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Mars Rover

by MakerBot Jul 29, 2014
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How long does it take? on Makerbot Replicator 2 Desktop

What does it take to break objects in an STL? I broke the smallest clip in the arm file.

Netfabb Basic >>> http://www.netfabb.com/downloadcenter.php?basic=1

After installation and booting of program, select Project>add part and browse for the .STL file in need cutting.

Next, on the right hand side there is a section called 'cuts'. Adjust the X, Y, or Z slide bars in order prepare Netfabb to slice the .STL. Next click 'Execute Cut' and then click 'Cut' in the cutting options below.

You may need to make several cuts in order to isolate one specific piece.

rigth and left body part, MMRTG, Rover arm are not manifold and can't print. :'( please fix it

Can you guys repost the Rover Arm file. Makerware is saying the file in not able to be recognized. Thank you in advance.

has anyone tried printing full scale. I have completed everything except the bodies. they get about a third of the way printed then fail.

If you want a version that's easier to assemble, especially for kids, but still has posable, moving parts and is quite accurate (though admittedly not nearly as detailed), you might try my version of the Mars Curiosity Rover:


It's had many successful prints and builds. It's also designed for smaller print beds.

Mars Curiosity Rover

I am having trouble opening the Rover_Arm file. I get an error message: "Unreadable File--This file could not be loaded. It may be an unsupported file format."

I have downloaded it twice and still the same issue.

I'm currently printing two more hubs, lost two figuring out how to assemble them, they are a bit delicate. I printed the model at 75% so it would fit on my 8" bed. With the reduction in size the clearance for the pins was too tight. I ended up enlarging all the holes for the pins with a 13/64 drill bit. This made for a good fit (at 75% scale) and no more broken hubs. With the reduced scale I can't use filament to simulate the wires so am planning on looking for a proper gauged wire to simulate the wires ;-) Pictures will be up in a bit..

Curious how you were able to extract just two hubs from the file? I had one hub break on me and really don't want to print all six again. Can't see an easy way to select a single hub in the Makerbot software....

Same goes for the long connector pin. Everything else is printed, and assembled at full scale.

I used Netfab to break up the multiple part plates. It's a free download and a video as to how to break up the parts is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmUpai0WN08

Which color did you use to print it so cool?

The body of the Mars Rover was printed in Warm Gray.

heheh 'warm' grey :)

some of us are excited that they posted this :)

So funny to see people racing to be the first to claim "I MADE ONE, FIRST" and trying to assess the progress of others :D

(a good design for sure!)

Just about finish printing out the left and right body. Where are the two cylinders that connects the bodies together?

Thanks for pointing this out! The pegs have been added to Thing Files.

Thats Awesome Spot on!

I have so far printed the RTG, ARM, and Chem Cam. Great detail and easy to snap together. final picture when I complete the build

If you're a fan of the Rover, Don Foley is a master illustrator/artist who previously posted extensive instructions for his Rover model at: http://donfoley.com/3d-printing/project-details/3d-printing-the-curiosity. He provides extensive diagrams, assembly instructions, and STL files at his web store.

Thanks, if I am going to go to the trouble of printing one, I'd prefer it to actually be accurate, will give Don's a try.

*Edit title - "Curiosity Mars Rover Replica" or close enough I guess :) The camera is a little diff, but the reactor on the back is pretty giveaway.

Pretty awesome (and I'll def be printing one out) but, no working rocker-bogie suspension? Even the lego version has that :)

I think it would be good to add the name of the rover to the title of this thing.

Comments deleted.

the instructions portion does not show how to assemble the chem cam parts to themselves. I am sure we can figure this out.
i will print and post soon. great job