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Mythic Mugs - Lion's Brew - Can Holder / Storage Container

by ArsMoriendi3D Dec 19, 2019
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What adapter do i need to fit european 330ml slim cans?

Saw you wrote us on our page but it's the 33cl sleek! But I can see we didn't upload that specific one yet, we'll do that right away!

Thanks! Can´t wait for your shop to be open btw., there are a few that i want to print too :-)

Amazing design. Prints super well, no supports. Just phenomenally done!!

Really appreciate the kind words, came out as a great print on the picture! Thanks for sharing that! :)

Is there a way to get the rest of the mugs since the kickstarter campaign is now over? I just now had seen this. Would of gladly supported.

Sorry to hear word got out a little too late! We will open a webshop and offer the mugs there, most likely in February or March. If you like, message us and send us your email, and we will notify you as soon as this happens :)

Bah, Missed out on the kickstarter campaign. Wanted to get the adventurer lvl package, but campaign is now closed.

Saw you got around for the late pledges, happy that you joined in on that last chance! :)

Thanks. Currently printing the mimic scaled down to hold the tasting glass for a beer festival coming up in my area. The simple handle I printed last year got tons of comments, so I imagine this will be even more popular.

Going to a beer festival with style! Sounds really cool, hope that the Mimic is coming out nice and will grab some attention at the festival! :)

Comments deleted.

Current versions of the mugs need a repair script run on them for me. netfab did the trick to make them printable again.

All versions should be fixed now, had a strange boolean error from Zbrush!

Thanks for telling us! We'll look into this and fix this. We can't replicate the error here by using Simplify3D or Cura. Have you only had the error in Netfabb, and can you tell us if the error is on every mug version?

I don’t know what the error is, but when importing both this model and the mimic one into 3DBuilder, it has to repair them before you can work with them. I haven’t tested any of the other models.

We were told of this from one other person, who also could inform it was the threaded ones that seemed to have this issue. We appreciate to know this and will look into it! Hopefully it will be alright to do the repair through the software until we have it figured out!

How can i get more models. I dont get that thing about points and release...

So i just printed this and a standard 12 oz. Can does not fit. What went wrong?

I commented your make, but it sounds strange. Can you tell me how 'cleanly printed' it looks on the inside?

Another thing that comes to mind is that possibly it could need calibrations, like starting with a calibration cube and measuring it to see how precise it hits the correct scale. I don't know if you have tried that before and know how precise your printer is?

Calibration cube: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865

XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube

That does look great and all. I don't believe its the 3 walls, that shouldn't change the inside diameter. Would you be able to try and print such a cube and measure it? Just to rule that possibility out :)

There seems to be a flaw in the model near the thumb? Is this indentation intended?

If it's the indentation I think you mean, then it actually is intended, to give it a hammered metal feel!

I tested a shorter 25 cl insert (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4070384) in order to have a setup where both 33 cl and 25 cl inserts fit into the mug with closed lid. Seems to work. The tuned insert is also with tighter fit than the original one, this is something that the Mug creators have commented to be taken into account already (in Kickstarter). Can't wait to get all the mug models...

short 25 cl insert to Mythic Mug

That's really cool, thanks for taking the time to make it a better version! Would you be alright if we compared our renewed version with yours, possibly doing the same height? Makes a lot of sense, both in the sense of using less filament, faster print time and as well as stacking ability :)
(A tiny note if we have to get technical is the choice of license! It is initially set to non-commercial and no derivatives - but of course we appreciate the good intention behind this! Can you update it to at least non-commercial as well? Hope that makes sense! :)

Feel free to use it. I've changed the license.

I was reviewing your Kickstarter and not sure what support level is required to also take advantage of the Stretch Goals?
Will you be adding pricing for individual mugs for redistribution purposes?

Hi! Stretch Goals are automatically included for free in The Scout, The Adventurer and The Merchant.
The last question I'm unsure what you mean, could you rephrase that one for me please?

Where can we find the can inserts?

The inserts are packed in a .zip file and come along with this mug when you download it!