge of the solid shape it's building. I'd recommend doing this your printer is currently making "fat" prints. However, it's easy for me to increase the gap so I'll upload another clip with a larger gap. Let me know if it works.


I have spent much on calibration... but some settings in slic3r might be off.... can you tell mere where to look spec?

Hello. In Slic3r look at Print Settings->Advanced->Extrusion Width. In there you'll see settings for default extrusion width. Mine is set to 0.42mm even though I have a 0.34mm extrusion head. The plastic squishes out when it's pressed against the previous layer. I use the same width for First Layer, Perimeters and Infill and 60% for support. Although I've never printed with support so I can't vouch on whether this is a good setting or not.

ahh mine was set for 0... and makes pretty good sense to up it more than nozzle diameter

It's a genial thing! Thank you Jinja!

i sliced baglid big and bigcap with slic3r 0.97 it came nicely as the repeiter's view, for baglid clip i had to use slic3r 0.72 (the 0.97 version got some difficulties with small angulous parts

haven't print it yet , will do soon (need one for my coffe bag ! funny things you don't know you absolutly need one till you seen it one thingiverse....)

I was working on a derivative of your first lid, you beat me on this with speed and inventivity ! great job !

You should upload your derivative anyway. It might have an aspect that somebody prefers. The more lids the merrier!

I have tried slicing lid_both in both slic3r and skeinforge and each and every time it comes out completely fubar. Can you please tell me what you used to slice this.

I used skeinforge50 from within repetier-host. It had some weird lines in the preview that went off into the distance, but it printed without any problems.

Cool use of a printed spring!

Thanks! It works twofold. It allows you to deform the shape to wrap it around the lid. It also allows you to stretch the shape so you can lock and unlock it. It works better than I had hoped.