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Polar Bear with Seal (automata)

by amaochan Dec 17, 2019
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Thank you so much, pictures coming soon, great work!

I oiled the bear's arm and it still won't drop
Any tips?

Printed great on a Prusa i3 MK3. I used Prusaslicer to set 100% infill on arm and seal. Both drop perfectly.

I suggest adding a note in the instructions that the second video is assembly instructions.

I wonder what could be done to make the base heavy enough so you don't have to hold it. I'll do some experiments.

Amazing thing, thanks!

Hi! I'm in love with your work, it's amazing. I have already printed your flying sea turtle and now I'm printing this. I would like to know which software do you use to design these wonderful art crafts.

I found that the polar bear's arm moved perfectly freely UNTIL I connected link 1 to link 2, at which point it was pushed out of alignment and became stiff. So I modified link 1 to the attached, shifting the connection point back to where it needed to be. Now works perfectly for me (albeit with the addition of a little weight stuck to the bottom of the seal)

For those having difficulties getting the parts to fit, try fine tuning your printer and slicer settings. I had to print this one twice.

Print 1: thinking my printer was in good working condition, I did nothing but print the model. All posts and holes had to be sanded with a rotary power tool. The links did not correctly align. I used oil everywhere. the seal did not drop back down without a bolt glued to it. The arm did not drop back down, even with a screw drilled in the underside. The handle did not rotate when gear 2 spun, making for an uncomfortable operation, which was so difficult an 8 year old could not use it. Could not possibly add paint without the gears seizing up completely. It still worked!

Fixes: Tightened a belt and adjusted for elephant's foot. Spent a day testing and improving "gear 2".

Print 2: only sanded and oiled the posts on the seal to make it operate smoother. Everything else fit without sanding... loosely. 100% operational first try. Paint will not interfere with function.

wonderful work... love it! Thanks 4 making and sharing so much

This is so adorable! Thanks for making this design free of charge.

Would this work at 80% size?

Brilliant design, but I must be missing something. All the parts printed correctly and assembled. But what makes the seal retract? Is there an elastic band or something missing? The seal and arm hit the high points and stay there.

It's gravity.

You might need to get a craft knife and round off some of your circular parts. My seal was OK but my bears arm wouldn't drop. A quick craft knife to scrape away some filament and it works perfectly

From the video, it looks like gravity does it. Perhaps some sanding is in order?

My bear arm was not heavy enough for gravity to work despite some cleaning. Then a found an easy solution that should work for everyone with this issue.

Use a simple elastic (like here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081K6VH1N/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_E72rEbBDC29PP ), one end have to fit between the pivot and the arm inside the bear, the second have to go around the rod that you will connect to the bear arm rod, then after connecting those two, adjust the elastic so that it stays firmly behind the articulation. The elastic will not only ensure the arm is correclty falling but in my case it also helped the lower rod to stay away from the seal side (was some friction there, because of some play between that rod and the seal pivot).

I'll update this reply when I get my hands on my camera.

I was in my girlfriend's office today, and she has the sea turtle design you made that I printed for her prominently displayed. Your work is amazing. Looking forward to printing this.

Very nice construction - it works great.

I just sent a 2$ tip to you. This design is awesome. Took 2 days to print everything but its so relaxing, to print and to build. For those who are going to print it, remember to reduce your flow, otherwise one of the gears get solid and does not move. Also the connection gets very hard to enter the roles, so I had to sand a bit. One suggestion... make the bear arm with 40% or more, for it to be heavier. Also the the other one, for it also to be heavier. It took 30 min sanding on every tips and roles but it works perfectly !!!

What is the "other one"?

The "seal"... it needs to be heavier too.

He probably means the seal. I am having trouble getting both the seal and the polar bear arm to drop back down. So I will try the technique posted by Impulse201 below.

Yes, sorry. But after sanding a bit everything works fine even with the original weight from the original infill suggestions. The design is very tight so you need to sand or maybe reduce the flow to 90 or 95%.

First of all, huge thanks for sharing this amazing design! You are the kind of person let us fall in love to the 3d printing experience.

It seems I'm having some friction on the point where link1 and link2 get connected. That issue is not letting the bear arm fall down. I printed the bear arm with 100% infill to make it heavy enough and that didn't make the trick. I also applied some sandpaper to some of the contact points.

Any ideas?

I splitted the infill: 100% only in the front of the arm.

How did you select only a portion of the arm?

Yeah, it seems like after some time of using it the pieces "got together" nicely and it started to work fine...

Amazing Work ! Thanks for sharing :)

Awesome work, defiantly printing this in the near future. Would love to see fox automata, although I'm a bit biased.

All your works are fantastic, you have a lot of talent.

Very cool ! how much time to print?

That is always different, use your slicer prediction (should be close by 20%), things that affect it: printer, speed, layer heights, extrution widths, infill, shells, top layers, bottom layers, retraction, travel strategy settings and experimental features.

You are a master designer! I am a big fan of your clever designs and specially automata.

Another beautiful design. The motion is fantastic and very smooth. I did have issues with Link 2 breaking numerous times at the hook. I beefed up the end a bit and it is much stronger overall. I have attached it here. Thank you so much for designing these pieces. I have printed all of your designs and they are all true works of art. Please keep designing and posting!

Thank you for posting this!

Comments deleted.

what did you change?

I made the hook end a bit thicker so that is did not break. I had multiple break from the action. With this version I have not had any more issues.

Nice, ty.
-Did anyone print this on a resin printer yet and was able to move?

i love your design.
great work. thanks a lot for your effort.
it was easy to print and is working very well.

Really nice! Can you make a similar cat + mouse automata? Would be awesome!

I've been trying to print this all week. The bear went fine but the axle and gears appear to have an issue with the STL. Has anyone else tried to print and can confirm the STLs are all shell complete? My usual fix (import into tinkercad and re-export doesn't work; tinkercad says the STLs are corrupt).

Edit: Had a belt too tight which caused missed steps. Problems solved. Built and tested. Works very well.

printed using simply 3d and it went very well

This is beautiful.
I hope the Thingiverse website with its recent “improvements” didn't cause you too much trouble while you were uploading all those parts.