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by TheRat Sep 14, 2010
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I printed this but I ended up with some holes in the wings. I am kind of new to 3d printing so I am not sure how to fix the errors.

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I reduced mine to 60% of its size. The wings came out with holes in them and were so thin they were like tissue paper. I don't know if it would have been better if I kept it at 100% of its size.

it imports looking inverted, and there are holes on the wings etc.

I printed this on my XYZ Junior Pro.(12 hours) with XYZ ware pro.
it looks awesome.!!

neck is pretty long, to bad I can't see the tail...not bad tho!

am I able to 3d print and sell this

Sadly, Dragon does not fit to 101010 his wings. If you fit him by resizing, wings become to thing to print on Thing-o-Matic. Isnt it? Or i had bad luck.

With my rapman, the width of the wings is limited to be about 8in while the head is oriented to the front. BUT I have not tried turning the model 45 degrees so that the head is facing a corner. That may be the way to squeek out the last two inches. Unfortunately I am dealing with warpage issues on that large of a part still. Most of the warp has been managable until the 40 to 45 hr mark (so I've been cheating by using a dremel while printing something this huge).

I may have to try printing on a perforated bread board if the change in direction doesn't help any.

oh, and the wings print fairly well with a wing span of 6inches. they come out a li'l ragged but that just adds to the character of the piece in my opinion. After re-compiling the source file from cg arena at 8inches it looked like I had at least two lines of filament covering every portion of the webs in the wings.

The download just gives me a page of nonsense characters, whatever I do with it (right click, left click etc). I even tried one XP PC and one Windows 7 PC. I note that other people do not seem to have this problem?

Yeah that sometimes happens try clicking not the text or if that doesn't work click and ctrl hope it helps.

Download still works for me. Maybe try a different browser? (firefox definitely works)

Successfully printed this on my Rapman 3.1, mostly standard Axon settings although I chose the WRONG support type :( (chose external only, so the tail and head didn't work very well). Still, very happy with it :)

Way to go chylld! That looks awesome! 8-) Did you do anything different with your machine beyond the Axon settings? I had a similar issue with mine, but hey, it's all trial and error right now.

I'll try and see if I can thicken up the wings on it's 10inch brother to make it easier to remove the supports (and hopefully post it after I get some more material), but I'm hesitant since that adds a lot of character to the model. Or do you see anything else I should fix with that stl file firs

thanks :) I've replaced half of the acrylic in the machine with stronger ABS parts that I designed myself (see http://www.bitsfrombytes.com/fora/user/index.php?topic=928.0)http://www.bitsfrombytes.com/f... but apart from that, pretty much standard.

thicker wings would definitely be nicer, however my support came off very easily and i never had to worry about tearing the wings apart. my main problem was the amount of excess material getting left everywhere as a result of waiting for the rapman to heat back up from support temp (240) to workin
g temp (260) - I'm curious what happens if I use 260 for the support temp as well.

stl file is fine. all about fine-tuning out printers really!

Ahh haa! I thought your screen name looked familiar. Do you have any parts left to fix after the loctite issue? I am definitely going to print out a set of those parts before anything happens to my machine.

BFB and TecEDU have definitely turned out an amazing machine. It would still be nice to find out all of the limits of the Rapman before bolting on some mods (2nd print head and HBP - ehh maybe that HBP won't be needed). I'll definitely have to try changing the build support temp to 260 to see wh
at happens. Hopefully it will mean I can finally print that 10inch dragon and FINALLY max out the RapMan's build bay (for what now looks like a 60hr build).

Nothing else is urgent to fix... the 24 hour dragon torture test was proof of that :)

What fill are you using for your dragon? I think the 40% default is a bit high, 25% (line-style) seems optimum when I play around with Axon settings. Also maybe reducing Solid Surface Layers to 3 and Shells to 1. Cut my estimated build time by 20%, and that doesn't include the time saved by printi
ng support at 260C!

I also had major warping in my support structures... something I'm hoping PLA will fix (want to avoid a heated base plate if possible)

Hi Chylld!

Love your work! (Especially the Rapman replacement parts)!

Couple quick questions for you...

What is meant by -

-Surface layers?



Yeah, I know I'm not Chylld, but since you posted on something I threw on here:

Surface Layers and Shells are references to the original Axon compiler that has since been replaced by Axon 2.

If I remember right, Shells refered to how many times the extruder would go around the perimeter of the layer before filling the middle of the part. Surface Layers are a bit fuzy to me,
but I think that was how many times the Z-layer would shift before allowing the fill density to take affect.

What TheRat said :)

While using the ABS plastic from maker bot industries, the support density was set to 10% while supporting a minimum over hang of 45 degree using BFB's Axon software.

The wings are a single layer thick, so they are fairly delicate but the support material still came off fairly easily with the exception of one or two area. You just have to be patient and careful when you remove all the support material.

Speaking of software what software did you use to design this? It seems pretty free-flowing to me. =-O

I did not actually design the dragon myself, it was borrowed from CGArena to test the RapMan's support material capabilities.

Looks great, nice print!

Any tips on support settings? I have been hesitant to try any prints requiring support material, but your print has inspired me :).

Borrowed the design from:


You might recognize it from Bre's dragon head. The part took 22hrs to build and measures 6inches wide by 6inches deep by 4inches tall. This part was printed on a RapMan 3.0 without a heated build platform, automated build platform, insulated
box or high temperature heat source OR any kind of special adhesive tape. The only difference envolved setting the extruder head closer to the build platform. This made a few light groves in the build platform, but the same spot can still be used to build it's larger brother.

I'm still waiting on
it's 10x10x6.67in brother to finish compiling but hopefully that wil be a RapMan-able ONE HUNDRED HOUR build for the end of the week.