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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Pocket-Tactics: Legion of the High King against the Tribes of the Dark Forest (Second Edition)

by dutchmogul Jan 12, 2013
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I really love the look of this. Could you make a cavalry version of it?

I'm thinking about printing up some of these for a DBA/HOTT army. Would you ever consider designing some mounted units in this style. I really like how simple yet distinct they are. I'm especially interested in mounted knights and archers. Not sure if you'll read this since the file is pretty old

I've looked in the comment section for the rules, and poked around in the other things and I've not found them. Could you put a link in this instruction for the rule set, especially for version 2? Or where do I start? :-) I'm a bit confused... I do see it's a work in progress; but, being old school, I'm interested.

Oh, the rules PDFs are here under the downloads (along with the models).

How embarrassing! Normally I just don't even hesitate and d/l the files. Since I could see all the images, I didn't even go the the .stls because well, I wanted to look at the rules. lol (face palm). Thank you!

I'm printing the pieces out right now!

That's cool! These will still be playable, but you should know that there are newer versions of the sets/rules. Anything with "Beta Version" across the pic is from an older edition.This page is a good starting place: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:586240

Pocket-Tactics: Core Rules (Third Edition)

Okay, thanks! I'll print out the newer versions later on.

I have tried downloading files 2x and when I try unpacking zip all but 4 files fail due to corrupted, not able to find target files

Do you have any video or time-lapse of the actual game beeing played? It could be a nice intro to the gameplay.

I've played this game with a few of my friends and I am confused about the Royal Wizard's ability. After I do the normal combat rolls against my target, how exactly does it kill enemies surrounding him? Am I not supposed to roll another attack, just use my current highest attack number? How does each unit defend, do they have to roll their respective magic defense?

Ah, yeah, this is a good question. So basically, the Wizard makes his attack roll as normal. Take the highest values available for all of the enemies and make a single roll (so if a Marauder gets assaulted and there's a Stalker and a Forest Witch nearby, you can choose the Witch's OFF and DEF values when you make your roll). You can choose values from different units, though that might only come up when the Wizard attacks units from other sets, as the only things in the Tribes that have any Magic OFF also have the highest Magic DEF values. In any case if the roll fails, the wizard captures all of those units. Oh, you can also use any of their special abilities along with the roll, and each unit affected will be contributing a re-roll as per the usual support rules.

You could make parts for "Settlers of Cataan" this way.

I like this very much, it looks awesome! Just two questions:

  1. When you play with different sets, are the ground-tiles divided, so that every player brings his own set of 10 tiles, and if so, which tiles are for the tribes and which ones for the legion?
  2. When laying out the board, are those tiles mixed and every player draws out of the same bag, or do players draw out of their respective bags and lay down only "their" tiles?

Thank you for your hard work and excelent designs!

You're very welcome, and thanks for printing a set. Looks amazing! Very good questions. Here goes...

  1. Yes, when playing multiple sets, the tiles are divided. Each facton's individual entry has their ile distribution listed on the bottom of their stat sheet. I actually have a version of the High King listed this way, but never got around to listing the Tribes... I may just do that today. Just for your reference though, the Tribes get 7 forests, 2 water, and 1 hill.

2.All in one bag! Give em a good shake!

We're about to launch the website, and that'll have all of the set-mixing and multiplayer game rules posted. I'll update all of the sets with the link once it drops!

Thank you, that clarifies a lot. I hope I can try the game out, this weekend or next week.

So note: do not, for the love of anything you hold holy, agree to play against the tribes when your entire base is surrounded by forest tiles. Feign an illness or something.

Hahaha! Yes, agreed. I recently had the beasts on the ropes, beat them back to their own base, had it surrounded by the Wizard, Shield Maiden, a Swordsman... and a Stalker spawned into a forest near my base and took the game. Sigh....

Hahaha! Yes, agreed. I recently had the beasts on the ropes, beat them back to their own base, had it surrounded by the Wizard, Shield Maiden, a Swordsman... and a Stalker spawned into a forest near my base and took the game. Sigh....

See what I had happen to me was we were playing a 3-player game, and I was the Faithful of the Luminous Goddess. And so what ended up happening was that I would spawn my units, try to move them, and then the druid would come in and slaughter everyone. And I had a Prophet on a Gronk, and attempted to take out the druid... and then I left the base exposed and it died.

So going over the rules it seems every other army has 10 tiles each, but these two combined only have 18. Oversight?

I think you might want to double-check your math. Rules sheet says 3x Water, 5x Field, 3x Hill and 9x Forest.

I've been wondering about the campaign mode mentioned in the rules sheet; when are you planning on making that, because it sounds like fun

We're currently play testing and working out the kinks. We'll upload the master rules before too long. That'll include campaign rules, tournament guidelines, multiplayer modes, and a ton more game mode variants. Should be a lot of fun! We'll probably upload it with some game aids that can be printed.

So I finally made a full set of these great figures. They came out pretty well if I keep in mind that my first successfull print ever was only 1 week ago. I added a picture and even though the painting is not as good as dutchmogul's I want to post how i painted them (every Warhammer 40k player would laugh about it but nervermind):
First layer is just sprayed with black paint out of a aerosol can (try to cover everything but don't use excessive paint because it covers details).
On top of that I brushed quick with very few colour over the surface of the figures so you get the effect that you wanted. Always try to use Games Workshop Citadel Colours. They are the best!
On some parts, for expample water and hill tiles, I brushed some top parts with a very light tone (almost white) so that i looks more like a whitecap.

So far we played 3 rounds with this set, was quite funny but always the legion of the high king won ;)

Hey, awesome! That's pretty much my method (I use Citadel paints almost exclusively, especially for base colors) though I have a really good tip: Print in black ABS and then you can just drybrush the colors directly onto the plastic and skip the primer. Comes out really, really well.

