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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Spherical Drone

by kert Oct 23, 2014
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Hey, quite impressive! I was wondering if there is an available reference for the modelling, equations of motion, and inertia matrix ?


quel diamètre fait il?


Hello, Just commenting because I saw a very similar drone being exhibited at the OTC (oil/offshore Tech) conference this past week and I was wondering if they got the idea from you, or if other people have designs like this. Don't remember the name of the company that had the exhibit.


Thanks for your comment. I guess it must have been Flyability, a project that came out of the EPFL, a school in switzerland.
The two projects are completely separated, and were developped at the same time. We had the same constraints, the same goal, and ended up with roughly the same solution with a few minor differences.

They pushed the project way further than I did, and they patented everything sooo...

Hat down to them, they even won the $1 Million prize from "Drone for good".

I hate patents -_-
Did you get this thing flying?
I want.

Comments deleted.

Hello! Where i can see more information about this project? Like, how does it flies and how to built it

i have built one with my own custom center plate. it uses a quadcopter instead of a dual copter. but i am having issues with the hoops flexing. i noticed that you have uploaded newer designs for the hoops, but it looks like both of them are the same diameter. is there a missing file? or am i not understanding something? thank you very much for sharing your design! im excited to fly it.

What is the diameter of the ball

Hello, thanks for sharing this project. Let me ask you one question. How do I mount the flaps? They need independent movements so I can't glue it. How do I prevent it from slipping out from the axis?

can you share dwg file of Plaque_Centrale_With_Battery_Hole or something editable

Hi there, first of all, congrats, really good design.
I have one question, how did you plug the servos? how is the mechanism works?
I will appreciate your response
Thank you.

Hi, do you have drawing for the metal part, the part connects sphere and bigger hoop?

Thank you very much success in your new project

very beautiful project, where you can get Engines ?

Thank you very much!
The original motor I used was this one : http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__6565__Contra_Rotating_BL_System_375W.html
But it appears to not be on sale anymore... So you may have to find an equivalent :/

hello, that's fine and that the engine used this drone?

This looks like the beautiful beginning of a Death Star drone...

Is this the Flyability Gimball UAV that just won the UAE Search and Rescue competition?

Sadly no, i'm not them, and i'm not a millionaire :'(...
Just for anyone wondering, it is not a copy of their project, I had the same idea, at approximately the same time. They had developed several UAVs before their actual successful iteration.
While my project started in September 2013, I heard of theirs for the first time around mid December. The development of my project was then young, but the design already settled.
So... no, it's not the same drone, but it basically is the exact same design, with same objectives and same ways to solve them ^^

Hi guys,

You can use MegaPirate NG 3.1.5 the code is supported (i think). but sure is supported on Arducopter 3.2

How do you move the drone (yaw/pitch/roll) ?

The up down is controller by the amount of power given to the motors (this one is obvious I know ^^)
The Yaw is controller by slowing down a motor, while accelerating the other one (then the torque will do the job)
The Pitch and Roll are done the same way each other : You can see some vertical governs on the bottom, driven by a servo each, which will deflect the air flow from the engine, and bank the drone in the chosen direction.
Hope this is clear enough, I'll be able to get the hand back on this drone soon, with a CC3D running OpenPilot, then i'll probably be able to post a Video of it flying!! :)

Ok, I got it! Nice!

Do you have any videos of this in flight?

+1 want video :)

I've been busy since i posted it, but i've started working on it yesterday and things are going well, i'll post a video as soon as possible!

Hi, sadly no i had to hand it back to my school at the end of the project, the problem was the implementation of the dualcopter architecture in multiwii which didn’t work...
if i still had it now, i would go for a CC3D with openpilot, which seems to be pretty reliable and straightforward to configure for a dualcopter.