Hehe, those Archers and Royal Wizard are mean bastards ;-) In our games we have tallied, the Tribes are actually ahead by a couple of games (out of 50+ matches, so its fairly even). When you're playing Tribes, its always tempting to get the Druid out there early to take out some key piece or take a run at the base, but try and resist. Soften them up with Juggernauts and Marauders and save the Druid as a constant threat and final answer. Also, the Stalkers are pretty underrated, but they can really help your troops get moving across the map.

Hi! I just joined Thingiverse to say thanks!
I'm printing this set right now and it works fine on my RepRap Mendel with PLA even though I'm concerned if the other sets which are more complicated will print as good as this one.
It's amazing how much effort you are putting into this project and if you ask me this is a perfect example of what can be done with a 3D Printer.

Hey, thanks for the words! I totally, agree, this is exactly why I got into 3D printing. As an old-school gamer, it has limitless possibilities. As for the new sets, a lot of them print in halves and assemble with model glue, so if you print them at a layer height of .10 and have a steady hand assembling them (I have pointers there too) the details should really pop. Let me know if your prints come out!

Could I get you to run the conscript through http://cloud.netfabb.com/http://cloud.netfabb.com/ ? None of the pieces are printing correctly and I want to see if this fixes it. I could do it myself, but then I'd break one of the conditions (own property rights) of netfabb.

I'm getting a warning about a hole near 813-779 (not manifold) on the archer in Slic3r.

Man, I wish I could be more helpful there, but I've never used Slic3r. I use Rep G (if those things are equatable). Maybe ignore the warning and go for the print anyway?

Usually these errors come when holes or shapes are somehow overlapping... I'm no expert myself. I'll see if I can fix them; I'll notify you if I succeed. Right now I need to calibrate my Z axis as I'm getting some heavy curling on (not your fault :) ). Looking forward to play this! I already printed the ground tiles out.

Silly question.... But how many of each piece do you print for this version? I've seen the instructions (and I may be a little blond), but I can't seem to see the village tile and then numbers listed don't match what it shown in the image. Not complaining! Just want to get it right! :o)

No, not silly at all! In the old set I had the piece list under instructions, but here you have to look at the begining of the rules sheet. There are no more village tiles (villages are going to factor as something else in the new format) so for now, here's the list:

Conscript x3 Archers x2 Spearmen x2 Swordsmen x2 Shieldmaiden x1
Royal Wizard x1 Caer Base Tile x1 Beastfolk Stalkers x3 Marauders x2
Juggernauts x2 Forest Witches x2 Druid x1 Cursed Ranger x1
Hills x3 Forest x9 Water x3 Field x5

Let me know if you get to play it!

Oooh! Thanks!!!

Hey, I love these pieces! Well done!
How much do you actually use Tinkercad to design your models and what do you use Sculptris for?
I feel a youtube series tutorial coming up for all us noobs that only can draw cubes and cylinders with CAD!!
C'mon! Do it! :)

Thanks for the words!

Yeah, I think a tutorial would be a good idea.If I knew thing one about putting one together, I might have done it by now. Can't bee too hard though, right?

I use Sculptris to import parts (limbs, heads, torsos, tentacles, etc) and these days, as with the last two sets I've posted, a lot more. This set was mostly designed using the Tcad shapes, with a few more organic bits like the beastfolks' heads and the Forest Witch's cloak designed in Sculptris.

I'll look into doing a video... or at least a detailed blog post. Something ;-)

Yusss! Do it!
It will inspire miiiilions to get into it as well!

So I just finished my first game and I got completely annihilated. Did not capture a single piece. I chose my tactics poorly :P

Drag! Total blowout, huh? Which side were you?

I was the tribe. I think my dice were faulty. Toward the end of the game I was able to successfully drown 3 units in a row. One of those was the ranger that failed the save as well. My opponent seemed to have the opposite problem with his dice.

I just downloaded the .zip file and I could not load the .STL files from it. I was able to load the .STL files from the individual downloads. This was the Catalyst software for a Dimension printer, if that matters.

Anyway, the printing has started!

These look great by the way, thanks for your work.

You're very welcome! Post some pics when you get it printed, and let me know if you play the game.

The first set of High King should be done within the hour. Unfortunately, I don't get to control the support material very much on this machine so these guys will have to go for a soak in order to get cleaned up. I am planning on playing the game as soon as I get the whole set printed out. I read through the rules and it looks very entertaining.

Very good idea, these new easy printing pieces!!!

Thanks, Frederic! I'm pretty happy with them so far. Let me know if you print some!

Also, LOVE these new tiles!

Thanks, dude! Yeah, took a new direction with the original set. I feel like the pieces are a little more accessible, certainly easier to print. I'm glad you like the tiles. I was pretty proud of those.

:) I have to admit - I miss the super detailed difficult to print pieces. I know they're challenging to print, but they look awesome when I do.

I hear you, and I'm not planning on getting rid of them. Maybe I'll recycle them into "15mm Dungeon Crawlers" or something. But yeah, I had to make a change, and I guess these little guys are more accessible to the average board gamer. They're sterting to grow on me, especially as I learn my boundaries within this new look. I've got some new ones which are looking pretty good, I think.

Yay! More awesome pieces!!!

I like the new pieces! I think these will definitely print better for a wider audience of printers.
Thought a bit about making some resin casting molds using oogoo backed latex molds.
Let me know if you would be interested, I was working on making a scaled down roto mold
casting setup for resin only casting. 6 inch mold would be adequate for the game pieces.

Hey, thanks, Perry! Yeah, man, I;d totally be interested in that. Funny you should mention it, because I've been playing around with silicon molds and I did this redesign with that in mind. Hit me up on email, man. Let's talk further.